Top 51 Fantastic Fox Names

Foxes are beautiful beastly creatures and there are many names that make them stand out even more.

Even though fox names like Foxy or Mr Fox or Vixen have a direct link to foxes, they sometimes take the fun of naming away.

What about popular pet fox names like Scout, Rooney, Red for your pet? They head away from the cliché of the above names and bring some intrigue to the names!

You might have several questions while choosing the best name for your vixen or your Mr Fox. Foxes usually portray wildlife culture. But if you want to give them a pet-like approach, you may want to lead by calling them a few funny fox names.

Did you know that male foxes as called dogs, reynards or tods? Or that female foxes are vixens and the babies are cubs or pups? These baby fox names also follow a few attributes of the fox animals, for instance, names like Amber, Maple and Chestnut which are a few examples of fox names that focus on their color. Female fox names tend to have a little peppy sound like Buttons, Cece, Mystic, and more. Here's a list of the top 50 names that are fantastic for all the foxes.

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Names For Female Foxes

Here are a few names for your vixen or the female Fox that you will love.

1. Ariel (Hebrew, Biblical origin) meaning "lion of God".

2. Dakota (Word name) meaning "friendly"; is a unisex name.

3. Eva (Hebrew origin) meaning "giver of life".

4. Haze (English origin) meaning "reddish-brown color".

5. Lisa (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my origin"; is a cute name for your female fox.

6. Luna (Italian, Spanish origin) meaning "moon".

7. Mia (Italian origin) meaning "mine".

8. Mystic (Greek origin) meaning "connected to the mystery"; is a mysterious choice for your secret-keeper.

9. Scarlet (English origin) meaning "bright red color".

10. Sunny (English origin) meaning "sunshine, joyful".

Names For Male Foxes

Magic in the fox moniker also comes through the pets' gender and what the word means. Here are some strong picks for the strong foxes.

11. Bentley (English origin) meaning "bentgrass"; is a unisex name.

12. Dexter (English origin) meaning "dyer"; is considered as an occupational name.

13. Diesel (German origin) meaning "ruler of the people"; is a diminutive of the name Dietrich.

14. Jasper (English origin) meaning "treasure".

15. Jax (English origin) meaning "God has been gracious"; is a cool name for a male fox.

16. Maverick (American origin) meaning "wild, independent".

17. Rex (Latin origin) meaning "king".

18. Thor (Old Norse origin) meaning "God of thunder".

19. Toby (Hebrew origin) meaning "the goodness in God".

20. Tucker (English, German origin) meaning "to torment".

Popular Fictional Fox Names

Want some well-known Fox references for names? Here are a few names for fox's animals already famous, based on their fictional references.

A fox name taken from the fictional world? There are many of them to keep you amazed.

21. Fantastic Mr Fox - The cunning character and the protagonist genius from an American animated movie by the same name.

22. Fix and Foxi - A twin pair of foxes from the same name comic cartoon series.

23. Foxy Roxy - A popular song for children.

24. George (Greek origin) meaning "earth, soil"; associated with 'Of Fox and Hounds'.

25. Nelson (English origin) meaning "son of Neil"; associated with Mongrels.

26. Nick (Greek origin) meaning "victory of people"; associated with Disney's 'Zootopia'.

27. Snipe (Old English origin) meaning "dweller by the pasture"; associated with the video game 'Crash of the Titans'.

28. Swiper - The fox thief from 'Dora the explorer'.

29. Tod (English, Scottish origin) meaning "fox, clever person"; is the protagonist from 'The Tale of Mr Tod'.

30. Vixey - The adorable fox from 'The Fox and the Hound'.

Fox Pet Names

Though foxes are fierce, they can surely be as cute as pets. Here are a few pet names for your creature friend that will give you all the warm feelings for them.

A fox with pet attributes gets the most attention for its charm and enticing features.

31. Ariana (F) (Persian, Iranian origin) meaning "most holy".

32. Chance (M) (English origin) meaning "fortune".

33. Coco (M/F) (American, French origin) meaning "chocolate bean"; is a cute name for your pet creature.

34. Dora (F) (Greek origin) meaning "God's gift"; is the absolute pick for a pet fox that gives adventurous Dora the Explorer vibes.

35. Frankie (M/F) (American origin) meaning "free, truthful".

36. Jamie (M/F) (English origin) meaning "supplanter".

37. Luke (M) (English origin) meaning "the bright one".

38. Oreo (M/F) (Greek origin) meaning "mountain, gold".

39. Ranger (M) (English origin) meaning "forest protector".

40. Rusty (M/F) (American origin) meaning "brunette".

Cute Names For Foxes

See the best and cutest names derived from different meanings and words for your animal friend.

41. Apricot (F) (Armenian origin) meaning "a fruit, plum".

42. Arizona (M/F) (Basque origin) meaning "the great oak tree".

43. Cinnamon (F) (American origin) meaning "a spice".

44. Fuzzy (M/F) (German origin) meaning "loose"; is the perfect name for fuzzy foxes tails. A great name for an Arctic fox.

45. Ginger (F) (English origin) meaning "reddish-orange color".

46. Paprika (F) (English origin) meaning "a spice".

47. Red (M/F) (English origin) meaning "crimson-haired, the color"; absolutely direct name for the fiery bright-colored animal.

48. Rooney (M) (Irish origin) meaning "crimson-haired".

49. Scout (F) (French origin) meaning "to listen".

50. Snow (M/F) (Old High German origin) meaning "frozen precipitation". A fitting name for an Arctic fox.

51. Spark (M/F) (Old Norse origin) meaning "vivacious, sprightly".

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