Top 129 Healer Names For Your Character

Healing characters need gentle names

Welcome to the world of fantasy writing.

When creating your own fantasy characters you will have so many ideas running through your head. From the world itself to the creatures, the magic system, the weapons and, most importantly, the characters.

Are you stuck on names for your healer characters? Whether you are looking for healer names for elves, mystical healer names, names for a healing Goddess or God of health, or even for a God of life, there are names to help you on this list.

Any great fantasy story needs a healer character to protect and care for the other characters. We are sure that you have already created your God or Goddess of health in your head. But now they need a name. Perhaps you would like a name that means healer.

This list is full of more than 100 names for all of your healer characters in your stories, games, or roleplay games. There are girl names meaning healer, perfect baby names that mean healer for a baby boy, even names for a health God.

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Healer Names For Girls

Over the years, healers have traditionally been seen as female. They are represented as a motherly figure who looks after and cares for others. Here are some girl names that mean healer that could be great options for your healer characters.

1. Aceso (From Greek Origin) meaning "healing, curing", she is the Greek Goddess of healing

2. Aegle (From Greek Origin) meaning "brightness or dazzling light"

3. Airmed (From Celtic Origin) meaning "Goddess of herbalism"

4. Ambrosine (From Greek Origin) meaning "immortal"

5. Anahit (From Persian Ogirin) meaning "pure"

6. Angitia (From Roman Origin) meaning "serpent"

7. Aušrinė (From Baltic Origin) meaning "dawn"

8. Blossom (From English Origin) meaning "flower, bloom"

9. Bona Dea (From Roman Origin) meaning "good Goddess"

10. Brigid (From Celtic Origin) meaning "power, strength, vigor, virtue"

11. Calantha (From Greek Origin) meaning "lovely blossom"

12. Calanthe (From Greek Origin) meaning "beautiful flower"

13. Camelia (From Latin Origin) meaning "young"

14. Cardea (From Latin Origin) meaning "protectress of hinges"

15. Carna (From Latin Origin) meaning "protectress of vital organs"

16. Cassia (From Greek Origin) meaning "cinnamon"

17. Celandine (From English Origin) meaning "flower"

18. Chalina (From Spanish Origin) meaning "rose"

19. Chameli (From Indian Origin) meaning "jasmine flower"

20. Chamomile (From American Origin) meaning "peace, spice"

21. Chloe (From Greek Origin) meaning "verdant and blooming"

22. Chrysanthe (From French Origin) meaning "chrysanthemum flower"

23. Cinnamon (From American Origin) meaning "the spice"

24. Cleantha (From Greek Origin) meaning "famous flower"

25. Clematis (From English Origin) meaning "flower name"

26. Clovia (From American Origin) meaning "clover spice"

27. Coaxoch (From Aztec Origin) meaning "serpent flower"

28. Columbine (From English Origin) meaning "flower name; dove"

29. Crystal (From Latin Origin) meaning "earth mineral or brilliant glass"

30. Dahlia (From Latin Origin) meaning "flower named for botanist A. Dahl"

31. Daphne (From Greek Origin) meaning "laurel tree"

32. Daru (From Indian Origin) meaning "of the cedar tree"

33. Eileithyia (From Greek Origin) meaning "the ready comer"

34. Eolande (From American Origin) meaning "violet flower"

35. Epione (From Greek Origin) meaning "soothing"

36. Euphrates (From Greek Origin) meaning "good crossing"

37. Febris (From Roman Origin) meaning "fever"

38. Feronia (From Latin Origin) meaning "patron of freed slaves"

39. Fiona (From Scottish Origin) meaning "white, fair"

40. Fiorenza (From Italian Origin) meaning "flower"

41. Fjola (From Scandinavian Origin) meaning "flower"

42. Flora (From Latin Origin) meaning "flowering"

43. Fuchsia (From English Origin) meaning "fuchsia (flower)"

44. Gardenia (From English Origin) meaning "gardenia flower"

45. Geranium (From English Origin) meaning "geranium flower"

46. Hana (From Japanese Origin) meaning "bud, blossom"

47. Hanako (From Japanese Origin) meaning "flower child"

48. Hazel (From English Origin) meaning "the hazel tree"

49. Hazelle (From English Origin) meaning "the hazel tree"

50. Heather (From English Origin) meaning "the heather plant"

51. Honey (From American Origin) meaning "sweet as honey"

52. Hue (From Vietnamese Origin) meaning "lily flower"

53. Huong (From Vietnamese Origin) meaning "scent of the flower"

54. Hyacinth (From Greek Origin) meaning "the flower"

55. Hygieia (From Greek Origin) meaning "cleaness"

56. Ianuaria (From Celtic Origin) meaning "Goddess associated with healing"

57. Iaso (From Greek Origin) meaning "cure, remedy"

58. Isis (Egyptian Origin) meaning "throne"

59. Izumi (From Japanese Origin) meaning "fountain, spring"

60. Jiutian (From Chinese Origin) meaning "mysterious" from the Goddess of longevity.

61. Menrva (From Etruscan Origin) meaning "goddess of war, art, wisdom and healthcare"

62. Panacea (From Greek Origin) meaning "remedy"

63. Sakura (From Japanese Origin) meaning "cherry blossom"

64. Sekhmet (Egyptian Origin) meaning "power or might"

65. Serket (Egyptian Origin) meaning "she who tightens the throat" or "the throat to breathe"

66. Sirona (From Celtic Origin) meaning "star"

67. Ta-Bitjet (Egyptian Origin) meaning "a scorpion Goddess whose blood is a panacea for all poisons"

68. Valetudo (From Roman Origin) meaning "good health"

69. Violet (From English Origin) meaning "purple or blue flower"

70. Vivien (From French Origin) meaning "alive"

71. Zoey (From Greek Origin) meaning "life"

Healing characters have a caring nature

Healer Names For Boys

Nowadays, many healer characters are male. To help you come up with healer name ideas for your male characters, here are some boy names related to healing.

72. Akuji (From American Origin) meaning "dead and awake"

73. Ambrose (From Greek Origin) meaning "immortal"

74. Apollo (From Greek Origin) meaning "destroyer"

75. Alaunus (From Celtic Origin) meaning "bright, light"

76. Asclepius (From Greek Origin) meaning "mole", he is the Greek God of healing

77. Atepomarus (From Celtic Origin) meaning "healing God"

78. Baosheng (From Chinese Origin) meaning "King of medicine"

79. Basil (From English Origin) meaning "King"

80. Borvo (From Celtic Origin) meaning "a purling sound"

81. Chiron (From Greek Origin) meaning "hand"

82. Dian Cecht (From Celtic Origin) meaning "swift power"

83. Endovelicus (From Roman Origin) meaning "most black"

84. Fiorello (From Italian Origin) meaning "little flower"

85. Fufluns (From Etruscan Origin) meaning "God of plant life, happiness and health and growth in all things"

86. Glanis (From Celtic Origin) meaning "Gaulish God associated with a healing spring at the town of Glanum"

87. Grannus (From Celtic Origin) meaning "sun"

88. Herb (From English Origin) meaning "army bright"

89. Huckleberry (From American Origin) meaning "sweet berry"

90. Iovantucarus (From Celtic Origin) meaning "Gaulish healer God and protector of youth associated with Lenus Mars"

91. Ixtlilton (From Aztecan Origin) meaning "little black one"

92. Jacques (From French Origin) meaning "supplanter"

93. Jengu (From African Origin) meaning "water spirit"

94. Lenus (From Greek Origin) meaning "flax"

95. Kadaklan (From Filipino Origin) meaning "just"

96. Maponos (From Celtic Origin) meaning "divine youth"

97. Mullo (From Celtic Origin) meaning "mull"

98. Nodens (From Celtic Origin) meaning "to catch, to hunt", from the Roman God associated with healing, the sea, hunting and dogs

99. Osanyin (From African Origin) meaning "god of herbal medicine"

100. Owen (From Irish Origin) meaning "the yew tree or youth"

101. Paean (From Greek Origin) meaning "a hymn, especially a victory hymn, to Apollo or another God"

102. Patecatl (From Aztecan Origin) meaning "God of medicine"

103. Shennong (From Chinese Origin) meaning "divine farmer"

104. Silas (From Latin Origin) meaning "man of the forest"

105. Sukunabhikona-no-Kami (From Japanese Origin) meaning "small man of renown"

106. Taiyi (From Chinese Origin) meaning "stomach" from "God of Qi"

107. Taokang (From Chinese Origin) meaning "gate of destiny"

108. Telesphorus (From Greek Origin) meaning "bringing fulfillment or bearing fruit"

109. Vejovis (From Roman Origin) meaning "representation and worship"

110. Verminus (From Roman Origin) meaning "of the nature of or resembling vermin"

Healers look after others

Gender Neutral Healer Names

Don't feel like giving your healer character a girl or a boy's name meaning healer? You can choose a gender neutral name that means healer for them. Here are some non-binary names that mean healer.

111. Asa (From Hebrew Origin) meaning "physician"

112. Artemis (From Greek Origin) meaning "butcher"

113. Botan (From Japanese Origin) meaning "peony"

114. Berry (From English Origin) meaning "small fruit"

115. Carnation (From English Origin) meaning "type of flower"

116. Clover (From German Origin) meaning "a nail, spice, meadow flower"

117. Coriander (From Greek Origin) meaning "romance, spice"

118. Cyprus (From English Origin) meaning "type of tree"

119. He (From Chinese Origin) meaning "river, stream, harmony, peace, lotus, water lily", from one of the Eight Immortals, whose lotus flower improves one's mental and physical health

120. Heka (Egyptian Origin) meaning "magic"

121. Kaoru (From Japanese Origin) meaning "fragrance, balmy"

122. Kohaku (From Japanese Origin) meaning "amber"

123. Jehovah-Rapha (From Hebrew Origin) this name means "healer"

124. Li (From Chinese Origin) meaning "pretty, powerful"

125. Ragana (From Baltic Origin) meaning "horn, crescent"

126. Sonzwaphi (From African Origin) meaning "deity of healing"

127. Wu (From Chinese Origin) meaning "military, martial" from the "King of Medicine"

128. Wong (From Chinese Origin) meaning "sea or ocean" from "a God with the power of healing"

129. Zhang (From Chinese Origin) meaning "archer" From one of the Eight Immortals, whose wine was considered to have healing properties

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