Top 135 One Syllable Dog Names That Are Short And Sweet

One syllable names always make good names for dogs.

Did you know that the number one pet name is Max for male dogs, and Bella for females?

Experts say that one or two syllable names are ideal in catching a dog’s attention. Dogs are likely to memorize and respond to these sounds quickly.

Naming a puppy can be a tricky and complicated process. You may fancy a long moniker, but a crisp, short name would go a long way in effectively training your four legged friend. Your canine friend must be able to remember his or her name easily and a short name is a good way of achieving this. However, while one syllable dog names will help your pup train and socialize better, it should not cause confusion with their training cues. We advise that the name you pick should not sound too similar to a command or prompt you give them to avoid any confusion. Here is a list of great one syllable dog names that will make your search easier.

For more ideas, take a look at these big dog names and these cartoon dog names.

Male One Syllable Dog Names

Below is a list of inspiring one syllable names for your special furry boy.

1. Abe, of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘Father of Nations’.

2. Art, short for Arthur, meaning ‘bear’.

3. Ash, of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘happy’.

4. Bach, of European origin. Name your dog after the famous composer Bach.

5. Bay, of English origin, meaning ‘auburn-haired’.

6. Bear, for a dog who is strong and brave.

7. Bert, derived from Old English, meaning ‘intelligent’ or ‘bright’.

8. Benz, of German origin, meaning ‘brave’ or ‘blessed’. Also short for Mercedes Benz.

9. Biggs, for a good boy who is big.

10. Bolt, of English origin, for a boy who is fast and loves the zoomies!

11. Bond, of English origin, if you want to name your furry boy after 007.

12. Buzz, after Buzz Lightyear.

13. Caine, of Irish origin, meaning ‘battle’.

14. Champ, for a fur-boy who is a true winner.

15. Chance, of Middle English origin, meaning ‘luck’ or ‘good fortune’.

16. Dash, for a pup who loves the zoomies.

17. Dax, of French origin, meaning ‘leader’.

18. Duke, of English origin, a name fit for dog royalty.

19. Dug, after the dog from the Disney movie 'Up'.

20. Earl, of English origin, meaning ‘warrior’.

21. Glen, of Gaelic origin, meaning ‘valley’.

22. Gray, for a Greyhound or a Fido who is literally gray.

23. Gus, of English origin, meaning ‘great’.

24. Finn, of Irish origin, meaning ‘fair’ or ‘clear’.

25. Hooch, after the dog from the buddy cop film 'Turner & Hooch'!

26. Jack or Jax, of English origin, short for Jacob.

27. Joon, of Chinese origin, meaning ‘king’.

28. Mac, of Scottish origin, meaning ‘son’.

29. Max, of Latin origin, short for Maximilian, meaning ‘great’.

30. Nate, of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘gift’.

31. Prince, only the most princely of names for your furry family member.

32. Rex, of Latin origin, meaning ‘king’ or ‘ruler’.

33. Roy, of Scottish origin, meaning ‘red’.

34. Sam, of Hebrew origin, short for Samuel which means ‘God has heard’.

35. Stag, meaning ‘male deer’.

36. Tau, of African origin, meaning ‘lion’.

37. Thor, after the hammer-wielding Norse God of storms.

38. Ty, of American origin, short for Tyler.

39. Volt, short for voltage.

40. West, of Middle English origin.

41. Zeke, of Hebrew origin, translates to ‘God strengthens’.

42. Zues, of Greek origin, after the ruler of Mount Olympus.

Female One Syllable Dog Names

(Girl dogs suit one syllable names too.

Looking for a list of one syllable names for your girl pup? Here are some names that will delight you.

43. Ann, of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘grace’.

44. Bea, of Latin origin, meaning ‘happy’ or ‘blessed’.

45. Blaire, of Scottish Gaelic origin, meaning ‘meadow’.

46. Bree, of Irish origin, meaning ‘strength’.

47. Cher, of French origin, for a dog who is ‘cherished’ and dear to you.

48. Claire, of Latin origin, meaning ‘wonderful’.

49. Dee, of English origin, short for Diana.

50. Elle, of French origin, meaning ‘girl’.

51. Eve, derived from Eva, meaning ‘life’.

52. Fawn, of English origin, meaning ‘young deer’.

53. Fran, of Latin origin, an old school name meaning ‘free’.

54. Jude, of Hebrew origin, if you want to take some inspiration from the Beatles song.

55. June, after the Roman goddess Juno.

56. Kay, of Greek origin, meaning ‘rejoice’.

57. Liz, short for Elizabeth.

58. May, after the Roman goddess Maia.

59. Mei, of Chinese origin, a name for your girly fur baby meaning ‘beautiful’.

60. Nell, of English origin, meaning ‘light’.

61. Lou, of French origin, meaning ‘warrior’.

62. Queen, an apt name for a girl fur baby who behaves like the Queen.

63. Rae, of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘protector’.

64. Rose, a name for the gentlest girl.

65. Rue, short for Ruth, which literally translates to ‘friend’.

66. Shay, of Irish origin, meaning ‘gift’.

67. Shu, of Chinese origin, meaning ‘charming’.

68. Sue, of English origin, meaning ‘lily’.

Unisex One Syllable Dog Names

Here are a bunch of gender neutral names you can pick for your future fur bestie.

69. Bits, a name for the pup who owns every bit of your heart.

70. Blake, of English origin, meaning ‘pale’.

71. Charm, a name for a charming good boy.

72. Chie, of Japanese origin, meaning ‘wisdom’.

73. Chip, of English origin, a nickname for Charles.

74. Duff, of Gaelic origin, meaning ‘dark’.

75. Fonz, of Latin origin, meaning ‘noble’.

76. Fox, for a smart and clever doggo.

77. Gem, of Latin origin, meaning ‘jewel’.

78. Gin, of Japanese origin, meaning ‘silver’.

79. Greer, of Scottish origin, meaning ‘watchful’.

80. Jazz, of English origin, after a style of music.

81. Jet, a unisex name of English origin.

82. Kim, of English and Asian origins, meaning ‘bold’ or ‘golden’ respectively.

83. Kip, of English origin, meaning ‘pointed hill’.

84. Lex, short for Alexander or Alexis.

85. Lux, of Latin origin, meaning ‘light’.

86. Muse, of Greek origin, for the dog who inspires you.

87. Rain, of English origin, denoting ‘blessings’.

88. Reece or Rhys, of English origin, meaning ‘enthusiasm’.

89. Sal, short for Salvatore or Sally, depending on what you prefer.

90. Sky, derived from the Norse word that means ‘cloud’.

Unique One Syllable Dogs Names

Tired of basic names? Below are a few rare one syllable dog names that will inspire you.

91. Blaise, of French origin, meaning ‘stutter’.

92. Frost, a cool and rather serious name for your dog.

93. Ice, apt for dogs with white fur.

94. Jinx, a name for a girl that means ‘magic’.

95. Nash, of English origin, meaning ‘by the ash tree’.

96. Nix, of Greek origin, a name for a girl that means ‘night’.

97. Sage, of English origin, meaning ‘wise’.

98. Taz, after the cartoon character The Tasmanian Devil from 'Looney Tunes'.

99. Xue, of Chinese origin, meaning ‘snow’.

Adorable One Syllable Dog Names

(Puppies deserve a cute one syllable name.

Is your fur baby the most adorable pet whom you want to smother in kisses? The following are some of the cutest dog names around.

100. Beau, of French origin, meaning ‘handsome’. Apt for your beautiful pooch.

101. Chic, a name for a stylish doggo.

102. Doe, a girl’s name that means ‘deer’.

103. Joy, for the pooch who brings you joy.

104. Babe, for a sweet and beautiful pup.

105. Belle, of French origin, for the dog who is the Belle of the ball.

106. Kew, of Chinese origin, meaning ‘adorable’.

107. Love, for the most lovable pet.

108. Peach, a cute name for your pooch.

109. Pip, of Greek origin, meaning ‘friend of horses’.

110. Poe, derived from Old Norse, meaning ‘peacock’.

111. Rei, of Japanese origin, meaning ‘lovely’.

Funny One Syllable Dog Names

Want an ironic or amusing cutest dog name for your four legged companion?

112. Bark, wouldn’t it be fun to name a barking dog Bark?

113. Boo, a name for a dog who is your boo and the one you love most.

114. Boop, if you love to boop the snoot.

115. Fish, it’s ironic but we love it!

116. Moo, sweet but hilarious.

117. Oaf, if your new companion is big and oaf-like.

118. Snoop, after Snoopy the dog, or if your pup likes to snoop around a bit too much.

119. Wee, a name for a cute tiny pup.

One Syllable Names For Hunting Dogs

Is your dog tough enough for hunts? These names will certainly make them sound so.

120. Ace, meaning ‘one’ or ‘unity’. If you feel that your dog aces at hunts, then this is the name for him!

121. Chev, of French origin, meaning ‘knight’.

122. Clive, of English origin, meaning ‘the one who lives near a cliff’.

123. Count, of Latin origin, meaning ‘companion’.

124. Dame, of French origin, meaning ‘lady’. An apt name for a female hunting dog.

125. Gun, of German origin, meaning ‘bold warrior’.

126. Hawk, for the dog who is ever so alert and vigilant.

127. Huck, of American origin, short for Huckleberry.

128. Monk, a name for a dog who is serious and thoughtful.

129. Pax, of Latin origin, meaning ‘peace’.

130. Rock, a name for a dog who is as strong as a rock.

131. Scout, a name fit for your explorer companion.

132. Storm, a cool unisex name for your tough fur companion.

133. Sword, a name for a dog who is as sharp as a sword’s blade

134. Thane, of English origin, meaning ‘warrior’.

135. Wade, of English origin, meaning ‘at the river crossing’.

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