Top 100 Filipino Girl Names That You'll Love

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The Philippines is a fascinatingly unique country peppered with pre-colonial, Spanish, Japanese and American influences.

Due to their rich heritage, Filipino names are extremely diverse and from a variety of countries, eras, and cultures. Whether you are looking for an elegant traditional name, a mystical name, or one inspired by nature, you can look east and give your baby girl a beautiful name.

We have searched all over for the top 100 Filipino names for girls. Currently, the most popular name is Althea. A pretty gorgeous name for a baby girl, don’t you think? To find that perfect baby girl name for your newborn just scroll through this article

Traditional Filipino Girl Names

These Filipino baby names may have been popular a while back, however, the beauty behind their meanings is timeless. Many of these baby names have Spanish origin, due to their occupation of the Philippines for decades. The Spanish brought Christianity with them so it is also common for Filipinos to have biblical names.

1.Bernila (Spanish origin) meaning blessed it originates from the German name Bernihilde.

2.Carmelita (Spanish origin) meaning garden in Spanish and inspired by the garden of Eden.

3.Cecilia (Spanish origin) meaning blind.

4.Christina (English origin) meaning "follower of Christ" this is a  common Filipino girl name because of The Philippines' Christian roots.

5.Divina (Latin/Italian origin) means heavenly or divine.

6.Dolores (Latin origin) one of many names given to the Virgin Mary, it is the foundation for many Filipino nicknames such as Lola and Lolita.

7.Evangeline (Greek origin) means "bringer of good news".

8.Gloria (Latin origin) means glory.

9.Katherine (Latin origin) meaning pure.

10.Liezel (Filipino origin) the Tagalog of Elizabeth, this name is a  popular girl name due to its French flair.

11.Maria (Latin origin) one of the most popular Filipino girl names because of the Christian population.

12.Odessa (Greek origin) meaning "long journey".

13.Perlah (Spanish origin) meaning pearl. It is believed this name will bring Wisdom and Health to your baby girl.

14.Reyna (Spanish origin) Meaning queen. This is one of the most common Filipino girl names.

15.Victoria (Latin origin) meaning victory.

Contemporary Filipino Girl Names

Looking for modern baby names? Many contemporary girl names in the Philippines are inspired by a mix of cultures and have a sweet quality to them. Stay ahead of the trends with these unique yet pretty Filipino names.

16.Amor (French origin) meaning love, it is an adorable baby girl name.

17.Atarah (Hebrew origin) a biblical name meaning crown.

18.Awit (Filipino origin) a musical name inspired by a poem of hymn.

19.Darling (English origin) a popular endearing name also used as a nickname.

20.Isa (Filipino origin) means one.

21.Leona (Greek origin) one of the most strong baby names meaning lioness.

22.Lyka (Filipino origin) a cute name meaning "pretty face".

23.Micah (Hebrew origin) a modification of Michael meaning "gift from God".

24.Ningning (Filipino origin) meaning sparkle.

25.Ophelia  (Greek origin) a romantic name after a character from Hamlet.

26.Philippine Why not name your baby after the wonderful country?

27.Princess (English origin) one of the cutest Filipino names for little queens.

28.Queenie (English origin) a playful name for a powerful girl.

29.Sunshine (English origin) a name reflecting the year-round sun in the Philippines.

30.Trixie (Latin origin) a quirky name meaning "bringer of joy".

31.Zabrina (Latin origin) meaning for the river.

32.Zenaida (Greek origin) an increasingly popular name meaning born of Zeus.

33.Zephyr (Greek origin) means west wind.

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Filipino Girl Names Inspired By Nature

The Philippines is famous for its (7,641) idyllic tropical islands, lush rice terraces, and vibrant flora and fauna. Of course, many Filipino baby girl names are inspired by the country’s marvellous nature, so naturally, they too are timelessly stunning.

34.Agila (Filipino origin) meaning eagle. It is also the national bird of the Philippines.

35.Agwa (Filipino origin) a quirky name meaning water.

36.Alon (Filipino origin) meaning wave this name is popular for water-lovers.

37.Amihan (Filipino origin) also used to describe the monsoon season in the country.

38.Ciela (Spanish origin) means sky.

39.Flordeliza (French origin) meaning "flower of the lily".

40.Hazel (English origin) an earthy name reflecting the colour of a tree.

41.Isla (Spanish origin) an exotic name meaning island.

42.Ivy (English origin) a short and sweet name after the plant.

43.Lawin (Filipino origin) means hawk.

44.Lila (Latin origin) a soft baby girl name meaning lavender or lilac.

45.Marisol (Spanish origin) meaning sunflower.

46.Maya (Filipino origin) means Sparrow.

47.Mimosa (Latin origin) a tropical tree.

48.Rosa (Spanish origin) one of the most popular Filipino girl names meaning rose.

49.Sampaguita (Filipino origin) the national flower of the Philippines.

50.Ula (Filipino origin) means jewel of the sea.

Filipino Girl Names Inspired By Famous People

These popular Filipino baby girl names have been inspired by famous women. The country has a thriving entertainment industry and also, since the American occupation, The Philippines has been exposed tonnes of Western media, so some of the names are based on global celebrities (even fictional ones!).

51.Aurora (Latin origin) meaning dawn and made popular by Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

52.Bituin: (Filipino origin) a sweet name for your baby girl meaning star. Shared by the actress Bituin Escalante.

53.Corazon: (Spanish origin) a common word for heart. A former president of the Philippines was named Corazon Aquino.

54.Darna (Filipino origin) a fictional superheroine popular in the Philippines.

55.Diana: (Latin origin) meaning luminous, this name is inspired by Diana, the Princess of Wales.

56.Floribeth (Filipino origin) this name was popularised by Floribeth Mora Diaz, a named wonder by the Roman Catholic Church.

57.Heart (English origin) inspired by the hugely famous Filipina socialite, Heart Evangelista.

58.Imelda (Spanish origin) a name based on the German word for "universal flight", this name was popularised by Imelda Marcos.

59.Jasmine (Persian origin) a Filipino flower. This name was made popular by Disney's Princess Jasmine.

60.Nicole (Greek origin) meaning victorious people and a name that is shared by Filipina singer Nicole Scherzinger.

61.Teresa (Greek origin) popularised by Mother Teresa, this name means harvester.

62.Zooey (Greek origin) meaning life, this name is inspired by Zooey Deschanel.

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Unique Names of Filipino Origin

Names of Filipino origin are less common, but they have a beautifully mystical ethereal feel to them. Many names emerged from Filipino mythology and folklore. Here we have listed these beautiful, striking and unique Filipino names.

63.Adhika means honourable.

64.Bulawan means gold or golden skin.

65.Dari a less common baby girl name meaning grace.

66.Dalisay a whimsical girl name meaning pure.

67.Diwata a baby girl name after the fairies and spirits of nature in Philippine mythology.

68.Himig a musical name translating to tune.

69.Hiraya translates to "may your dreams come true" and a name for strong baby girls.

70.Hiyas meaning jewel, this is a unique name for precious baby girls.

71.Ligaya a beautiful name meaning brilliance.

72.Likha means create.

73.Luningnig a cute baby name translating to brilliance.

74.Luwalhati is glory or splendour.

75.Luzviminda this name is a combination of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao regions in the Philippines.

76.Mahalina meaning "to be fascinated".

77.Malaya a sweet Filipino baby girl name meaning free.

78.Marikit one of the cutest Filipino baby names meaning beautiful or pretty.

79.Mayumi an exquisite and rare baby girl name meaning tender.

80.Mutya a pretty name meaning pearl for your dear baby girl.

81.Sinta an endearing name referring to love.

82.Tadhana one of most mystical baby girl names meaning destiny.

83.Tala means star. In Philippine mythology, she is the Goddess of the evening and morning star.

Names That Are Popular Right Now In The Philippines

These are some of the most popular Filipino baby girl names at the moment. You’ll notice that Filipinos like to take two pretty girls’ names and make them into a new, lovely and unique name.

84.Althea (Greek origin) one of the most popular Filipino baby girl names meaning wholesome.

85.Analyn (Filipino origin) a popular name combining the English names "Anna" and "Lyn".

86.Angel (Greek origin) a very popular Filipino baby name.

87.Blessica A mix of Bless and Jessica this name means "to bring blessing upon".

88.Chesah (Filipino origin) meaning celestial. It is not too common but getting increasingly popular.

89.Iris (Greek origin) The Goddess of Rainbows in Greek mythology and a popular baby name.

90.Jaslene (American origin) this name combines the two names Jazlyn and Jolene.

91.Joyce (Latin origin) a unisex name meaning cheerful.

92.Lilibeth A Filipino name that mixes Lily and Beth.

93.Luna (Italian origin) means "moon". A mystical name for your girl.

94.Mahalia (Hebrew origin)  meaning tenderness.

95.Maricar Mixes the names Maria and Carmen.

96.Nenita (Spanish origin) meaning "little girl".

97.Nicole (French origin) meaning victorious people.

98.Norjannah A unique name combining Nora and Joanna.

99.Rosamie combines Rose with Amie, the French for friend.

100.Rubylyn A sweet-sounding name from the combination of Ruby and Lyn.



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