Top 40 Goat Names For Your Herd

Goats are sensitive creatures and should be named something meaningful.

Goats may seem like innocent animals but they have been part of human myth and legends for a long time.

Apart from their domestic uses, goats are the spiritual symbols in countless witchcraft practices. Even if a goat seems to be from humble origins, goats are fascinating creatures nonetheless.

There are many generic names for goats. A mama goat is called a doe. A small goat is called a kid. There are a plethora of goat names to choose from for your farm animals. This list has the top pet goat names for you.

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Male Goat Names For Boys

Goat names can be both adorable and funny.

(Goat names can be both adorable and funny.)

Here's a list of quirky names for male goats:

1. Asriel (Hebrew origin) meaning "prince of God"; a handsome goats name.

2. Baphomet (Latin origin) meaning "sabbatic goat"; a deity worshipped by the Knights Templar. A serious-sounding goat name.

3. Dumbledore (Dialectical origin) meaning "bumblebee"; a fictional name for a cute goat.

4. Butt-Head  (English origin) meaning "stupid"; one of the punny goat names.

5. Billy (English origin) meaning "resolute protection" is a goat from 'Billy the Kid'. A great baby goat name because baby goats are called "kids". Billy Goat is the name of a male goat as well and could be great for your new goat.

6. Gandalf (Norse origin) meaning "staff-elf"; a fitting goat name for a white goat.

7. Gompers (Dutch origin) meaning "battle famous"; a fictional goat from 'Gravity Falls'.

8. Grover (English origin) meaning "lives near a grove"; a satyr from 'Percy Jackson & The Olympians'.

9. Gruff (English origin) meaning "rough tempered"; from 'Three Billy Goats Gruff'.

10. Jeb (Hebrew origin) meaning "friend of God"; from 'Home on the Range'.

11. Lambert (English origin) meaning "bright land"; a sheep from Disney.

12. Lucifer (Latin origin) meaning "light-bringing"; a biblical name for a pet goat.

13. Mephistopheles (Greek origin) meaning "not-light-loving"; a demonic name for a pet goat.

14. Philoctetes (Greek origin) meaning "Killed Paris"; from 'Hercules'.

15. Ramsey (Scottish origin) meaning "The Island Of Garlic"; one of the punny and funny goat names.

16. Scapegoat (Hebrew origin) meaning "someone who is blamed for other people's faults"; one of the funniest names of goats.

17. Tumnus (Latin origin) meaning "us, then and now"; a fawn from 'The Chronicles of Narnia'.

18. Vincent van Goat - a punny name derived from the painter Vincent Van Gogh.

Female Goat Names

(Goat names come with great meanings.

Here is a list of great names for female goats.

19. Bar-baaa-ra (Greek origin) meaning "strange"; a funny name with a goat-like twist.

20. Bo Peep (Swedish origin) meaning "to live"; a famous shepherd from nursery rhymes.

21. Cinnamon (Arabic origin) meaning "fragrant spice plant"; one of the cute goat names for a brown goat.

22. Daisy (English origin) meaning "day's eye"; a pretty name for a female white goat.

23. Doe (English origin) meaning "female goat or deer"; all mother goats are called "does".

24. Nanny (Hebrew origin) meaning "grace"; all girl goats are called "nanny goats".

25. Peaches (English origin) meaning "Persian Apple"; a cute name for a baby goat.

26. Pleasant (English origin) meaning "pleasing"; Goat Pleasant from 'Goat and Big Big Wolf'.

27. Selena Goatmez - a funny name for a goat of a Selena Gomez fan.

Gender Neutral Goat Names

Goats are both adorable and noble and their names can be unisex too.

A list of the choicest gender-neutral goat names.

28. Butter (English origin) meaning "fatty part of milk"; a fitting goat name.

29. Buttinsky (English origin) meaning "meddler"; a funny goat name.

30. Clueless (English origin) meaning "ignorant"; Morgan Muppet from 'Treasure Island'.

31. Djali (Arabic origin) meaning "free"; from 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'.

32. Faun (Roman origin) meaning "half human and half goat"; a mythological goat creature.

33. Goatzart (German origin) meaning "marsh"; great name for a musically sound goat.

34. Goatzilla (Japanese origin) meaning "a cross between a gorilla and a whale"; a funny goat name.

35. Lupe (Spanish origin) meaning "from the river of the wolf"; from 'Ferdinand'.

36. Milk (English origin) meaning "mammary gland fluid"; a literal goat name.

37. Pan (Greek origin) meaning "god of nature"; a Roman god who looked like a goat.

38. Satyr (Greek origin) meaning "half human and half goat"; Greek version of a faun.

39. Soothsayer (English origin) meaning "speaker the truth"; from 'Kung Fu Panda'.

40. Wooly (English origin) meaning "covered with wool"; a Disney name.

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