Top 70 Names Meaning Lion For The Newest Member Of Your Pride

Names inspired by lions are a popular choice.

Names meaning lion are the synonym for bravery, courage, and boldness.

Names meaning lioness or lion can often show how courageous your baby is. It does not depict the viciousness of the animal, but instead reveals the royal and brave characteristics of the King of the Jungle.

Did you know that female lions are called lionesses and baby lions are called cubs, how cute! The Japanese word for lion is 'raion' and in Hebrew, it is 'ari'.

We love lions so much that we have summed up all the names meaning 'lion hearted', names meaning 'lion heart' and names meaning lion in a handy list just for your little lion cub.

For more name inspiration check out these boys' names beginning with L and these girl names beginning with L.

Popular Girls' Baby Names Meaning Lion

In mythology, the feminine form of the lion is depicted as a goddess. This may inspire parents to adorn their baby dolls with these fierce names.

1.Amandala (African origin) meaning 'power'.

2.Aria (Hebrew origin) meaning 'a lioness'. In Greek mythology, a nymph is named 'Aria'.

3.Aeriela (Hebrew origin) meaning 'a lioness'.

4.Athaleyah (Hebrew origin) meaning 'Lioness of God'.

5.Hafsa (Arabic origin) meaning 'little lioness'.

6.Kiara (Celtic origin) meaning 'lion's daughter'.

7.Leandra (Greek origin) meaning 'lion human'.

8.Loni (Hebrew origin) meaning 'fierce lioness'.

9.Leone  (Latin origin ) meaning 'lioness'.

10.Nala (African origin) meaning 'queen lion or a successful woman'.

11.Zariel (English origin) meaning 'lion princess'.

12.Liona (Italian origin) meaning 'the lioness'.

Unique Boys' Baby Names Meaning Lion

Every parent looks for a special name for their baby, why not take inspiration from lions?

Choosing unique names is a growing trend as parents want their children to stand out. We have listed some boy names that mean lion that are not as popular as others on this list.

13.Ander (Greek origin) meaning 'lion-man'. It is one of the best names for a lion that you could use to name your child.

14.Basel (Greek origin) meaning 'courageous and lion'

15.Benroy (Hebrew origin ) a baby name meaning 'son of a lion'.

16.Griff (Welsh origin) meaning 'mythological creature which is a combination of eagle and lion'.

17.Guryon (Hebrew origin) a baby name meaning meaning ' young lion'.

18.Herin (French origin) meaning 'lion'.

19..Levon (Armenian origin) meaning 'lion'.

20.Len (French origin) meaning 'brave as a lion'.

21.Lennel (English and German origin) meaning 'brave as a lion'.

22.Lenny (German origin) a baby name meaning  'somebody who is lion bold'.

23.Lander (Greek origin) meaning ' lion-like'.

24.Lenard (French origin) meaning 'bold like a lion'.

25.Othneil (Hebrew origin) meaning 'lion of God'.

26.Rasalas (Arabic origin) meaning 'the Northern star of the lion's head'.

27.Timoleon (Greek origin) meaning 'lion honor'.

28.Tocho (Native American origin) meaning 'mountain lion'.

29.Zaiden (Hebrew origin ) meaning 'lion and brave'.

Gender Neutral Baby Names Meaning Lion

Unisex names have gained popularity over time and many parents today love to choose gender-neutral baby names. All of the names below mean lion, making them powerful choices for boy or girl names.

30.Ariel (Biblical origin) meaning ' lion of God'.

31.Ari (Hebrew origin) meaning 'lion'.

32.Arya  (Persian origin) meaning 'lion'

33.Emery (English origin) meaning 'brave and powerful as a lion'.

34.Kithlish (Biblical origin) meaning 'the company of a lioness'.

35.Lavi (Hebrew origin) meaning 'lion'.

36.Miles (Latin origin) meaning ' lion-hearted soldier'.

37.Puma (Latin origin) meaning 'resembling a lion mountain'.

38.Safari (African origin) meaning 'journey conjuring lion, zebra, and elephants'.  

39.Sher (Persian origin) meaning 'lion'.

Popular Boys' Baby Names That Means Lion

Naming boys with names synonymous to lions is a popular choice among parents. Some of the in-demand baby names for lions are summarized below.

40.Aryeh  (Hebrew origin) meaning 'lion'.

41.Aslan (Turkish origin) meaning 'lion'. The name gained popularity among the masses after the success of the series 'Chronicles of Narnia'.

42.Abbas (Arabic origin) meaning 'lion'. Abbas was the uncle of the last prophet of Islam.

43.Arsalan (Arabic origin) meaning 'King of the jungle'.

44.Cub (English origin) meaning 'baby of a lion'.

45.Daniel (Irish, Hebrew, and Welsh origin) meaning 'God is my judge'.  Daniel survived the attack from a lion and came out safely from the den, as described in the Old Testament.

46.Dilan (Welsh origin) meaning 'like a lion'.

47.Ghadanfar (Muslim origin) meaning 'King of the jungle'.

49.Gabriel (Biblical origin) meaning 'heart of a lion'.

50.Kasar (Hindu origin) meaning 'lion'.

51.Leo (Italian origin) meaning  'lion or ambitious'.

52.Leonardo (German origin) meaning 'lion strong'. Leonardo Di Caprio is a famous Hollywood actor.

53.Napolean (Italian, French, and Greek origin) meaning  'lion of Naples'. Napoleon was a French military leader.

54. Simba (African origin) meaning 'lion'. The protagonist of the classic Disney movie, 'The Lion King'.

Less Common Girls' Baby Names That Mean Lion

Choosing a baby name for your little girl which means lion is a perfect choice.

There are many quirky options when naming a girl using lion names.

55.Arija (Hebrew origin) meaning 'lioness of God'. It is one of the famous lions names mentioned in the holy scriptures of Judaism.

56.Berengaria (Latin origin) meaning 'bear spear'. She was the wife of a lion-hearted King Richard I of England.

57.Cakusola (African origin) meaning 'one who possesses the heart of a lion'.

58.Chephirah (Israeli origin) meaning ' a little lioness'.

59.Emeteria (Greek origin) meaning 'half a lion'.

60.Kefira ( Hebrew origin ) meaning 'a young lioness'.

61.Jocelyn (German origin) meaning 'lion of God'.

62.Leontina (German origin) meaning ' like a lion'.

63.Lenina (English origin) meaning 'lioness'.

64.Leocadia (Spanish origin) meaning 'having the strength of a lion'.

65.Leonda (French origin) meaning 'lioness or female lion'.

66.Mai Ly (Vietnamese origin) meaning 'lion'.

67.Poldi (Hungarian origin) meaning 'brave like a lion'.

68.Safia (Arabic origin) meaning 'lion's share'.

69.Tiaret (African origin) meaning 'lioness'.

70.Zira (African origin) meaning 'moonlight'. The name has been used by characters of the movie 'The Lion King'.

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