100+ Top Dutch Last Names That Are Traditional Or Modern

Dutch people emphasize secularism and modern economy and thus, have diverse surnames.

The use of patronymics is common in a Dutch last name.

People started using Dutch family names after 1811, after the annexation of the Netherlands by Emperor Napoleon. Dutch people or the Dutch are a West Germanic ethnic group, and these people are native to the country of the Netherlands.

Dutch people share a common ancestry, common culture, and speak the Dutch language. Dutch people and their descendants have migrated to different migrant communities worldwide. A Dutch family's last name is based on occupations and even named after objects or animals. Many people use patronymic surnames that mean they address people as "son of", "daughter of" their father. Dutch people also use location-specific family surnames, especially in North Holland.

Dutch surnames also originated from different personal qualities. The Dutch language is considered to be a West Germanic language. Netherlandic or Dutch Nederlands, Flemish or Flemish Vlaams, Frisian (Fries), and German are the official languages spoken by the Dutch population. After Emperor Napoleon annexed the Netherlands, they started having a census for the purpose of taxation; as a result, it was mandatory for everyone to have a last name as having surnames was not a common practice for the Dutch people. The Dutch people thought that this whole arrangement would be a temporary measure and took on funny, comical, offensive sounding names as a practical joke on their French occupiers; as a result, Dutch surnames are so weird.

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Common Dutch Last Names From The Netherlands

Here is a list of common South Holland and Netherlands last names. These names in the Netherlands are very common and popular.

1. Bakker (German origin) meaning "baker". This name can be associated with Ada Bakker a popular Dutch tennis player.

2. De Jong/ De Jongh meaning "the young". This surname is linked with Jil De Jong a popular Dutch model and actress.

3. Meijer/Meyer meaning "farmer who represents the landlord of feudal estates".

4. Jansen/ Janssen meaning "son of Jan". This name gained popularity through the character of Tek Jansen from 'The Colbert Report' comic. Vincent Janssen is a famous Dutch footballer.

5. Smit meaning "blacksmith". Associated with Aernout Smit, who is a popular Dutch painter. This is a common name in the Netherlands.

6. Van de Berg/Van den Berg meaning "from the mountains". This name can be associated with Adrian Van den Berg who is a popular Dutch guitarist.

7. Van Dijk meaning "folk from the dike". This name can be linked with Virgil Van Dijk, the famous Dutch footballer, who plays in the Premier League for Liverpool F.C.

8. Visser meaning "fisherman". Associated with Angela Visser is a popular Dutch model and actress.

Popular Dutch Last Names

Dutch culture consists of various forms of traditional music, dance forms, and clothing which have all inspired Dutch names. Here are some popular Dutch last names you may like.

9. Beek meaning "from the brook". Originated from a town called Beek in the Netherlands.

10. Beekhof meaning "garden brook".

11. Beenhouwer meaning "butcher".

12. Bijil meaning "from the ax".

13. Boogaard meaning "from the orchard". This name can be linked with Erik-Jan van den Boogaard, a former Dutch football player.

14. Jaager/Jaeger meaning "the hunter". Frans Maurits Jaeger a Dutch chemist.

15. Koning meaning "the king". This name can be associated with Hans Koning Dutch writer is popular for 'Walk with Love and Dead'.

16. Kuiper/Cuyper meaning "the cooper". This name is popular because of Frits Kuiper, a popular Dutch footballer.

17. Lange meaning "the tall".

18. Linden meaning "from the Linden". This name can be linked with Jaap Ter Linden, a popular Dutch musician, and conductor.

19. Mesman meaning "knife maker".

20. Rynsburger meaning "inhabitant of Rijnsburg".

21. Stegenga meaning "the Frisian".

22. Teuling meaning "toll taker".

23. Vliet meaning "from the vliet".

24. Vos meaning "fox". This name can be associated with Edgar Vos, a popular Dutch fashion designer.

25. Wit/de Wit meaning "the blond". This name is linked with Jacob de Wit, a Dutch painter.

26. Zijl meaning "from the waterway".

Pennsylvania Dutch Surnames

Pennsylvania Dutch people follow multiple different religions like Lutheran, German Reformed, Anabaptist, Mennonites, Amish, and Brethren. Here is the Dutch last names list.

27. Birmelin - this surname is associated with Dutch playwright and poet John Birmelin.

28. Fischer (Alsatian, German origin) meaning "fisher". It is associated with Pennsylvania writer translator H.L. Fischer known for the Translation of Edgar Allan Poe's 'The Raven'.

29. Funck (German origin) meaning "spark". This name can be associated with Author Henrich Funck.

30. Groff (German origin) meaning "the earl or count". It is associated with popular celebrity chef Betty Groff.

31. Otto (German origin) meaning "wealth, prosperity". Bodo Otton, who was a senior surgeon of the continental army during the American Revolution, bears this surname.

32. Reichard (Flemish, Dutch, German origin) meaning "hardy, strong". Writer and scholar Harry Hess Reichard is a bearer of this surname.

33. Schertzinger (German origin) meaning "habitational name for someone from a place called Scherzinger on Lake Constance". Film director, composer, producer, and screenwriter Victor Schertzinger bears this family name.

34. Sempier (Latin origin) meaning "always". Miss America 1954 Evelyn Ay Sempier was the only Pennsylvanian to become Miss America.

35. Wollenweber (German origin) meaning "occupational name for a weaver". Writer and poet Louis August Wollenweber is a famous bearer of this last name.

36. Wolfe (Old German origin) meaning "wolf battle". This name can be associated with Jane Wolfe a film actress who bears this family name.

37. Zimmerman (German origin) meaning "carpenter". Writer translator Thomas Zimmerman is a famous bearer of this name.

Dutch Last Names Commonly Found In Belgium

Many Dutch surnames have a significant origin; others translate to funny and hilarious meanings.

Dutch is an official language of Belgium. Here is a list of Dutch surnames which you'll find in Belgium.

38. Aadrens meaning "clay, stone earth".

39. Aafjes meaning "son of Aafje". Aafjes is a rare surname. This name can be associated with Bertus Aafjes, a famous Dutch poet who bears this family name.

40. Aaij meaning "shorth form of Adriaan".

41. Aakster meaning "magpie". Derived from the old Dutch word ekster.

42. Aaldenberg meaning "old mountain".

43. Aalders/ Adelhart meaning "son of Aldert".

44. Aalmers meaning "son of Almer".

45. Aarens meaning "son of Arend".

46. Abspoel meaning "Abbot's pool". Derived from abtspoel.

47. Achthoven meaning "eight and gardens".

48. Adrichem meaning "Adrik's home".

49. Akkersdijk, meaning "field by the dyke".

50. Arbeid meaning "work".

51. Baardwijk meaning "neighborhood district".

52. Baart meaning "beard".

53. Baas meaning "boss, overseer".

54. Bezuidenhout meaning "south forest".

55. Claasen meaning "son of Klaus".

56. Daalmans meaning "dale, valley man".

57. De Groot meaning "big, great". Adriaan de Groot, a Dutch chess master, and psychologist who bears this family name.

58. Eikenboom meaning "oak tree". A unique Dutch surname.

59. Houtkooper meaning "buyer of wood".

60. Kikkert meaning "frog". Derived from kikker. This name can be associated with Jan Elias Kikkert, a Dutch lithographer and water-color artist who carried this surname.

61. Kloet, meaning "lump, ball". Derived from the word cloet.

62. Langenberg meaning "wide meadow. A famous bearer of this name is Arend Langeberg a popular Dutch actor.

63. Muyskens meaning "little mouse".

64. Nelissen meaning "son of Cornelis". Related to actor Thomas Nelissen, popular for the Belgian film, 'Deus ex Machina'.

65. Oomen meaning "maternal uncle". Antoine Oomen a popular Dutch pianist, composer, and conductor, bears this family name.

66. Paulissen meaning "son of Paul".

67. Prinsen meaning "son of the prince".

68. Rademaker meaning "maker of wheels".

69. Roosa meaning "rose".

70. Vogel meaning "bird".

71. Zuiderduin meaning "southern dune".

Frisian Surnames

Frisia is a province in the Netherlands, also known as Friesland. Here is a list of Dutch surnames you may love to learn more about.

72. Bouma is a West Frisian toponymic surname. Popular Dutch footballer Wilferd Bouma bears this family name.

73. De Vries meaning "the Frisian". Berden de Vries is a famous Dutch cyclist.

74. Gerbrandy is a west Frisian surname. Pieter Sjoerds Gerbrandy served as the Prime Minister of Netherlands.

75. Hoekstra meaning "from the corner, river bend". André Hoekstra is a popular Dutch footballer who bears this family name.

76. Jansma Is a west Frisian toponymic surname. It is associated with Dutch writer and archeologist Esther Jansma.

77. Jorritsma meaning "Jorrit's son". This Gerben Jorritsma a famous Dutch speed skater.

78. Kingma Derived from the Dutch word kinge. A famous bearer of this name is Vivian Kingma a popular Dutch cricketer.

79. Reitsma meaning "son of Reitse". Alexander Jan Reitsma was a Dutch economist who bore this family name.

80. Trepstra meaning "person who lived on a terp". A famous bearer of this name is Anne Terpstra is a popular Dutch Olympic cross country cyclist.

81. Vossen meaning "people". Derived from Frisian name fos. Peter Van Vossen a popular Dutch footballer who bears this family name. A popular Dutch surname.

82. Wiersma meaning "son of Wire". A famous bearer of this name is Jelmer Wiersma a Dutch heavy metal guitarist.

Dutch Last Names Starting With Van

Dutch last names starting with V can be a great name for your character.

Van is a preposition in the Dutch languages, meaning "of" or "from" depending on the context. In olden times, people were named after the place they lived in that is why many Dutch surnames start with Van. If you are looking for Van last names, here are some last names that start with Van.

83. Van Aalsburg meaning "from Aalsburg".

84. Van Aalst meaning "from Aalst".

85. Van Acker meaning "from Acker". A famous bearer of this name is Achille Van Acker, Prime Minister of Belgium.

86. Van Aggelen meaning "someone from Aggelen".

87. Van Agterben meaning "from behind".

88. Van Aller meaning "from the Aller".

89. Van Alphern meaning "from Alphern".

90. Van Ankeren meaning "from the anchor".

91. Van Antwerp meaning "from Antwerp". Derived from a city named Antwerp in Belgium.

92. Van As meaning "from Asch". Derived from a town in the Netherlands meaning "ash tree".

93. Van Baarle meaning "from Baarle". Derived from a town named Baarle in Belgium.

94. Van Beurden meaning "from Beurden".

95. Van Buggenum meaning "from Buggenum". Derived from a town named Buggenum in the Netherlands.

96. Van Buuren meaning "from Buren". Buuren is a small town on Ameland island.

97. Van Dalen meaning "from the valley".

98. Van De Donk meaning "from Donk". Danielle Van de Donk is a popular woman's football player.

99. Van Den Akker meaning "from the field".

100. Van Den Stoep meaning "from the paved entrance".

101. Van Der Boom. Actress Claire Van der Boom bears this family name. A popular Dutch surname.

102. Van Der Donack meaning "from Donack". A famous bearer of this name is Adriean Van der Donack a renowned Dutch lawyer.

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