Top 100 Nature Dog Names To Inspire You

These nature inspired names and their meanings are perfect for any dog.

If you're dog loves being in nature, nature inspired dog names could be a great choice for them.

We have compiled a list of names from a variety of nature related topics including herbs, flowers, natural travel destinations, nature in geography, history, literature and so much more. All the names in this list are ideal for any breed, no matter whether you have a small dog like a Dachshund or Pomeranian or a larger dog like a St Bernard or a Great Dane.

We love this list of nature names, which even includes some flower names for dogs such as Brier and Fleur. So, what are you waiting for? Keep on reading to find the perfect name for your puppy!

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Nature Inspired Dog Names For Girls

If you're a proud parent of a female puppy, then Greek names like Gaia, which means “from the earth” may speak to you. So, without any delay let's dive deep into the list of best nature inspired names for female dogs.  From new to old, our list has loads of names inspired by nature.

Whether you love mountains, rivers, or flowers, a nature inspired name is beautiful and suits all breeds.

1. Aqua (Latin origin) means "water". It's one of the cutest names you'll find.

2. Aria (Italian origin) means “air”. This is a unique and relatively new puppy name.

3. Aster (Greek origin) means "a plant of the daisy family".

4. Autumn (Latin origin) means "the fall season".

5. Birdie (German origin) means "bird".

6. Blue (Gaelic origin) means "the color blue", which is synonymous with the ocean and the sky, two great phenomenons of nature!

7. Brier (English origin) means "a purple colored flower".

8. Brin (Welsh origin) means  “like a hill".

9. Dove (English origin) means "the bird; a symbol of peace".

10. Dusty (Old Norse) means "powdery", this name can be used in reference to the weather.

11. Echo (Greek origin) means "sounds in open space".

12. Eco (Latin origin) means “of the environment”.

13. Elm (English origin)  means "deciduous tree".

14. Everest is the name of the tallest mountain peak.

15. Fern (Old English) is a vascular plant.

16. Fleur (English origin) means "like a flower".

17. Gaia (Greek origin) means "from the earth".

18. Green (English origin) this is a prominent color in nature. Nature dog names like this one are perfect for a dog who loves greenery.

19. Iris (Greek origin) means "colors of the rainbow".

20. Ivy (English origin) means "the deep green climbing plant". A perfect name for a puppy who loves nature just as much as you.  

21. Kalani (English origin) means “the sky”.

22. Lana (Gaelic origin) means “little rock". Pet parents these days are choosing dog names inspired by the sun, moon, and planets to keep their pups connected to nature.  

23. Laurel (French origin) means "an evergreen tree".

24. Luna (Spanish origin) means "the moon".

25. Montana (English origin) means "mountain".

26. Sage (English origin) is a herb that grows in nature.

27. Savannah (English origin) means "grassland".

28. Sequoia (French origin) the name of one of the largest trees in the world.

29. Sienna (Italian origin) means "to be old". It is also the name of a city in Tuscany.  

30. Sierra (Spanish origin) this is the name of a mountain range in California.

31. Tahoe (American origin) means "large freshwater lake". A river inspired name for your puppy who is very much like the cool and calm water.

32. Talia (English origin) means "morning dew". This is one of those dog names that is perfect for dogs who bring light to your life.

33. Tansy (French origin) means "a type of plant of the daisy family". We think that it is a perfect name for a Golden Retriever.

34. Willow (English origin) means "willow tree".

35. Wind (English origin) means "the air that blows". A perfect name for a fast puppy.

36. Zola (English origin) means "earth".

Nature Inspired Dog Names For Boys

If you and your dog love the outdoors and are both full of energy, then outdoor dog names like Sol, which means “sun” in Spanish are perfect for you. This list of nature inspired male dog names is perfect for any breed, shape, or size.  These nature dog names could be perfect for your new pup!

These nature-inspired names work wonderfully for male dogs.

37. Achley (Old English origin) means “oak meadow”.

38. Aput (Origin unknown) means "snow".

39. Aspen (American origin) means “one who loves nature”. It is also the name of a poplar tree found in North America.

40. Barley (English origin) means "a tall, grassy plant". A unique name for a new Goldendoodle puppy.  

41. Bear (English origin) means "burly animal". A furry pet name perfect for dogs like a Saint Bernard or Golden Retriever.

42. Birch (German origin) means "thin-leaf tree".

43. Blizzard (English origin) means "wild storm". An ideal name for a white dog who is big and energetic.

44. Caden (Arabic origin) means "marshland".

45. Canyon (Spanish origin)means "gorge". A river inspired name for your dog.

46. Cedar (English origin) means "the tree".

47. Cephas (Greek origin) means "rock" or "stone". Famous name bearer: Saint Cephas.

48. Clay (English) means "soil of beautiful color".

49. Coal (English origin) means "charred wood". Such nature dog names are perfect for jet black dogs.

50. Colorado (Spanish origin) means "colorful". A blooming and blossoming name for your boy.

51. Cricket (English origin) means "the insect". An ideal dog name for all sports lovers too.

52. Cypress (English origin) means "strong'.

53. Dale or Dael (English origin) means "dwells in the valley".

54. Farley (English origin) means "woodland clearing".

55. Felding (English origin) means “one who lives in the fields”.

56. Flint (Old English origin) means "rock used to create a spark".

57. Hawk (English origin) means "bird of prey". A great predatory name for a hunting dog.

58. Jasper (English origin) means "spotted stone".

59. Jet (Arabic origin) means "black and shiny gemstone". A new and funky name for a black and mighty dog.

60. Juniper (English origin) means "evergreen; the spirit of youth".

61. Jupiter (Roman origin) means "the fifth planet from the sun".

62. Ka (Hawaiian origin) means "ocean".

63. Kodiak (American origin) the name of some US islands.

64. Lark (English origin) means "songbird".

65. Lupo (Italian origin) means "wolf".

66. Mammoth (American origin) means "earth". It is also the name of a mountain or lava dome found in California.

67. Marin (French origin) means “of the sea”.

68. Niraj (English origin) means "lotus flower".

69. North (English origin) means "the cardinal direction".

70. Oakley (English origin) means "wood clearing".

71. Oriel (English origin) means "orange and blackbird".

72. Orion (Greek origin) means “rising in the sky”.

73. Pluto (English origin) this was the name of a former planet. It is also the name of a famous cartoon dog from Walt Disney Animation films.

74. Quest (English origin) means "exploration". For a dog who is always searching for something.

75. Quill (English origin) means "from the woods". Perfect name for a dog who loves the outdoors.

76. Reed (English origin) means "nature".

77. Ridge (English origin) means "spine of a mountain".

78. Sahara (Arabic origin) means "desert". Nature names for dogs inspired by deserts, mountains, and rivers are all the rage these days.

79. Shadow (English origin) means "a cast of light".

80. Shenandoah (English origin) means "spruce stream".

81. Silver (English origin) means "precious metal". A perfect name for a grey dog.

82. Sol (Spanish origin) means "run". New names like Sol are becoming very popular among pet parents.

83. Stone (English origin) means "rock".

84. Talon (English origin) means "bird of prey".

85. Terra (Greek origin) means "goddess of Earth". We think that this is an ideal name for terrier dogs.

86. Thistle (English origin) means "a prickly purple flower".

87. Topaz (English origin) means "gemstone". An ideal name for a dog who is precious to you.

88. Vale (English origin) means “one who lives in the valley”.

89. Well (English origin) means "spring or stream".

90. Winter (English origin) means "the season". A perfect seasonal name for dogs.

91. Wolfe (German origin) means "wolf".

92. Wren (English origin) means "one who is from the farm”.

Gender Neutral Nature Names

If you have a new dog and now you are looking for a great name to match your pet, check out our list of nature, river, or tree names for dogs and other nature themed dog names that are gender neutral. These are the perfect unisex names for your dogs, which will help your pet stand out from the crowd. Check out these wonderful dog names inspired by nature!

93. Basil (English origin) means "an aromatic herb".

94. Brook (North American origin) means "a stream".

95. Copper (English origin) means "an element".

96. Clover (English origin) means "plant with three-lobed leaves".

97. Denver (Old English origin) means "one who belongs to the green valley". It is also the name of a city in Colorado.

98. Karma (Sanskrit origin) means  "universe".  

99. Sky or Skye (Old Norse) means "expanse above us".

100. Teal (English origin) means "a color in the shades of blue-green".

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