Top 103 Cute Christmas Dog Names For Your New Puppy

Dogs have the special ability to make you feel Christmassy inside out.

Christmas and puppies have one thing in common - they come with a promise of joy.

Choosing a cute name for your Christmas dog is almost a must for a dog lover. But you might wonder, what could be a really merry name for your dog?

If you receive a puppy on Christmas or gift yourself one in December, then you should try getting a name related to Christmas. We have collected a list of a variety of names that you can give to your dog-related to Christmas or the Bible.  Some of these names are quite serious but would fit really well for your Christmas dog, especially if you get one in the holiday season. These names are also taken from any known Christmas story or even a Christmas carol.

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Male Christmas Dog Names

These Christmas-themed names will bring a smile on the face of each and every one. If you have a male dog, then consider the list of Christmas dog names given below:

1. Advent (Latin origin) meaning "coming".  This is the name of the waiting season observed by Christians to cherish the birth of Christ and thus, Christmas.

2. Angel (Greek origin) meaning "who serves humans the message of God".  

3. Bells (Latin origin) meaning "war". Christmas is celebrated by ringing the bells in churches and homes.

4. Charlie Brown (English origin) is the name of a character in the comic strip, Peanuts.

5. Chimney (Hebrew origin) meaning" a place from where fire exhaust leaves the house". On Christmas, it is believed that Santa enters every house through a chimney.

6. Claus (German origin) meaning "the success of people". It is the surname of Santa.

7. Colombe (French origin) meaning "dove, a bird which is considered as a symbol for peace.

8. Eggnog (English origin) meaning "a popular drink which is served in almost all Christmas parties".

9. Emanuel (Hebrew origin)meaning " God is always with you".

10. Ernie (Old High German origin) derived from Ernest. This is the name of a character in the Christmas movie, 'It's a Wonderful Life'.

11. Faith (English origin)meaning " believing".

12. Natale (Italian origin) meaning "Christmas celebration".

13. Gabriel (Hebrew origin) meaning "a man sent by God".

14. Israel (Hebrew origin) meaning " having a fight with God".

15. Joy (English origin)meaning "happiness".

16. King (English origin) meaning "ruler of a kingdom".

17. Manger (French origin)meaning"stability". This is the place where Jesus was born, and many stores or houses during Christmas or the holiday season feature it.

Girl Christmas Dog Names

(You can give your girl a cute merry name related to Christmas.

Girl puppies are too cute and so their names should be merry too. You might find a good name for a girl dog from the list of cute names for a girl puppy given below.

18. Angelica (Latin origin) meaning "God's messenger". A very cute name that can be given a girl puppy.

19. Bella (Hebrew origin) meaning " God devotee".

20. Belle (French origin) meaning " beautiful".

21. Bethlehem (Hebrew origin) meaning "house of bread". It is a place in Palestine where Christ was born.

22. Candy (American origin) meaning " sweet".

23. Carol (English origin) meaning "to sing joyfully in the group during Christmas".

24. Cheer (English origin) meaning "to lift the spirit"

25. Cinnamon (Phoenician origin) meaning" popularly used spice".

26. Crimson (English origin) meaning" a shade in red color".

27. Dove (English origin) meaning "name of a bird symbolizing peace". It is a good Christmas dog name for a girl dog.

28. Emanuelle (Hebrew origin) meaning" who always has God by her side".

29. Eve (Hebrew origin)meaning "life".

30. Gabriele (Hebrew origin) meaning" who has the strength of God".

31. Gloria (Latin origin)meaning "honor".

32. Holly (English origin) meaning" shrub or tree bearing berries of red color", a good dog name for a girl.

33. Hope (English origin) meaning "a positive feeling".

34. Ivy (English origin)meaning "it is used to show faithfulness to your partner".

35. Mary(Hebrew origin)meaning" a small drop in sea". This is the name of the female protagonist in the family movie, 'It’s A Wonderful Life'.

36. Merry (English origin)meaning "cheerful".

37. Delight (English origin) meaning "to attract".

38. Mistletoe (English origin) meaning" group of trees that include willow, oak, and apple".

39. Myrrh (Greek origin)meaning "it is a name for a spice".

40. Nia (Welsh origin)meaning "shining".

41. Noelle (French Origin)meaning "Christmas".

42. Noggin (American origin)meaning "head".

43. Novalis (American origin)meaning "brightest star".

44. Nutcracker (German origin)meaning "a tool used to break nuts". It's the name of a popular doll in the Christmas fairy tale written by Mr. Hoffmann.

45. Star (American origin)meaning "a bright heavenly body in the sky.

46. Tinsel (English origin)meaning "a sparkling tree made of metal". This reminds one of the Christmas trees.

47. Tiny Tim (English origin) referring to Tiny Tim, a character in Charles Dickens' The Christmas Carol. This could be a great Christmas dog name for a tiny dog.

Neutral Gender Winter Names For Dogs

Many dog lovers would prefer to give a common name to their pet, whether it is a male or a female dog. So here we have some names for Christmas dogs that would just remind you about the holiday season.

48. Garland (English origin)meaning " a beautiful arrangement of flowers".

49. Jingle (English origin) meaning "popularity". Jingle All The Way is a popular Christmas song.

50. Jolly (English origin) meaning "to be happy".

51. Magi (American origin) meaning "wise ruler".

52. Midnight (American origin)meaning "at the strike of 12:00 in the night". We often wait for Christmas or the New Year till midnight.

53. Mint (Latin origin)meaning "it is a name of a green color herb".

54. Noel (French origin)meaning "Christmas".

55. North (English origin)meaning "name of a direction".

56. Red (English origin) meaning " a popular color".

57. Santa (Italian origin)meaning "a good person". It is a Christmas themed dog name inspired by Santa Claus.

58. Sugar Plum (English origin)meaning "an adjective used for someone who is cute".

Merry Pet Names For Dogs

(You can give a hilarious name to your pet dog inspired by the holiday season.

It's a wonderful life and winter is the season of cold, jackets, and boots, and Christmas. So here we have some creative Christmas pet names for your dog-

59. Blizzard (American origin)meaning "storm of snow".

60. Boots (English Origin)meaning "type of shoes especially worn in winters". Boots is the name of the monkey in the cartoon series, Dora the Explorer.

61. Chilly (American Origin)meaning "cold".

62. Eirlys (Welsh origin)meaning "snowdrops".

63. Flurry(Irish origin)meaning "in bloom".

64. Frostine (French origin)meaning "to freeze".

65. Frosty (American origin)meaning "someone who is cool and carefree".

66. Ice (American origin)meaning "frozen piece of water".

67. Icicle (English origin) meaning "small pendant formed from ice". One of the cute Christmas dog names.

68. Icy (French origin)meaning "white, cold".

69. Igloo (English origin)meaning "a dome-shaped place build in extremely cold regions for survival".

70. Mitten (French origin)meaning "a glove used in winters to protect our palms".

71. Polar (English origin)meaning "unknown binary star that gives focused light".

72. Snowball (English origin)meaning "a ball made of snow for playing". One of the perfect dog Christmas names.

73. Snowdrops (German origin)meaning "a plant that bears white flower in winter".

74. Snowflake (English origin)meaning "a crystal of snow".

75. Snowman (American origin) meaning "a sculpture made of snow". A fun activity that kids enjoy doing at the onset of winter.

76. Snowy (English origin)meaning "filled with snow". This is the name of Tintin's dog in the series, 'Adventures of Tintin by Herge'.

77. Tundra (Finnish origin)meaning "a place which has no trees".

78. Winter (American origin)meaning "name of a season".

Christmassy Names For Dogs

Many dogs have the ability to bring up Christmassy feelings in you. Here are some Christmas names for dogs inspired by Christmas.

79. Bailey (English origin)meaning "wall of a palace on the outer side".

80. Buddy (English origin)meaning "brother-like friend". A Christmas dog named Buddy could be your best friend.

81. Candy Cane (German origin) meaning "a sweet of the shape J". It is a popular candy brought during Christmas.

82. Celyn (Welsh Origin)meaning "holy".

83. Chestnut (American origin)meaning "looking like a nut". It is the name of a  popular American film where the lead character is a dog named 'Chestnut'.

84. Clara (Latin origin)meaning "clear". 'Clara Gordon Bow' was a famous actress of the 1920s as a silent actor.

85. Coal (English origin)meaning "a black-colored fuel used for burning and power".

86. Comet (Latin origin)meaning "it is an ice Solar system body which courses through the sky with a tail".The name is given to one of the reindeers of Santa.

87. Cranberry (German origin)meaning " a red-colored berry".

88. Cupid (Latin origin)meaning "desire".

89. Dancer (English origin)meaning "who dances". It is also another name of one of the reindeer of Santa.

90. December (English origin)meaning "month of Christmas". Ideal for a Christmas dog.

91. Dickens (English origin)meaning "Usually used as the last name". Charles Dickens wrote the classic story, ' A Christmas Carol', which is an all-time favorite Christmas story.

92. Donner (German origin)meaning "thunder lightning". One of the reindeer of Santa Claus carries this name.

93. Elf (English origin) meaning "friend with magical powers".

94. Elsa (German origin)meaning " a pledge to God". It is the name of the lead character of the popular 'Frozen' animated movies.

95. Evergreen (English origin)meaning "long-lasting".

96. Fruitcake (English origin)meaning "a cake made of fresh and dry fruits. It could be a great Christmas dog name as Fruitcakes are a Christmas holiday specialty.

97. Foyle (French origin)meaning " someone staying near a hollow".

98. Grace (Latin origin)meaning "blessings".

99. Joulua (Finnish origin)meaning "word for Christmas".

100. Karen (English origin)meaning "pure".

101. Kringle Kris (German origin)meaning "Santa Claus". In some German-speaking parts of Europe Kringle Kris just like Santa Claus brings various gifts for people.

102. Marley (English origin) meaning "pleasant wood". 'Marley and Me' is a popular American movie of 2008 about a dog, and about dog lovers.

103. Rudolf (American origin) refers to a red-nosed reindeer. This could be a fantastic name for your Christmas dog.

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