Top 90 Perfect Palindrome Names For Your Baby

A unique, meaningful palindrome name is all rage these days.

The word palindrome means "to run backward".

This means that a palindrome name is a name that reads the same whether it is read backward or forwards. These types of names are usually short, simple, and sweet, but some palindrome names can be long, with a rich history and a special meaning attached to them.

Often, palindromic names are used as nicknames but this list is here to show you that there are loads of great baby names that are made that bit more special because they are also a palindrome. As a parent, you probably want a name for your child that is interesting, meaningful and beautiful, well what can be more interesting and fascinating than these palindrome names?

These sweet and simple baby names, such as Bob, Anna, Ava and Hannah are spelled the same from both ends. So, let us help you to find a cool and unique palindrome baby name for your new arrival.

For more baby name inspiration, take a look at these four letter girls' names and these one syllable boy names.

Unique And Unisex Palindrome Names

These unique and unisex palindromes might be just what you are looking for to name your child. These beautiful palindromic names could make the perfect baby name for a boy or girl.

Read it front or backward, these palindrome names will state the name yet mean so much more.

1. BB (English origin) this cute short names can be used as a nickname or a given baby name.

2. Efe (West African origin) means "wealth".

3. Hallah (Jewish origin) means "beauty" or "sweet".

4. Immi (Swiss origin) means "daughter" or "innocence".

5. Isi (American origin) means "deer".

6. Kanak (Sanskrit origin) means "gold".

7. Laval (French origin) means "city in Quebec".

8. Maram (Arabic origin) means "wish".

9. Malayalam (Indian origin) means "an Indian dialect".

10. Nauruan (Narau origin) means "the language of Nauru".

11. Noon (Arabic origin) means "sword blade".

12. Pip (English origin) means "friend of horses".

13. Redder (English origin) means "more red in color".

14. Senones (French origin) means "ancient people from France".

15. Williw (English origin) this cute name is a unisex variant of Willow.

Popular Girls' Palindrome Names

Why not choose one of these palindrome baby names for your girl? She deserves a popular palindrome name which is out of this world.

16. Ada (German origin) means "noble". A beautiful baby name for baby girls.

17. Ana/Anna (Spanish origin) the name Anna means "grace".

18. Arora (Latin origin) means "dawn". It is also an alternate spelling of the name Aurora.

19. Ava (English origin) means "to breathe".

20. Artisitra (English origin) this is a unique invented name.

21. Aurorua (Roman origin) means "dawn". It is also a variant of the name Aurora, who was the Roman goddess of dawn.

22. Elle (English origin) this name is a classic variant of Ellie.

23. Hannah (Hebrew origin) means "grace". 'Hannah Montana' is the name of an famous teen TV series.

24. Ivi (Origin Hebrew) meaning: "Yahweh is gracious”. It is also an alternate spelling of the name Ivy.

25. Kaylyak (English origin) means "beautiful".

26. Lyryl (Latin origin) means "laurel trees." Other variations (though not palindromic)  are Laural or Lyra.

27. Rosor (German origin) means "rose".

28. Syny (English origin) means "broad island".

Short Palindrome Names for Girls

Short, sweet, and simple, these cute palindrome names for girls are just what a parent wants.

29. Ala (Arabic origin) means "excellence".

30. Aya (Japanese origin) means "color".

31. Azza (Arabic origin) means "powerful".

32. Cec (Celia origin) this baby name is short for Cecilia or Celia.

33. Ece (Turkish origin) means "Queen".

34. Ege (Turkish origin) means "Aegean sea".

35. Izzi (Arabic origin) means "mighty".

36. Lil (English origin) this flower name means "pure".

37. Nan (English origin) means "grace".

38. Nin (Hebrew origin) means "grace".

39. Non (Welsh origin) means "nun".

40. Viv (English origin) means "alive".

The Longest Palindrome Names for Girls

These long palindrome girl names are will make your daughter stand out among her friends and peers. Long palindrome names are more than just a word, these are names with deep and beautiful meanings. We hope one of these palindrome baby names will stick out for you.

41. Ahsha (Sanskrit origin) means "hope".

42. Aidia (Spanish origin) means "help".

43. Ailia (Irish origin) means "light".

44. Anana (African origin) means "soft".

45. Anina (German origin) means "grace".

46. Aviva (Hebrew origin) means "spring".

47. Aziza (Arabic origin) means "powerful".

48. Halah (Arabic origin) means "nimble".

49. Havah (Hebrew origin) means "to breathe".

50. Hayah (Arabic origin) means "life".

51. Ireri (Mexican origin) means "princess".

52. Itati (Guarani origin) means "white rock".

53. Layal (Arabic origin) means "nights".

Palindrome Words To Use As A Girl's Name

Here are some palindrome words that can also be used as names.

54. Alula (Arabic origin ) means "part of a bird's wing".

55. Arara (Arabic origin) means "type of bird".

56. Liril (Indian origin) means "trustworthiness". It is also the name of a popular brand of soap in India.

57. Mem (Hebrew and Arabic origin) means "water".

58. Aeaea (Greek origin) means "a mythological place". It is also the name of the home of the Goddess-Sorceress Circe.

59. Ardra (India origin) means "moist". It is also the name of a Hindu goddess.

Popular Boys' Palindrome Names

Here are some cute and popular palindrome names for boys.

60. Asa (African and Hebrew origin) means "father or grandfather".

61. Bob (English origin) means "bright and shining".

62.  Kerek (English origin) means"wheel".

63. Otto (German origin) means "great wealth and prosperity".

Unique Palindrome Names For Boys

Here is a useful list of original and unique palindrome baby names for boys. These names are not as common as others on the list but they are still great names with wonderful meanings.

Try these beautiful palindrome baby names for your boy.

64. Davad (English origin) means "beloved". It is also a variant of the name David. King David was an important character in the Hebrew Bible.

65. Exe (English origin) this is one of the most beautiful palindrome baby names that uses the letter "X".

66. Kerek (English origin) means "rock". It is also an alternate to the name Carrick.

67. Nolon (English and Irish origin) means "famous". It is also a variant of the name Nolan.

68. Ovidivo (English origin) means "a sheep".

69. Renner, this name means "unknown". It can also be used as a last name, like actor Jeremy Renner.

70. Rigir (High German origin) means "heron".

71. Rykyr (Danish origin) this name is a variation of the name Ryker".

72. Rydyr (Old English origin) means "brave power or mounted warrior". It is also an alternate spelling of the name Ryder.

73. Silis (African origin) means "a conqueror". It is also a variant of the name Silas.

Short Palindrome Names for Boys

Who doesn't like a cute, short name? Just for your boy, we have compiled a list of some cool and short palindromes. We hope one of these names will speak to you.

74. Ata (Arabic origin) means "gift".

75. Ara (American origin) means "unknown".

76. Ebbe (Danish origin) means "wild boar".

77.  Ede (Hungarian origin) means "rich guard".

78. Ese (Frisian origin) means "God".

79.  Lal (Hindi origin) means "boy".

80. Iggi (African origin) means "the only son".

81. Luul (Somali origin) means "Prince or God".

82.  Odo (Germanic origin) means "wealth".

83.  Utu (Sumerian origin) means "sun".

Strong Palindrome Names for Boys

For your handsome boy, try out these beautiful, yet strong palindrome baby names, which are meaningful and cute, yet at the same time strong.

84. Aba (Hebrew origin) means "father or grandfather".

85. Kilik (English origin) means "a farmer from Cylla".

86. Kuruk (American origin) means "bear".

87.  Lehel (Arabic origin) means "King of the Jews".

88. Lemel (Jewish origin) means "belonging to God".

89. Natan (Hebrew origin) means "he gave".

90. Pylyp (Ukrainian origin) means "friend of horses".

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