Top 100 Fabulously French Girls Names For Your Baby

Give your baby girl the perfect French name.

A name is what defines a person's identity, so choosing the right one for your baby is an important decision.

If you've spent hours looking for a beautiful name for your beautiful baby and still can't find one that checks all those boxes, we want to help. This list of fabulous French names for girls has over 100 options for you to be inspired by.

French names often sound refined and melodic, almost like music to the ears! Whether you are thinking of an elegant French name to honour your ancestry or are just fond of the French culture, we'll help you find a name that suits your baby the best.

Traditional French names, such as Claire and Dominique, often represent prominent figures in art, literature and science or are taken from the names of saints. But French names can also be modern and trendy like Gabrielle, Fleur and many other strong female names that are growing in popularity in France.

For more inspiration, take a look at these lists of French boy names and Italian girls' names, but for now let's dive right into the top 100 French baby girls' names that are très magnifique!

Most Popular French Girls' Names

These baby names top the list when it comes to French names, they are some of our absolute favourites!

We hope when you read through these, you come across a name that stands out for you and your baby.  Here's our list of the most popular French girl names.

1. Aaida (French origin) means "one who is helpful".

2. Amélie (French origin) means "hard-working, industrious and striving." It's among the most popular baby names in France.

3. Annette (French origin) means "favour or grace".

4. Antonine (French origin) means "priceless", just like your little munchkin.

6. Belle (French origin) means "beautiful".

7. Blanche (French origin) means "white".

8. Celeste (Latin origin) means "heavenly".

9. Celina (French origin) "sky or heaven". It's one of the most popular French girl names.

10. Claudine (Latin origin) is the feminine form of the word Claud, which is derived from Claudius.

11. Capucine (French origin) means "a beautiful flower Nasturtium".

12. Delphine (French origin) means "dolphin." It was developed in the thirteenth century after a French saint.

13. Denise (French origin) means "to be devoted to Bacchus”.

14. Dior (French origin) means "golden."

15. Elayne (French origin) means "light".

16. Eleonore  (French origin) means "shining light". Another of the most popular French girl names.

17. Estelle (Latin origin) means "star," and has been derived from the name Stella.

18. Eugenie (French origin) means "well-born," which is the feminine form of the popular name Eugene.

19. Evalynn (French origin) means "wished for a child."

20. Francine (French origin) means "free one".

22. Fayette (French origin) means "little fairy".

23. Giselle (French origin) means "beautiful like a star," and is derived from the Germanic name Gisil which means “bright pledge”.

24. Garcelle (French origin) means "little spear".

25. Hughette (French origin) means "bright in mind and spirit".

26. Jeanne (French origin) means "God is gracious," and is the feminine form of John. It's among the most popular French girl names.

27. Jolene (French origin) means "pretty." It's a pretty French baby name.

28. Lise (French origin) means "God is my oath," which was originally derived from the classic and popular name Elizabeth.

29. Lizette (French origin) means "pledged to God".

30. Lucienne  (French origin) means "light," and is the feminine version of the name Lucien.

31. Marcelle (French origin) means "God of war".

32. Margo  (French origin) means "pearl".

33. Mireille (French origin) means "wonderful, prosperous'.

34. Maeva (French origin) means "welcome".

35. Marion (Hebrew origin) means "lady of the sea".

36. Monet (French origin) meaning "to be heard," and was a prominent surname used France, now increasingly used as a unisex baby name.

37. Monique (French origin) means "advisor".

38. Noelle (French origin) meaning "Christmas." and is the feminine version of the name Noël. It's a beautiful French baby name.

39. Noémie (French origin) means "pleasant," and is the French version of a Hebrew name Naomi.

40. Océane (French origin) means "ocean".

41. Octavie (Roman origin) means "eighth," and is the French variant of the Roman name Octavia.

42. Odette  (French origin) means "wealth," and is the female version of the name Otto.

43. Odile (French origin) means "fortunate or prosperous," it is a variant of the old German name Odila.

44. Reine (French origin) means "Queen".

45. Rochelle (French origin) means "little rock," which came after the beautiful French city La Rochelle.

46. Rosine (French origin) means "rose".

47. Sarah (Hebrew origin) means "princess," and has many popular variations like Sara and Saara, a beautiful girl name for a baby, popular in France.

48. Véronique (Greek origin) means "true image".

49. Violette  (French origin) means "purple colour".

50. Yvonne (French origin) means "an archer".

51. Zelie (French origin) means "envy".

Classic And Traditional French Girl Names

Looking for some classic baby names with wonderful meanings for your little girl?

If you've been scratching your head and losing your patience because you haven't been able to find pretty French names for girls, you are in luck here. We all love how French names tend to roll off the tongue so eloquently and beautifully, so why not go for a classic French girl name?

52. Adrienne (Latin origin) meaning "the one from the city of Hadria".

53. Alice (French origin) means "nobility," and is the French version of a German name Adalheid. It's among the most popular girl names in France.

54. Audrey (French origin) means "noble and divine strength".

55. Bernadette (English origin) meaning "brave".

56. Brigitte (Irish origin) means "strength," and is reminiscent of a famous French woman who inspired many with her magnificent persona.

57. Chloé (Greek origin) means "blooming," derived from the Greek name Khlóe. A pretty name for a pretty baby girl.

58. Carole (Latin origin) meaning "strong, free woman", this is a fancy girl name in France.

59. Catherine (French origin) means "pure, clear", among the most popular names for girls.

61. Charlotte (French origin) meaning "free women".

62. Christine (French origin) meaning "follower of Jesus".

63. Emilie (French origin) means "to strive or excel," and has several beautiful variants, such as Emma and Emily.

64. Julienne (French origin) means "youthful," and is the feminine version of the name Julian.

65. Isabeau (French origin) means "God of plenty," and is a variant of the classic name Isabelle.

66. Pauline (French origin) means "little," and has originated from the name Paulinus.

67. Renée (French origin) means "born again," and is the feminine version of René.

68. Sylvie (Latin origin) means "spirit of the woods," and the name has originated from the name Silva.

69. Victorine (French origin) meaning "victory," and is a form of a classic French name Victoria.

70. Virginie (Latin origin) means "pure".

Unique And Fancy French Girl Names

Don't we all become creative geniuses while looking for the perfect baby names for our baby? We'll give wings to your creativity with our list of the most unique French girls' names, and help you in the quest of finding the best girls names in French that strike the right chord. Here are some unique but fancy French names for girls.

71.  Avignon (French origin) refers to the name of a French city.

72. Adélaïde (French origin) means "noble", this is a pleasant sounding girl name.

73. Aveline (French origin) means "little hazelnut tree".

74. Aurelie (French origin) means "golden".

75. Bette (Hebrew origin) means “consecrated to God”.

76. Celine (Latin origin) means "heavenly". Also, the name of a popular singer, Celine Dion.

77. Esme (French origin) means “emerald.” Short and endearing; what more could you ask for!

78. Genevieve (French origin) means "white wave".

79: Inés (French origin) means "pure", a unique name for your baby girl.

80. Janina (French origin) means "God is gracious," and is a form of the name Jane.

81. Lilou (French origin) means "lily flower".

82. Madeline (French origin) means "magnificent". Also the name of a cartoon character in the animated TV show 'The New Adventures Of Madeline'.

83. Mirabelle (French origin) means "plum".

84. Marie (French origin) "exalted one".

85. Nadeleine (French origin) means "ray of hope".

86. Ninette (French origin) means "God's valuable talent".

87. Rochelle (French origin) means "strong as a rock".

88. Rosalee (French origin) means "garden full of roses".

89. Rubi (French origin) means "precious" and has been derived from the name Ruby.

90. Salomé (Hebrew origin) means "peace".

91. Severine (French origin) means "a stern person".

92. Seychelle (French origin) means "an island".

93. Sidonie (French origin) means "follower of Saint Denys".

94. Solange  (French origin) means "solemn or religious".

95. Yolanthe (French origin) means "strong".

96. Serene (Latin origin) means "peaceful".

97. Sheree (French origin) means "beloved or dearest".

98. Sorrel (French origin) means "reddish-brown".

99. Suzanne (Hebrew origin) means "lily", this name is among the popular names for girls, in not just France but around the world.

100. Sophie (French origin) means "having wisdom and skillful".

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