100+ Top Moroccan Last Names With Meanings

Moroccan last names are creative and extraordinary.

Morocco, a nation wealthy in culture and legacy, is attached to its official religion, Islam, which clarifies the broad utilization of conventional Arabic names by the Moroccans.

A hint of French is likewise found in a portion of the names, as the nation was briefly colonized by France.

Last names are every bit as important as first names. Specific names are related to wealth and in some languages mean wealth. If you want your character to bear a name of affluence then there is something on this list for you. Likewise, if you want them to come across as wise or brave, there is something here for you.

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Popular Moroccan Last Names

Moroccan surnames are full of beautiful meaning and history.

Although this list is made up of surnames, you could also use them as a personal name for a child or character. A lot of old English last names are related to Islam. As with all countries, certain family names were only given to people from Morocco. Some of the Arabic last names are Abdul, Khan, Mohammad.  The list is filled with simple and catchy names, they are all common Moroccan last names so could be perfect for naming a character.

1. Abadi (Arabic origin) means “eternal”. A perfect last or family name in Morocco.

2. Abbas (Arabic origin) means “lion”. These Arab last names are most common or popular in Morocco.

3. Abdallah (Arabic origin) meaning "God's servant". Famous celebrity in Morocco:  historian Abdallah Laroui.

4. Abd Al-Rashid (Arabic origin) means “Servant of the right-minded”. A lovely last name in Arabic.

5. Ahmad or Ahmed (Arabic origin) means “praised one” or sometimes “commendable”.

6. Ali (Arabic origin) meaning “champion”, “elevated”, “sublime” or “high”. These are Muslim surnames which are most popular in Morocco.

7. Amin (Arabic origin) means“faithful” or “trustworthy”this is a very common surname in Morocco.

8. Ayad (Arabic origin) means “blessings” and “power”.

9. Aziz (Arabic origin) means “the dearest one”. This is a very common surname in Morocco.

10. Badawi (Arabic origin) means “desert dwellers." This is an ancient and common surname in Morocco.

11. Baghdadi (Arabic origin) means “Bestowed by God”. We think this is a gorgeous surname for God fearing people.

12. Bakir (Arabic origin) means “early” or “dawn” or “early in the morning”.

13. Bashar (Arabic origin) means “one who brings glad tidings”. This surname is often used by people in Morocco, it could be a cool character name.

14. Bilal (Arabic origin) means “flow of water”. One of the most popular Arabic surnames.

15. Burhan  (Arabic origin) means “knowledgeable one”. A very well respected surname in Morocco.

16. Darwish  (Arabic origin) means “to explore”, “to roam”, or “to wander”.

17. Dawoud  (Arabic origin) means “a beloved friend”. The family name is so called because it comes from family. Did you know: Family is very important in Morocco.  

18. Ebeid  (Arabic origin) means “worshipper of God”.

19. Fadel  (Arabic origin) means “someone gracious” as well as “virtue”. This surname or family name is very popular across the Middle East.

20. Faez  (Arabic origin) means “victory”. This family or last name is a short and powerful surname.

21. Faheem  (Arabic origin) meaning “understanding”. The family name is used by all family members.

22. Faizan  (Arabic origin) means “ruler” or “the generous one”.This surname is famous in Arabic countries, it's a very cool surname.

23. Farhat (Persian origin) meaning “status” and “splendor”. We love this last name, it is often used by rich people in Morocco.

24. Farouq  (Arabic origin) means “one who differentiates right from wrong”. These are middle east names that are the most popular.

25. Farsi (Persian origin) name meaning “the Persian”. The name often used in the  Arabic country.

26. Fasih  (Arabic origin) means “the eloquent one”.

27. Fasil (Arabic origin) this name means “the unique one”. This family name is used by all generations.

28. Gaddafi (Libyan origin) means “the thrower” or “the archer”.

29. Ghazali  (Arabic origin)means “saint”, “philosopher”, or “mystic”.

30. Ghazawi/Ghazawwi (Arabic origin) means "invade". The last name is used by family members.

31. Ghulam (Arabic origin) means “young servant of God”.In Morocco people often use this name as the common or first name.

32. Habib  (Arabic origin) means  “beloved”. This last name can also be used as a first name.

33. Hadi  (Arabic origin) means “guide to righteousness”. The last name comprises of Arabic.

34. Hadid  (Arabic origin) name meaning “iron”. These last names are common in the countryside.

35. Hafeez  (Arabic origin) means “the protector” or the “guardian”. Mohammed can be used by this name.

36. Hakim (Arabic origin) means “the doctor” or “the healer”.

37. Hamdi  (Arabic origin) means “one who is worthy of praise”. This last name can also be used as a first name.

38. Hariri (Arabic origin) means “silk”. In Arabic country, Mohammed is used in place of Hariri.

39. Hasan (Arabic origin) means “beautiful” and “to be good”.

40. Hashim  (Arabic origin) means “bread crusher”.

41. Hatem or Hatim (Arabic origin) meaning “determined” or “decisive”.

42. Hijazi (Arabic origin) name meaning 'the barrier'.

43. Hussein (Arabic origin) means “handsome”. A common Islamic name used in the country.

44. Ibrahim  (Arabic origin) means “the exalted father”. This family name is common in Islamic countries.

45. Iqbal  (Arabic origin) means “strong one”. This last name can also be used as a first name.

46. Irfan  (Arabic origin)  means “one who is knowledgeable”.

47. Isa  (Arabic origin) means “iron” or “ice”. A common name used by the Moroccan family living in the country.

48. Ismat ( Arabic origin)  means “the flawless one”, “the chaste one”, “the pure one”, and “the innocent one”.

49. Issawi  (Arabic origin) means “gentle”, “soft” and “tender”.

50. Jabal  (Arabic origin) means “great height”.

Rare Moroccan Last Names

Morocco is a beautiful country.

With Islam as its official religion, Morocco floats on a rich social legacy. The names here, for the most part, have Arabic roots but there are also a lot of African names. Some of the African last names are Abimbola, Abiodun, Acheampong, Achebe, etc. If you are looking for rare Moroccan last names try our list below.

51. Jaber or Jabir  (Arabic origin) means “comforter”.

52. Jalal  (Arabic origin) means “strength”, “power”, “might” “superiority” and “glory.”

53. Jameel (Arabic origin) means “Beautiful” and “handsome”.

54. Jawahir (Arabic origin) means “gold”.

55. Jaziri (Arabic origin) means “independence” or “self-confidence”.

56. Kader  (Arabic origin) this name means “capable”, “ambitious” and “powerful”.

57. Karim  (Arabic origin) this name means “noble”.

58. Kashif (Arabic origin) this name means “one who discovers” and “pioneer”.

59. Kassab (Arabic origin) means “bread-winner”.

60. Kazem (Arabic origin) means “one who has control over anger”.

61. Khalid  (Arabic origin)  means “eternal”. This surname is often used by a family living near the beachside in Morocco.

62. Laghman  (Arabic origin) means “born at nightfall”.

63. Maalouf (Arabic origin) means “one who stands out”.

64. Maamoun (Arabic origin) means "Trustworthy".

65. Mohammed or Muhammed (Arabic origin) means “to be worthy of praise”.

66. Mahmud (Arabic origin) means " The praised one".

67. Marwan  (Arabic origin) means “strength” and “leadership”.

68. Mufti  (Arabic origin) means "one who counsels or gives legal advice".

69. Mughrabi  (Arabic origin) means "Magrabi".

70. Mustafa  (Arabic origin) means  “the chosen one”.

71. Nabih  (Arabic origin) means “to be aware” and “vigilant”.

72. Nader (Arabic origin) means “unique”, “extraordinary”, “rare” and “exceptional”.

73. Nagi (Arabic origin) means “the closest friend”.

74. Nahdi (Arabic origin) means “strong tree". This morocco surname is used by a small family.

75. Najdi  (Arabic origin) means "A strong and mighty tree".

76. Najjar (Arabic origin) means “the carpenter”.

77. Nasser (Arabic origin) means “victory”.

78. Noor (Arabic origin) meaning “divine” and sometimes also “light”.

79. Osman (Arabic origin) means “servant devoted to God”.

80. Qadir (Arabic origin) meaning “capable” or “competent” and “powerful”.

81. Qasim (Arabic origin) means “one who distributes”.

82. Qureshi (Arabic origin) meaning "descendants".

83. Rafiq (Arabic origin) meaning “one who follows God”.

84. Rahim (Arabic origin) means “forgiving” or “merciful”.

85. Rajab (Arabic origin) meaning “respect”. This surname is used commonly in a family of people living near the lake in Morocco.

86. Ramzan (Arabic origin) means “to be alive”.

87. Ramzi (Arabic origin) meaning “quiet” or “sign”. A famous middle eastern surname.

88. Rashid (Arabic origin) means “truth” or “one who points in the right direction”.

89. Reza (Arabic origin) means “approval of Allah”.

90. Sader (Arabic origin) means “broad-chested” or “courage”.

91. Syed (Arabic origin) means  “lord” or “master”.

92. Shariq (Arabic origin) meaning  “devoted companion” and “bright shining star”.

93. Saqqaf (Arabic origin) meaning “one who is clever” or “intelligent”.

94. Sultan (Arabic origin) means “ruler”.

95. Taleb (Arabic origin) means “devoted student” and “one who seeks knowledge”.

96. Tawfiq (Arabic origin) means  “chance” or “opportunity”.

97. Wahid (Arabic origin) means  “the only one”.

98. Yasin (Arabic origin) means  “richness”.

99. Yusuf (Arabic origin) means “God will increase”.

100. Zeyad (Arabic origin) means  “abundance”, “generous” or “growth”.

101. Tartar (Persian origin) means "the land of the Tartars".

102. Kimathi (African origin) means  "serious".

103. Torsney (Gaelic origin)  means "the Englishman".

104. Tuffin (Greek origin) means "God".

105. Usoro (African origin) means "Celebration".

106. Halimi (African origin) means "urge for independence".

107. Karina (Arabic origin) means "pure".

108. Khan (Arabic origin) means "Prince".

109. Bankole (African origin) means  "build my house for me".

110. Gbeho (African origin) means "Powerful".

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