Let It Grow! 6 Top Garden Centres In London To Visit And/Or Order From Now

Child smelling flowers in Grove Park.

London has a great variety of beautiful garden centres - perfect for filling your home and garden with foliage and flowers, as well as being a great place to visit as a family.

From Richmond to Camden, Fulham to Alexandra Palace, garden centres have started to open in line with the most recent government advice. Social distancing rules still apply, but a trip to a garden centre can still be a fun and inspiring day out for the family. Plant your favourite flower in your garden, fill your home with houseplants or buy some much-needed out-door furniture; gardening can be fun and therapeutic, and kids will love being involved - getting their hands dirty.

If you have been searching for a 'garden centre near me' then take a look at our list of the six top garden centres in London.

The Nunhead Gardener

Tucked away in South East London, The Nunhead Gardener is set in a railway arch in Nunhead. This independent business offers an amazing selection of indoor/house plants, as well as a great variety of outdoor plants, and the staff are extremely knowledgeable about their products, so you can be sure to buy plants that will thrive in their new home...

Address: The Nunhead Gardener 1a Oakdale Road, London, SE15 3BW

Nearest Tube/Station? The centre is right outside Nunhead Station

Opening Days and Times? Currently, The Nunhead Gardener is delivery-only.

What do they specialise in? This centre is small but has an excellent offering of indoor and outdoor plants that have been selected for London-living. There is also a great range of tools, accessories and other product that are great for gifting to green-fingered friends and family members.

What Child-Friendly Amenities do they have? The outdoor area is large enough to roam around in freely, but there are no specific child-friendly amenities. The indoor area is very small - not suitable for buggies.

Do they deliver/offer curb-side pickups? The online shop is open, and their deliveries are contact-free. Currently, goods cannot be collected curb-side/from the store.

Petersham Nurseries

One of London's most beautiful garden centres, Petersham Nurseries in Richmond is famed for its excellent nursery with a great variety of plants, and expertise from the knowledgeable staff. The garden centre also has a teahouse and a café, as well as a grocery shop and gift shop, all of which offer excellent service and a great day out.

Address: Petersham Nurseries, Church Lane, Off Petersham Road, Richmond, TW10 7AB

Nearest Tube/Station? Richmond. The garden centre is a 20-minute walk from the train/tube station - or you can take the number 65 bus, getting off at the Dysart.

Opening Days and Times? Wednesday - Sunday 10 am - 5 pm

Can you shop in the store? Currently, Petersham Nurseries are partly re-open, meaning that the café and teahouse remain closed, but the garden centre and nursery are open to visitors.

What do they specialise in? One of the best garden centres in London, Petersham Nurseries stocks familiar and unusual plants and flowers that will thrive in a London garden

What Child-Friendly Amenities do they have? The large and expansive garden centre is great for exploring, and there is plenty to explore and discover in this stunning nursery.

Do they deliver/offer curb-side pickups? Petersham Nurseries are open for shopping - they also have an online shop available.

Camden Garden Centre

Started as a social enterprise to offer employment to Camden's unemployed population, the Camden Garden Centre has a great selection of indoor and garden plants - and the space is large enough for little ones to roam around. There are lots of garden tools and accessories - like pots, trellis, stakes and garden furniture.

Address: Camden Garden Centre, 2 Barker Drive, St Pancras Way, London NW1 0JW

Nearest Tube/Station? Camden, Kings Cross and Kentish Town tube stations are all nearby, as well as Camden Road rail station

Opening Days and Times? Monday - Saturday 8.30 am - 7 pm. Sunday is open for browsing from 10 am, closing at 5 pm. It is important to know that the last customer will be admitted one hour before closing time.

Can you shop in the store? As of the 13th May, the garden centre is open to the public.

What do they specialise in? Offering a great selection of plants for both indoor and outdoor, the garden centre has a great range of gardening products, and experts on hand to give advice and guidance.

What Child-Friendly Amenities do they have? Situated on the Regent's Canal towpath, you can go for a cycle before or after your visit. There is free car parking is available, as well as a cafe, called 'Pritchard and Ure'.

Clifton Nurseries

London's oldest garden centre, Clifton Nurseries is tucked away in the heart of North London's bustling Maida Vale. Open since 1851, this elegant and charming garden centre has beautiful glasshouses, and a huge variety of plants, flowers and trees that are arranged amongst the garden's decorative sculptures and statues.

Address: Clifton Nurseries, 5a Clifton Villas, London, W9 2PH

Nearest Tube/Station? The centre is right outside Nunhead Station

Opening Days and Times? Open every day - apart from Tuesdays - 10 am - 4 pm

What do they specialise in? The Glass House is a magical place - filled with amazing, exotic flowers and a brilliant range of houseplants - also, try to spot the resident cat, who lives there! The perfect place for those who love gardening - they offer high-quality products and services, with everything a garden could need, from trees to barbecues and garden furniture.

What Child-Friendly Amenities do they have? The exotic plant life and the amazing greenhouse will fascinate children, as will the gardening cat! The café is temporarily closed, but keep checking the website for up-to-date opening information.

Boma Garden Centre

Specialising in plants that are suitable for London gardens, terraces and window boxes, Boma Garden Centre offers excellent garden services, selling only the best quality flowers and plants.

Address: Boma Garden Centre, 51-53 Islip Street, Kentish Town, London, NW5 2DL

Nearest Tube/Station? Kentish Town

Opening Days and Times? Monday - Saturday, 9 am - 6 pm. Sunday 11 am - 5 pm.

What do they specialise in? The Boma Garden Centre cleverly displays their plants in bed and borders - separating the plants that like shade, from those that like being in the sun. This is great for people who don't know much about gardens, as you can see what works well and where each plant should be located in the garden.

What Child-Friendly Amenities do they have?

Do they deliver/offer curb-side pickups? The delivery service is temporarily closed to deal with existing orders, but check the website for the most up-to-date information.

The Chelsea Gardener

A one-stop-shop for gardeners in Chelsea and Fulham, this is one of the best garden centres in London, having been family-owned and run since 1984. Filled with an inspiring range of products, you can be sure of a warm welcome from the staff, who are friendly and knowledgeable.

Address: The Chelsea Gardener, 125 Sydney Street, London, SW3 6NR

Nearest Tube/Station? South Kensington and Sloane Square

Opening Days and Times? Monday - Saturday, 10 am - 5 pm. Sunday 11 am - 5 pm.

What do they specialise in? Everything you could need to make the most of your outdoor space, including tools, furniture and decorations - as well as a great range of plant and flower species.

What Child-Friendly Amenities do they have? The cafe has been re-opened for take-away only, so kids can grab an ice-cream to enjoy whilst shopping for plants!

Do they deliver/offer curb-side pickups? Online shopping and delivery are available.



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