Top 104 Ecuadorian Last Names With Meanings

The Ecuadorians last names mostly comprise of Spanish names like Pérez, Sánchez, and so on

The Ecuadorian people way of life blends well with the conventions and culture that began in the Andes, the Ecuadorian Amazon, or the coast.

After the Spanish people arrived, the Ecuadorian culture was consolidated and based on Catholic conventions, which is still very profoundly instilled in the public culture of the region.

Around 40 to 65 percent of the populace is mestizo, a blend of indigenous and Spanish family line.

Spanish is Ecuador's official language, while Quechua and Shuar are the two significant indigenous languages. Quechua is the language of the Inca, which was the prevailing society in Ecuador when the Spanish arrived. If you are looking for some popular, unique, and rare Ecuadorian last names, then you are in for a treat.

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Popular Ecuadorian Last Names

The Ecuadorian last names are Aguilar, Aguirre, and Alava are very popular

Many Ecuadorian last names are of Spanish descendent. Some have derived from a surname that was used before the European colonization arrived, in local regions like Inca the last names have ancestral roots (Quishpe, Farinango, Ulcuango, Guapisaca, Santi, Gualinga, and so on.)

1. Acosta (Spanish origin) surname that means "person who lived by the seashore". Famous last name bearer: journalist Jim Acosta.

2. Aguilar (Spanish origin) surname that means "haunt of eagles", a popular Spanish last name.

3. Aguirre (Basque origin) surname that means "prominent".

4. Alava (Spanish origin) surname that means "from the province of Spain". It is also the name of a beautiful province near the border of the Basque Country.

5. Almeida (Spanish origin) surname that means "'the city", among the popular Ecuadorian last names.

6. Alvarado (Spanish origin) surname that means "white/bright land". Famous last name bearer: Spanish actress Clara Alvarado.

7. Alvarez (Spanish origin) means "son of Álvaro", among the popular surnames for Colombian people.

8. Andrade (Latin origin) means "domain of the strong".

9. Arias (Spanish origin) means "a song or tune".

10. Avila (Latin origin) means "to watch, to be vigilant". Such Spanish last names are very common in the United States.

11. Ayala (Spanish origin) means "one who came from Ayala in Spain".

12. Bravo (Native American origin) means "honest, courageous man". Famous last name bearer: Ecuadorian triathlete Elizabeth Bravo.

13. Briones (Celtic origin) means "strong and powerful".

14. Burgos (Spanish origin) means "one who came from Burgos".

15. Cabrera (Spanish origin) means "one who takes care of goats". Famous last name bearer: director Fabricio Raúl Cabrera.

16. Calderon (Spanish origin) means "one who made and sold large kettles or boilers".

17. Campoverde (Spanish origin) means "meadow".

18. Castillo (Spanish origin) means "worker in the castle". Famous last name bearer: professional footballer Segundo Castillo. Among the popular surnames.

19. Castro (Latin origin) means "castle". One of the most common last names in the United States. Among the popular surnames.

20. Cevallos (Latin American origin) means "the Cavalla". It is a variety of plant which is very popular in Peru.

21. Chavez (Spanish origin) means "descendant of Isabel". Among the popular surnames in the United States too.

22. Cordova (Spanish origin) means "the Córdoba". It is also the name of the city in Spain.

23. Cruz (Latin origin) means "cross". One of the common name which was rank at number 40 in the list of top Ecuadorian last names. It's popular in the United States also.

24. Delgado (Latin origin) means "delicate or fine".

25. Diaz (Spanish origin) means "contracted". It is a very popular surname among American people.

26. Escobar (Spanish origin) means "place where broom grows".

27. Espinoza (Spanish origin) means "thorns". Famous last name bearer: football player Jhon Espinoza.

28. Fernandez (Spanish origin) means "journey".

29. Figueroa (Spanish origin) means "one who made and sold statuettes".

30. Flores (Spanish origin) means "flower". Famous last name bearer: 'Money Heist' actress Alba Flores.

31. Franco (Spanish origin) means "frank". This is also a very popular surname among American people.

32. Freire (Spanish origin) means "brother".

33. Galarza (Basque origin) means "kindling".

34. Gomez (Spanish origin) means "man". Famous last name bearer: Singer Selena Gomez.

35. Gonzalez (Spanish origin) means "war hall". One of the most used Ecuadorian last name in the United States.

36. Guaman (Spanish origin) means "falcon".

37. Guerrero (Spanish origin) means "warrior". Famous last name bearer: professional wrestler Eddie Guerrero.

38. Guevara (Spanish origin) means "prominent".

39. Gutierrez (Spanish origin) means "son of Gutierre".

40. Guzman (Spanish origin) means "good man".

41. Hernandez (Spanish origin) means "son of Hernán". Famous last name bearer: football player Aaron Hernandez.

42. Herrera (Spanish origin) means "iron mine". A common given the last name in Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries.

43. Hidalgo (Spanish origin) means "a gentleman in a Spanish-speaking country". It is also the name of the movie by the same name.

Ecuadorian Last Names From Famous People

The common Spanish surnames or last names can give of clues regarding the culture and tradition

Some Ecuadorian also have English and European family names. Some common examples are Bowen, Bergmann, Wright, Spencer, Zunino, Machiavelli, and so on.

44. Intriago (Spanish origin) means "tendency is to finish". Famous last name bearer: football player Jefferson Intriago.

45. Jaramillo (Spanish origin) means "thicket".

46. Jimenez (Spanish origin) means "son ".

47. Lara (Greek origin) means "cheerful".

48. Lema (Arabic origin) means "eye".

49. Leon (Greek origin) means "lion".

50. Lopez (Spanish origin) means "Son of lope". A famous last name bearer is the singer Jennifer Lopez.

51. Macias (Spanish origin) means "the Messiah".

52. Maldonado (Spanish origin) means "endowed".

53. Martinez (Spanish origin) means "son of Martín". A famous last name bearer is the football player Fidel Martínez.

54. Mero (Spanish origin) means "pure".

55. Miranda (Spanish origin) means "worthy of admiration".

56. Molina (Latin origin) means "mill".

57. Mora (Latin origin) means "dark-skinned".

58. Morales (Spanish origin) means "mulberry tree". A famous last name bearer is the President of Bolivia Evo Morales.

59. Moran (Gaelic origin) means "more".

60. Moreira (Spanish origin) means "mulberry tree".

61. Moreno (Spanish origin) means "dark-haired". A famous last name bearer is the football player Marlos Moreno.

62. Mosquera (Spanish origin) means "fly".

63. Murillo (Spanish origin) means "small wall".

64. Naranjo (Spanish origin) means "orange tree".

65. Narvaez (Spanish origin) means "real".

66. Navarrete (Spanish origin) means "small valleys".

67. Ochoa (Spanish origin) means "the wolf".

68. Orellana (Spanish origin) means "estate of Aurelius".

69. Ortega (Spanish origin) means "Urtica". Famous last name bearer is a businessman Amancio Ortega.

70. Ortiz (Spanish origin) means "brave".

71. Pacheco (Spanish origin) means "noble one".

72. Palacios (Spanish origin) means "palaces". Famous last name bearer is the football player Exequiel Palacios.

73. Palma (Italian origin) means "someone from Parma".

74. Paredes (Spanish origin) means "wall".

75. Perez (Spanish origin) means "Son of Pero or Pedro".

76. Ponce (Spanish origin) means "fifth".

77. Ramirez (Spanish origin) means "Son of Ramiro". Famous last name bearer is the actress Sara Ramirez.

78. Ramos (Spanish origin) means "branches".

79. Reyes (Spanish origin) means "kings".

80. Rivera (Spanish origin) means "royalty".

81. Rodriguez (Spanish origin) means "son of Rodrigo". Famous last name bearer is a football player James Rodríguez/

82. Rojas (Spanish origin) means "red".

83. Romero (Spanish origin) means "guardian".

84. Rosero (Spanish origin) means "rose". Famous last name bearer is football player Daniel Rosero.

85. Ruiz (Spanish origin) means "son of Roderick".

86. Salazar (Spanish origin) means "old hall". Famous last name bearer is football player David Salazar.

87. Saltos (Spanish origin) means "sloping".

88. Sanchez (Spanish origin) means "son of Sancho".

Rare Ecuadorian Surnames

Traditionally, in Ecuador, a person uses his or her father's last name as their first last name, and then use their mother's last name as their second last name. Though it may sound confusing two last names make for a strong and unique culture in most Spanish speaking countries. The main reason behind such tradition is that the names connect the child to both families and their traditions and people. If you are looking for unique and uncommon last names, then keep on reading.

89. Sarmiento (Spanish origin) means "grapevine". It is also the name of a town in Argentina.

90. Silva (Spanish origin) means "forest' or 'woodland".

91. Solorzano (Spanish origin) means "soler".

92. Suarez (Spanish origin) means "son of Suero". Famous last name bearer is football player Luis Suárez.

93. Tapia (Spanish origin) means "mud wall".

94. Tomala (Spanish origin) means "son of Tomasz".

95. Torres (Spanish origin) means "towers". Famous last name bearer is football player Ferran Torres.

96. Vaca (Latin origin) means "cow".

97. Valencia (Spanish origin) means "health". It is a unique last name that is often used as a first name in Spanish-speaking countries and people.

98. Vargas (Spanish origin) means "steep slope". Famous last name bearer is former President of Brazil Getúlio Vargas.

99. Vasquez (Spanish origin) means "son of Vasco". Famous last name bearer is the football player Franco Vázquez.

100. Vega (Spanish origin) means "one who lives on the plain".

101. Velez (Spanish origin) means "Bela".

102. Villavicencio (Spanish origin) means "outlying". It is also the name of the city called Villavicencio in Colombia.

103. Zambrano (Spanish origin) means "sovereign". Famous last name bearer is a football player Carlos Zambrano.

104. Zamora (Spanish origin) means "wild olives".

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