Top 139 Croatian Names For Your Baby That You'll Love

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Croatia is a country in south-eastern Europe, south of Slovenia and east of Italy, with the Adriatic Sea in between.

When it comes to choosing Croatian male names and Croatian female names, the traditional names with Slavic origin are highly favoured, though many are derived from Christian names too. In fact, over the last century, the most popular Croatian names haven't changed much at all!

Take a look at our top picks of Croatian first names, to help you find that perfect name for your beautiful new arrival. From the most popular to the most unique, these Croatian names will surely inspire. The majority of the names are Slavic, a large language family spoken across Europe.

When it comes to pronouncing Croatian names, there aren't any silent letters, and letters are pronounced in the same way, no matter where they are positioned. In addition, each letter is clearly enunciated and the sounds don't change when certain combinations of letters come together (for example, 't' and 'h' are both expressed separately, even when together, you won't get a 'th' sound).

Popular Croatian Boys' Names

Aside from the popular derivations of names from around the world, many common names in Croatian culture have remained that way over the last century (and some, even the century before).

1. Borna: This first name is derived from the Slavic elements which mean 'to battle' or 'to fight'.

2. David (Hebrew origin): Means 'beloved'. As you may have noticed, the original Hebrew name is used in the same form in Croatia.

3. Filip: The Croatian form of Philip, meaning 'loves horses'.

4. Ivan: Croatian for John, meaning 'God is gracious'. Other forms are Ivano and Jan.

5. Jakov: The Croatian name for Jacob, which means 'held at the heel'.

6. Josip: Croatian for Joseph, which means 'God will add'.

7. Leon (Greek origin): Derived from the Greek word for 'lion'.

8. Luka (Greek origin): Croatian for Lucas, which means 'from Luciana'.

9. Matej: Meaning 'gift of God', and is the Croatian form of Matthew.

10. Mateo: Meaning 'gift of God', and is the Croatian form of Matthew.

11. Mihael: The Croatian form of Michael, meaning 'who is like God?'.

12. Petar: Croatian for Peter, which means 'stone'.

13. Roko: Meaning 'rest'.

Popular Croatian Given Names For Girls

These lovely names for girls are a common choice for Croatian parents in particular.

14. Ana: The Croatian form of Anna, meaning 'favour'.

15. Elena: A form of the popular name Helen in Croatia and other countries in the world. Helen means 'torch'.

16. Ema: A form of the popular name Emma in Croatia and other countries in the world. Ema means 'whole'.

17. Eva: Meaning 'to live' or 'to breathe' and is a form of Eve, one of the oldest female first names in history.

18. Lana: A short form of Svetlana, which means 'light' or 'world'.

19. Lara (Russian origin): A short form of Larisa, which was once the name of an ancient city.

20. Lucija: A variation of Lucia, which means 'light'.

21. Marija: Marija is a variation of Mary, meaning 'beloved'. From Mary came Maria, and from Maria, Marija.

22. Marta: A form of Martha, meaning 'the lady'.

23. Nika: The female form of Nikola, meaning 'victory of the people'.

24. Petra: The feminine form of Peter, meaning 'stone'.

25. Rita: A short form of Margherita, derived from the Margaret which means 'pearl'.

26. Sara: A form of Sarah, meaning 'princess', 'lady' or 'noblewoman'.

Traditional Croatian And Slavic Boy Names

These well-loved names have been used century after century, and are strongly preferred by parents with Croatian roots, who desire names which reflect their heritage and history.

27. Adam (Hebrew origin): Meaning 'man'.

28. Alojz: Means 'famous warrior'.

29. Alojzije: Meaning 'a famous warrior'.

30. Antun: Means 'one who is invaluable'.

31. Blago: Means 'gentle', 'blessed' and 'mild'.

32. Borislav: Meaning 'battle glory'.

33. Dmitar: Means 'the one who loves the earth'.

34. Dragutin: Meaning 'one who is dear and precious'.

35. Dubravko: Means 'grove' or 'tree'.

36. Emerik: Meaning 'work-power'.

37. Grga: Means 'one who is alert and watchful'.

38. Hrvoje: Meaning 'Croat', as it is derived from the Croatian word 'hrvat'.

39. Ime: Means 'a miracle'.

40. Ivor: Meaning 'bow of the warrior'.

41. Jadranko: Means 'a man who is from the city Hadria'.

42. Jadrian: Meaning 'one who is from the Adriatic sea'.

43. Jerko: A diminutive of Jeromin, which means 'a holy name' or 'one who is saved from harm'.

44. Keften: Means 'a chestnut'.

45. Kreo: Meaning 'the creator'.

46. Kristofor: Means 'the worshipper of Christ'.

47. Kruno: A shortened version of Krunoslav, which means 'glory to the crown'.

48. Ljubo: Meaning 'peace and love'.

49. Lucijan: Means 'one who is born into light'.

50. Srecko: Means 'one who brings glory to the family'.

51. Tin (Vietnamese origin): Means 'thinker'. When not used as a first name, Tin is a Croatian suffix name which means 'saint'.

52. Tvrtko: Meaning 'hard'.

53. Vedran: Means 'clear' and 'cheerful'.

54. Vid: The Croatian for Wido, meaning 'wood'.

55. Vinko: Meaning 'conquering'.

56. Vjeko: Means 'glory of the ages'.

57. Zelimir: Meaning 'one who desires peace'.

58. Zlatan: Means 'a golden-haired man'.

59. Zunich: Meaning 'woodpecker'.

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Traditional Croatian Girls' Names

One of these could be perfect if you are looking for a name steeped in tradition for your little girl.

60. Aklina: Means 'worship', 'admiration', 'adoration; or 'high regard'.

61. Antea: Meaning 'rival' and is the female form of Antaeus.

62. Basia: Means 'foreign woman'.

63. Bozica: A diminutive of Bozena, which means 'a goddess'.

64. Branka: the Croatian word for 'protection of glory'.

65. Capeka: Means 'a little stork'.

66. Dijana: Meaning 'princess'.

67. Dubravka: Means 'an oak grove'.

68. Elizabetha: Meaning 'God is a provider of satisfaction'.

69. Ivana: Means 'the gift of Yahweh'.

70. Jadranka: Meaning 'a woman named after the Adriatic sea'.

71. Jaka: Means 'a very strong woman'.

72. Klimentina: Meaning 'kind and sparing'.

73. Ljuba: Ljuba simply means 'love'.

74. Mirna: Means 'a calm and tender person'.

75. Mojca: Meaning 'the beloved one'.

76. Radenka: Means 'to work'.

77. Rijeka: Meaning 'river'.

78. Safranka: Means 'saffron flower'.

79. Seka: Meaning 'sister'.

80. Simunka: Means 'to be heard' or 'to hear'.

81. Slavenka: Meaning 'a Slavic woman'.

82. Snjezana: Means 'the snow woman'.

83. Spasenka: Meaning 'rescue' or 'save'.

84. Stefa: Means 'a woman with the crown'.

85. Suncana: Meaning 'sunny' or 'Sun'.

86. Tadeja: Means 'a gift from God'.

87. Tihomira: The feminine form of Tihomir, meaning 'quiet', 'peace' and also 'world'.

88. Trpimira: Meaning 'to bear peace'. The Slavic element 'trpi' means 'endure', 'bear' or 'suffer' and 'mir' meaning 'peace' or world'.

89. Urma: Named after the date fruit.

90. Valpurga: Means 'the female master of the tower'.

91. Vedrana: Meaning 'one who is jolly and merry'.

92. Vesna: Means 'messenger'.

93. Vinea: Meaning 'vineyard'.

94. Vita: The feminine form of Vitus, which means 'life'.

95. Vjekoslava: Means 'glory of the ages'.

96. Vladimira: The feminine form of Vladimir, which means 'to rule'.

97. Vlatka: Meaning 'to rule'. Vlatka is a form of Vladimira.

98. Zaklina: Means 'God will add' and is a feminine variant of Jakov.

99. Zdenka: Means 'to create' or 'to build'.

100. Zelimirka: Means 'one who desires'.

101. Zita: Means 'maiden' or 'girl'.

102. Zlata: Meaning 'golden'.

103. Zora: Means 'dawn'.

104. Zvezdana: Meaning 'star'.

105. Zvonimira: Means 'the sound of peace'.

Famous Croatian Names

Looking for some inspirational names? Take a look at these names of famous Croatians who have made their marks on the world your new arrival is about to enter. Who knows, they may even follow in their footsteps.

106. Goran: (male) Means 'highlander'. Goran Visnjic, one of the most famous Croatian actors in TV, was born in Sibenik, Croatia.

107. Ivo (Norman origin): (male) Means 'yew'. The famous concert pianist Ivo Pogorelic was born in Croatia in 1958.

108. Nikola: Meaning 'victory of the people', Nikola is a unisex name derived from Nicholas. The famous engineer and inventor Nikola Tesla, from whom the name of the major tech company was inspired, was born near the town of Gospic in Croatia.

109. Oscar (Old English origin): (male) Means 'friend of deer'. The famous Croatian sculptor Oscar Nemon, also known as the 'sculptor of the nation's leaders' was born in the Croatian city of Osijek in 1906.

110. Ruder (German origin): (male) Means 'boatman' or 'sailor'. A prominent astronomer, mathematician, philosopher and physicist Ruder Boskovic was born in present-day Dubrovnik in Croatia.

Croatian Forms Of Popular First Names For Boys

While there are many names that have become common the world over, many of these names receive a special Croatian twist in the country, which have gained their own popularity over the last century, and the century before.

111. Andrija: The Croatian name for Andrew, meaning 'masculine' or 'manly'.

112. Bartol: Croatian for Bartholomew, meaning 'son of Talmai'.

113. Damjan: The Croatian name for Damian, meaning 'to tame'.

114. Darijo: Croatian for Darius, meaning 'to possess'.

115. Deniel: The Croatian name for Daniel, meaning 'God is my judge'.

116. Dorijan: Croatian for Dorian, meaning 'child of the sea'.

117. Frane: Croatian for Francis, and can also be shortened to Fran.

118. Franjo: The Croatian name for Francis, meaning 'free man'.

119. Jozo: Croatian for Joseph, meaning 'God will add'.

120. Jurica: Croatian for Simon, meaning 'farmer'.

121. Karlo: Croatian for Charles, which means 'man' and 'warrior'.

122. Lovrenco: The Croatian name for Lawrence, meaning 'from Laurentum'. The shortened version of this name, Lovre, is also a popular baby name.

123. Marijo: Croatian for Marius, which means 'from Mars' and also 'male'.

124. Matko: Means 'gift of Yahweh' and is a diminutive of the name Matthias.

125. Mihovil: Croatian for Michael, meaning 'who is like God?'.

126. Noa: Croatian for Noah, which means 'repose' or 'rest'.

127. Niko: The Croatian form of Nicholas, meaning 'victory of the people'.

128. Pavao: The Croatian name for Paul, meaning 'humble' or 'small'.

129. Sebastijan: Croatian for Sebastianus, meaning 'from Sebaste'.

Croatian Forms Of Popular First Names For Girls

Many first names which are common all over the world have beautiful Croatian forms that would be lovely names for a baby girl.

130. Adrijana: The Croatian variant of the name Adriana.

131. Josipa: The Croatian variant of Josephine, meaning 'God will add'.

132. Lea: A popular form of Leah (Hebrew origin), which means 'weary'.

133. Sarlota: The Croatian form of the name Caroline, which means 'strong'.

134. Sesila: The Croatian variation of Cecilia, which means 'blind'.

135. Stjepana: The feminine form of Stephan, which means 'crown'.

136. Terezija: The Croatian form of Teresa, meaning 'reaper'.

137. Vasilija: The feminine form of Basil, which means 'king'.

138. Veronika: The Croatian variation of Veronica, meaning 'honest' and 'true'.

139. Viktorija: The Croatian variation of Victoria, meaning 'victory'.



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