Top 116 Names Meaning Dawn For Your Baby

Babies are known to bring a new joyful dawn in the life of the parents.

A baby’s birth is considered as a new beginning all around the world.

As a parent, your child brings a new promise to you as well. You might be thinking about finding a unique name to give your child that symbolizes this new beginning and a name meaning dawn could be perfect.

Dawn means a new beginning of the day with the sun rising on the horizon. Keeping that in mind, we have made a list of baby names meaning dawn or daybreak. We have collected these names from various cultures and they indicate how special dawn is for people all over the world.  We have also collected unisex baby names if you do not want to give a gendered name to your child.

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Unique Boys Name Meaning Dawn

Choosing a name that means dawn or names that mean sunrise can be a brilliant idea as it is loaded with symbolic meaning. Here we have enlisted beautiful boy names that mean dawn.

1. Aarush (India Origin) meaning ‘first ray of sun’

2.Aubade (French origin) means ‘Morning love song’

3.Aurelius (Latin Origin )name means ‘the golden one’. This name is associated with the famous Roman emperor, Marcus Aurelius

4.Abner ( Hebrew Origin) meaning ‘father of light’

5.Ahaan ( India Origin) meaning ‘dawn’

6.Aroon (Thai Origin )name  meaning ‘dawn’

7.Aleph ( Hebrew Origin) meaning ‘chief, number one’

8.Clarence( Latin Origin) meaning ‘bright’. It is the name of a famous African American Associate Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas

9.Dion (French Origin) meaning ‘child of heaven and earth’

10.Elio ( Latin Origin ) meaning ‘sunny’

11.Jemuel ( Hebrew Origin ) meaning ‘day of god’

12.Lucian ( Latin Origin ) name meaning ‘light’

13.Sampson ( Hebrew Origin ) meaning ‘sun’. The name is associated with the Book of Judges in the Bible

14.Vihan (India Origin) name meaning ‘dawn’

15.Xavier (Arabic Origin) meaning ‘new house or bright’. This name is linked to Professor Xavier from Marvel's X-Men series

Unique Girls Name Meaning Dawn

A girl name meaning dawn shows a special rising talent in your little one.  We have brought together several popular girl names that mean dawn or daybreak:

16.Aamu ( Finnish Origin) meaning ‘morning’

17.Apollonia ( Greek Origin) meaning ‘appealing’. Apollonia Vitelli-Corleone is the name of an influential character in the English movie, Godfather

18.Alba ( Latin Origin) name meaning ‘white’

19.Aurelia( Latin Origin) meaning ‘the golden one’

20.Aurora ( Latin Origin) meaning ‘dawn’

21.Ayelet (Hebrew Origin) meaning ‘deer, gazelle’

22.Celia ( Latin Origin) meaning ‘Heavenly’. This is the name of a protagonist in Shakespeare's As You Like It

23.Chiara ( Italian Origin) meaning ‘light, clear’

24.Cressida (Greek Origin) meaning ‘gold’. The name is derived from Criseyde and is associated with a famous poem, Troilus and Criseyde, by Geoffrey Chaucer

25.Danique (French Origin) meaning ‘morning star’

26.Dawn (Latin Origin, Arabic Origin, Hebrew Origin) meaning new beginning or hope.  A very popular name for girls and is preferred by many English families

27.Dia (Spanish Origin) meaning ‘love, lamp, heavenly, day’

28.Electra ( Greek Origin) meaning ‘shining, bright’. The name is associated with a female superhero in Marvel comics

29.Elenore ( German Origin) meaning 'light'

30.Eliana (Hebrew Origin, Latin Origin) name meaning ‘my god has answered’

31.Goldie (Yiddish Origin) means ‘dawn’

32.Helena (Native American Origin) meaning ‘bright or shining light’.  It is the name of a female superhero in DC comics, also known as the Huntress

33.Lucille (French Origin) meaning ‘light’

34.Luz (Spanish Origin) meaning ‘light’

35.Neoma (Greek Origin) meaning ‘new moon’

36.Niamh (Irish Origin) meaning ‘bright’

37.Noor (Arabic Origin) meaning ‘light’

38.Orla (Irish Origin) meaning ‘Golden Princess’

39.Roxana (Persian Origin) meaning ‘dawn, little star’

40.Sahar (Arabic Origin) meaning ‘dawn, morning, awakening’

41.Savita (Hindi Origin) meaning ‘Sun’

42.Talia (Hebrew Origin) meaning ‘gentle dew from heaven; by the water’. Talia is the name of a female protagonist in Batman series, who is also the daughter of Ra's al Ghul

43.Xanthe (Greek Origin) meaning ‘golden, yellow’

44.Zariza (Hebrew Origin) meaning ‘gold, brilliantly bright’

45.Zora ( Arabic Origin, American Origin, African Origin) name means ‘dawn’

Unique Gender Neutral Names Meaning Dawn

You may want to give a unisex name meaning dawn to your child. Here are a few unique names that mean rebirth or dawn and names meaning sunrise in various languages:

46.Asa (Hebrew Origin, Japanese Origin) meaning ‘healer; born in the morning’

47.Beacon (African American Origin) meaning ‘signal light’

48.Callahan (Irish Origin) meaning ‘bright headed’. Callahan is the name of the protagonist of the Dirty Harry series

49.Dagny (Scandinavian Origin) meaning ‘new day’

50.Early (Britain Origin)meaning ‘bright new day’

51.Lior (Hebrew Origin, Israeli Origin) meaning ‘I have a light’

52.Neriah ( Hebrew Origin) meaning ‘light of Jehovah’

53.Nouvel (Arabic Origin) meaning ‘light’

54.Nova ( Latin Origin) meaning ‘light’

55.Phaedra (Greek Origin) meaning ‘bright’. This is the name of a famous character in Greek mythology

56.Sunny ( Native American Origin) meaning ‘sun’

57.Zerah ( Hebrew Origin) meaning ‘to rise; dawn’

Popular Boys Names That Mean New Beginning

Dawn means the start of a new day, so you can give your boy a name meaning new beginning as they give a new start to your life.

A baby indicates a new direction to your life. These boy names meaning new beginning or sunrise names symbolize a new life for you and your child:

58.Ace (Latin Origin) meaning ‘one, unity’. The name is also associated with a player who excels at a specific part of a sport or the entire sport

59.Asier (Basque Origin) meaning ‘the beginning’

60.Berilo (Spanish Origin) meaning ‘beryl, pale green gemstone’

61.Haruki ( Japanese Origin) meaning ‘spring Child’. This Japanese baby name is associated with the famous Japanese author, Haruki Murakami

62.Ichiro (Japanese Origin) meaning ‘First born son’. Ichiro Suzuki is a former baseball player

63.Irving (Scottish Origin) meaning ‘green river, sea friend’. Famous author Irving Stone takes after this name

64.Jarek (Slavic Origin, polish Origin) meaning ‘spring’

65.Navin (Hindi Origin) meaning ‘new, novel’

66.Neander (Greek Origin) meaning ‘new man’

67.Neon (Latin Origin) meaning’ bright’

68.Naville ( French Origin) meaning ‘new town’

69.Newbold (English Origin) meaning ‘new building’

70.Newlin (Welsh Origin) meaning ‘new pond’

71.Newton (English Origin) meaning ‘new town’. This is the name of the famous scientist, Isaac Newton, who discovered the Theory of Gravity and also, invented calculus

72.Novak (Serbian Origin) meaning ‘new’

73.Oran ( Aramaic Origin, Irish Origin) meaning ‘light or pale little green one’

74.Primo ( Italian Origin) meaning ‘first’

75.Primus ( Latin Origin) meaning ‘number one’. This is the name of an American funk band

76.Sabik (Arabic Origin) meaning ‘one who comes in first’

77.Ulan (Twi Origin) meaning ‘firstborn twin’

78.Vasant (Sanskrit Origin) meaning ‘spring’

79.Viridius (Latin Origin) meaning ‘green’

Unique Girls Name Meaning New Beginning

Your baby girl can bring a new life to your family. Here are a few baby girl names that are both unique and meaningful:

80.Alpha ( Greek Origin) meaning ‘first daughter’. The first letter from the Greek alphabet series and associated with the best in a group

81.Alula (Greek Origin) meaning ‘first born’

82.Amaryllis ( Greek Origin) meaning ‘to sparkle’

83.Antonella (Italian Origin) meaning ‘first born’

84.Aviva ( Hebrew Origin) meaning ‘spring like, fresh, dewy’

85.Beeja (Hindi Origin) meaning ‘new beginning or happy’

86.Beryl (Greek Origin) meaning ‘sea green jewel’

87.Caroun (Armenian Origin) meaning ‘spring time’

88.Cerelia (Latin Origin) meaning ‘relating to spring time’

89.Chloe (Greek Origin) meaning ‘young green shoot’. Chloe Armstrong is a popular character in the famous TV series, Stargate Universe

90.Javiera (Spanish Origin) meaning ‘new house or bright’

91.Kady (Irish Origin) meaning ‘number one’

92.Kia (African Origin) meaning ‘season’s beginning’

93.Midori (Japanese Origin) meaning ‘green’. This is a common Japanese name and is also associated with a Japanese anime with the same name

94.Nasima (Arabic Origin) meaning ‘breeze, fresh air’

95.Oriana ( Italian Origin, Latin Origin) meaning ‘dawn’

96.Pyllida (Greek Origin) meaning ‘green bough’

97.Primavera (Italian Origin) meaning ‘spring’

98.Primrose (English Origin) meaning ‘first rose’. Primrose Everdeen is the name of the sister of Katniss Everdeen, the main protagonist of the famous Hunger Games series

99.Roxana (Persian Origin) meaning ‘dawn’. Roxana is a historic name and is linked with the name of Alexander the Great's wife

100.Signe (Scandinavian Origin) meaning ‘spring’

101.Verna ( Latin Origin) meaning ‘spring time’

102.Winona (Sioux Origin) meaning ‘first born daughter’. This is the name associated with the famous American actress, Winona Ryder.

103.Zorina (Slavic Origin) meaning ‘golden dawn’

104.Zera ( Hebrew Origin) meaning ‘seeds, beginnings’. This name is similar to the word, Zara, which is the name of a fashion brand from Spain

Unique Gender Neutral Names Meaning New Beginning        

Some baby names suit both girls and boys. We have enlisted some gender neutral baby names that will suit both boy and girl and stand out by being unique:

105.Aviv (Hebrew Origin) meaning ‘springtime, freshness, youth’

106.Cyan (Native American English Origin) meaning ‘greenish blue color’

107.Dagny (Scandinavian Origin) meaning ‘new day’

108.Denver ( American English Origin) meaning ‘from enviers’. This name is linked to the popular Netflix show 'Money Heist's' character Denver

109.Issey (Japanese Origin) meaning ‘first born’

110.January (English Origin) meaning ‘the first month of a new year’

111.Mika (Hungarian Origin, Japanese Origin, Russian Origin) meaning ‘beautiful fragrance’

112.Nasim (Arabic Origin) meaning ‘breeze, fresh air’

113.Neo (Latin Origin) meaning ‘new’. This name is associated with the main protagonist of the Matrix series, played by Keanu Reeves

114.Newlyn (Welsh Origin) meaning ‘new’

115.Nouvel ( French Origin) meaning ‘new’. This means rebirth in Latin and Nouvel is the middle name of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's kid

116.Verdi (Italian Origin) meaning ‘green’

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