Top 100 Guatemalan Names For Your Baby

Guatemalan names are steeped in history, stylish and cool.

When a baby is born, they start their own unique journey.

As parents, you would want to make this journey as special as your child. Names from Guatemala are unique and adventurous, and are often associated with profound meaning; therefore making a great choice for your baby's name.

Guatemala is a beautiful country in Central America, bordered by Mexico. It is famous for its rainforests, volcanoes, and ancient Maya sites. Guatemalan's primary diet includes stew; in fact, they love stew so much that their national dish is a thick stew named Pepian. Each Guatemalan name is said to have a deep meaning and is related to the ancient Gods, warriors, and the people of the Maya empire. Taking all this into consideration, we have prepared a list of over a hundred popular Guatemalan first names that may inspire the name for your newborn.

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Guatemalan Boys Names

The people of Guatemala are, for the most part, descendants of the Maya Empire and therefore choose their son's names with great pride. Many of male Guatemalan names are based on food. Here is our list of the best Guatemalan boy names for your baby.

1. Abelardo (Spanish origin) means "breathing". It is the first name of an Argentinean writer.

2. Adelmo (Spanish origin) means "strong and persistent".

3. Alarico (Spanish origin) means "ruler of all".

4. Bastian (Latin origin) means "venerable".

5. Bautista (Spanish origin) means "named for John the Baptist". This is the name of the famous Hollywood actor Dave Bautista.  

6. Cear (Spanish origin) meaning "long hair".

7. Chano (Spanish origin) meaning "truthful".

8. Danilo (Spanish origin) meaning "the Lord is my judge". This baby name is associated with Danilo Bach, an American Screenwriter.

9. Dante (Spanish origin) meaning "steadfast" or "faithful", is a baby name inspired by the popular Italian poet Dante Alighieri.

10. Daquan (Spanish origin) meaning "spring".

11. Eluf (Spanish origin) meaning "eternal heir".

12. Elvin (Spanish origin) meaning "noble friend".

13. Esteban (Spanish origin) meaning "crown". This first name is inspired by the Spanish Novelist Esteban Navarro.

14. Florencio (Spanish origin) meaning "flourishing".

15. Hackett (Spanish origin) meaning "person with a hooked nose".

16. Kaapo (Spanish origin) meaning "God's bravest man".

17. Lachlan (Spanish origin) meaning "land filled with lakes".

18. Lael (Spanish origin) meaning "God".

19. Mateo (Spanish origin) meaning "gift of God". Mateo Guendouzi is a popular French footballer.

20. Natalio (Spanish origin) meaning "born on Christmas".

21. Quique (Spanish origin) meaning "ruler of the estate".

22. Ricardo (Spanish origin) "brave ruler".

23. Rodrigo (German origin) meaning "famous ruler". Rodrigo Rosenberg Marzano was a famous Guatemalan attorney.

24. Saburo (Spanish origin) meaning "third male child".

25. Tacitus (Spanish origin) meaning "quiet".

Guatemalan Girls Names

Most Guatemalan girls' names are rare and special.

The country of Guatemala has many special names for girls. Guatemalan girl names are popular across the world, mostly in Spain or other Hispanic areas. Girls with these Guatemalan first names are believed to have an interesting personality. Many of these names have deep and historical meaning.

26. Abigail (Hebrew origin) meaning "father's joy". A great baby girl name for the fans of British actress, Abigail Breslin.

27. Abril (Spanish origin) meaning "the month of April".

28. Alana (Spanish origin) meaning "valuable; precious". Alana is the girl protagonist from the novel 'Forget me not'.

29. Barbara (Greek origin) meaning "evil". A popular baby girl name for the lovers of the Barbarians. Santa Bárbara is a place in Guatemala.

30. Brisa (Spanish origin) meaning "breeze".

31. Carina (Spanish origin) meaning "dear one". It is the first name of the French author Carina Rozenfeld.

32. Carolina (Spanish origin) meaning "freeholder".

33. Cristela (Spanish origin) meaning "clear".

34. Deoiridh (Spanish origin) meaning "pilgrim woman".

35. Earleen (Spanish origin) meaning "noble woman".

36. Elfreda (Spanish origin) means "counsel of elves".

37. Elina (Spanish origin) meaning "shining light". This first name for a girl is associated with the protagonist of the animated series 'Barbie: Fairytopia'.

38. Gabby (Spanish origin) meaning "God's bravest woman".

39. Gabriela (Hebrew origin) meaning "messenger of God". María Gabriela Moreno Bonilla is a popular name in the Guatemalan music industry.

40. Gamila (Spanish origin) means "gorgeous woman".

41. Graciela (Spanish origin) meaning "grace".

42. Irina (Spanish origin) meaning "peaceful". Irina is the first name of a character of the Denali Coven from the popular English novel 'Twilight'.

43. Jacinta (Spanish origin) meaning "hyacinth flower".

44. Kaarina (Spanish origin) meaning "pure; chaste".

45. Laura (Latin origin) meaning "bay plant". Laura Godoy is a Guatemalan model.

46. Maaira (Spanish origin) meaning "rebellious woman".

47. Nadia (Spanish origin) meaning "hope". Nadia Boulanger was a french composer and teacher.

48. Octavis (Spanish origin) meaning "the eighth".

49. Pamela (Greek origin) meaning "sweetness". Abbreviated to Pam, Pam Rodriguez is a top Guatemalan model.

50. Raakel (Spanish origin) meaning "sheep's friend".

Guatemalan Mayan Names

Guatemala is a country famous for its ancient Maya sites.  Why not pay homage to the Maya Dynasty, by giving your child a Mayan name?

51. Bembe (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "prophet".

52. Caitlin (F) (Spanish origin) meaning "chaste; pure".

53. Dale (M/F) (Spanish origin) meaning "living in a valley".

58. Eanraig (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "ruler of the house".

57. Earl (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "warrior". An awesome name for the followers of the American rapper Earl Sweatshirt.

56. Elonso (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "fit for the battle".

57. Fabio (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "bean farmer".

58. Horado (F) (Spanish origin) meaning "timekeeper". This is one of the best Mayan first names for your baby girl.

59. Humberto (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "origin".

60. Jacey (F) (Spanish origin) meaning "happy".

61. Lagina (F) (Spanish origin) meaning "queen".

62. Palma (F) (Spanish origin) meaning "palm tree".

Unusual Names from Guatemala

Guatemalan baby names are often associated with positivity, perfect for naming your newborn baby.

Why not choose a rare Guatemalan name to make your child stand out from the crowd?

63. Anahi (F) (Spanish origin) meaning "speaker". A spectacular girl's first name related to the famous Mexican singer and actress Anahi.

64. Andreas (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "virile; manly". San Andrés Itzapa is a place in Guatamala.

65. Cadencia (F) (Latin origin) meaning "beat; rhythm".

66. Estefania (F) (Spanish origin) meaning "crown".

67. Facundo (M) (Portuguese, Spanish origin) meaning "talkative". A rare name derived from a 4th-century martyr of Leon commemorated at San Facundo.

68. Gala (F) (Spanish origin) meaning "woman of serenity".

69.Ignacio (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "fire". Ignacio Ramonet is a Spanish journalist and writer.

70. Jimena (F) (Spanish origin) meaning "he has heard".

71. Mihuel (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "who is like God".

72. Myrna (F) (Croatian origin) meaning "peace". The name is associated with Guatemalan anthropologist, Myrna Mack Chang.

73. Rab (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "brilliant fame". Rabinal is a town in Guatemala.

74. Violetta (F) (Latin origin) meaning "purple". A rare girl name associated with the German performer Violetta, who was born without legs and arms.

75. Valéria (F) (Italian and Spanish origin) meaning "strong". A popular name in Guatemala and Spain.

Cool Guatemalan Baby Names

Selecting a fantastic baby name is hard when there are so many to choose from! Many Guatemalan first names are perfect for parents looking to name their children something out of the world.

76. Aileas (F) (Spanish origin) meaning "noble".

77. Ailsa (F) (Spanish origin) meaning "fairy rock".

78. Alejo (M) (Spanish Origin) meaning "defender" or "helper".

79. Arturo (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "noble" or "courageous". This first name is inspired by a character from the popular series "Money Heist".

80. Bahman (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "well-spirited".

81. Camilla (F) (Latin origin) meaning "acolyte".

82. Carlos (M) (Spanish origin) means "free man". This baby name is inspired by the top American footballer Carlos Davis.

83. Celeste (M/F) (Latin origin) meaning "heavenly".

84. Dionisio (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "a divine one for Nyssa". One of the best boy's first names associated with Guatemalan businessman, Dionisio Gutierrez.

85. Dylan (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "son of the sea".

86. Eadric (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "wealthy monarch".

87. Earnesto (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "earnest" or "sincere". James Earnesto Morales was the former President of Guatemala.

88. Emigdio (M) meaning "demigod".

89. Fabia (F) (Spanish origin) meaning "lovely bean".

90. Maceo (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "God's present".

91. Mercedes (F) (Latin origin) meaning "mercy". A popular girl name used as a Spanish title for the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus.

92. Miguel (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "who is like God?". Miguel Ángel Asturias is a Nobel prize winning Guatemalan author.

93. Manuel (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is with us". Derived from Immanuel. This name is associated with Manuel José Estrada Cabrera, the former President of Guatemala.

94. Oscar (M/F) (Irish origin) meaning "the spear of God". Oscar Isaac is a Guatemalan- American actor.

95. Paul (M) (Roman and Spanish origin) meaning "scarce or humble". This name is derived from the Roman Family with the name Paulus or Paullus.

96. Ramiro (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "supreme judge".

97. Sabra (F) (Spanish origin) meaning "sabra cactus".

98. Santiago (M/F) (Spanish origin) meaning "at the heel". This name is derived from Saint James the Great, the brother of John the Apostle.

99. Sergio (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "guardian".

100. Tadita (F) (Spanish origin) meaning "the running one".

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