Top 62 Hilarious Guess What Jokes And Responses

These awesome guessing jokes will entertain you.

Guess what jokes can be really entertaining.

Guess what jokes will make you roll your eyes. They will make you laugh out loud with laughter.

As they say, laughter is the best medicine, a good dose of humor can decrease your stress level and increase your immunity. Laughter secrets endorphins in our body which boosts our well-being. These jokes will tickle you and give you a good belly laugh. If you are in search of some great jokes, you have come to the right place, we have got your back and we know you will love these. Guess what jokes can be a little difficult to get at first but they are really fun once you crack them. Here we have compiled a list of guess what jokes, including 'hey guess what' jokes and cute guess what jokes, so that the next time someone asks you "Guess what?" and you have to guess the answer, you will close the deal with a funny reply.

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Funny Guess What Jokes

These guess what jokes will make you think and laugh. Here is a list of funny responses to guess what jokes that you can share with friends and family.

1. Military was standing outside my house, guess what I did? I-ran.

2. I got a wooden bike with wooden handles and wheels, guess what? It woo-den start.

3. The shooter who won the gold medal is opening a new store, guess what he named it? Target.

4. I opened the creepy closet, guess what I found? Narnia business.

5. I won a rain dance competition, guess what I got? Pneumonia.

6. My mom is coming home after a work trip tonight, guess what I am getting? I am getting yelled at.

7. One really famous tortoise lives next door, guess what it's called? A shell-ebrity.

8. New York is going to the Halloween costume party, guess what he is dressing up as? New Orleans.

9. The frog parked his car at the no parking zone, guess what happened? His car got toad.

Wise Guess What Jokes

Guessing jokes will help you break the ice. Here you will find one list of wise, funny jokes with their guess what responses

10. I was dreaming of an orange ocean tonight. Guess what? It was a Fanta sea.

11. I was trying to solve a few equations on circles. Guess what? It was pointless.

12. I noticed a Fairy Tail t-shirt at an extremely low price. Guess what? It was a fair retail.

13. There was a certain knight who'd always endure all pains in battle. Guess what? He was a Sir Vivor.

14. There's a place where the English and French live peacefully. Guess what? It's Canada.

15. I saw a cut pig in the market. Guess what? It was porkchopped.

16. The mathematician served something special for dessert. Guess what? It was a pi.

17. I sneezed at the best time of the day. Guess what? It was at-choo-o'-clock.

18. The teacher said that he caught something. Guess what? He caught my attention.

19. The cook gifted his girlfriend something she would like. Guess what? An onion ring.

20. A boy went up to the counter serving orange punch. He saw there was a huge line and so, he came back after an hour. Guess what? There was no punchline.

Guess Who jokes

Guess who jokes can be great conversation starters.

Guess what? These guess who jokes will give you a good dose of entertainment. Here are some funny guessing jokes for you.

21. It has four wheels and flies, can you guess who? A garbage truck.

22. It has no life but it still dies, guess who? A battery.

23. It has two hands and a face but no legs and no arms, guess who? A clock.

24. It sits in a corner and still travels around the world, guess who? A  stamp.

25. There was a candy party, guess who was late as usual? Choco-late.

26. I met Frankenstein at the dance party last night, guess who was with him? His ghoul friend.

Funny Guess What Jokes

Funny guess what jokes will help you make your way to become the star among your friends and family. If you are looking for funny things to say after guess what, well, here are some of the best guess what jokes. If you get them, you will like them too!

27. A thief got caught stealing pizza, guess what he was told? His marinara rights.

28. I was trying to mimic a flamingo, guess what happened? I had to put my foot down.

29. A girl's boyfriend accidentally poked her eyes, guess what happened? She stopped seeing him for a while.

30. Spider-Man's girlfriend broke up with him, guess what she said? You are super clingy and close.

31. A butcher went out on a date, guess what he said? "Nice to meat you."

32. Baby tomato was getting late for school, guess what his mommy said? Come on, ketch-up!

33. The banana went to the doctor, guess what happened? He was not peeling well.

34. Scientists experimented on a rabbit and a bug, guess what they get? A bugs bunny.

35. The toast was having a sleepover, guess what he was wearing? His favorite pa-jam-as.

36. The social media influencer had to take some meds, guess what happened? Her posts went viral.

37. A girl received a pendant as a gift after she got her first job offer, guess what did her brother said? You are really inde-pendant now.

38. One friend took the lift other took the staircase, guess what? Both were raised differently.

39. Guess what? What? Good guess.

Hillarious Guess What Jokes

Guess who jokes to test your quick wit.

You can share a guess what joke from this list with your friends and family. Here you will get one list of amazing guessing jokes.

40. It only goes up and never come down, guess what it is? Your age.

41. This building has the most number of stories, can you guess what it is? A library.

42. My brother burned the Hawaiian pizza last time, guess what went wrong? He forgot to set the microwave at a-loh-a setting.

43. It always coming but never comes, can you guess what it is? Tomorrow.

44. The gym instructor broke up with his girlfriend, guess what happened? It did not work out.

45. My mechanic friend suggested that I cut off carbs, guess what? I am going to remove the carb-orator from my car.

46. Sky had to pay her bills even though she was broke, guess what she gave? A rain check.

47. The cat went to Minnesota. Can you guess what the reason was? There she bought one-mini-soda.

48. A group of Orcas went for a musical gig, guess what they went for? To listen to the orca-stras.

49. Once there was a fish with no eye, guess what they called it? Fsh.

50. Two mice went fishing, guess where they parked the boat? At the hickory dickey dock!

51. Santa Clause's elves went to school, guess what they learned? The elfabets.

52. Santa Clause bought a motorbike on his way to the North pole, guess what it was? A Holy Davidson.

53. The baby skeleton refused to go to school, can you guess what the reason was? His heart was not in it.

54. The skeleton did not go to the ball, guess what the reason was? He said, "He had no-body to go with".

55. Guess what ghosts use to wash their hair with? They use sham-boo.

56. A carrot and a rabbit were going for a walk the other day, guess what the carrot said? Want to grab a bite.

57. Two eggs went for a comedy gig, guess what one egg said to the another? Let's get cracking.

58. The lovely turkey couple went for a dance, guess where they went? To the butter-ball.

59. The chicken was trying to open the lock, but guess what? It just won't open, I was using the wrong tur-key.

60. I met a witch at the restaurant the other day, guess what she ordered? Spook-eti.

61. My twin brothers dressed up as a bird this Halloween, guess what they said? Trick or tweet.

62. I met a ghost at the supermarket, guess what she was buying? A scare spray.

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