Top 100 Most Spiritual Baby Names

Spiritual names can add a profound meaning to your baby's name.

Spirituality is a holistic term that explores diverse concepts such as religion, love, virtue, faith, beliefs, wisdom, truth, and even nature.

It recognizes a sense of belief that our life is a significant part of the divine universe. It means knowing that we are more than the everyday mundane existence in the world.

Spiritual baby names have stood the test of time and have been in use since time immemorial. Names that mean hope, names that reflect one's faith, names that mean angel, or names that have a reference to religion or nature are all part of the plethora of spiritual names for babies. So, your search for spiritual names for your baby girl or baby boy ends here. We have presented a compilation of the best and unique spiritual baby names popular around the world. Spiritual baby names that are gender-neutral are also a part of this name list.

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Popular Spiritual Baby Names For Girls

There are many names for baby girls with a spiritual meaning.

If you're thinking of giving a biblical name to your baby girl or a name that signifies the free-spirit, nature, or any aspect of the universe, here is a list of some baby names with spiritual meaning:

1. Abigail (Hebrew origin), meaning ''joy of my father,'' refers to a character from the Old Testament.

2. Alya (Hebrew origin), meaning ''to ascend.'' It can be a baby girl name with a heavenly connotation.

3. Ambrosia (Greek origin), meaning ''immortal,'' also refers to the Gods' food.

4. Angela (Latin origin), meaning ''angel.'' The name holds profound significance in the Christian faith.

5. Angelina (Latin origin), meaning ''messenger of God.''

6. Assisi (Italian origin), meaning ''Italian town,'' and the birthplace of animals' patron saint.

7. Autumn (Latin origin), meaning ''fall,'' is a beautiful season name for a baby girl.

8. Batya (Hebrew origin), meaning ''daughter of God,'' and the Pharaoh's daughter in the Bible who found baby Moses.

9. Celeste (Latin origin), meaning ''heavenly,'' has a peaceful and out-of-the-world feel.

10. Cielo (Spanish origin), meaning ''sky.''

11. Dalili (Swahili origin), meaning ''omen,'' can be a beautiful and spiritual name for your baby girl.

12. Elizabeth (Hebrew origin), meaning ''God is my oath,'' refers to the Old Testament.

13. Emma (Germanic origin), meaning ''universal,'' is one of the spiritual baby names signifying the totality throughout space.

14. Eternity (American origin), meaning "which lasts forever,'' and close to a virtue name.

15. Evangeline (Greek origin), meaning ''gospel,'' referring to the teachings of Christ.

16. Felicity (Latin origin), meaning ''good luck,'' is commonly used as a virtue name.

17. Gabrielle (Hebrew origin), meaning ''messenger of God,'' is a Biblical angel.

18. Gloria (Latin origin), meaning ''glory,'' is one of the many names with angelic associations.

19. Grace (Latin origin), meaning ''being gracious,'' is one of the most beautiful spiritual baby names for girls.

20. Gwyneth (Celtic origin), meaning ''blessed,'' is one of the most beautiful spirituality names.

21. Harmony (Greek origin), meaning ''peace,'' signifies a peaceful disposition free from violence.

22. Isabelle (Hebrew origin), meaning ''devoted to God,'' is a great spiritual baby name for girls.

23. Jannah (Arabic origin), meaning ''paradise,'' is the Islamic concept of heaven.

24. Luz (Latin origin), meaning ''light,'' and the title of the Virgin Mary.

25. Meadow (Middle English origin), meaning ''field of grass,'' brings a feeling of freshness and positivity.

26. Miriam (Hebrew origin), meaning ''of the sea,'' was the sister of Moses.

27. Naomi (Hebrew origin), meaning ''pleasantness,'' is a Biblical name for girls.

28. Priscilla (Roman origin), meaning ''venerable,'' mentioned in the New Testament.

29. Seraphina (Hebrew origin), meaning ''fiery,'' has the connotation of a celestial being.

30. Sierra (Spanish origin), meaning ''mountain range.'' The name connotates groundedness and is a popular hippie name.

31. Sequoia (Native American origin), meaning ''sparrow,'' resonating with a bird''s free-spiritedness, can also mean "free spirited".

32. Sistine (Latin origin), meaning ''the sixth born,'' is a famous chapel at the Vatican.

33. Summer (Old English origin), meaning ''summer season,'' a time to revel in free-spirited and fun activities.

34. Tien (Vietnamese origin), meaning ''a fairy'' or ''a free spirit,'' is quite a spiritual baby name for girls.

35. Trinity (Latin origin) refers to the triad, is a deeply spiritual name signifying the Holy Trinity.

Unique Spiritual Baby Names for Boys

Spirituality inspired names are pretty trending for baby boys.

Boy names with a spiritual meaning or names that have a Biblical connection are a reflection of one's faith, and here is a list of top baby names for boys:

36. Aaron (Hebrew origin), meaning ''high mountain,'' signifying strength and spirit.

37. Abel (Hebrew origin), meaning ''breath,'' the very essence of life.

38. Abner (Hebrew origin), meaning ''the father of enlightenment.''

39. Apollo (Greek origin), meaning ''the one who destroys,'' was the son of Zeus.

40. Atlas (Greek origin), meaning ''support,'' has a mythological reference with a spiritual baby name nuance.

41. Bardo (Tibetan, Aboriginal, and German origin), meaning ''water,'' one of nature's elements.

42. Bartholomew (Hebrew origin), meaning ''son of Tolmai,'' was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus.

43. Bear (English origin), meaning ''a type of animal,'' is a name connected to nature.

44. Bishop (English origin), meaning ''overseer,'' is a significant name in the Christian community.

45. Clement (Latin origin), meaning ''merciful,'' is the name of many popes and saints.

46. Cyrus (Persian origin), meaning ''the sun.''

47. Daniel (Hebrew origin), meaning ''God is my judge,'' is a quintessentially spiritual name.

48. David (Hebrew origin), meaning ''beloved,'' is a biblical name.

49. Elijah (Hebrew origin), meaning ''Yahweh is my Lord,'' is significant in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

50. Elon (Hebrew origin), meaning ''oak tree,'' is a name one with nature.

51. Felix (Latin origin), meaning ''happy and lucky,'' appears in the New Testament.

52. Hosea (Hebrew origin), meaning ''he who will bring salvation,'' was also a Hebrew prophet.

53. Huckleberry (American origin), meaning ''sweet berry,'' was a popular name among hippies.

54. Immanuel (Hebrew origin), meaning ''God with us.''

55. Isaiah (Hebrew origin), meaning ''Salvation is in God.''

56. Joshua (Hebrew origin), meaning ''salvation is in God.''

57. Jupiter (Roman origin), meaning ''king of the Roman Gods,'' is also the biggest planet.

58. Krishna (Sanskrit origin), meaning ''the all attractive,'' is a Hindu God.

59. Marcus (Latin origin), meaning ''belonging to Mars,'' Mars is the Roman God of war.

60. Matthew (Hebrew origin), meaning ''God's gift,'' and one of Jesus' Apostles.

61. Nathaniel (Hebrew origin), meaning ''gift of God,'' is a spiritual baby name perfect for boys.

62. Noah (Hebrew origin), meaning ''rest,'' is a Biblical figure.

63. Orion (Greek origin), meaning ''son of fire,'' is the brightest constellation in the sky.

64. Pastor (Latin origin), meaning ''spiritual leader.''

65. Saul (Hebrew origin), meaning ''prayed for,'' is mentioned in the Old Testament.

66. Theodore (Greek origin), meaning ''God's Gift,'' is a popular name in the Christian faith.

67. Timothy (Greek origin), meaning ''honoring God,'' resonates with the theme of spiritual baby names.

68. Tobias (Hebrew origin), meaning ''God is good.''

69. Zephaniah (Hebrew origin), meaning ''God has hidden.''

70. Zeus (Greek origin), meaning ''God,'' is the king of gods in Greek religion.

Gender-Neutral Spiritual Baby Names

If you've been in search of a gender-neutral baby name for your baby girl or baby boy, here is a list of some spiritual baby names suggesting qualities you'd all like your child to aspire to:

71. Angel (Greek origin), meaning ''God's messenger,'' has a profound spiritual undertone.

72. Bliss (English origin), meaning ''perfect joy,'' is an uncommon virtue name.

73. Bodhi (Sanskrit origin), meaning ''spiritual enlightenment,'' is one of the spiritual baby names connected to Buddhism.

74. Cedar (American origin), meaning ''type of tree,'' is one of the popular baby names inspired by nature.

75. Charlie (English origin), meaning ''freeman,'' is a good hippie name.

76. Christmas (English origin), meaning ''Christ-feast,'' signifies the festive spirit and is perfect for a baby girl or baby boy.

77. Ever (English origin), meaning ''always,'' is a name that means hope and positivity and is used for both a baby girl and baby boy.

78. Fortune (Latin origin), meaning ''luck,'' was the Roman goddess of chance and happiness.

79. Genesis (Greek origin), meaning ''beginning.'' is a spiritual name with a Biblical connection.

80. Halcyon (Greek origin), meaning ''calm,'' has a peaceful aura about it.

81. Haven (English origin), meaning ''safe place,'' as a baby girl or baby boy's name, could mean one''s spiritual refuge.

82. Infinity (American origin), meaning ''never-ending in time and space,'' is one of the many sublime baby boy and baby girl names.

83. Journey (American origin), meaning ''a trip,'' can also refer to a spiritual experience or journey.

84. Joy (French origin), meaning ''delight,'' has many spiritual implications in the name meaning.

85. Love (English origin), meaning ''affection'' or ''female wolf,'' is both a baby girl and baby boy name connected to human emotions and nature.

86. Loyal (English origin), meaning ''faithful,'' is a name meaning an important human virtue.

87. Lux (Latin origin), meaning ''light,'' is the universal source of goodness and illumination.

88. Moon (American and Korean origins), meaning ''a celestial body,'' adds a spiritual touch to a baby girl or baby boy’s name.

89. Noble (Latin origin), meaning ''high born,'' is a name meaning human virtue.

90. Nova (Latin origin), meaning ''new'' or ''star,'' has a celestial nuance.

91. Peace (Latin origin), meaning ''tranquility,'' can be a name for a baby girl and a boy.

92. Phoenix (Greek origin), meaning ''bright red,'' is a name tied to the sun and fire.

93. Rain (American origin), meaning ''abundant blessings from above,'' is among the many ethereal, spiritual names.

94. River (English origin), meaning ''flowing body of water,'' is among the many spiritual names connected to nature.

95. Sky (Scandinavian origin), meaning ''the upper atmosphere,'' is a name with a natural connection.

96. Solstice (Latin origin), meaning ''sun still,'' is relevant to tarot reading.

97. Val (Latin origin), meaning ''strength,'' may refer to the spiritual strength to overcome hardships.

98. Tao (Chinese origin), meaning ''long life,'' also signifies the underlying universal harmony.

99. Zen (Japanese origin), meaning ''meditation,'' has a name meaning that emphasizes an important spiritual practice.

100. Zephyr (Greek origin), meaning ''the west wind,'' has a mythological and natural reference in the name meaning.

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