Top 100 Perfectly Inspirational Names For Your Baby

Naming your newborn after something inspirational will add sublime values to your baby's life.

Inspiration evokes a sense of enthusiasm and motivation in a person.

Inspiration mentally arouses a feeling within the person to think or do something creative and new. It opens us up to new possibilities by letting us rise above our ordinary experiences and past setbacks.

Selecting a name for your baby which inspires you and will keep reminding you that life is full of endless possibilities. It will tell you and your baby that all you need to do is keep discovering new paths and keep embracing the different ways of life. Inspirational names with inspiring meanings might motivate your child to incorporate the goodness behind their names. An inspirational name for a baby will manifest your baby and their nature to be positive, and it will create an ambiance of hope in the family. The goal of doing something nice for humankind can start with the very name of your baby, so take a look at these inspiration names to find the one for you.

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Names Inspired By Inspirational Women

Here is a list of empowered women who have done extraordinary things in their lives and achieved success. You can name your baby girl after these strong, independent, successful women. Here is a list of inspiring girl names.

1. Abigail (Hebrew origin) meaning "my father's joy". Abigail Scott was the 1st Women Rights activist.

2. Ada (German origin) meaning "adornment". Inspired by Ada Lovelace, the 19th-century mathematician.

3. Amelia (English origin) meaning "striving". Amelia Earhart was the first solo female orator to fly across the Atlantic and her name is lovely and inspiring for a little girl.

4. Audre (English origin) meaning "Nobel". Audre Lorde, a poet, and essayist.

5. Eleanor (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my light". Associated with Eleanor Roosevelt, a former First Lady of the United States.

6. Elizabeth (Hebrew origin) meaning "my God is an oath". Elizabeth Cady Stanton is famous for being president of the National Woman Suffrage Association.

7. Emmeline (German origin) meaning "hard-working". Emmeline Pankhurst was the founder of Women's Social and the Political Union which advocated voting rights for women.

8. Gloria (Latin origin) meaning "glory". Gloria Steinem, a major writer on women and gender, is certainly inspiration for baby girl names.

9. Harriet (French origin) meaning "power". Harriet Tubman escaped slavery and saved more than 300 slaves via the Underground Railroad.

10. Isadora (Greek origin) meaning "gift of Isis". Isadora Duncan, a dancer.

11. Jane (Hebrew origin) meaning "Yahweh is gracious". 'Pride and Prejudice' was a very popular novel by Jane Austen.

12. Lucy (English-French origin) meaning "light". Lucy Stone was an orator and a women's rights leader.

13. Maya (English origin) meaning "illusion". Maya Angelou, a poet, is the most inspiring bearer of this name.

14. Marie (French origin) meaning "star of the sea". Madame Curie, popularly known as Marie, won the Nobel Prize for Physics.

15. Malala (Arabic origin) meaning "grief-stricken". Malala, a Nobel laureate and activist, is worthy inspiration for baby girl names.

16. Margaret (Persian origin) meaning "pearl". Margaret Atwood, the Canadian novelist, and poet.

17. Rosa (Latin origin) meaning "rose". Rosa Parks the first lady of civil rights who fought against segregation and racism.

18. Sandra (Greek origin) name means "protector of man". Sandra Day O'Connor, a Supreme Court justice.

19. Teresa (Greek origin) meaning "to harvest". Inspired by Mother Teresa.

Inspirational Baby Names Based On Spirituality

(Spiritual baby names will add bliss to you and your baby's life.

Spiritual baby names are classic examples of traditional names that evoke a sense of spirituality in an individual. Here is a list of spiritual baby names to choose from and find the one you like.

20. Aaliyah (F) (Arabic origin) meaning "heavens". A beautiful baby girl name.

21. Arcadia (F) (Greek origin) meaning "region offering peace and contentment".

22. Amara (F) (Greek origin) meaning "grace".

23. Anahera (F) (Maori origin) meaning "angel".

24. Anais (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning "grace".

25. Anouk (M) (Dutch origin) meaning "grace".

26. Arella (F) (Hebrew origin) meaning "God's Messenger".

27. Bliss (F) (English origin) meaning "God's Blessing".

28. Bodhi (M) (Sanskrit origin) meaning "enlightenment" or "spiritual awakening".

29. Cassiel (M/F) (Latin origin) meaning "Angel of Saturday".

30. Celesta (F) (Latin origin) meaning "heavenly".

31. Caridad (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "charity". A great name for inspiring your child with a giving nature.

32. Dion (M) (Greek origin) meaning "child of heaven".

33. Dharma (M)(Sanskrit origin) meaning "cosmic law for maintaining the order in the universe".

34. Elina (F) (Hebrew-Latin origin) meaning "God has answered". Elina Gilbert from the popular series 'The Vampire Diaries'.

35. Engelbert (M) (German origin) meaning "bright angel".

36. Engracia (F)(Spanish origin) meaning "Endowed with God's Grace".

37. Faith (F) (Latin origin) meaning "religious belief".

38. Grace (F) (Latin origin) meaning "divine power that inspires virtue in humans". Hazel Grace Lancaster from 'Fault in Our Stars'.

39. Hanita (F) (Indian origin) meaning "divine grace".

40. Heddwyn (M) (Welsh origin) meaning "holy peace".

41. Hope (F) (English origin) meaning "positive expectation". Hope Mikaelson from series 'Legacies'.

42. Imani (M) (Arabic origin) meaning "faith".

43. Ingram (M) (German origin ) meaning "angel raven".

44. Karma (M) (Sanskrit origin) meaning "destiny".

45. Zen (M) (Japanese origin) meaning "form of Mahayana Buddhism that emphasizes the importance of intuition through meditation". A wonderfully peaceful baby name.

Inspiring Names For Girls

Inspirational names for girls will keep reminding you and your baby girls to embrace the beauty of life and to take inspiration from things around you. Here's a list of girl names that will surely inspire you.

46. Arya (Sanskrit origin) meaning "noble". Arya Stark from the series 'Game of Thrones'.

47. Aletha (Greek origin) meaning "truth".

48. Asha (Indian origin) meaning "hope". Your baby girl will surely like this name.

49. Auberon (English origin) meaning "noble".

50. Audra meaning "noble strength". Audra McDonald is a famous singer.

51. Axelle (French Origin) meaning "father of peace".

52. Chana (Hebrew origin) meaning "decency".

53. Chara (Greek origin) meaning "joy".

54. Charis (Greek origin) meaning "elegance".

55. Charity (English origin) meaning "the voluntary act of giving". This is a sweet name for a baby girl.

56. Damita (Spanish origin) meaning "little noblewoman".

Inspiring Names For Boys

(Inspiring baby names can be some of the best options for your baby.

Ideas for baby boy names, that will keep inspiring you. Here is a list of perfectly inspirational baby boy names:

57. Aadir (Hebrew origin) meaning "noble".

58. Absalom (Hebrew origin) meaning "father of peace".

59. Alonso (Latin origin) meaning "noble".

60. Arav (Indian origin) meaning "peaceful".

61. Aron (Hebrew origin) meaning "Enlightened". A very inspirational baby name for a boy.

62. Ayan (African origin) meaning "fortune".

63. Ayu (African origin) meaning "joy". Make your little boy a joyful one with this baby name!

64. Bayo (African origin) meaning "the crown meets joy".

65. Ceaser (Latin origin) meaning "head of hair". 'Julius Caesar' is a famous play written by Shakespeare.

66. Honour (Latin origin) meaning "reputation".

67. Justice (French origin) meaning "fair and honest".

68. Malu (Hawaiian origin) meaning "peace".

69. Madoc (German origin) meaning "man of peace".

70. Pax (Roman origin) meaning "treaty" or "peace".

71. Valor (Latin origin) meaning "worthiness". You won't find a more inspiring boys' name than this one.

Inspirational Boy Names Inspired By Famous Men

Baby boy names inspired by prominent, famous inspirational men who will keep motivating you to do great things in life. Here is a list of baby names for your baby boy.

72. Abraham (Hebrew origin) meaning "father of a multitude". Associated with Abraham Lincoln.

73. Albert (German origin) meaning "noble" and "bright". Inspired by Albert Einstein.

74. Desmond (Irish origin) meaning "south Munster". Bishop Desmond Tutu, a Nobel Peace laureate.

75. Franklin (English origin) meaning "landowner". This name can be linked to Benjamin Franklin.

76. Federick (German origin) meaning "peaceful ruler". Frederick Douglass wrote several books on the abolitionist movement.

77. Martin (Latin origin) meaning "of mars". Inspired by Civil Rights activist, Dr Martin Luther King.

78. Mikhail (Russian origin) meaning "who is like God". Associated with Mikhail Gorbachev.

79. Neil (Irish origin) meaning "cloud". Neil Armstrong was the first person to set foot on the moon.

80. Nelson (English origin) meaning "son of Neil". Nelson Mandela received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.

81. Sagan (Polish origin) meaning "kettle". Carl Sagan is famous for the popular TV series 'Cosmos'.

82. Tesla (Slavic origin) meaning "of the axe". Inspired by Serbian American inventor Nikola Tesla.

83. William (German origin) 'will' meaning "will or desire" and 'helm' meaning "helmet, protection". English playwright, William Shakespeare

84. Winston (English origin) meaning "wine's town". Winston Churchill was a former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and played a major role in World War 2.

Inspirational Baby Names That Can Also Prove To Be Lucky

Here is a list of luckiest baby names that will bring happiness and good fortune for you and your little baby. These names could be great as inspirational girl names for baby girls or even as boy names:

85. Asher (M/F) (Hebrew origin) meaning "happiness".

86. Beatrice (F) (Latin origin) meaning "one who brings happiness". Most typically a lucky girl name.

87. Bennett (M) (Latin origin ) meaning "blessed".

88. Chance (M) (English origin) meaning "good fortune".

89. Evangeline (F) (Greek origin) meaning "bearer of goodness".

90. Felix (M) (Latin origin) meaning "Lucky".

91. Felicia (F) (Latin origin) meaning "Lucky".

92. Iris (F)(Greek origin) meaning "rainbow". Iris from 'The Flash'.

93. Jade (M/F)(Spanish origin) meaning "stone of the colic". In the Beyond Good and Evil series, the name of the main character is Jade.

94. Julie (F)(Latin origin) meaning "beautiful flower".

95. Kiara (M/F)(Italian origin) meaning "Bright". Kiara Advani is a famous Indian actress.

96. Lucky (M)(American origin) meaning "one who is blessed with good luck". It is one of the classic names to be inspired.

97. Machiko (F) (Japanese origin) meaning "fortunate child".

98. Madoc (M) (Welsh origin) meaning "fortunate".

99. Quinn (M/F) (Irish-Gaelic origin) meaning "intelligence". Harley Quinn is a fictional character played by Margot Abbie in the movie 'Birds of Prey'.

100. Sharon (F) (Hebrew origin) meaning "of the fertile plain".

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