Top 100 Iridescent Iranian Boy Names For Your Baby

Persian names are rich in culture and history.

The name you choose for your baby boy should have the right meaning and may be chosen from anywhere in the world to promote diversity.

Persian culture has provided many unique and beautiful names. So choosing a Persian name for your baby can prove to be a good choice.

Iran was formerly known as Persia, and hence, Iranian names are commonly referred to as Persian names. Most of the Persian names come from the epic Persian poem 'Shahnameh' or 'Epic of Kings.' But some of the names are derived from Arabic due to the Muslim conquest of Persia. This list of Persian boy names includes admirable Iranian names that will make your baby shine.

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Popular Iranian Boy Names

Persian boy names are mainly inspired by great rulers of Iran.

If you want to name your baby boy a good Persian boy name, go for the most popular boy names from Iran. Check out this list of the most popular Persian boy names.

1. Abbas meaning "lion". This name is inspired by Abbas the Great, one of the greatest rulers of Persian History.

2. Afshin meaning "conqueror". This name is associated with an Iranian pop star.

3. Ahmed (Arabic origin) meaning "highly praised". This name is associated with Ahmed I, the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

4. Akhtar meaning "star".

5. Ardashir meaning "the best King". Ardashir I is the founder of the Sassanid Empire.

6. Bahman meaning "snow avalanche". Kai Bahman is a mythological figure from the Persian lore 'Shahnameh'.

7. Behnam meaning "honorable" or "reputable".

8. Behrouz meaning "prosperous". This Persian name is inspired by Behrouz Vossoughi, an Iranian actor.

9. Caspar meaning "king of treasure".

10. Danyal meaning "intellectual". It is the name of a village in Iran.

11. Dara meaning "rich" or "well-off".

12. Ehsan (Arabic origin) meaning "charity" or "beneficence". Ehsan Yarshater is a Persian historian.

13. Farbod meaning "protector of glory".

14. Farzin meaning "learned person".

15. Feroze meaning "man of triumph" or "great". This name is inspired by the Muslim ruler of the Tughlaq dynasty, Firoz Shah Tughlaq.

16. Hossein (Arabic origin) meaning "handsome" or "beautiful". This Persian boy name is associated with Hossein Tehrani, an Iranian musician.

17. Jahangir meaning "conqueror of the world". Jahangir was the fourth Mughal Emperor who ruled the Indian Subcontinent.

18. Jalil (Arabic origin) meaning "great" or "revered".

19. Nasir (Arabic origin) meaning "one who grants victory" or "helper".

20. Orang meaning "one who has wisdom".

21. Perviz meaning "fortunate" or "victorious". It is the name of the last King of the Sasanian Empire (Empire of Iranians).

22. Sajeel meaning "beautiful".

23. Saman meaning "calm" and "solace". Saman Khuda was a Persian noble and the ancestor of the Samanid Emperors.

24. Shahriyar meaning "great king". This Persian name is associated with the Sassanid King from 'The Book of one thousand and one nights'.

25. Timur (Turkic and Mongolic origin) meaning "strong as iron". Timur was the founder of the Timurid empire and the first ruler of the Timurid Dynasty. It can be a good strong boy name.

Common Boy Names From Iran

The most common names from a country tell us a lot about the culture of that country. One of the most common boy names in Iran is Darius. Here is a list of Common boy names from Iran.

26. Ahura meaning "lord of wisdom". Ahura is the supreme god of the highest deity in Zoroastrianism.

27. Ajmal (Arabic origin) meaning "most beautiful".

28. Arman meaning "wish" or "home". It is a Persian name of a character from 'Shahnameh'.

29. Bijan meaning "hero". It is a Persian baby name inspired by a character from 'Shahnameh'.

30. Basir (Arabic origin) meaning "one who brings good news".

31. Darius meaning "rich and kingly". This Persian boy name is inspired by Darius The Great, the third Persian King of Kings.

32. Farhad meaning "feeling of great happiness". It is the name of a character from 'Shahnameh'.

33. Farzan meaning "wise one".

34. Ghazi (Arabic origin) meaning "hero" or "commander".

35. Homayun meaning "royal" or "fortunate". This name is inspired by the Mughal Emperor Humayun.

36. Hooman meaning "benevolent and kind".

37. Houshang meaning "good choice" or "intelligence". Houshang is a character from the Persian epic 'Shahnameh'.

38. Iman (Arabic origin) meaning "faith".

39. Jahandar meaning "one who possesses the world". Jahandar Shah is the name of the eighth Mughal Emperor.

40. Kamran meaning "prosperous". This Persian boy name is associated with Kamran Sokhanpardaz, an Iranian poet and archaeologist.

41. Kayvan meaning "Saturn" or "like king".

42. Kazem (Arabic origin) meaning "tolerant" or "forgiving".

43. Kian meaning "king" or "realm".

44. Mazdak meaning "God" or "wise Lord". Mazdak was a Persian religious reformer and prophet.

45. Milad meaning "son of the sun". Milad is a Persian hero from the epic Persian lore 'Shahnameh'.

46. Naseem meaning "breeze".

47. Shahruz meaning "great river".

48. Soroush meaning "happiness". Soroush Omoumi is an Iranian Musician.

49. Vahid meaning "unique".

50. Wuhaib (Arabic origin) meaning "gift".

Gender-Neutral Persian Names

Persian baby names are very purposeful and appealing names for children.

If you don't want to narrow your search of baby names to purely boy names, it is a good method to search for gender-neutral names for your baby. We suggest you take a look at this list of gender-neutral Persian names for your child. These names can be also used as Persian girls names.

51. Arsha meaning "name of a king".

52. Ashraf (Arabic origin) meaning "noble". This name is associated with Princess Ashraf Pahlavi of Iran.

53. Chadi meaning "pleasure" or "delight.

54. Dana meaning "knowledgeable person" or "wise".

55. Dilshad meaning "joyful".

56. Elham meaning "inspiration".

57. Gul meaning "rose flower".

58. Gulzar meaning "from the garden of roses".

59. Hayat (Arabic origin) meaning "life".

60. Jihan (Arabic origin) meaning "The world". This Persian name is inspired by the name of a river in Iran.

61. Mehrab meaning "radiant like the Sun". Mehrab is the name of a King from the Persian epic 'Shahnameh'.

62. Nima meaning "renowned".

63. Nora (Arabic origin) meaning "divine light".

64. Nusrat (Arabic origin) meaning "victorious one".

65. Omid meaning "hopeful".

66. Parveen is the Persian word for 'Pleiades' meaning "The Seven Sisters Constellation".

67. Roshan meaning "light" or "splendid".

68. Shahnaz meaning "the pride of King". It is the name of an Iranian Princess.

69. Shamsi (Arabic origin) meaning "of Sun" or "solar".

70. Zaryab meaning "liquid gold".

Unique Iranian Baby Boy Names

Having a unique name makes your child stand out. A unique name is always a good choice for naming your baby. Check out this list of Unique baby boy names from Iran.

71. Arsham meaning "strong" or "powerful". A good option for a strong boy name.

72. Arzhang meaning "worthy". It is the name of a character in the epic Persian poem 'Shahnameh'.

73. Aryo meaning "Aryan". Aryo is a Persian hero who fought against Alexander The Great.

74. Cyrus meaning "Sun" or "one who bestows care". This Persian name is associated with the Persian emperor Cyrus The Great.

75. Faridoon meaning "third-born child".

76. Hafez (Arabic origin) meaning "great protector" or "brave".

77. Jahan meaning "universe" or "world".

78. Javed meaning "eternal".

79. Kaveh meaning "royal". It is the name of an ancient hero from the Persian epic lore 'Shahnameh'.

80. Maisil meaning "great warrior".

81. Melchior meaning "city king". Melchior, also called 'King of Persia,' was one of the three wise men who visited baby Jesus after he was born.

82. Mirza meaning "nobleman". It was a Persian royal title denoting the rank of a prince or a nobleman.

83. Mukhtar (Arabic origin) meaning "the chosen one".

84. Pouyan meaning "to search" or "to seek".

85. Ramin meaning "one who brings joy".

86. Rostam meaning "to grow strong". Rostam is a legendary Persian warrior from the Persian epic 'Shahnameh'. Consider this name if you wanna give your boy a strong male name.

87. Siyamak meaning "solitary". Siyamak is a character from the famous Persian literary work 'Shahnameh'.

88. Sohrab meaning "shining". It is the name of a legendary warrior from the epic Persian lore 'Shahnameh'.

89. Tahir meaning "pure" or "clean". This Persian boy name is inspired by the founder of the Tahirid dynasty of Iran.

90. Tooraj meaning "brave man". It is the name of the founder of Turan in the Persian mythological poem 'Shahnameh'.

Cool Persian Boy Names

Some names are really cool with appealing meanings that you won't even have to think twice before choosing those names. Here we have provided a list of cool Persian baby names for a boy.

91. Adil (Arabic origin) meaning "just". Adil Shah was the second Shah of the Afsharid Dynasty of Iran.

92. Barzin meaning "strong leader". Barzin is a character from the popular Persian lore 'Shahnameh'. A strong and powerful name for your boy.

93. Esfandyar meaning "pure creation". It is the name of a legendary Persian hero from the epic poem 'Shahnameh'.

94. Khusro meaning "king" or "Imperial".

95. Kourosh meaning "like the Sun". Also known as 'Cyrus', Kourosh is the First King of Persia.

96. Liam (Irish origin) meaning "protective and supportive". It is a common name in Persia and means, 'my nation' in Persia.

97. Masih (Arabic origin) meaning "blessed one". It is the Persian name for Christ.

98. Miran (Kurdish origin) meaning "king" or "leaders". Miran Shah was the son of the founder of the Timurid Dynasty".

99. Pouria meaning "first" or "foremost". It is the name of a mythical Persian warrior.

100. Ramak meaning "happy" or "joyous".

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