Top 162 Popular Danish Names With Meanings

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Did you know that Denmark is considered to be one of the happiest countries in the world?!

This Scandinavian country is also the source of some seriously good baby names. So, if you’re looking for some baby name inspiration then you’re in the right place!

Here at Kidadl, we understand that choosing the perfect name for a new baby is a challenging task for all new parents, so let us guide you through our top picks of Danish baby names, from popular names to names that are short and sweet, we have plenty of options for you to choose from.

Danish Girls' Names

Here are some of our favourite girls' names from Denmark that we think you’ll love.

1. Aaliyah - This pretty name means “rising”.

2. Agnes - This Scandinavian name means “pure and holy”.

3. Agneta - Meaning “pure”.

4. Alberte - Meaning “noble and bright”.

5. Almira - This pretty name means “princess”.

6. Amelia - This Danish name means “one who is hard-working, industrious and fertile”.

7. Anika - The Danish name means “gracious”.

8. Arvada - This unique name means “eagle”.

9. Asta - Meaning “divine beauty”.

10. Astrid - This quirky name from the Viking Age means “beautiful goddess”.

11. Belinde - Meaning “very beautiful”.

12. Dorothea - Meaning “gift of God”.

13. Elise - This pretty Scandinavian girls name means “promise of God”.

14. Ellinor - Meaning “sympathy, compassion”.

15. Embla - Of Danish origin, this name means “elm tree”.

16. Grete - Meaning “pearl”.

17. Heidi - This pretty name means “nobility”.

18. Hella - Meaning “divine woman”.

19. Jensine - This Danish girls' name means “God is generous”.

20. Jonna - Meaning “God is merciful”.

21. Karina - Meaning “pure”.

22. Karyn - This Danish baby name means “pure”.

23. Karen - Meaning “pure, innocent”.

24. Katrine - Meaning “pure”.

25. Kirsten - Of Danish origin, this name means “Christian”.

26. Kirstine - Meaning “Christian woman”.

27. Lisbet - This name from Denmark means “promise of God”.

28. Margareta - This girls' name of Danish origin means “pearl”.

29. Mari - Meaning “rebellious woman”.

30. Mikaela - Meaning “gift from God”.

31. Runa - Meaning “secret tradition”.

32. Terese - Of Danish origin, this name means “summer harvest”.

33. Thrya - Meaning “like thunder”.

34. Viola - This pretty name means “violet flower”.

Short Danish Baby Names For Girls

From Ada to Vivi, these short and sweet Danish baby names are perfect for a little princess.

35. Ada - This super cute name for a little girl means “graceful and noble”.

36. Alba - This adorable name means “white, pearl or bright”.

37. Ane - This cute Danish girls name means “gracious, merciful”.

38. Ase - Of Danish origin, meaning “God-like”.

39. Elin - This cute name of Danish origin means “torch of light”.

40. Else - Meaning “promise of God”.

41. Erika - Meaning “ever or eternal ruler”.

42. Eva - This pretty name is the Danish form of Eve and means “life”.

43. Ida - This super sweet Danish girls name means “hard worker”.

44. Lene - This girls name of Danish origin means “woman from Magdala”.

45. Tove - Meaning “gorgeous”.

46. Vita - Of Danish origin, this name means “filled with life”.

47. Vivi - This cute name means “olive”.

Popular Danish Girl Names

If you’re looking for Danish names which are right on trend then you’re sure to love these. From Alma to Sofie it’s easy to see why these girl names are topping the baby name charts.

48. Alma - This sweet Scandinavian name means “nurturing soul”.

49. Anna - This popular name of Danish origin means “grace”.

50. Anne - The most common name in Denmark meaning “grace”.

51. Clara - Meaning “bright and clear”.

52. Ella - This sweet girls name means “queen of the fairies”.

53. Emma - Meaning “universal” and is a top choice in Denmark.

54. Freja - This beautiful danish name means “lady”.

55. Isabelle - This pretty Danish name means “devoted to God”.

56. Josefine - Meaning “may Jehovah add”.

57. Laura - This popular name of Danish origin means “honour and victory”.

58. Liva - Of Danish origin, this name means “white”.

59. Maja - This popular name of Danish origin means “of the palm tree”.

60. Olivia - This pretty name of Danish origin means “symbol of peace”.

61. Rebekka - Of Danish origin, meaning “one who ties and joins”.

62. Sofia - A popular choice for girls in Denmark, meaning “pure”.

63. Sofie - This pretty name of Danish origin means “wisdom”.

Strong Danish Names For Girls

Want to raise a fierce little warrior? You’ll love our list of empowering girls' names.

64. Alvilda - Meaning “battle of the elves”.

65. Birgit - Meaning “powerful, strong”.

66. Birte - Of Danish origin meaning “powerful, strong”.

67. Britt - Meaning “powerful, strong”.

68. Caroline - Meaning “strong”.

69. Gunda - Meaning “war-like”.

70. Karla - Meaning “womanly strength”.

71. Lovise - This girls name of Danish origin means “well-known fighter”.

72. Lulla - Meaning “a legendary female warrior”.

73. Nanna - Meaning “courageous”.

74. Solvej - This Danish name means “from the house of strength”.

75. Ulla - Of Danish origin, this name means “powerful and prosperous”.

76. Victoria - This popular Scandinavian name means “victorious”.

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Danish Names For Boys

Here are some of our favourite boys' names from Denmark.

77. Alfred - This sweet boys name means “elfin counsellor”.

78. Arne - This boys name has Old Norse origin from the Viking Age and means “eagle, ruler”.

79. Axel - Meaning “one who likes a peaceful environment”.

80. Bendt - Meaning “the blessed one”.

81. Bertram - This boys name from Denmark means  “glorious raven”.

82. Birger - Meaning “one who helps”.

83. Bjorn - This unique name means “bear”.

84. Christen - Meaning “Christian man”.

85. Christer - This Danish baby name means “Christian man”.

86. Christian - Meaning “carrier of the cross”.

87. Edvin - This Scandinavian name means “rich or wealthy friend”.

88. Frans - Meaning “free”.

89. Franz - Meaning “free”.

90. Frode - This boys name from the Viking Age name means “wise and clever”.

91. Georg - This boys name of Danish origin means “farming man”.

92. Gregers - Meaning “awake or watchful”.

93. Gregos - This Danish name means “watchful”.

94. Hagen - Meaning “the highest son”.

95. Hemming - Meaning “changing shapes”.

96. Jerrik - Meaning “King forever”.

97. Jesper - Scandinavian boys name meaning “King of treasure”.

98. Johan - Meaning “God is gracious”.

99. Joren - Meaning “farmer”.

100. Knud - Meaning “knot” and is the Danish form of the Old Norse name Knutr.

101. Kresten - Meaning “Christian man”.

102. Madsen - The Danish version of the name Matthew, meaning “gift of God”.

103. Mikkel - This Danish boys name means “Gift of God”.

104. Nikolai - Meaning “people’s triumph”.

105. Oluf - This boys name of Danish origin means “descendant of”.

106. Odin - This name of Scandinavian origin means “wealthy”. Odin is the name of the Viking Gods of Norse mythology.

107. Palle - This Scandinavian boys name means “tiny, petite”.

108. Rolf - Of Danish origin, this boys name means “legendary wolf”.

109. Ruben - This popular Danish boys name means “see my son”.

110. Salomon - Meaning “peace”.

111. Soren - This unique name from Denmark means “stern”.

112. Stefan - This popular Danish boys name means “man with crown”.

113. Svante - This Danish name means “celebrating people”.

Short Danish Baby Names For Boys

Check out our list of some of the best short and catchy baby names for boys in Denmark.

114. Aren - This boys Danish name means “eagle”.

115. Bo - This short and sweet Danish name from the Viking Age means “commanding”.

116. Dag - A lovely short name from Denmark meaning “day”.

117. Emil - Meaning “industrious”.

118. Jory - Meaning “farmer”.

119. Lars - This super sweet Danish boys name means “victory”.

120. Nohr - This unique name has Old Norse origin and means “narrow”.

121. Orn - Of Old Norse origin meaning “an eagle”.

122. Reno - Meaning “the one who was reborn”.

123. Tue - This short Danish boys name means “peaceful man”.

Popular Danish Boy Names

Take a look at our list of some of the top baby names in Denmark.

124. Aksel - Pronounced Ahk-sell, this name means “the father is peace”.

125. August - A unique but popular name in Denmark, this boys name means “majestic dignity”.

126. Casper - This cute Scandinavian boys name means “King of treasure”.

127. Christiansen - Meaning “Son of the Christian”.

128. Elias - This sweet boys name means “Yahweh is my God”.

129. Elliot - Meaning “God is high” and is a very popular option in Denmark.

130. Erling - Meaning “nobleman’s offspring”.

131. Felix - This top Danish boys name means “the lucky one”.

132. Harald - Meaning “army leader”.

133. Jorgen - Pronounced Yor-gen, this Danish boys name means “farmer”.

134. Kai - This popular name of Danish origin means “Earth”.

135. Lucas - This top Danish name means “bright, shining”.

136. Milas - This Danish name means “soldier”.

137. Noah - This super cute boys name means “rest, comfort”.

138. Oliver -  This popular boys name from Denmark means “of the olive tree”.

139. Oscar - This popular name of Danish origin means “divine spear”.

140. Peter - The most common boys name in Denmark meaning “stone, rock”.

141. Rasmus - Meaning “dear or dearest”.

142. William - This top boys name of Danish origin means “resolute protector”.

Strong Danish Baby Boy Names

These names from Denmark all depict strength and courage, so if you want to raise a little warrior, then why not pick a name to suit?

143. Alexander - Meaning “defender of men”.

144. Amberson - This boys name from Denmark means “power, vigour”.

145. Arthur - Meaning “courageous, noble”.

146. Asmund - Meaning “divine protection”.

147. Carl - Meaning “strong man”.

148. Edvard - This name means “wealthy guard”.

149. Einar - Meaning “one who fights alone”.

150. Frederik - Meaning “peaceful ruler”.

151. Harald - This strong name of Danish origin means “powerful man in the army”.

152. Magnus - A popular name in Denmark, this name means “great one”.

153. Malthe - This unique boys name means “powerful warrior”.

154. Sibbi - Meaning “a victorious hero, a warrior who won”.

155. Tore - Of Danish origin, this boys name means  “fighter of Thor”.

156. Thor - Name your little one after the Norse God of thunder, war, strength and storms. This Old Norse name means “thunder”.

157. Valdemar - Meaning “renowned ruler”.

158. Victor - Meaning “victorious”.

159. Vidar - This boys name means “fighter in the woods”.

160. Villads - This strong boys name of Danish origin means “ready for battle”.

161. Vilmar - Meaning “known for strong will”.

162. Willamar - Of Danish origin, this boys' name means “known for strong will”.



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