Top 76 Names That Mean Faith For Your Baby

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Whether it's peace and faith, or moonlight and rainbows, parents all want good things for their babies, and many like to choose names to reflect this.

Baby names that mean faith have been popular since parents started naming babies - even the ancient Egyptians had the name Asenath meaning faithful to the goddess Neith - and they've never gone out of fashion since. We've gathered together 60 of the best baby names meaning faith or faithful to help you find the perfect name for your bundle of joy.

With its strong religious tradition, a lot of faith names are Hebrew in origin, and Biblical names take many of the top spots. However, there are also many other languages with rich traditions of faith-related names. Yoruba names beginning with Olu- and Igbo names starting with Chi-, both meaning God, are a good example, as are Arabic names ending al-din or ad-din, which means faith or religion. We've collected beautiful baby names from all over the world for you to choose from. Whether you're looking for a simple and direct name like Faith, a classic like Daniel, or a trendy name like Zayn or Imani, we're sure to have something here for you.

Traditional Baby Names That Mean Faithful

From Hebrew names like Daniel to Scottish-origin Malcolm, these baby names that mean faith or faithful are classics for a good reason.

1) Anselm (German): God's protection.

2) Christopher/Christina (Greek): Christ-bearer.

3) Daniel (Hebrew): God is my judge. A Biblical baby name from the story of Daniel and the lion.

4) Dora (Greek): Short for Theodora or Dorothea, both meaning gift of God.

5) Elizabeth (Hebrew): God is my oath. This classic comes from the Hebrew name Elisheba.

6) Esther (Persian): literally meaning star, Esther was a Biblical figure who showed tremendous faith.

7) Ezekiel (Hebrew): God's strength. This Hebrew name belongs to a Biblical prophet.

8) Faith (English): There's no mistaking this baby name meaning.

9) Godfrey (English): God is my peace.

10) Hope (English): Hope and faith are so closely related we've slipped this straight-down-the-line baby girl name in here too.

11) Malcolm (Scottish): devoted to St. Colomba.

12) Theodore (Greek): gift of God. Often shortened to Theo.

13) Timothy (English): honouring God.

14) Vera (Russian): faith.

Modern Baby Names That Mean Faith

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These baby names with meanings related to faith have all been increasingly popular in recent years, often because they're associated with celebrities.

15) Caleb (Hebrew): devoted to God. This name has been on an upswing recently, with some parents going for variants like Kaleb.

16) Imani (Swahili): faith. Rapper Imani has popularised this one recently.

17) Iris (Greek): Technically meaning rainbow, the flower symbolises hope and follows the trend for bringing back some of the classic flower names.

18) Manuel (Spanish): God is with us. A form of Emmanuel that's very popular in Spain and Italy.

19) Tadashi (Japanese): devotion. The name of the character Tadashi in Big Hero 6.

20) Taraji (Swahili): faith, hope. The name of talented actress Taraji P Henson.

21) True (English): This direct name has gained popularity since Khloe Kardashian gave it to her daughter.

22) Zayn (Arabic): A short boy name meaning God is gracious, this name has gained popularity since Zayn Malik shot to fame.

23) Zeke (Hebrew): This fashionable name comes from the Biblical Hebrew name Ezekiel, meaning God is strong.

Baby Boy Names Meaning Faith

Whether it's Shona Rutendo or Hebrew Amnon, these strong boy names are all great choices if you're on a search for beautiful baby names that mean faith.

24) Amnon (Hebrew): faithful.

25) Eli (Hebrew): God is.

26) Fidel (Spanish): faithful.

27) Gilchrist (Scottish): servant of Christ.

28) Malone (Irish): devoted to St John.

29) Matthan (Israeli): hope of the Lord.

30) Nobu (Japanese): trust, faith.

31) Rutendo (Shona): faith.

32) Salah (Arabic): peace through faith.

33) Truman (English): faithful man. This name belonged to the author Truman Capote.

34) Zinedine (Arabic): beauty of the faith. French footballer Zinedine Zidane has made this name famous.

Baby Girl Names Meaning Faith

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Girl names meaning faith don't stop with the obvious choices like Faith and Hope. From Hebrew Eliana to Indian-origin Nita, these gorgeous names for baby girls all have meanings related to faith.

35) Amista (Chomorro): loyalty.

36) Creda (English): faith.

37) Eliana (Hebrew): God has answered.

38) Fidelia (Spanish): faithful.

39) Leala (French): faithful.

40) Mumina (Arabic): believer.

41) Nadine (French): hope.

42) Nita (Indian): faithful one.

43) Sanna (Swedish): true.

44) Solange (French; Latin): religious. The name of a saint.

45) Violet (English): Although its real meaning is a plant name, this purple flower is a symbol of faith.

Gender Neutral Baby Names Meaning Faith

If you're looking for a gender-neutral name, search no more. All these names meaning faith can belong to any baby.

46) Ariya (Sanskrit): meaning noble, an Ariya is someone who has achieved one of the levels of holiness in Buddhism.

47) Chibuike (Igbo): God is my strength.

48) Christian (English): a Christian. Also sometimes spelled Christiane.

49) Daijon (American): God's gift of hope.

50) Dillon (Irish): This baby name meaning loyal is also often spelled Dylan.

51) Iman (Arabic): faith.

52) Kit (English): follower of Christ. Often used as a pet name for Christopher.

53) Tinashe (Shona): we are with God.

54) Tumelo (Tswana/Sotho): faith.

55) Zhen (Mandarin Chinese): A name which can mean either genuine or loyal depending on the hanzi used to write it,  this short and sweet baby name can also mean precious.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Faith, From Around The World

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The search for a boy name that means faith is over. These names from all over the globe are lovely choices for a baby boy.

56) Amin (Arabic): trustworthy, faithful.

57) Besim (Albanian): faith, trust.

58) Devdas (Sanskrit, Hindi): servant of the Gods.

59) Emmanuel (Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese): God is with us; faith in God.

60) Hanif (Arabic): true believer.

61) Olufemi (Yoruba): God loves me.

62) Sachin (Hindi): true.

63) Setiawan (Indonesian): true and loyal.

64) Toivo (Finnish; Estonian): hope, faith.

65) Umed (Indian): hope and faith.

66) Usko (Finnish; Swedish): faith.

Faith Names For Baby Girls, From Around The World

If you're looking for a girl name meaning faith then look no further. We've scoured the globe for faith-related names from different countries and cultures.

67) Amina (Arabic): trustworthy, faithful.

68) Ashia (Arabic): life and hope.

69) Datyah (Hebrew): belief in God.

70) Eiddwen (Welsh): hoped-for.

71) Elvira (Spanish): true.

72) Emmanuella (Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese): God is with us; faith in God.

73) Hanifa (Arabic): true believer.

74) Nakia (Egyptian Arabic): faithful and pure.

75) Trinh (Vietnamese): loyal and faithful.

76) Verena (German): true. Variant of Vera.



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