Top Family Yoga Exercises for Beginners To Do At Home


Isolating at home may sometimes feel like a chore - however, it is also a great opportunity to start new, positive habits as a family, as well as the chance to learn a new skill. The many benefits of yoga can be felt by everyone who tries it - from the youngest to the eldest member of the family - and there are plenty of excellent yoga exercises for beginners at home video to try out. YouTube is an amazing resource for yoga videos of all types, with thousands of classes that have been specially designed for every type of yogi. There are videos for beginners, for kids, for tweens and for teens, with classes that range from upbeat and themed, to calming and meditative - so find the right one for you and your family - or mix it up, choosing different classes to suit the mood or the time of day. At-home beginners yoga classes are the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for a way to de-stress and to find a moment of peace whilst isolating at home.

Girl in colourful pink clothes does yoga in the garden

Rainbow Yoga with Colourful Clothes and Butterfly Pose

Wearing rainbow coloured clothes, this video is led by Adriene, who explains every move in a calm and friendly way. The 17-minute yoga video has a slow pace, and Adriene gives the participants different options depending on their energy level and flexibility - making it a great choice for both adult and child beginners. The majority of the poses are floor-based - so don't worry about trying to balance if you are new to yoga - and the slow, methodical pace allows plenty of time to follow along.

Perfect for kids aged 6 or 7 upwards, this video has a friendly feel - Adriene's dog even joins her for the class - and her colourful clothes add a little magic and fun. To keep kids interested, Adriene asks participants to use their imaginations whilst doing the poses - asking, for example, to 'think what colour butterfly you'd want to be' whilst doing the butterfly pose.

Rainbow Yoga - Yoga for all Ages! - Yoga with Adriene  

Children having fun with their mother during yoga

Partner Up: Parent-Child Yoga for Pairs

This 17-minute yoga video is great for parents and young children, showing a range of poses that can be done together. Holding hands and mirroring each other, kids and parents help each other to get better at yoga by working as a team. Perfect for younger kids, this video would suit ages 5-8, and perhaps older - if the parents are feeling strong! Practicing partner poses is a great introduction to yoga, and the video has some really fun moves to try, like the 'helicopter', where kids fly through the air held up by their parent, and the 'special chair', where kids use their parents as a solid base, whilst they lean backwards, like an acrobat. Working as a team, the partner balances will keep kids' (and parents') attention for longer - as well as being an opportunity to have some fun and to work together to get better at yoga.

Family Partner Yoga - Mind with Matter.

Children doing yoga together

Animal-Themed Yoga with Sound Effects and Unicorns

Alissa, the instructor who leads this short, 17-minute video, clearly explains each yoga pose, using fun, child-friendly language. By describing each pose like an animal or tree, the instructor creates a fun, friendly beginners yoga class that is perfect for kids between the ages of 4 and 8. The video is almost interactive, as the instructor speaks directly to the young yogis, adding extra details and stories to keep the kids engaged in their yoga practice. With plenty of praise and fun, the instructor encourages at-home yogis to make animal noises and to imagine themselves being a tree - and there are even unicorns and magic sparkles included in the routine, making it a great beginners class for young yogis.

Yoga For Kids with Alissa Kepas  - Alo Yoga

Child stretching out during yoga

A Beginners Class for Tweens, Teens and Adults

Queen of YouTube yoga Adriene joins up with the ever-popular YouTube channel Popsugar Fitness to offer a 30-minute class that is great for yogis aged 12 and up. A quiet, peaceful video, Adriene explains about the practice of yoga as the class starts, encouraging beginners to go slow and to keep calm. The long length and slow pace makes this video better for older kids, teens and adults, and it is easy to follow, even if the instructor's language sometimes gets a bit technical. It's a great choice for anyone who need to destress - whether it's a much-need break from a younger sibling, from revision or from home schooling, the instructor encourages smiling, listening to your own body and maintaining a slower tempo.

30-Minute Yoga with Adriene to Reduce Stress - Popsugar Fitness

Group of children dancing together in a playroom in a nursery school.

Minecraft Meets Yoga - A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure

This 20-minute yoga video is perfect for the Minecraft enthusiast in the family - as the class is set in the world of Minecraft, and is led by an instructor who even changes into her 'Minecraft skin' to complete some of the poses. Perfect for younger children aged 5-10, the moves are explained in clear and simple language - with added Minecraft lingo to keep the kids interested. The easy-to-follow routine is short and fun, making this a great class to add to the daily routine whilst isolating at home.

The Cosmic Kids Yoga channel has a whole host of other themed yoga videos - each set in the world of a popular movie, game or television series, including Frozen, Star Wars, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Trolls and Spider-Man. Each yoga video is complete with costumes and themed props, which are sure to keep the kids engaged and entertained as they follow along. These videos range in length, with the average class taking between 13 and 20 minutes, however, for older kids there is a 55-minute yoga class that has been designed especially with tweens in mind.

Minecraft | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure - Cosmic Kids Yoga

Girl in bed after yoga

Bedtime Yoga to Help Wind Down

Only 10-minutes long, this yoga video is totally floor-based - with all poses done lying on your back. This short routine would be perfect for kids aged 5 and up, and it is a great way for adults to create a moment of calm at bedtime - helping to mark the end of the day and signalling that it is time to get ready for bed. Designed to actually be done in bed  - the slow, calm voiceover encourages a sleepy, quiet atmosphere, so you and your kids can easily drift off immediately after finishing. With lots of deep breathing exercises, the simple, beginners yoga poses are held for a long time - giving kids plenty of time to get into each one before moving onto the next. A great routine for all the family - smaller kids can follow along with a parent or older sibling, and it is easy enough for older kids to do without supervision.

10 Minute Bedtime Yoga IN BED | Relaxing Bedtime Yoga Routine - SarahBethYoga



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