Top 100 Names That Mean Wisdom, Wise Or Smart

Baby names meaning smart can really make your baby stand out.

Choosing the perfect name for your baby can be a tedious task.

Now, you want to give your child a name that inspires wisdom and smartness in them. But, where do you look for them, and how do you decide which name best fits your child?

To solve these problems for you and other parents, we have put together a list of all 100 such names that mean wise, smart, or wisdom. Dive into the different categories and choose the perfect name that will suit your smart little boy or girl's personality.

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Baby Names Meaning Wisdom, Wise or Smart For Boys

Baby boys are almost always energetic and playful, yet some can be wise and smart beyond their years. Here a list of names to give such boys the perfect moniker:

1. Aakil (Hindi origin) meaning "smart, intelligent". For baby names, this is a great option.

2. Alden (English origin) meaning "old, wise friend". Alden Ehrenreich is an American actor.

3. Aldo (Italian origin) meaning "old and wise". Aldo Zilli is an Italian celebrity chef.

4. Alfred (Old English origin) meaning "wise counsel". Director Alfred Hitchcock is associated with this name.

5. Alvis (Old Norse origin) means "all-wise"; an excellent baby name meaning wise.

6. Basir (Arabic origin) meaning "wise". For baby names that mean wise, this can be a suitable choice.

7. Boman (Persian origin) meaning "a smart mind", Boman Irani is an Indian actor.

8. Cato (Latin origin) meaning "one who has wisdom and good judgment".

9. Ceorl (Anglo-Saxon origin). This word was used to describe the wise men in the epic 'Beowulf'.

10. Conrad (Germanic origin) meaning "wise counsel". This is one of the smarter baby boy names.

11. Conroy (Irish origin) meaning "wisdom or wise".

12. Cuthbert (English origin) meaning "smart and brilliant". This English name can be an excellent choice for your baby boy.

13. Dara (Hebrew origin) meaning "wisdom and compassion".

14. Eldridge (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "wise king". For parents looking for baby names that mean wise, this is a top choice.

15. Ethan (Hebrew origin) meaning "strength and wisdom". This can be a great option for boy names.

16. Fabian (Latin origin) meaning "a man of wisdom". For baby boy names, this name is perfect.

17. Farzan (Persian origin) meaning "intelligent and wise". A suitable pick for names meaning wisdom or wise.

18. Fitzhugh (English origin) meaning "son of a smart, intelligent man". An excellent name for a baby boy.

19. Hakim (Arabic origin) means "wise man". For baby names that mean wise, parents may opt for this name.

20. Hugo (Germanic origin) meaning "smart mind". This German name is a great option for baby names meaning smart.

21. Kendry (Malagasy origin) meaning "wise man". A good option for a baby name meaning wisdom.

22. Manish (Sanskrit origin) meaning "intelligent, smart". A unique baby name meaning smart.

23. Nestor (Greek origin) was the name of an old King who served as a wise counselor to the Greek Kings at Troy.

24. Raymond (French origin) means "wise protector". 'Everybody Loves Raymond' was a popular sit-com.

25. Seanan (Irish origin) meaning "little, wise man". A perfect name for your little wise baby.

Baby Names That Mean Smart

A smart and playful child can make anyone smile.

Looking for smart names for your smart baby? Here are a few names that fit the bill:

26. Akylly (F) (Turkmen origin) means "smartness".

27. Astutu (M) (Corsican origin) means "smart".

28. Chalu (M) (Indian origin) means "clever and smart".

29. Cliste (F) (Irish origin) means "cunning and smart person".

30. Dhuki (F) (Arabic origin) means "smart".

31. Fiksu (M) (Finnish origin) means "calm and smart".

32. Klart (M) (Icelandic origin) means "smart".

33. Schlau (M/F) (German origin) means "smartness".

34. Smati (F) (Igbo origin) means "a smart person".

35. Umnaya (F) (Russian origin) means "a person with smartness and slyness".

Girl Names Meaning Wisdom, Wise, Or Smart

Girls are thought to be wiser and smarter. We have just the perfect names for parents to choose for their girls who are smart and possess wisdom:

36. Alberta (Germanic origin) meaning "noble and smart". This German name is apt for your intelligent daughter.

37. Alohi (Hawaiian origin) meaning "brilliant and smart". This is one of the more unique baby names.

38. Alvie (English origin) meaning "noble and wise friend". This English name is a good option for your little girl.

39. Athena (Greek origin) refers to the Greek Goddess of wisdom and war. One of the more popular girl names meaning wisdom.

40. Bertha (Germanic origin) meaning "smart, bright". For baby names that mean smart for girls, this is a great choice.

41. Bridgette (Irish origin) refers to the Irish Goddess of poetry and wisdom.

42. Cassidy (Irish origin) meaning "clever and cunning". Out of names that mean smart, this is a perfect name for girls.

43. Ethelinda (German origin) meaning "a wise and noble serpent".

44. Jada (Hebrew origin) means "wise" and is a unique name for baby girls.

45. Kayla (Arabic origin) meaning "a wise child". Kayla Compton is an American actress.

46. Labiba (Arabic origin) meaning "intelligent and wise". One of the more unique girl names.

47. Manisha (Indian origin) meaning "intellect and wisdom". A rare and beautiful name for your daughter.

48. Michiko (Japanese origin) meaning "a beautiful and wise child". This a prevalent name for girls in Japan.

49. Minerva (Roman origin) refers to the Roman Goddess of wisdom and war; Minerva McGonagall was a fictional character in the Harry Potter Franchise.

50. Monica (North African origin) meaning "to advise wisely". A great name meaning wisdom for girls.

51. Ramona (Spanish origin) means "wise protector". Ramona Young is an American actress.

52. Rhetta (Dutch origin) means "wise advisor". A great pick for baby names that mean smart or wise.

53. Saffi (Greek origin) meaning "wisdom". One of the most beautiful baby names for girls.

54. Salvia (Latin origin) meaning "a sage or wise person". A unique name meaning wiseness.

55. Saraswati (Sanskrit origin) refers to the Hindu Goddess of education, wisdom, and culture.

56. Shanna (Irish origin) meaning "old and wise". An excellent name for a female baby.

57. Sonya (Russian origin) meaning "wisdom". A fantastic name to call your daughter by.

58. Sophie (French origin) meaning "wisdom". A cute option for girl baby names. Sophia is a variation for Sophie.

59. Veta (Spanish origin) means "intelligent and smart". A great name meaning smart.

60. Zosia (Polish origin) meaning "wisdom". Zosia Mamet is an American actress associated with this name.

Baby Names Meaning Wisdom

Here are a few baby names from various origins that mean wisdom for boys and girls and some gender-neutral names:

61. Eagna (F) (Irish origin) meaning "wisdom".

62. Ganesh (M) (Sanskrit origin) means "lord of magnitude". This is the name of the Hindu god of new beginnings, good luck and wisdom.

63. Gliocas (M) (Scottish Gaelic origin) means "wisdom and enlightenment".

64. Hikma (F) (Arabic origin) means "wisdom".

65. Ismintis (M/F) (Latvian origin) means "a person with wisdom".

66. Kalaam (M) (Cebuano origin) means "sagacity".

67. Mudrost (M) (Bosnian origin) means "sagacity".

68. Nzeru (M/F) (Chichewa origin) means "wisdom".

69. Ogbon (M) (Yoruba origin) means "a person with wisdom".

70. Sago (M) (Esperanto origin) means "someone with insight and wisdom".

71. Saviesa (M/F) (Catalan origin) means "a wisely person".

72. Urtesi (F) (Albanian origin) means "a man with wisdom".

73. Viisaus (M) (Finnish origin) means "a learned person with wisdom".

74. Wyshied (M) (Afrikaans origin) means "sagacity".

75. Zhihui (M/F) (Chinese origin) means "perception and wisdom".

Unisex Baby Names That Mean Wise, Smart & Wisdom

Gender-neutral baby names which are smart are moving up in the trending list.

Unisex names are trending all over the world these days, so why not pick one with a positive meaning for your little one.

76. Dana (Persian origin) means "wise". For unisex baby names, this is a great choice.

77. Frode (Old Norse origin) means "learned and wise".

78. Heller (Germanic origin) meaning "bright and smart".

79. Mackenzie (Gaelic origin) meaning "child of the wise leader". This is one of the more prevalent unisex baby names that mean wise and smart.

80. Mika (Native American origin) means "wise little raccoon". A cute baby name for both your son and daughter.

81. Prudence (French origin) means "sagacity and wisdom". This can act as a great unisex name.

82. Quinn (Gaelic origin) meaning "wiseness". Quinn Shephard is a famous American actress.

83. Rae (Scottish origin) means "a wise protector".

84. Sage (French origin) means "peaceful, calm & wise". Sage Erickson is a female professional surfer from America.

85. Solon (Greek origin) means "the wise one". Solon was the name of a statesman from ancient Athens.

Baby Names With The Meaning Wise

A name that has the meaning wiseness can be a great identity for your little child.

86. Bilge (M) (Turkish origin) means "wiseness".

87. Busara (F) (Swahili origin) means "enlightenment and wise".

88. Dono (M) (Uzbek origin) means "wise".

89. Gyani (M) (Hindi origin) means "a learned and wise person".

90. Jakintsu (M) (Basque origin) means "wise man".

91. Klog (M) (Danish origin) means "clever and wise". One of the better baby names that mean wiseness.

92. Matalino (M/F) (Filipino origin) means "wise".

93. Mudar (M) (Bosnian origin) means "sagacious".

94. Naauao (M) (Hawaiin origin) means "a wise man". Sean Na'auao is a Hawaiian musician.

95. Poto (M/F) (Samoan origin) means "wiseness".

96. Sabio (M) (Galician origin) means "learned and wise". Spanish King Alfonso X was known as El Sabio.

97. Saggio (M) (Italian origin) means "sagelike".

98. Tark (M) (Estonian origin) means "sagacious". A great name meaning wise for your child.

99. Vitur (M/F) (Icelandic origin) means "enlightened and wise".

100. Wijs (M/F) (Dutch origin) means "a wise person".

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