Top 100 Cool Alternative Baby Names That Stand Out

Quirky names are a growing trend, so why not get on the bandwagon by giving your baby an alternative name.

Finding a unique name for your baby can seem like a daunting task.

With so many options for baby names, narrowing these down can seem impossible. However, you can make a start by choosing whether you want to go for something traditional or more contemporary.

Giving your children cool and unique baby names that stand out from the crowd is very fashionable. Alternative baby names are unique and special, just like your baby.  But finding these names for your children is not an easy task.  To help you, we have prepared a list of alternative names for girls and boys, which should stand out from the crowd.

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Cool Alternative Baby Names

There are many unusual baby names for your baby boy or girl. Here is the list of cool alternatives to traditional baby names for your unique baby.

1. Abner (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning "father of light".

2. Aero (M/F) (Greek origin) meaning "of the sky".

3. Basil (M) (Greek origin) meaning "royal" or "Kingly". Basil is well-known as a herb. One of the most sophisticated boy names on this list.

4. Brandon (M/F) (Celtic origin) meaning "crow".

5. Cedar (M) (American origin) referring to a "type of tree".

6. Cosmo (M) (Greek origin) meaning "order, decency, and beauty". One of the few cosmic boy names.

7. Crispin (M) (Latin origin) meaning "curled".

8. Daxten (M) (French origin) meaning "leader". One of the unusual boy names emerging from the term, Dax.

9. Ebenezer (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning "rock" or "stone of help".  Ebenezer Scrooge is the protagonist of Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol' novella.

10. Hawk (M) (Low German origin) referring to a "bird of prey." There have been characters named or nicknamed Hawk in 'The Revenant'.

11. Iggy (M/F) (Etruscan origin) meaning "fiery". One of the unusual baby boy names that can also be used for a baby girl. A very uncommon girl name that you may like to give your girl.

12. Igor (M) (Russian origin) meaning "warrior of peace". This was a popular name in the past and you may like to bring it back.

13. Indigo (M/F) (Greek origin) meaning "Indian dye". Also the name of the flower/plant from which the dye is created.

14. Kruze (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "a person with a spontaneous mind".

15. Leon (M) (Greek origin) meaning "a lion". Leon of Sparta was a famous Spartan king. A strong baby name for your son.

16. Loyal (M/F) (Old French origin) meaning "faithful in allegiance or legal". A magnificent name for both sexes showing their chief characteristic.

17. Mario (M) (Latin origin) meaning "the Roman God of war".  This name gained its popularity from the video game 'Super Mario'. This could be a favorite baby name for parents.

18. Marvel (F) (French origin) meaning "wonder at". 'Marvel' is a very popular American media franchise.

19. Oceanus (M) (Latin origin) meaning "the name of Greek God".

20. Pearl (M/F) (English origin) meaning "a natural shiny bead". One of the most popular baby names you may give your child to signify their innocence and beauty.  

Unique Boys Names

Cool baby names are attractive and unique.

Assist your search in discovering unique baby names for your son with our list below.

21. Aaronn (Hebrew origin) meaning "lofty, exalted".

22. Ambrose (Greek origin) meaning "immortal one".

23. Anton (Scandinavian origin) meaning "flower".

24. Anwyll (Welsh origin) meaning "one who's loved by all". You may like to give your boy this name to instil leadership qualities in him.

25. Archibald (Germanic origin) meaning "bold". Some unusual baby boy names can often be shortened to something more popular. Here, the abbreviated name is the very popular "Archie".

26. Armand (French origin) meaning "army man".

27. Arrow (English origin) meaning "a projectile weapon". This is one of the rarest baby boy names related to 'Green Arrow'.

28. Cambell (Scottish origin) meaning "crooked mouth".

29. Carney (Native American origin) meaning "an old woman". This is one of the most unusual names for boys, originating from the popular villain, 'Carnage' from the 'Spiderman' series.

30. Cecil (Welsh origin) meaning "blind or dim-sighted". This is one of the rarest boy names in the US.

31. Crosby (English origin) meaning "settlements by the crosses".

32. Cyril (Greek origin) meaning "lordly, masterful".

33. Dewey (Welsh origin) meaning "beloved".

34. Dmitry (Greek origin) meaning "dedicated to Demeter". Few unusual baby boy names have such a strong tone.

35. Elmer (Germanic British origin) meaning "noble and renowned".

36. Emmanuel (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is with us".

37. Finley (Scottish origin) meaning "white warrior". Finley is becoming one of the top names for boys in both the US and the UK.  

38. Ford (Old English origin) meaning "someone living near a crossing of a river".

39. Gavin (English origin) meaning "hawk or battle."

40. Sergei (Russian origin) meaning "protector or shepherd".

41. Vincent (Latin origin) meaning "to conquer". It is also one of the most unusual baby boy names.

Quirky Names Inspired By Nature

Nature-inspired baby names are unique. Below we have listed several unusual names for both boys and girls. They all derive from natural elements - flowers, mountains, and lakes.

42. Adair (M/F) (Gaelic origin) meaning "from the oak tree ford". One of the top baby names that parents might give to their unique baby.

43. Alder (M) (Old English origin) meaning "noble army".

44. Amaranth (F) (Greek origin) meaning "A family of colorful plants and flowers".

45. Aster (F) (Greek origin) meaning "star".

46. Birk (M) (Old High German origin) meaning "brave protector".

47. Briarley (F) (English origin) meaning "related to briars".

48. Calla (F) (Greek origin) meaning "most beautiful".

49. Colm (M) (Gaelic origin) meaning "dove". A great name choice for parents.

50. Conall (M) (Irish/Scottish origin) meaning "wolf".

51. Heath (M) (Old English origin) meaning "a moor".

52. Huxley (F) (English origin) meaning "from Hoc's field".  The most uncommon baby name in the US for girls.

53. Isla (F) (Scottish origin) meaning "island". A fictional character named Isla includes 'Isla Black Hitchens' from J.K Rowling's 'Harry Potter' series.

54. Jasper (M) (English origin) meaning "a treasurer". A unique baby name choice for parents.

55. Lars (M) (Scadinavian origin) meaning "man from laurel". This could be one of the unusual baby boy names as well baby girl names.

56. Marina (F) (Latin origin) meaning "sea".

57. Oriel (F) (Latin origin) meaning "gold". An uncommon, interesting baby name for a baby girl.

58. Pierce (M) (Welsh origin) meaning "rock".

59. River (M/F) (English origin) meaning "stream of water".

60. Savannah (F) (Native American origin) meaning "open plain".

61. Stellan (M) (German origin) meaning "calm".

62. Varsha (F) (Indian origin) meaning "a shower of rain". Varsha Usgaonkar is an Indian Bollywood actress.

Unusual Girl Names

(Cool and unique girl names are trendy these days.

Give your baby girl the lifelong gift of one of the most beautiful, unusual girls' names. Most  baby girl names nowadays are not only cool but may also be used for boys. Below is a list of some trendy and unusual baby names for your baby girl.

63. Ainsley (Old English word) meaning "hermitage wood or clearing".  

64. Alena (Greek origin) meaning "bright one". It is the modern form of Helen.

65. Amabella (Latin origin) meaning "lovable".

66. Bailey (English origin) meaning "a civil administrator of justice, a bailiff".

67. Dakota (Siouan origin) meaning "friendly, supporters". It is also the name of famous actress Dakota Fanning. A fascinating baby name.

68. Frankie (American origin) meaning "freeman or from the species of Franks in France."

69. Hayden (Middle High German origin) meaning "hedged canyon; heather-grown hill".

70. Kai (Hawaiian origin) meaning "of the sea; keeper of the keys". Kai is occasionally given to girls; Donald Trump, Jr. has a daughter named Kai Madison.

71. Keiran (Scottish, Irish, Celtic, Gaelic origin) meaning "having dark hair, little and dark".

72. Marin (Roman origin) meaning "of the sea".

73. Montana (Spanish origin) meaning "of the mountains". Commonly associated with the popular fictional pop singer 'Hannah Montana'. This could be a unique baby name.

74. Noel (French origin) meaning "Christmas". Noel Coward a famous playwright.

75. Nyla (Celtic origin) meaning "cloud".

76. Reese (Welsh origin) meaning "having great passion and enthusiasm".

77. Serenity (English origin) meaning "peaceful".

78. Trinity (Latin origin) meaning "triad".

Alternative Unisex Names

Gender-neutral names are frequently chosen by parents. Here is a list of some of our favorite unisex baby names.

79. Aiden (Irish origin) meaning "fiery one". Aiden was the old Celtic God of the sun and fire.

80. Archer (English origin) meaning "one who utilizes a bow and arrow".

81. Arizona (Spanish origin) meaning "silver bearing".

82. Cameron (Scottish origin) meaning "having a crooked nose".

83. Carson (Scottish and English origin) meaning "Carr's son or inhabitant of the marsh".

84. Cora (Ancient Greek origin) meaning "honest".

85. Emerson (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "child of Emery". One of the top most contemporary baby names.

86. Greer (Scottish origin) meaning "a watchful, attentive guardian". One of the unique baby names.

87. Jackie (French origin) meaning "may God protect".

88. Jo (French origin) meaning "Jehovah grows". One of the top most uncommon baby names, most frequently used as a shortened nickname.

89. Landry (English origin) meaning "land ruler".

90. Lane (Old English origin) meaning "one who live in a narrow path".

91. Leighton (English origin) meaning "from the town near the meadow". This is the rarest of all baby names.

92. Mickey (Hebrew origin) meaning "nearest to God". Famous after a very well-known animated  Disney character 'Mickey Mouse'.

93. Morgan (Welsh origin) meaning "traveling or orbiting the sea".

94. Nevada (Latin and Spanish origin) meaning "coated in snow".

95. Oakley (English origin) meaning "sturdy, powerful, or from where the oak trees".

96. Paisley (Persian origin) referring to a specific textile pattern. One of the most interesting rare names for girls.

97. Remi (French origin) meaning "remedy". One of the few beautiful baby names that can be used for either sex.

98. Rowan (Irish and Scottish origin) meaning "little red one". This is a great Irish name.

99. Tatum (Old English origin) meaning "bringer of joy, cheery and full of spirit". Tatum O'Neal is a famous American actress.

100. Xoese (African origin) meaning "faith".

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