Top 75 Names That Mean Midnight For Your Midnight Arrival

There are many baby names for babies born around midnight.

The search for unique baby names can be difficult, especially if you want it to match their personality.

Many parents want to look at different languages and origins for inspiration. They want the name they choose to represent their baby.

A unique way of naming your baby would be choosing names that are related to the baby's time of birth. Why not name your baby based on their midnight arrival? Names that mean sun and the names that mean night are always mystical in a certain way.  Girl names like 'Nox' meaning 'night' in Latin or 'Lilith' that means 'night' in Akkadian, sound catchy and chic as do much more beautiful baby boy or girl names that mean 'star' or 'night'. Check out this list for plenty of baby names that mean 'darkness', 'evening star', 'night', and 'dark'.

For more ideas, why not take a look at these baby names that mean night or these moon-related names.

Names Meaning Midnight From Around The World

Midnight is magical and is ideal as baby name themes.

Baby names that are related to midnight or anything close to this mystical time are often attractive choices. Here's a list of baby names from around the world based on this theme.

1.Amaya (F) (Japanese Origin) meaning 'rain at night' is a girl's name.  This name comes close to Amiya Steed, an American actress.

2.Anniki (F) (Finnish Origin) meaning 'goddess of the night'.

3.Asra (F) (Arabic Origin) meaning 'one who travels at night' This Arabic name also has a variation of Isra.

4.Badru (M) (Egyptian Origin) meaning 'born during the full moon night'.

5.Bibigul (F) (Kazakh Origin) meaning 'nightingale'.

6.Celeste (M/F) (Latin Origin) meaning 'heavenly'. It is a name usually associated with the heavenly bodies we can see at night and is perfect for your baby.

7.Dipanwita (F) (Indian Origin) meaning 'lively night, generally associated with Diwali'.

8.Hoshi (F) (Japanese Origin) meaning 'star'.

9.Hunapo (M/F) (Maori Origin) meaning 'hidden darkness' is a unisex Polynesian name.

10.Nisha (F) (Sanskrit Origin) meaning 'night' is considered an enticing girl name.

11.Nox (M/F) (Latin Origin) meaning 'night' is a very short name usually used for girls as well as boys.

12.Nyx (F) (Greek Origin) meaning 'night'.

13.Otieno (M) (Luo Origin) meaning 'born at night'.

14.Ponui (M) (Tahitian Origin) meaning 'great night' is a Polynesian name usually taken by boys.

15.Ratree (F) (Thai Origin) meaning 'night jasmine'.

16.Tinuviel (F) (Sindarin Origin) meaning 'nightingale'.

Traditional Names Meaning Midnight

The mythologies, old traditions, and cultures have plenty of names that mean midnight or darkness that could be the perfect pick for baby names.

17.Achlys (M) (Greek Origin) meaning 'darkness'.

18.Budde (M) (African Origin) meaning 'night'.

19.Chausiku (F) (Swahili Origin) meaning 'born at night'.

20.Dosakara (M) (Indian Origin) meaning 'night maker'.

21.Erebus (M) (Greek Origin) meaning 'darkness', according to Greek mythology.

22.Estrella (F) (Spanish Origin) meaning 'star'.

23.Gau (M) (Basque Origin) meaning 'night'.

24.Hesper (F) (Greek Origin) meaning 'evening star'.

25.Hoku (M)(Hawaiian Origin) meaning 'star'.

26.Lillith (F) (Akkadian, Jewish Origin) meaning 'night monster'.

27.Lyra (F) (Greek Origin) meaning 'lyre'. A constellation that can be seen at night.

28.Miyabi (M) (Japanese Origin) meaning 'elegant night fire'

29.Miyu (F) (Japanese Origin) meaning 'beautiful evening, dark time'.

30.Nadir (M) (Arabic Origin) meaning 'solar midnight' is considered to be the lowest point of the sun.

31.Rajnish (M )(Sanskrit Origin) meaning 'Lord of the night'.

32.Ryna (F) (German Origin) meaning 'night'.

Modern Names Meaning Midnight

Night names have a mysterious feel to them, suitable for baby names.

Here's a list of trendy and catchy names that are the perfect pick for your babies.

33.Altair (M/F) (Arabic Origin) meaning 'brightest star'.

34.Aquila (M) (Latin Origin) meaning 'eagle', refers to a midnight constellation.

35.Belma (F) (German Origin) meaning 'the night of full moon'.

36.Bibigul (F) (Kazakh Origin) meaning 'nightingale'.

37.Coakley (M) (Old English Origin) meaning 'dark meadow'.

38.Corvina (F) (Latin Origin) meaning 'dark-haired'.

39.Dargan (M) (Irish Origin) meaning 'dark-haired'.

40.Indukanta (F) (Indian Origin) meaning 'night.

41.Jemisha (F) (Sanskrit Origin) meaning 'queen of the midnight, darkness'.

42.Lark (M/F) (American Origin) meaning 'bird that sings at night'.

43.Mindy (F) (English Origin) meaning 'dark, gentle' this is one of the quite popular American baby names.

44.Myrtle (F) (English Origin) meaning 'dark' is associated with a character from the 'Harry Potter' movies by the name 'Moaning Myrtle'.

45.Orpheus (M) (Ancient Greek Origin) meaning 'the darkness of night'. The name comes from a famous character in Greek mythology.

46. Sanja (F) (German Origin) meaning 'face of the night'

47.Shirina (F) (Hindi Origin) meaning 'night'.

48.Tamela (F) (English Origin) meaning 'dark'.

49.Tinuviel (F) (Literary Origin) meaning 'daughter of twilight, nightingale'.

50. Twyla (F) (American origin) meaning 'twilight', this baby name is a modern and edgy variation for the term twilight.

Popular Names Meaning Midnight

These popular names mean dark, night, midnight, star, and more, and they have a trendy sound to them. Here's a list of names that means a great deal for people around the world due to their deep meanings.

51.Blake/ Blaque (M/F) (Old English Origin) meaning 'dark' is quite popularly associated with the Hollywood actress by the name Blake Lively.

52.Carey (M/F) (Irish Origin) meaning 'dark' is a non-binary name associated with the popular American Singer Mariah Carey.

53.Darcel (F) (French Origin) meaning 'dark'. This is another name for the variation Darcy, a character in Jane Austen's novel 'Pride and Prejudice'.

54.Estelle (F) (Latin Origin) meaning 'star' is also used as a variation like Stella.

55.Esther (F) (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'star' is a popular biblical name.

56.Ilta (F) (Finnish Origin) meaning 'evening'

57.Layla (F) (Arabic Origin) meaning 'night' is quite a popular Arabic name also used with variations like Leila, Laila in many countries.

58.Madhunisha (F) (Indian Origin) meaning 'pleasant night'.

59.Nishant (M) (Sanskrit Origin) meaning 'end of the night'. This name comes from the ancient scriptures of Sanskrit language and is commonly taken by boys.

60.Neisha (F) (Indian Origin) meaning 'night'.

61.Rajani (F) (Indian Origin) meaning 'night' in Hindi.

62.Sterling (F) (English Origin) meaning 'little star'.

63.Vesper (F) (Latin Origin) meaning 'evening star'.

Names Meaning Night, Darkness And Dusk

Midnight comes with a calming feeling. Here's a small list of baby names that are derived from different cultures and could be perfect for your midnight arrival.

64.Arrats (M/F) (Basque Origin) meaning 'dusk' is quite a catchy contemporary unisex name.

65.Ciaran (M/F) (Irish, Gaelic Origin) meaning 'dark as midnight'. Is also used with a variation of Kieran.

66.Hesper (F) (Greek Origin) meaning 'evening star'.

67.Izar (M) (Basque Origin) meaning 'star'.

68.Jaamini/Jamini (F) (Indian Origin) meaning 'night'.

69.Kakarauri (F) (Maori Origin) meaning 'darkness or dusk'.

70.Koko (F) (Native American Origin) meaning 'night'.

71.Miyako (F) (Japanese Origin) meaning 'beautiful night child'.

72.Stella (F) (Italian Origin) meaning 'star' is a pretty name for your baby girl.

73.Tynan (M) (Irish Origin) meaning 'dark'.

74.Yelda (F) (German Origin) meaning 'dark night'.

75.Yvaine (F) (Scottish Origin) meaning 'evening star'.

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