Top 46 Mayan Names With Meanings

Mayan names are full of meaning and are beautiful as baby names.

The Mayan culture has gifted us with a lot of wonderful Mayan names.

Many expecting parents want to give their children a special name. If you want to give a classic name to your child, you may want to look into Mayan mythology and legends.

Historians have successfully deciphered many Mayan God names and Mayan warriors' names from historical artifacts. We have listed 46 different Mayan names and their meanings from different legends and traditions.

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Mayan Names For Boys

This list includes some unique and ancient Mayan boy names.

1.Aapo meaning "being a father of many or multitude".

2.Abund meaning "living in abundance".

3.Babajide translates to "father is returning home".

4.Bembe meaning "son of a prophecy".

5.Cadmael meaning "war chief".

6.Dacey meaning "adorable"

7.Eadrich meaning "a very wealthy monarch".

8.Eloy meaning "famous warrior".

9.Fabio meaning "farmer". This Mayan name is very popular but most people do not know that it comes from Mayan culture. This Mayan name is linked to Fabio Cannavaro, a famous Italian footballer.

10.Gabor meaning "the bravest man of God".

11.Hadwin (French and Mayan origin) meaning "to be strong".

12.Horado meaning "the one who keeps time"

13.Hugo meaning "to be intelligent". This is a popular name, associated with the famous movie 'Hugo' by Martin Scorsese.

14.Humberto meaning "bright and intelligent".

15.Ian (Derived from English) is the Mayan version of 'John'.

Mayan Baby Names For Girls

Mayan baby names for girls are very unique with a mystical touch.

If you want to give a meaningful name to your baby with a touch of mysticism in it, then you can choose from these classic Mayan girl names:

16.Akna meaning 'mother'. It is the name of the Goddess of Fertility in the Mayan pantheon.

17.Chaac is a favorable baby name for girls. The name is associated with the Mayan God of Fertility.

18.Cualli meaning "good".

19.Chimalmat meaning "mother of giants". It is quite a powerful name for your child.

20.Colel meaning "the bee goddess".

21.Eztli meaning "blood".

22.Izel meaning "unique".

23.Itotia meaning "dance".

24.Ixazaluoh meaning "dawn".

25.Patli meaning "medicine".

26.Xoc meaning "fish". This name is associated with a Mayan Queen consort, Lady Xoc.

27.Xpiayoc meaning "a mysterious side".

28.Yolotli meaning "heart".

29.Zuma meaning "the Lord frowns upon you in anger".

30.Zyanya meaning "forever".

Mayan Names From Myths And Legends

There are many great Mayan names that are inspired by a rich history and culture.

Almost like the Greek civilization, Mayans had many different Gods and Goddesses, from agriculture, trade, pregnancy, to even gambling. There were Gods of birth and death too. In Mayan mythology, the creator God has four offspring, and each of the offspring is known as Bacabs. Mayans used to follow a four year cycle and each year was presided by one of the Bacabs. Here are some of the Mayan Gods and Mayan Goddess' names and characteristics:

31.Acan is the God of Wine and Intoxication.

32.Ahau-Kin is the God of the Underworld. He is also known as the Jaguar Lord.

33.Ah-Mun is one of the most important Gods in Mayan legends. He is the Maize God and associated with protection and fertility. Ah-Mun has been represented in many Mayan paintings.

34.Ah-Puch is the God of Death. However, he is also considered to be the God of Regeneration and Childbirth.

35.Bacabs references the four Gods who support the sky from the four cardinal points.

36.Chac was considered the second most important god after the Creator. He is the God of Rain and thus, associated with the fertility of the land.

37.Huracan is the Storm God who caused the Great Flood when the second generation of humans displeased the Gods.

38.Itzamna is the benevolent Creator God who is also the father of Bacabs. He is the Supreme God, the main Mayan God.

39.Ixchel translates to 'Lady Rainbow'. She is the Goddess of medicine and childbirth.

40.Ixik is the early goddess known to preside over the seas.

41.Kinich Ahau is the Sun God and is associated with medicine and healing.

42.Kukulcan is the great plumed serpent deity from whom humans learned communication, trade, fishing, construction, and a wide variety of skills.

43.Nacon is the Mayan God of War.

44.Tecumbalam is the reference to a Great bird in Mayan legend who was sent to break human beings who displeased God during the Great Flood.

45.Yum Kaax is the God of the Woods and was worshiped by hunters and farmers.

46.Zotz is also known as the God of Bats.

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