Top 98 Geographical Baby Names For Your Little Globetrotter

Baby girl in dad's arms giving him a kiss with beautiful mountains behind them.

Image © Josh Wilink.

Geographical baby names are increasingly popular with parents, whether it's country names for boys or beautiful baby names inspired by mountains and lakes.

On this list, you'll find 100 of our favourite geographical baby names inspired by the world around us, from adventurous mountain names to island place names turned baby names. As so many geographical baby names can be gender neutral, we haven't separated them into boys and girls names, but if you're looking for baby names inspired by a city, like Brooklyn and York, we've got another blog just for them.

Geographical Baby Names That Are Countries

Get on the road to a perfect name for your traveller-to-be with these geography baby names inspired by countries.

1) America: As well as two continents, this name also belongs to actress America Ferrera.

2) Asia: This Greek and Arabic origin name means sunrise or lively. It's the name of actress Asia Argento.

3) Chad: An African country, it means great lake as well as being an English boys' name meaning defender.

4) China: This Sanskrit-origin name belongs to author China Mieville.

5) Cyprus: This island in the Mediterranean sounds like the boys' name Cyrus, and means cyprus tree.

6) Dominica: This Caribbean country is also a Spanish baby name meaning belongs to the Lord.

7) Erin: The Gaelic name for Ireland, meaning west.

8) France: This country name belongs to actress France Nuyen.

9) Georgia: A country in the Caucasus and a US state, this is also a popular girls' name meaning farmer.

10) India: This elegant name means people of the Indus River.

11) Ireland: A pretty, unisex name, famous for being the name of model Ireland Baldwin.

12) Israel: A baby name derived from the Hebrew meaning God contended, it's also the name of a Middle-Eastern country.

13) Italy; Italia: This Mediterranean country name is thought to come from the Latin for land of cattle.

14) Jordan: A Hebrew origin name meaning flow down, and a Middle-Eastern country.

15) Kenya: This East African country is also a Hebrew baby name meaning animal horn.

16) Leone: A variant of baby names Leon and Leonie, this name meaning lion belongs to the country of Sierra Leone.

17) Morocco: Boxer Mike Tyson chose this African name meaning west for his son.

18) Zion: The Promised Land, this makes a great Biblical place name.

State and Regional Geography Names

Get inspired with these names of states and regions, excellent baby names for a traveller in the making.

19) Alaska (USA): A chilly far-northern state, and a cool name.

20) Alberta (Canada): A form of Albert, meaning noble and bright, it's the name of a province.

21) Aragon (Spain): The homeland of Henry VIII's first wife also sounds like the name of the character Aragorn in Lord of the Rings.

22) Brittany (France): This northern region is a popular girls' name of Latin origin, meaning land of the Bretons.

23) Carolina (USA): Meaning song of happiness in French, it's the name of two states.

24)Clare (Ireland): A green and pleasant county that doubles up as a variant of the French Claire, meaning light.

25) Dakota (USA): This state name means friend in the local Sioux language, and belongs to actress Dakota Johnson.

26) Devon (England): This county name from the Celtic word for defender can also be a variant of the Gaelic name Devin, meaning poet.

27) Holland (Netherlands): Meaning wooded land in Dutch, it's a region of the Netherlands.

28) Kent (England): Meaning high coast land in Old English, this makes a lovely baby name.

29) Kerala (India): This Hindi-origin name means land of the Chera, an ancient dynasty of kings.

30) Kerry (Ireland): A Gaelic name meaning dusky or dark, Kerry is an Irish county as well as belonging to stars like Kerry Washington.

31) Kyle (Scotland): This Scottish Gaelic name means narrow, and belongs to a region of Ayrshire.

32) Lorraine (France): Lothar's kingdom in Latin, this area is associated with Joan of Arc's other name, Joan of Lorraine.

33) Montana (USA): This US state name comes from a Spanish word meaning mountainous.

34) Virginia (USA): Latin name meaning pure that belongs to a US state, and is associated with the star sign Virgo.

Mountain Baby Names

Mum holding baby looking out at the view of the mountains.
Image © Josh Wilink

Mountains make for great baby girl and baby boy names. Inspired geographical locations from the Himalayan peaks of Mount Everest to the slopes of Aspen mean you'll love these baby place names.

35) Aspen (USA): This Colorado mountain range shares its name with the aspen tree.

36) Ben (Scotland): Meaning mountain in Scottish Gaelic, Ben also means son of in Hebrew and Arabic.

37) Bia (Laos): This mountain in Laos is also short for Beatrix, a Latin-origin name meaning blessed.

38) Brandon (Ireland): One of the ten highest peaks in Ireland, this Old English name means broom hill.

39) Brocken (Germany): A mystic German mountain peak.

40) Chélia (Algeria): The highest mountain on the borders of Algeria and Tunisia.

41) Denali (USA): This Alaskan wilderness makes a baby name to love.

42) Elgon (Uganda): This extinct volcano on the border of Uganda and Kenya sounds like Elgin and Elgar.

43) Everest (Himalayas): Originally an English name meaning dweller on the River Eure, this high-altitude name belongs to the world's highest mountain.

44) Jaya (Indonesia): A Hindi name meaning victory, it's both a goddess and a mountain in Papua, Indonesia.

45) Katrine (Egypt): This Greek baby name meaning pure belongs to the highest mountain in Egypt.

46) Kimberley (Canada): An English name meaning from the royal forest, it's a scenic mountain park in Canada.

47) Lui: (Scotland): A mountain in Scotland that also works as a variant of both French Louis and Chinese Lui.

48) Nevis (Scotland): The highest mountain in Scotland, a Caribbean island and singer Nelly Furtado's daughter.

49) Rosa (Italy/Switzerland): Monte Rosa is a massif in the Alps between Italy and Switzerland.

50) Sierra (Spain): This pretty baby name comes from the Spanish word for mountains.

51) Topanga (USA): This Native American Californian canyon name means mountain meets sea.

52) Wyvis (Scottish): Not for the faint-hearted, this mountain in Scotland is sometimes called the Mountain of Terror.

53) Zaskar (India): The mountains between Zanskar and Ladakh, this name means either copper or good and beautiful.

River And Lake Names

These fluid geographical names inspired by rivers and lakes make memorable baby names for any new addition to the family.

54) Angel (Venezuela): A heavenly name belonging to the world's highest waterfall.

55) Constance (Germany, Austria, Switzerland): This wide lake doubles up as a virtue name.

56) Darya (Afghanistan): The Amu Darya is a major river flowing through the Pamir mountains of Central Asia.

57) Garda (Italy): The largest lake in Italy, known for its beautiful scenery and clear waters.

58) Hudson (USA): A river in New York State.

59) Huron (USA): One of the five Great Lakes in the US.

60) Murray (Australia): Australia's longest river, it shares its name with celebrities like Bill Murray.

61) Nile (Egypt): This famous Egyptian river sounds like a Welsh name meaning champion.

62) Sevan (Armenia): This brilliant blue lake is the largest in the Caucasus.

63) Shannon (Ireland): Meaning wise river, it's the longest river in Ireland.

64) Tigris (Mesopotamia): Meaning sharp arrow or tiger, this river flows through Syria and Iraq.

65) Trent (England): The River Trent flows across the midlands.

66) Vostok (Russia): This lake in Russian Antarctica is located on the Pole of Cold.

67) Zaire (DR Congo): The river to end all rivers.

Sea And Beach Names

Beautiful beach with waves crashing on the shore and palm trees.
Image © Fabian Wiktor via Pexels

If the sea is more your style, these salty geographical baby names should get you inspired.

68) Adria; Adrian (Italy, Croatia): From the limpid Adriatic sea, this is a great name for girls or boys.

69) Avalon (Australia): A beautiful beach in New South Wales.

70) Azure (France): Meaning blue in French, the name of the Côte d'Azur.

71) Bering (Arctic): A chilly strait in the Arctic Circle, and a cool baby place name.

72) Caspian (Central Asia): The world's largest inland sea, and a character in The Chronicles of Narnia.

73) Coral (Australia): Off the north coast of Australia, the Coral Sea is famous for its beauty.

74) Galilee (Israel): A great choice for those looking for a Biblical place name.

75) Marmara (Turkey): A Turkish inland sea.

76) Oceane (French): The mother of all sea-related baby names, this one means ocean.

77) Ross (Antarctica): The southernmost sea on Earth, from Scottish Gaelic headland.

78) Tasman (Australia): A sea between the mainland and Tasmania.

Island Names

If you're after a moniker inspired by a place name, you're "shore" to love these island baby names.

79) Aran (Ireland): These green isles off the coast of Ireland make a variant on Aaron.

80) Bali (Indonesia): This beautiful island name means powerful; brave.

81) Catalina (USA): From Spanish pure, this island off the coast of California makes a variation on Catherine.

82) Cayman (Caribbean): Both a Caribbean island and a crocodile.

83) Fraser (Australia): This Gaelic name meaning strawberry is a sand island off Australia's East Coast.

84) Iona (Scotland): Meaning blessed, this place name belongs to an island in the Hebrides.

85) Islay (Scotland): Another Scottish isle, this name meaning island is also spelled Isla.

86) Kauai (Hawaii): Means garden island in Hawaiian.

87) Saba (Antilles): An island in the Antilles, this is a unisex given name in several languages.

88) Saria (Greece): This Greek island name is related to Sarah, meaning princess.

89) Summer (Scotland): The Summer Isles are just off the coast of Scotland.

90) Vaila (Shetlands): A Norse-origin name for an island in the Shetland archipelago.

91) Vega (Norway): A UNESCO heritage site in Norway, this beautiful island make a great baby name.

Desert Baby Names

Starry night in the desert.
Image © Walid Ahmad

These geography baby names to love are inspired by the desert.

92) Arizona (USA): A hot, desert state in the US.

93) Kara (Central Asia): The Kara Kum (Black Sand) desert in Central Asia sounds like the girls' name meaning love.

94) Namib (Namibia): The great place in the local language.

95) Ordos (China): A desert in Inner Mongolia.

96) Ryn (Kazakhstan): This desert on the border of Kazakhstan is also a Welsh name meaning ruler.

97) Sahara (West Africa): The evocative Arabic-origin name of the biggest desert in the world.

98) Yuma (USA, Bahamas): A Bahamian island, a desert in Arizona and a Native American name meaning chief's son.



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