Let's Dance! 6 Top Family Dance Videos To Inspire You


It can be pretty hard to keep active now that you're constantly stuck at home, but that doesn't mean that it's impossible! It's so important that the whole family gets their daily exercise in, and that the kids get a chance to burn off all that steam - and what better way to do it than through a family dance session? We've rounded up our top family dance videos that'll not only have you sweating, but will also have you bent over laughing! Let's get dancing.

Daily Dance Break - KIDZBOP

The increasingly popular YouTube channel KIDZBOP are famed for their follow-along dance videos and tutorials - and have begun posting a daily hour long dance video that the whole family can benefit from. You can literally have a dance party in your living room! The fantastic videos encourage you to mirror the moves to various catchy dance songs, follow simple choreographies, and stay active together - all from the comfort of your own home. Kids of all ages and parents-alike will love the catchy music, the infectious energy of the instructors, and learning the moves to tons of different songs!

Check out the video here.

Just Dance 2020 | Gameplay - JustDance

We've all heard of the Just Dance video games - but did you know that they also have a free YouTube channel where you can follow along to dances with no console, and no equipment?  The whole family can get moving to songs of all genres, from Frozen's 'Into the Unknown' to the ever-catchy 'Old Town Road' - these easy to mirror dances are perfect for kids aged 4 years and older, all the way up to adults. There's really no funner environment to burn off energy - and kids will love being able to move to their favourite tunes! As an added bonus, the videos will really help your little ones with their rhythm - and there's no pressure to hit any scores.

Want to take part? Start with the first video in the playlist here.

kids dance class at home

Oti Mabuse Jungle Book Kids Class - Oti Mabuse Official

You may recognize the name Oti Mabuse from Strictly Come Dancing, and you may also be very pleased to know that she's been posting daily lockdown dance tutorials for kids and adults. Kids of all ages will be able to follow along to her half an hour Jungle Book tutorial to learn all the moves to 'Bare Necessities' - in which she and her partner break down the song in several simple sections to ensure that you're keeping up. Your entire family will have heaps of fun dancing together to this classic hit! If you want to make it a daily occurrence, Oti's tutorials are being live-streamed across her platforms at 11.30am each morning, but don't worry if you can't make one of them - they'll all be uploaded to her YouTube afterwards.

If you want to learn some other great dances such as songs from Mary Poppins or Shrek - just check out her channel for more!

'Shake It Off' Zumba Kids JR Choreography - JECA Zumba

JECA Zumba posts tons of great zumba dance workout videos such as her popular Taylor Swift 'Shake It Off' video - perfect for kids of any age (and their families!) to get a great workout in at home without feeling like you're exercising at all. Do your best to follow her high-energy dance routine, you'll be so lost in the fun that you won't even realise how much you're sweating till the song is over. This active exercise will get your kids excited, energised, and wanting more - and it's a great chance for you to squeeze in a workout whilst keeping the kids entertained, too!

Check out the video here.

family dance from home

Mommy and Me Dance Workout - Fabletics

Bond with your little ones while you workout with Fabletics instructor Rae Toledo. In this great family dance video, Rae takes you through a mummy and me routine that you and your kids can all do together! Full of wiggles, air punching, and side steps - Rae's enthusiastic and encouraging energy radiates from the screen and is sure to get your kids moving and giggling. The dance is simple and would suit kids of any age, as Rae says herself, they don't have to follow along perfectly so long as they're moving and having fun.

Ready to get dancing?

Easy Kids Choreography - MihranTV

Dance instructor Mihran Kirakosian brings us this super simple hip-hop dance choreography that will suit anyone aged 4 years and older. Follow along as he and his two daughters take you through step-by-step stages of the routine, mirrored so that you and your family can easily copy at home. The 13-minute tutorial will leave you feeling like you're in a pop group - and probably slightly out of breath. Mihran's channel also offers tons of similar videos that you can follow this one up with, or why not challenge your family to take on one a day? Your mini dancers will have tons of choreographies under their belts at the end of lockdown!

Check out this simple choreography to get started.



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