Top 50 Kobold Names With Meanings For Your D&D Characters

Kobolds are important creatures and need a meaningful name.

Kobolds are a fictional species of humanoids in D&D, based on ancient mythological German origin.

Kobolds have many despicable traits like aggressiveness. These fictional characters are quite famous in the universe of D&D.

Kobolds have gone through a rapid change in anatomical structures across the game. Starting off as goblinoids they were later identified as reptilian humanoids. They live in tribes and have dragon-like scales and jaws that make them look like crocodiles. Kobolds are typically unlawful in nature and worship the God of war and mining, Kurtulmak. Kobolds also worship Gaknulak - the God of traps, stealth, and trickery. Gamers often prefer naming their characters based on mythology and in-game species names, so why not take a look at the best kobold names listed below.

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Kobold Names For Boys

(A kobold name should strike fear in the hearts of your opponents.

If you are looking for cool names for your humanoid character we have you covered with our list below.

1. Aggind - a perfect name for a fearsome kobold.

2. Coldheart - the name of a cruel kobold.

3. Deend - who has Demonic qualities.

4. Dremgron - a perfect name for a kobold who has a fiery attitude.

5. Fogfist - stealthily attacks in the fog.

6. Gank - usually named after the leader of the tribe

7. Ibbad - the captain of the army.

8. Loneblade - likes attacking its prey with a longsword.

9. Magnudre - loves fantasy and being fearless.

10. Meepo - a good kobold name for someone who was the keeper of dragons.

11. Rage - the perfect male kobold name if you like spewing anger in your conquests.

12. Roughbrace - attacks and loots other tribes.

13. Shibbak - a kobold who has healing qualities.

14. Tirgeh - the name defines a 'Predator'.

15. Zakris - one who remembers to take vengeance.

Kobold Names For Girls

Below we have listed some of the best female kobold names.

16. Dobi - the name has an elven ring to it.

17. Fedra - (Ancient Greek origin) meaning "Bright".

18. Gedro - named after the healers of the squad.

19. Kov - named after the most intelligent kobold.

20. Mega - means "something that is huge".

21. Mik - a funny kobold name meaning 'like a God'.

22. Ossrel - named after fearless fighters.

23. Ozkorlu - for free and Independent kobolds.

24. Satru - those who are inclined towards enemies.

25. Sess - for kobolds who love hiding.

26. Tashu - kobolds who love attacking at night.

27. Tori - who loves winning.

28. Vigi - for those who love battles.

29. Zehra - for kobolds who are unlawfully bright.

30. Zon - is a kobold who can inflict maximum damage on its opponents.

Gender-Neutral Kobold Names

Unisex names are extremely popular and can make for the perfect name for your latest character.

31. Branolk - a schemer.

32. Igzog - a funny kobold name for someone who thinks themselves to be a God.

33. Kaka - for a fun-loving kobold.

34. Makillon - someone who is respected.

35. Nas - the master tactician in the army.

36. Red Foot - this kobold likes attacking in the forests.

37. Scurry - a good name for a kobold character that likes moving fast.

38. Vipre - dodgy and untrustworthy like a viper.

39. Vrole - untrustworthy like a mole.

40. White Claw - a fearsome kobold name.

Kobold Tribe Names

Name your character after a magnificent kobold tribe to convey their strength.

A kobold tribe should carry a good name. Below are some fantastic D&D kobold tribe names.

41. Blindhammers -  a good name for a kobold clan who likes hammering its opponents.

42. Bravebows - brave and outlawing just like kobolds and are dragon tamers.

43. Middlewoods - a funny name for a tribe who loves attacking by stealth.

44. Rabidhands -  kobold tribes with this name will inflict fear among others.

45. Savagewatchers - a ironic name for a kobold clan as kobolds are savage in nature.

46. Silentfishes - a tribe name of silent attackers.

47. Silverbrothers - brothers who stick together show the unity of the tribe.

48. Shadowclaws - are known for sending skirmishes.

49. Stonediggers - kobolds worship the God of mining, so Stonediggers is a perfect way to depict that.

50. Whitehawks - a funny kobold clan name which is a pun on US military choppers named 'Black Hawks'.

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