Top 40 Funny Food Names For Dogs

Food names for dogs suit hungry pups.

You do not need to be a foodie to consider naming your new dog after a food item.

Food is a primitive necessity. We all need food to live and it can bring us great enjoyment and happiness too!

Though it may seem funny, or even odd, there is a definite trend nowadays of naming your dogs after a food item. This is because people want some character for their dogs and a funny food name makes them stand out from the crowd. Whilst dog food names such as Freedo and Nootie might not be your first choice, the world of human food opens up so many new naming options! The suggestions listed here are short and have a nice ‘ring’ to them, we hope you find your perfect name!

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Candy Related Names For Your Dog

Let us take a look at some cute and funny dog names offered by our beloved candies.

1. Almond Joy: Named after the dry fruit almonds. The name can also be shortened to ‘Joy’.

2. Cadbury: This chocolate candy name is a great fit for a brown colored dog.

3. Fudge: This is a dream name for a brown or black dog.

4. Godiva: This chocolate brand exudes regality and character in a dog.

5. Licorice: This is a perfect fit for a black dog.

6. Marshmallow: A favorite of most children, this is an excellent name for a white dog.

7. Peppermint Patty: Though it may look long, this cute name can be shortened to 'Patty'.

Meat And Seafood Related Names For Dogs

(Dogs love food almost as much as we love dog food names.

There are some great seafood and meats that will make the best food names for your dogs.

7. Anchovy: These pungent slivers of canned fish are a great playful, and perhaps unique, name for your dog.

8. Meatball: If your dog is big and sturdy, this name can be the right fit for his personality.

9. Oyster: The perfect name for a gray or a white dog.

10. Shrimp: This is a great unique name for a tiny dog.

11. Lobster: This is a great name for a red colored dog.

Packaged Food Dog Name Ideas

The bulk of our groceries comprise of packaged food and this is the place where we get some unique funny food names for dogs

12. Graham Cracker: This can be further shortened to 'Graham' or 'Crackers'.

13. Macaroni: This dog name has a playful ring to it that can suit any breed.

14. Nutella: This is a unique name that suits best for a chocolate colored dog.

15. Ziti: A highly unique name, this pasta variety also makes for a great puppy name.

Cute Snack Food Dog Names

These yummy snack foods make for great name choices for your new puppy.

16. Cheese Puff: Though unhealthy, this makes for a great dog name.

17. Dorito: Based on the popular kids' snack.

18. Melba: This toast name suits both male and female dogs.

19. Popcorn: This is one of the popular funny dog names that suit both small and big dogs.

20. Pringle: This chips brand makes for a great dog name too.

21. Ruffles: This name suits best a dog who is playful.

Dogs Names From The Bakery

(Puppy names inspired by food are a great choice.

The bakery aisle is full of the delicious smells of freshly baked goods and ,unsurprisingly, some great choices if you are looking for funny dog names.

22. Bagel: This delicious breakfast food is a popular dog name.

23. Cream Puff: This name is loved by many.

24. Crumpet: Our love for this dog name can only be rivaled by our love for its delicious aroma.

25. Eclair: This popular name is best suitable for a brown, chocolate colored dog.

26. Twinkie: A fun name, this popular indulgence is loved by many and is hugely popular as a dog name.

Dogs Names Based On Herbs, Condiments And Spices

Though some of these names may seem a little long, they can be shortened to clever nicknames that sound great.

27. Basil: A popular herb, this is a popular funny food name for dogs too.

28. Chipotle: This can also be shortened to ‘Chip’.

29. Cinnamon: Cinnamon is a perfect name for a small dog.

30. Dandelion: This bright sunny name can be used for dogs of any breed with 'Dandi' for short.

31. Penny Royal: This royal name is apt for a regal dog. It can be shortened to 'Penny' too.

32. Poupon: This highly unique name is a type of mustard.

33. Relish: This name works for both male and female dogs.

34. Sage: The name is the right choice if your dog is a gentle soul.

35. Vanilla: If you have a playful dog, this is the perfect name for him or her.

Dogs Names Based On Coffees And Teas

Coffees and teas make for a great name choice for your puppy. These names sound both unique as well as funny at the same time.

36. Chai: This drink is becoming increasingly popular, we think it is the cutest food name on our list!

37. Frappe: This is one of the fun dog names which is a great choice for tea and coffee lovers.

38. Jasmine: This green tea flavor is a great choice, especially for a princess girl dog.

39. Kona: You do not need to be a coffee lover to name your dog after this.

40. Mocha: This fun name makes for a great choice for both tea and coffee lovers.

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