Top 100+ Popular Surnames As First Names For Your Baby

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As trends come and go we've fallen in love with the idea of using last names for first names.

But, there's more to it than just picking a surname and using it on your baby's birth certificate. Not all surnames are created equal when it comes to using them as first names.

While names have long been used to identify people, it may surprise you to know that the surname is a relatively new concept in the UK and Europe. County Galway in Ireland holds the record for recording the oldest surname anywhere in Europe, with O Cleirigh (O'Clery) back in the year 916. If you're not sure about opting for a surname as your name of choice why not think about double-barrelled names and blending your favourite with a more popular name, or check out our 100 unusual middle names for your baby?

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Last Names For First Names For Baby Girls

Whether you want to honour a family name, give your baby daughter a unique edge or are just drawn to the surname, by picking last names for first names you can find a cute baby name for your little girl.

The trend for upgrading a surname to a first name has really taken off in the last few decades. It's predominantly driven by parents trying to find fresh, new and unique baby names, but it was back in the turn of the 20th century when the concept first took off. Many American parents opted for Aristocratic English last names for their children in the hopes of them finding a place in high society. Whether it worked or not it meant a whole host of new baby name options that called to mind a surname.

Take a look at this selection of baby names that are also surnames all of which are great girls names.

1.Allison (French). Means 'noble'.

2.Blair (Celtic). Means 'from the plain lands'.

3.Brook (English). Means 'a small stream'. Variations include Brooke.

4.Cassidy (Irish). Means 'clever' or 'curly haired'.

5.Chanel (French). Means 'canal'.

6.Courtney (French). Means 'courteous'.

7.Eden (Hebrew). Means 'pleasure' or 'delight'.

8.Ellery (English). Means 'joyful' or 'happy'.

9.Ellis (English). Means 'the Lord is my God'.

10.Emerson (German). Means 'son of Emery'.

11.Fallon (Irish). Means 'in charge'. Variations include Fallyn.

12.Farren (Irish). Means 'adventurous'.

13.Joyce (English). Means 'joyous'.

14.Kennedy (Gaelic). Means 'helmet head'.

15.Madison (Teutonic). Means 'son of Maud'.

16.Mallory (French). Means 'ill fated' or 'unfortunate'.

17.Mackenna (Scottish). Means 'child of the handsome one'.

18.Piper (English). Means  'pipe player'.

19.Reagan (Irish). Means 'little king'. Variations include Regan.

20.Shelley (English). Means 'from the sloping field'. Variations include Shelly.

21.Stockard (English). Means 'hardy tree'.

Last Names For First Names For Baby Boys

Surnames for boys as a first name is a strong choice – and in fact, you're far more likely to find a suitable surname to use as a first name for your son than you are for your daughter. There are many popular names here with surname baby name choices giving an edgy feel.

We're fairly sure that you're unlikely to want to name your newborn Dankworth – which is one of the surnames that falls in the endangered category, as it may die out. Other rare surnames which may not survive for long include Sallow, Miracle, Relish, MacQuoid, Birdwhistle and Tumbler. On the other hand, the traditional name James can be used as a surname, first name, girls' name or boys' name, making it one of the most popular baby name choices in the world.

22.Abbot (Hebrew). Means 'father – head of monastery'. Variations include Abbott.

23.Albert (German). Means 'noble' or 'bright'.

24.Alexander (Greek). Means 'defender of the people'.

25.Allen (English). Means 'little rock'.

26.Anderson (Scottish). Means 'manly' or 'brave'.

27.Archer (English). Means 'bowman'.

28.Arnett (English). Means 'little eagle'.

29.Austin (Greek). Means 'great one'.

30.Baxter (English). Means 'baker'.

31.Beck (English). Means 'brook'.

32.Beckett (English). Means 'little mouth'.

33.Beckham (English). Means 'from the small stream'.

34.Benjamin (Hebrew). Means 'son of the right hand'.

35.Bennett (Latin). Means 'blessed'.

36.Bevan (Celtic). Means 'young soldier'.

37.Blaine (Celtic). Means 'slender'.

38.Blake (English). Means 'black' or 'white'.

39.Boyd (Celtic). Means 'blond'.

40.Braden (Irish). Means 'salmon'.

41.Bradley (English). Means 'from the broad meadow'.

42.Brady (Irish). Means 'spirited'.

43.Brando (Italian). Means 'fiery torch' or 'beacon'.

44.Brandon (English). Means 'from the beacon hill'.

45.Brent (English). Means 'hilltop'.

46.Chester (Latin). Means 'camp'.

47.Conner (Irish). Means 'wolf lover'.

48.Conrad (German). Means 'bold advisor'.

49.Cooper (English). Means 'barrel maker'.

50.Cullen (Irish). Means 'handsome'.

51.Curtis (Latin). Means 'courteous' or 'courtly'.

52.David (Hebrew). Means 'dearly loved'.

53.Dawson (English). Means 'David's son'.

54.Deacon (Greek). Means 'servant'.

55.Dean (English). Means 'from the valley'.

56.Donovan (Irish). Means 'dark hair'.

57.Duncan (Gaelic). Means 'brown warrior'.

58.Everett (English). Means 'brave boar'.

59.Finnegan (Irish). Means 'fair'.

60.Fletcher (English). Means 'arrow maker'.

61.Flynn (Irish). Means 'son of a red haired man'.

62.Francis (Latin). Means 'free one'.

63.Franklin (English). Means 'free man'.

64.Fraser (Scottish). Means 'curly haired' or 'the forest men'.

65.Garrick (English). Means 'rule by the spear'.

66.George (Greek). Means 'farmer'.

67.Grant (French). Means 'great' or 'bestow'.

68.Hadley (English). Means 'from the heath'.

69.Harrison (English). Means 'son of Harry'.

70.Holden (English). Means 'from the hollow in the valley'.

71.Hunter (English). Means 'to hunt'.

72.Hurley (English). Means 'sea tide'.

73.Jackson (English). Means 'Jack's son'.

74.Jamison (English). Means 'James' son'.

75.Jagger (English). Means 'peddlar'.

76.Jordan (Hebrew). Means 'to flow downwards'.

77.Joseph (Hebrew). Means 'may God give increase'.

78.Kingsley (English). Means 'from the king's meadow'.

79.Landon (English). Means 'from the long hill'.

80.Layton (English). Means 'from the meadow town'. Variations include Leyton, Leighton.

81.Lennon (Irish). Means 'dear one'.

82.Lewis (English). Means 'renowned fighter'.

83.Logan (Gaelic). Means 'from the hollow'.

84.Maddox (Celtic). Means 'beneficent'.

85.Mason (French). Means 'stone worker'.

86.Miles (Greek). Means 'destroyer'. Variations include Myles.

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87.Miller (English). Means 'one who grinds grain'.

88.Mitchell (English). Means 'who is like the Lord'.

89.Montgomery (English). Means 'from the wealthy man's mountain'.

90.Murphy (Irish). Means 'sea warrior'.

91.Murray (Celtic). Means 'protects the seas'.

92.Oliver (French). Means 'the olive tree' or 'peaceful'.

93.Owen (Celtic). Means 'young warrior'.

94.Parker (English). Means 'park keeper'.

95.Perry (English). Means 'from the pear tree'.

96.Presley (English). Means 'from the priest's meadow'.

97.Preston (English). Means 'from the priest's estate'.

98.Reid (English). Means 'red head'.

99.Ridley (English). Means 'near the red meadow'.

100.Roscoe (Scandinavian). Means 'forest of the roe deer'.

101.Russell (French). Means 'red head'.

102.Ryan (Irish). Means 'little king'.

103.Tait (English). Means 'cheerful'. Variations include Tate.

104.Thomas (Teutonic). Means 'people's rule'.

105.Travis (Welsh). Means 'from the big town'.

106.Tyler (French). Means 'tile maker'.

107.Vaughn (Russian). Means 'royal'.

108.Vernon (Latin). Means 'youthful'.

109.Vincent (Latin). Means 'conquering',

110.Warner (English). Means 'from the field by the weir'.

111.Wiley (German). Means 'resolute' or 'brilliant'.

Gender Neutral Surnames For First Names

Of course, the beauty of last names for first names is that last names tend to have fewer gender connotations, which makes almost every baby name suitable for both girls and boys. This collection of last names are ideal baby names if you want to go unique. But before you make it official, try each baby name out with your own family surname to make sure it fits. It's important to find the right first name that doesn't sound like it can only be a surname.

So for baby boys or girls names how about:

112.Addison (English). Means 'son of Adam'.

113.Bailey (English). Means 'bailiff' or 'steward'.

114.Campbell (Scottish). Means 'crooked mouth'.

115.Casey (Irish). Means 'vigilant'.

116.Cody (English). Means 'pillow'.

117.Cory (Irish). Means 'from the hollow'. Variations include Kory, Corey, Korey.

118.Darcy (Irish). Means 'dark'. Variations include Darcey, D'Arcy.

119.Devon (English). Means 'the place name Devon'.

120.Dillon (Irish ). Means 'faithful'. Variations include Dylan.

121.Harley (English). Means 'from the hare meadow'.

122.Harper (English). Means 'minstrel'.

123.Hayden (English). Means 'from the hay downs'. Variations include Haiden, Haydan, Haidyn.

124.James (English). Means 'supplanter'.

125.Keagen (Irish). Means 'thinker'. Variations include Kegan, Keegan.

126.Kelsey (Irish). Means 'warrior'.

127.Kerry (Gaelic). Means 'dusky' or 'dark'.

128.Lee (English). Means 'meadow'. Variations include Leigh.

129.Mackenzie (Scottish). Means 'child of the wise one'.

130.Marley (English). Means 'near the meadow'.

131.Monroe (Scottish). Means 'mouth of the Roe river'.

132.Morgan (Welsh). Means 'circling sea'.

133.Quinn (Celtic). Means 'wise'.

134.Riley (English). Means 'brave'. Variations include Ryleigh, Ryley, Reilly, Reilley.

135.Sawyer (English). Means 'woodcutter'.

136.Shelby (English). Means 'from the village on the ledge'.

137.Sheridan (Celtic). Means 'untamed'.

138.Sorell (French). Means 'red brown hair'. Variations include Sorel, Sorrel, Sorrell.

139.Taylor (English). Means 'tailor'.

140.Wallace (German. Means 'peaceful ruler'. Variations include Wallis.

141.Winter (English). Means 'from wine's hill'.

If you enjoyed our 100+ popular surnames as first names for your baby, then you might enjoy our best unique baby names starting with the letter V for an unusual twist, and our best unique girl names starting with the letter Z to spice things up.



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