Top 40 Funny, Cute, And Cool Spider Names

There are many cute names for your favorite creepy crawlies.

Spiders, in most cases, are considered eight-legged freaks and feared by most worldwide.

Known as Araneae in scientific terminology, spiders have eight eyes, multiple legs and some can be as big as your hand. There are many types of dangerous spiders: some can paralyze you, or poison you with just one bite.

However, in most cases, spiders are harmless and considered worthy pets, especially tarantulas. Tiny spiders are, however, high maintenance. If you think spiders make good pets and are looking for some quirky names for your eight-eyed friend, here's a list of names for pet spiders to help you get started.

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Quirky Spider Names For Girls

The most fashionable names for your spider are quirky.

Here's a list of cute, cool, and funny female names for your creepy friend.

1. Alice (English origin), meaning "noble", a character from 'Alice in Wonderland'.

2. Button (Old French origin), meaning, "someone who makes and/or sells buttons" is one of the cutest names for a spider.

3. Coco (American origin), meaning "chocolate bean" is an adorable name if you have a brown colored pet.

4. Cuddles (Middle English origin), meaning "to embrace" is an ironic name as spiders are far from cuddly pets.

5. Jello (American origin), meaning "gelatin," is a fitting name for a spider because they can be sweet pets.

6. Maleficent (Scottish origin), meaning "dark beauty," is a Disney villain.

7. Muffet (Gaelic origin) meaning, "from the long field" is a great name, as Miss Muffet was scared by a spider in 'Little Miss Muffet'.

8. Scarlett (English origin), meaning 'red,' is the first name of Scarlett Johansson, who plays the Marvel superhero character, 'Black Widow'.

9. Spindle (German origin) meaning "spindle maker or user" a perfect name for all types of spiders.

10. Sugar (American origin), meaning "sweet crystal spice", is a great choice for a spider.

11. Widow (Old English origin), meaning "bereft," is a type of spiders.

Quirky Male Names For Spiders

Spiders are seen as an unconventional pet.

Here's a list of some quirky male names for your little eight-legged friend.

12. Aragog (English origin), meaning "leader arachnid," is a giant spider from 'Harry Potter'.

13. Daddy Long Legs (American origin), meaning "cellar spiders," is a type of spider and the title of a famous book.

14. Garfield (Anglo-Saxon origin), meaning "grassy land or pasture," is the last name of Andrew Garfield, who had played the second 'Spiderman'.

15. Harry (Middle English origin), meaning "army ruler," is the first name of Harry Potter, who had a near-death experience with a spider in the 'Harry Potter Series'.

16. Holland (Old Dutch origin), meaning "woodland,"; Tom Holland played the third 'Spiderman'.

17. Hunter (Anglo-Scottish origin) meaning "one who hunts" is a fantastic name for a pet.

18. Jack (English origin), meaning "God is gracious".

19. Loki (Old Norse origin), meaning "God of mischief," ; a perfect name for your spider.

20. Malvolio (Italian origin), meaning "ill will,"; a character from 'Twelfth Night'.

21. Miles (Latin origin), meaning "thousands,"; an alternate reality 'Spiderman' from the movie, 'Spiderman, Into the Spiderverse'.

22. Parker (English origin), meaning "keeper of the park,", Peter Parker, the original 'Spiderman'.

23. Pythagoras (Greek origin) meaning "assembly" or "marketplace".

24. Toby (Greek origin), meaning "good is Yahweh," the name of actor Toby Mcguire, who played 'Spiderman'.

25. Webster (Norman French origin) meaning "weaver," a fitting name for a pet that lives on webs.

26. Zorro (Spanish origin), meaning "sly" or "fox," is the main character from 'Mask of Zorro'.

Quirky Gender Neutral Spider Pet Names

Looking for a good gender-neutral name for your pet spider? Here are a few.

27. Blue (American origin) referring "the third color in the spectrum"; a great unisex name for a blue tarantula.

28. Cloud (American origin), meaning "visible vapor" or "nebula".

29. Fuzzy Wuzzy (English origin), meaning "covered with fur," is a cute spider name for tarantulas.

30. Giggles (English origin), meaning "to laugh," is a quirky pet spider name for all spiders.

31. Houdini (Arabic origin) refers to the escape artist Harry Houdini. One of the best names for an escapist tarantula.

32. Itsy Bitsy (English origin), meaning "charmingly small," title of the famous nursery rhyme 'Itsy Bitsy Spider'.

33. Jinx (English origin), meaning "a charm or a spell," is an adorable spider name.

34. Jumper (British origin) meaning "loose blouse" or "jacket" a fitting name if you have a spider that enjoys jumping around.

35. Nugget (English origin) meaning "a strange or silly person".

36. Skreech (English origin) meaning "to utter a shrill cry or sound".

37. Spinner (Old English origin) means "a person who spins thread".

38. Twitch (Old English origin) meaning "to pull apart"; a cute name for spiders.

39. Venom (Anglo-French origin) means "poison" or "malice," a character from the Marvel Universe named 'Venom'.

40. Woof (American origin) meaning "the barking sound of a dog".

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