Top 100 Haitian Names For Your Baby That You'll Love

Baby names in Haiti come from various languages including French and Haitian Creole.

Pregnancy can be tricky enough without also having to think about the decision of choosing the perfect name for your baby.

In this article, we have compiled the top names if you're looking for Haitian names and names in Haitian Creole. In case you don't know,  the two main and official languages spoken in Haiti are Creole and French.

We share with you the most unique, most common, and most popular Haitian names, be them Creole or French.   And if you love names with Latin, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese or English origins, you'll also find these among our versatile list that has Haiti names from various origins. So, keep reading for some unique Haitian boy names and pretty Haitian girl names!

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Unique Creole Boy Names

Here are some of the Haitian Creole names that would make your baby boy stand out among his friends.  Note that the meanings of names usually play a role in your children's character. The following names inspire greatness and courage.

1.Alim (Arabic origin), meaning "one who has knowledge."

2.Amede (French origin), meaning "lover of God."

3.Augustin (Greek origin), meaning "magic and dignity."

4.Baptiste (Greek origin), meaning "baptist." It is usually paired with Jean.

5.Charles (German origin), meaning "free man."

6.Isidore (Greek origin), meaning "gift of Isis."

7.Louis (French origin), meaning "renowned warrior."

8.Raphael (Hebrew origin), meaning "God has healed." Some people go for these names: Raffaello, Raffaele, Refoel, and Raffiel.

Unique Creole Girl Names

Here are some of the poetic Creole female baby names you can call your daughter. Wouldn't you like to call your daughter after some loved literature characters? We bet you would. The following list has some of the beautiful names that have been mentioned in literature.

9.Calixte (Greek origin), meaning "most beautiful."

10.Edwige (French origin), meaning "war."

11.Esther (Hebrew origin), meaning "star."

12.Fabiola  (Latin origin), meaning "bean grower." Fabiola is among the names that imply royalty.

13.Fatima (Arabic origin), meaning "a woman who abstains."

14.Nadège (French origin), meaning "hope."

15.Ophelie (French origin), meaning "help." This is the Creole version of the name Ophelia, Hamlet's lover.

16.Patricia (Latin origin), meaning "noble." This is the feminine form of the name "Patrick."

Common Haitian Names For Your Baby Boy

Are you looking for modern or old Haitian names for boys? If you are, you'll find all that you're looking for on our list.

17.Abisai (Latin origin), meaning "gift from God." It is especially abundant in Hawaii.

18.Adriel (Hebrew origin), meaning "God's helper."

19.Aiden (Irish origin), meaning "born of fire."

20.Alan (  Haiti origin), meaning "handsome."

21.Alfonso (Spanish origin), meaning "noble and ready." Many Spanish and Portuguese kings had this name.

22.Davidson (Scottish origin), meaning "Son of David,  beloved one."

23.Emmanuel (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is with us."

24.Facundo (Spanish origin), meaning "significant."

25.Stevenson (English origin), meaning "Son of Steven." It is also related to the place Stevenstone in Devon, England.

26.Frantz (German origin), meaning "free man."

27.Gerardo(Spanish origin), meaning "brave."

28.Gonzalo (Spanish origin), meaning "the wager of battles."

29.Jeff (English origin), meaning "God peace."

30. Jude (Greek origin), meaning "praised." Its original form is "Yehudah" from the Hebrew yadah. It is in the Bible as "Judah."

31.Junior (Latin origin), meaning "young." A very suitable name for your youngest child.

32.Milko (Polish origin), meaning "nice."

33.Patricio (Portuguese), meaning "noble."

34.Ramiro (Spanish origin), meaning "Mighty."

35.Wesley (English origin), meaning "western meadow."

36.Wilky (English origin), meaning "selfless."

Common Haitian Girl Names

Haitian Creole names are unique to the island of Haiti and make for very special names.

If you're searching for the most common names for your baby girl, you're in the right place. We've managed to bring you some of the best and most popular Haitian names for girls to choose that which you like the most out of the following names:

37.Abby (Hebrew origin), meaning "she will make her father happy."

38.Abigail (Hebrew origin), meaning "father's laughter."

39.Abril (Spanish origin), meaning "child of the spring."

40.Agostina (Latin origin), meaning "highly praised."

41.Alejandra (Latin origin), meaning "defender of mankind." It is the name of " Alejandra Ávalos," the beautiful Mexican actress.

42.Andera (Spanish origin), meaning "very brave."

43. Antonella (Italian origin), meaning "firstborn."

44.Astrid (Scandinavian origin), meaning "fair and beautiful."

45.Beatriz (Spanish origin), meaning "a girl who brings joy."

46.Bibiana (Latin origin), meaning "full of life."

47.Dana (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is my judge." In Sanskrit and Pali, it means "Generosity." It is a different spelling of Danu, a Celtic fertility goddess.

48.Gaelle (French origin), meaning "happy."

49.Karina (Greek origin), meaning "pure."

50.Lovelie  (English origin), meaning "beautiful and lovely." Is there a girl who doesn't want to stay young and beautiful? No way.

51.Madeline (English origin), meaning "woman of high power."

52.Nadia (Greek origin), meaning "hope." It dates back to the Ancient Greek Mythology.

53.Nephtalie (Hebrew origin), meaning "Kind heart and lover of freedom."

54.Roseline (Spanish origin), meaning "flower." You can call her "Rose" or "Rosie" as a nickname.

55.Samantha (English origin), meaning "listener." It means "flower" in Greece.

Popular Haitian Baby Names For Boys

In every culture, there are some widely-popular names. Some people love to call their babies one of these popular names, while others love picking names that stand out. If you belong to the former category, you will love calling your baby boy something among these popular names.

56.Akeem (Arabic origin), meaning "wise."

57.Alex (Greek origin), meaning "defender of all humanity."

58.Alexis (Greek origin), meaning "defender."

59.Anto (Latin origin), meaning "priceless." Your son is the most priceless gift you can ever receive, so Anto sounds lovely.

60.Chano (Spanish origin), meaning "trustworthy." This is a beautiful choice and the trait is definitely something you want your boy to have.

61.Fernando (Spanish origin), meaning "adventurer and explorer." This name would inspire your son to become adventurous, which is a needed quality in this day and age.

62.Gerardo (Spanish origin), meaning "brave."

63.Gregory (Latin origin), meaning "watchful and alert." This is one of the most recurrent names for popes, right after "John."

64.Guillermo (Spanish origin), meaning "hot and handsome." How do you think your boy will feel when he says the meaning of his name to a girl he loves?

65.Horace (Latin origin), meaning "man of time."

66.Humbert (German origin), meaning "warrior."

67.Jonathan (Hebrew origin), meaning "a gift from God." It was first used in the Bible for King Saul's son.

68.Josaphat (Hebrew origin), meaning "the Lord is the Judge."

69.Josué  (Spanish origin), meaning "God is Salvation."

70.Jules (French origin), meaning "youthful." Isn't remaining youthful everyone's dream?

71.Léon (Greek origin), meaning "lion." This is what the kind of Sparta were called.

72.Léopold (German origin), meaning "brave." How can a boy who grows up knowing that his name means brave be anything less?

73.Liam (Irish origin), meaning "has a powerful will."

74.Ricardo (Spanish origin), meaning "a brave and great leader."

75.Valérien (Italian origin), meaning "strength." The title "Valyrian" steel was given to the strongest swords on the show. The well-read author picked that because it's close to "Valerien" to indicate how robust it is.

76.Virgil (Latin origin), meaning "flourishing." A lovely choice if you love poetry as it is the name of the Roman poet who wrote 'Aeneid.'

77.Xavier (Spanish origin), meaning "castle." Do you want to give your boy some mysteriousness? This is just the choice for it.

78.Zénon (Greek origin), meaning "guest and host."

79.Zéphyrin (Greek origin), meaning "where the sun sets."

Popular Haitian Names For Girls

Your daughter will love to shine among her colleagues, which choosing a popular name for her will surely do. These are some of the most popular names you can call your baby girl.

80.Alai (Irish origin), meaning "defender of man."

81.Alicia (Spanish origin), meaning "noble."

82.Allegra (Italian origin), meaning "happy."

83.Ana (Hebrew origin), meaning "full of grace." A graceful girl is the absolute best of God's gift.

84. Andrea (French origin), meaning "brave." It is the female version of the Greek "Andrew."

85.Catalina (Spanish origin), meaning "pure heart." It comes from the Greek "Catherine," which also means pure.

86.Celeste (Latin origin), meaning "divine."

87.Chira (Kurdish origin), meaning "attractive and shiny."

88. Constanza (Spanish origin), meaning "constant and unchanging," juts like your unwavering love for your girl.

89.Debora (Hebrew origin), meaning "sweet and tough." It is the name of a heroine and prophetess in the Old Testament Book of Judges.

90.Denise (French origin), meaning "fertile."

91.Elin (Dutch origin), meaning "absolute beauty."  It is not just a name but also a description of your baby.

92.Erika (German origin), meaning "eternal ruler."

93.Estefania (Spanish origin), meaning "crown."

94.Evelin (French origin), meaning "a clean girl."

95.Fiorella (Italian origin), meaning "little flower." Aside from the beautiful meaning of the name, it sounds pretty as it rolls on your tongue.

96.Guadalupe (Spanish origin), meaning "the chosen one."

97.Irina (Greek origin), meaning "peace." It is the name of an ancient Greek Goddess.

98.Jazmin (Spanish origin), meaning "flowery."

99.Natacha (French origin), meaning "day of birth."

100.Tamara (Arabic origin), meaning "date."

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