Top 100 Korean Boy Names That You'll Love

A meaningful name can also help define your baby's character and nature.

Names like Dae-Jung, Seo-Jun, and Young-Soo are the most common names that are very popular among parents for a Korean boy.

The Korean names are both beautiful and strong, so if you are looking for cute and great boy names for your little boy with simple and poignant meaning, then we have the list of top 100 Korean baby names that you'll love. These beautiful popular yet common Korean boy names will serve as an inspiration for your child.

Pronouncing Korean names might seem a bit complex. A hanja are forms of Chinese characters that are used for making Korean letters and if you want to understand the proper way to pronounce a Korean name then you need to understand what these characters mean. If you know the basics of the English language then you can easily pronounce a Korean name as most of the language overlaps sounds with the English alphabet.  

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Traditional Korean Baby Boy Names

Giving your baby boy a Korean name can inspire him with knowledge, strength and respect.

A name can help define your child's class intelligence and personality. So why not choose Korean boy names with meaning that makes sure your child understands respect society and how to behave with his friends and people around him. Strong names shall forever define your boy. A good Korean boy names like Ji-hoon which means wisdom or purpose ensures your bit know has a sense of purpose. Here are  some good Korean boy names:

1. Baek Hyeon (Korean origin) means “worthy and virtuous”.

2. Beom-soo (Korean origin) means "means to repair or to decorate".

3. Byung-Chul (Korean origin) means "grasp hold; bundle."

4. Byung-ho (Korean origin) means "bright and glorious."

5. Byung-hoon (Korean origin) means "soldier together authority."

6. Chan-woo  (Korean origin) means "vivid illuminating; bright and helps protect bless".

7. Chang-ho  (Korean origin) means "flourish, prosper; heaven summer sky".

8. Chang-hoon  (Korean origin) means "spear lance and javelin; teaching instruction and guidance".

9. Chang-Min Chang-Min (Korean origin) means "a uniquely strong and righteous sounding".

10. Chul (Korean origin) means “firm".

11. Chin-Hae (Korean origin) means “truth or depth of the ocean”. Chin Hae is a unique Korean name with a deep meaning.

12. Chin-Hwa (Korean origin) means “wealthiest person”.

13. Chin-Mae (Korean origin) means “one speaks the truth”. It's one of the popular yet unique Korean names.

14. Chun-Soon (Korean origin) means "wise and honest person".

15. Chung-Hee (Korean origin) means “a righteous person”. Chung Hee is a great Korean name for a boy.

16. Dae-Jung (Korean origin) means “great and righteous; honest”.

17. Dae-Seong (Korean origin) means “great/high voice” or a “vast personality”.

18. Dae-Hyun (Korean origin) means "great and honor."

19. Dae-sung (Korean origin) means "complete and big."

20. Dae-won (Korean origin) means "great spring."

21. Deok-Su (Korean origin) means "to guard".

22. Do-hun (Korean origin) means "the one who follows the law".

23. Do-Hyun (Korean origin) means "virtuous or able path."

24. Do-won (Korean origin) means "circle or around the city.’

25. Dong-Chul (Korean origin) means "firm or strong east".

26. Dong-Geun (Korean origin) means "east root the foundation".

27. Geon (Korean origin) means “strong” or “respect” or “to construct”. It's among the most common Korean names.

28. Hei (Korean origin) means “wisdom.” It pairs well with a long middle name.

29. Hwan (Korean origin) means “bright”.

30. Hyun (Korean origin) means “bright or intelligent or virtuous”.

31. Hyun Ki (Korean origin) means “wise; astute”. It's a cute name for a baby boy.

32. Hyun Shik (Korean origin) means “clever; brilliant; smart”.

33. Jae-Sang (Korean origin) means “carry” and sang means “mutual respect”.

34. Jeong (Korean origin) means “silent; chaste”.

35. Jeong-Eun (Korean origin) means “a person who is righteous and kind”.

36. Jeong-Gwon (Korean origin) means “power or authority or right”.

37. Ji-hun (Korean origin) means “one who is full of wisdom."

38. Jung (Korean origin) means “a righteous man”.

39. Jung-Hwa (Korean origin) means “a righteous person who is rich”.

40. Kang-Dae (Korean origin) means “ a person who is mighty and strong”.

Popular Korean Baby Boy Names

These boys' names are popular Korean names, but that doesn't make them less unique in meaning.

41.  Byung-Hee (Korean origin) means“bright or glorious”. A popular Korean boy name for your little one.

42. Doh (Korean origin) means “accomplishment” which is a great name if you want to instill success in your little boy’s life.

43. Dong-chan (Korean origin) means "to praise or applaud". A name that will justify all the good qualities of your son.

44. Joo-Won (Korean origin) means “beautiful." These Korean boy names are very popular among parents.

45. Joon-su (Korean origin) means “talented or auspicious”. These boy names justify all the qualities of your boy.

46. Kwan (Korean origin) means “strong one” and if you “wild”.  It's one of the handsome Korean names for your baby boy.

47. Kyong (Korean origin) means “brightness”. A handsome name for a handsome baby boy.

48. Min-jun (Korean origin) means “clever; sharp; quick.” Min Jun is a popular name for a boy.

49. Mi-Sun (Korean origin) means “one who is beautiful and good” a quality that every parent wants in their child to possess.

50. Minjun (Korean origin) means “handsome, clever and talented.” No wonder these Korean boy names are so well-loved by parents!

51. Myeong (Korean origin) means “an honest and clever person”.

52. Myung-Dae (Korean origin) means “great righteousness." A perfect righteous name for a child who possesses the same qualities.

53. Moon-sik (Korean origin) means "to plant something or writing".

54. Mu-yeol (Korean origin) means "bravery and fierceness in battle." For your son who is strong.

55. Myung-bak – (Korean origin) means "brilliance or gourd". A perfect name for your intelligent boy.

56. Myung-hoon (Korean origin) means "brilliance or merit". A name that will define every quality in your perfect boy.

57. Myung-hwan (Korean origin) means "brilliant or lustrous".

58. Myung-jun (Korean origin) means "bright and handsome."

59. Myung-Yong (Korean origin) means "bright dragon."

60. Nam-gi (Korean origin) means "southern rise." A perfect Korean boy's name for your boy.

61. Nam-kyu (Korean origin) means "south and standard."

62. Sung-ki (Korean origin) means "foundation or basis"

63. Sung-min (Korean origin) means "nimble or agile".

64. Sung-mo (Korean origin) means "anger rage or wrath."

65. Tae-Hyeong (Korean origin) means “a person who is superior and exalted”.

66. Won-Chul(Korean origin) means "wise or sage".

67. Won-sik (Korean origin) means "the head of the family." It's one of the popular Korean names and might be good for the older brother in the family.

68. Woo-sung (Korean origin) means "anger or wrath".

Korean Baby Boy Names Inspired By Nature

Korean boys names reflect the rich and kind culture of the beautiful country.

These baby boy names are inspired by the handsome natural landscape from a beautiful and culture-rich country.

69. Beom-Seok (Korean origin) means "pattern of a rock."

70. Chan-young  (Korean origin) means "bright flower or shining hero".

71. Dong-gun (Korean origin) means "east sky."

72. Dong-ha (Korean origin) means "east river."

73. Ha-Joon (Korean origin) means “great; summer; grand” and jun means “talented; handsome”.

75. Moon-soo (Korean origin) means "waterside". A cool and calm name for boys born under the water sign.

76. Myung-soo (Korean origin) means "Myung’ means bright or brilliance ‘soo’ means water or shore. Combined this name means ‘brilliant shore." A perfect name for an older brother.

77. Nam-il (Korean origin) means "southern sun." This name can be pronounced easily.

78. Oh-Seong (Korean origin) means "five stars or planets."

79. Sung-won (Korean origin) means "spring or source".

80. Won-ho (Korean origin) means "lake."

Korean Names Inspired By Literature/Cinema

Korean cinema is becoming more and more popular worldwide so here are some names for your boy to celebrate this.

81. Hyun Bin (Korean origin) means “shining brightly". Also known as the actor who portrayed Captain Ri Jeong Hyuk.

82. Kang Ha Neul (Korean origin) means “sky” or “heaven”. While his character in the drama, Hwang Yong Sik .

83. Kim Soo Hyun (Korean origin) means “gold, excellence, and virtuous.” Well known for his role in 'My Love from the Star', this actor’s name.

84. Lee Dong Wook (Korean origin) means “pillar, beam”. Well known as the Grim Reaper in 'Goblin', the actor also has a string of hit dramas including 'My Girl'.

85. Lee Min Ho (Korean origin) means “bright". South Korea’s most popular actor is Lee Min Ho, who shot to fame thanks to 'Boys Over Flowers'.

86. Lee Seung Gi (Korean origin) means “rising from a firm foundation". Well known for his roles in 'A Korean Odyssey', 'My Girlfriend'.

87. Rain (Korean origin) means “glory". Popular as a singer in South Korea, his fame rose when he starred in the drama 'Full House'.

88. Son Ho Jun (Korean origin) "brave, fierce”.

Korean Baby Boy Names Inspired By Famous People

These names take after inspirational and well-known Korean people.

89. Jae/Jay (Korean origin)  famous musician Jae Park from Day6.

90. Jae-in (Korean origin) a current leader of South Korea.

91. Jimin  (Korean origin)  a member of boy band BTS.

92. Joon  (Korean origin) a K-Pop singer and actor Park.

93. Jungkook  (Korean origin)  a member of boy band BTS.

94. Heong-min (Korean origin)  a record-setting soccer player, Son.

95. Ken (Korean origin) name made famous by the actor Ken Jeong.

96. Kevin (Korean origin)  singer/host Woo. A handsome name for a boy.

97. Peniel  (Korean origin) a boy group BtoB member Shin.

98. Suga  (Korean origin)  a member of boy band BTS

99.  Syngman  (Korean origin) a first President of South Korea Rhee.

100. Tae-hwan (Korean origin) Olympic gold medal swimmer Park.

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