Top 100 Jamaican Names For Your Baby That You'll Love

There are many Jamaican baby names that are an exotic choice for a baby name.

Culturally rich names can be the right choice for baby names, enriched with history.

When you want to choose Jamaican baby names, there are too many choices to spoil and confuse you. Choosing the one right name from so many options might be tiring.

As Jamaican culture has been influenced by European and African traditions, the duality in these prominent cultures is quite visible in everything that originates from or is famous in this land. Famous Jamaican boy names usually follow popular personalities like; Bob Marley, Usain Bolt, Sean Paul which are a few names that pop into our minds. Similarly, Jamaican girl names like Shelly-Ann, Veronica Campbell, Louise Bennette Coverley are a few names that made the Jamaican crowd go 'woo' behind these names and their association for their own babies. Here are the top 100 Jamaican names, thematically arranged along with their meanings to make the selection process easier for you.

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Names Of Famous Jamaican People Who Shaped History

Jamaican baby names inspired by famous artists, athletes from Jamaica will surely make everyone call your baby name out loud as they are top in the baby names list.

1. Andrew (Greek origin) (M) meaning "manly, strong" is known after Andrew Michael Holness, who was a Jamaican politician now the Prime Minister of Jamaica.

2. Bob (German, French origin) (M) meaning "bright" is associated with the pioneers of reggae named Bob or Robert Nesta Marley, a Jamaican singer-songwriter, and musician was marked for his fusions of reggae, ska, and rocksteady.

3. Christopher (Greek origin) (M) meaning "christ-bearer", is famously known after the Jamaican cricketer, Christopher (Chris) Henry Gayle, who is considered as one of the greatest batsmen playing internationals with West Indies.

4. Louise (German, French origin) (F) meaning "famous warrior" is associated with Louise Simone Bennett-Coverley otherwise known as Miss Lou was a popular Jamaican poet, writer, educator, and folklorist.

5. Merlene (Hebrew origin) (F) meaning "Person from Magdala" is associated with another Jamaican-Slovenian athlete named Marlene Joyce Ottey, a former track and field sprinter.

6. Rita (English origin) (F) meaning "pearl" known for Bob Marley's widow, a singer and renowned vocalist also called Alpharita Constantia "Rita" Marley.

7. Rodney (Anglo-Saxon origin) (M) meaning "island, fen" associated with Rodney Basil Price, popularly known as Bounty Killer, after Bob as a reggae and dancehall deejay who is considered one of the best dancehall lyricists of all-ages.

8. Sanya (Arabic origin) (F) meaning "brilliant" is associated with Sanya Richards-Ross, a Jamaican-American track, and field athlete.

9. Sean (Irish origin) (M) meaning "God is gracious" is associated with the American-born Jamaican songwriter, singer, rapper, and actor with the stage name Sean Kingston or actual name as Kisean Paul Anderson.

10. Veronica (Latin origin) (F) meaning "victory" known after Veronica Campbell Brown, an eight-time Olympic medalist as a track and field sprinter.

Popular Jamaican Girls Names

Jamaican baby name that means princess and will make your baby girl stand out in the East or the West!

Jamaican names for girls that come with unique meanings are always a great choice for Jamaican baby names.

11. Abigay - Meaning "father of rejoicing", a Jamaican variation of Abigail.

12. Alvita - Meaning "vivacious and lively".

13. Amancia - Meaning "unconditional lover".

14. Amelia (English, Scottish, Australian, Jamaican origin) meaning "industrious, hard-working and fertile one".

15. Amoy - Meaning "beautiful Goddess".

16. Brianna (Celtic, Irish, Jamaican origin) meaning "strong woman".

17. Cedella - Meaning "beautiful princess". As per the information, this is also a Jamaican name of Bob Marley's daughter, Cadelle Marley.

18. Chandice - Meaning "extremely talented and smart".

19. Delyse - Meaning "delightful".

20. Deshane - Meaning "God is gracious".

21. Durene - Meaning "an enduring personality".

22. Dymond - Meaning "precious gem" Jamaican variation for Diamond.

23. Eralia - Meaning "a well-spoken woman".

24. Femi (Yoruba origin) meaning "God loves me". This Jamaican name is popular in many public figures from Jamaica.

25. Gabrielle (French, Jamaican, Jewish origin) meaning "God is strength".

26. Ini - Meaning "time". It is quite a unique Jamaican name taken by Nigerian actress Ini Edo and a musical artist named Ini Kamoze.

27. Ionie - Meaning "violet-colored stone, crystal".

28. Jada (Arabic Jamaican origin) meaning "God's gift".

29. Jaqweshia - Meaning "half queen, half part of the queen".

30. Kaleisha - Meaning "beautiful and strong-willed woman".

31. Kalisa - Meaning "one who has surrendered to God".

32. Karalana - Meaning "pure, peaceful personality".

33. Kenise - Meaning "beautiful, gorgeous".

34. Kimona - Meaning "resting".

35. Kiyana - Meaning "deity, light".

36. Ladonya - Meaning "lady, woman".

37. Lakresha - Meaning "profitable".

38. Latoria - Meaning "victorious".

39. Martisha - Meaning "warlike".

40. Raeni - Meaning "queen".

41. Requiem - Meaning "rest". It is a Jamaican name associated with a famous film named 'Requiem of a Dream'.

42. Ronica - Meaning "strong counsel, guide".

43. Sabryna - Meaning "princess", Jamaican version of the name Sabrina.

44. Sharisha - Meaning "cherry, fruit".

45. Shenice - Meaning "God is merciful".

46. Straleen - Meaning "star".

47. Tamila - Meaning "the dearest one to the heart".

48. Taniyah - Meaning "beautiful, joyful woman".

49. Tashelle - Meaning "with a likeness to God".

50. Tiana (Jamaican, Roman, origin) meaning "follower of Jesus Christ".

51. Tiyanna - Meaning "joy, happiness" is the Jamaican version of Tiana.

52. Trinika - Meaning "holy trinity".

53. Tyonna - Meaning "princess".

54. Vea - Meaning "chief in position".

55. Vegas - Meaning "meadows". It is a name popularly associated with a video game series amongst the younger groups.

56. Vinisha - Meaning "Goddess of love".

57. Virtudes - Meaning "the blessed spirit".

58. Xaviera - Meaning "splendid, bright" is Jamaican girl name version for the male name Xavier.

59. Yendi (African, Jamaican origin) meaning "beautiful flower". It is the name taken by a model from Jamaica named Yedi Phillips.

60. Zade - Meaning "princess of the African violet".

61. Zekia - Meaning "pure".

Popular Jamaican Boys Names

Jamaican names for boys that come from different cultures like English, Spanish, Biblical references to the nature of God and more are perfect Jamaican baby names for your baby boy.

62. Aaron (Hebrew origin) meaning "exalted one".

63. Abisai - Meaning "my father is a gift". A variation in Jamaica for a biblical reference of Abishai, the eldest son of Zeruiah.

64. Ace - Meaning "the one who excels".

65. Adio (Yoruba origin) meaning  "righteous".

66. Aduke (Yoruba origin) meaning "much loved, cherished".

67. Aidan - Meaning "little fire".

68. Ajani (African, Jamaican origin) meaning "one who wins the struggle".

69. Akiel (Arabic origin) meaning "steady and wise".

70. Azacca (Hebrew, Jamaican origin) meaning "the guide of agriculture".

71. Badrick - Meaning "the powerful, mighty axe ruler".

72. Bailey - Meaning "an administrator".

73. Baron (African origin) meaning "noble warrior, free man".

74. Carson - Meaning "son of Carr".

75. Cazembe (African origin) meaning "ruler, king".

76. Chilton - Meaning "spring".

77. Dajuan - Meaning "God is merciful".  It is a name from Jamaican Patois, taken up by quite known American figures.

78. Daniel  - Meaning "God is my judge".

79. Dante  - Meaning "steadfast" is a variation of Durante.

80. Eithan  - Meaning "strength and endurance" is a variation of the name Ethan.

81. Eldon (Old English origin) meaning "farm". It is a popular name in Jamaica.

82. Evuan - Meaning "God is gracious" is the Jamaican version of Evan.

83. Jahseh - Meaning "God speaks and gives".

84. Kaymar - Meaning "gift of God".

85. Khenan  - Meaning "the rising Sun" is also used as Khanan.

86. Llanzo - Meaning "God-like" is also a derivative of the name Lance.

87. Lamont (African origin) meaning "man of the law".

88. Larent - Meaning "victory".

89. Luis - Meaning "war hero". A name taken by many well-known personalities in sports and showbiz.

90. Maven - Meaning "knowledgeable".

91. Mao (African origin) meaning "flowering" is short for Maocha. A unique name used in Jamaica by many.

92. Sanka - Meaning "one who does everything soulfully".

93. Tarone - Meaning "courageous advisor to the king".

94. Usher (Old English origin) meaning "guardian". This name is also associated with American singer and songwriter named Usher.

95. Vittorio - Meaning "victor". From the popular Jamaican baby names since old times is a common Italian name too.

Popular Jamaican Non-Binary Names

Unisex names are the new trend in the West as well as the East. Here are a few baby names with a little information about their meanings.

Choosing a neutral-gender Jamaican baby name is a perfect way to get your baby to the center of attention.

96. Dejone (American, Hebrew, Jamaican origin) meaning "God is gracious".

97. Irie - Meaning "one who spreads harmony". This is a lovely gender-neutral Jamaican baby name.

98. Kinsey (Old English origin) meaning "royal, victory".

99. Jamaica (American origin) meaning "land of wood and water ". Jamaican name based on the place is quite a unique choice for a Jamaican baby name.

100. Jayden - Meaning "God has heard" is a variation of Jaden. The name variation is used by Will Smith for his son, Jaden Smith.

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