Top 100 Posh Girl Names For Your Little Darling

Baby girl wearing a flower hairband sleeping on her side holding a pink teddy.

Naming your little one can be super tricky, especially if you're looking for unique, sophisticated girl names that will have your little one stand out among the rest.

Some of the most beautiful, elegant girl names date back years and still have all the charm and wit of our modern society. Inspired by traditional novels, all over the globe, history, British culture and more, this list of 100 classic girls names will provide you with some serious posh girls names inspiration!

From the poshest names to more contemporary pretty girl names, you're bound to find baby girl names that'll suit your little princess. Or if you're looking for more trendy baby names for girls, we've compiled the ultimate list of 3 letter best girl names that are short and sweet, as well as 91 best old english girls' names too. Happy naming!

Classic Posh Names For Girls

You simply can't go wrong with any one of these classic posh baby names! Dating back years and guaranteed to leave a lasting impression, these traditional girl names are definitely ones to consider for your little one.

1.Alexa - A feminine version of ‘Alex’, this name is derived from the Greek, Alexandros, meaning ‘to defend’ is bound to make your little warrior stand out from the crowd.

2.Annabelle - A combination of the Latin ‘Anna’, which derives from the Hebrew word for grace, and the French word ‘belle’, meaning beauty.

3.Aurelia - A female form of the Latin name Aurelius, meaning ‘golden’ and is a perfect name for the ray of sunshine in your life.

4.Beatrice/Beatrix - A name that is thought to have connotations with ‘‘voyager’ or ‘traveller’. A great, elegant name for your little jet setter.

5.Cassandra - Meaning ‘to shine upon man’. This name also has super cute nicknames that are a twist on the original but still as classy as ever.

6.Clementine - The French, feminine version of Clement meaning ‘gentle, merciful’.

7.Cordelia - A name that is popularly associated with ‘cor’, a Latin term meaning ‘heart’, and has also been associated with the Welsh name Creiddylad, meaning ‘jewel of the sea’.

8.Cressida -  A name of Greek origin, meaning  'gold'.

9.Delilah - A name with Hebrew origin meaning ‘delicate’, a stunning name for a little girl.

10.Eleanor - Derived from the French name Alienor, meaning "other Aenor," used to distinguish the original Eleanor, who was named after her mother Aenor. A super feminine name choice.

11.Evangeline - Meaning ‘good news’ in Greek, this name meaning suggests your little girl will be ‘good news’ for everyone - how precious!

12.Florence -  A name derived from the French version of (Saint) Florentia, this gorgeous name means "flourishing’ and ‘prosperous’, exactly what your little princess will be.

13.Francesca - An extremely popular name for girls, with an Italian origin meaning "from France or free man".

14.Frederica - A name derived from the Germanic word elements frid, or peace and ric, which mean ‘ruler’ or ‘power’.

15.Genevieve - A name of Germanic or Celtic origin, derived from the medieval name Genovefa, it means Woman of the Family.

16.Giovanna - The feminine form of the Italian ‘Giovanni’, the Italian cognate of John meaning ‘God is gracious’.

17.Henrietta - A girl’s name with a French origin meaning ‘estate ruler’. It also has super cute nicknames including ‘Henri’ and ‘Henny’.

18.Isabella - A name of Italian origin meaning ‘God Is My Oath’ and is a timeless, classic name for baby girls.

19.Katherina - A classic twist on the popular Katherine, this name has roots in Greek and German speaking countries and means ‘pure’.

20.Liliana - A posh take on the contemporary ‘Lily’ also meaning pure, with connotations of flowers.

21.Meredith - A popular name of Welsh origin, meaning ‘great ruler’, or it is also seen to be derived from the Welsh elements ‘mór’ (sea) and ‘differaf’ (I protect), meaning "sea protector’.

22.Octavia - Dating back to BC, this name is of Latin origin meaning ‘eighth’, which might not be explicitly the case but it is a beautiful name nonetheless.

23.Rosaline/Rosalind - Names associated with ‘beautiful rose’, these simply stunning names are perfect for a baby girl.

24.Seraphina - A name with Hebrew origin, coming from the Hebrew term for angels - ‘seraphim’ - this name suggests a little angel.

25.Tabitha - A rare but beautiful name meaning ‘gazelle’ in Aramaic, connoting beauty and grace.

26.Virginia - Derived from the Ancient Roman family name Virginius, possibly derived from the Latin word virgo, meaning ‘maiden’.

Baby girl wearing a pink tutu and matching flower crown, lying on a white blanket fast asleep.

Posh Girl Names From History

Names that are steeped in history, with posh meaning are some of the most sophisticated baby names and are simply timeless.

27.Agatha - A name derived from Greek ἀγαθός (agathos) that means ‘good’.

28.Agnes - Agnes is a Latin variation of the name Hagne meaning ‘pure’ and ‘holy’.

29.Alexandra - A female form of Alexandros, from ‘alexein’ meaning to defend and protect.

30.Ambrosia - Another name of Greek mythical origin meaning ‘immortal’.

31.Berenice - A name steeped in history, meaning ‘she who brings victory’.

32.Charis - A name which references the mythological Three Graces of womanly charm, pronounced with a back-of-the-throat H sound.

33.Chrysanthe - Derived from Ancient Greek history meaning ‘golden flower’.

34.Constance - A name derived from Latin origin meaning ‘constant’.

35.Cleopatra - A rather royal name steeped in Ancient Egyptian history meaning ‘Glory Of The Father’.

36.Demetria - A Greek name for the mythological goddess of corn and harvest.

37.Doris - Meaning ‘gift of the ocean’ with origins in Greek history.

38.Elizabeth - A right royal name stooped in British history.

39.Ellen - A girl's name of English origin which means ‘bright, shining light’.

40.Eugenia - Meaning ‘well born’ originating in Greek history.

41.Flora - Derived from the Latin word 'flos' meaning 'flower'.

42.Helene - A name steeped in Greek legend, as the beautiful wife of the king of Sparta, means ‘bright, shining one’.

43.India - A feminine  name derived from the name of the country India

44.Irene -The name of the Greek goddess of peace, as well as the name of several Saints in history.

45.Joan - The name of French heroine Joan of Arc, hugely historical and powerful.

46.Kitty - A name derived of English origin meaning 'baby cat'.

47.Melissa - The name of a daughter of Procles, as well as a nickname of various Greek nymphs.

48.Millicent - Leader of the infamous Suffragette movement, fighting for women's rights.

49.Sophia - A name derived from the Greek ‘Σοφία’, meaning, ‘Wisdom’.

50.Sybill - A name derived from Greek origin meaning "prophetess".

51.Theodora - A name which derives from the Greek terms θεός, theos, "god" and δῶρον, doron, "gift".

52.Xenia - Derived from Greek origin meaning ‘hospitality’.

Expectant mother sitting on the sofa with her ultrasound pictures and a notepad, thinking of baby girl names.

Posh Girl Names From Popular Culture

Popular culture can play a huge role in informing the next wave and trend of baby names, plus they are always super cute and creative!

53.Alice - Straight out of Lewis Carroll’s novel Alice in Wonderland, meaning ‘noble’.

54.Aurora - A perfect name for your little ‘Sleeping Beauty’.

55.Bronte - Made famous by the Bronte sisters, Bronte means Thunder and is of Greek origin.

56.Briony - Meaning to sprout and made famous in Ian McEwan's novel Atonement.

57.Belle - A classic Disney twist on an adorable posh name for little princesses.

58.Catherine - A name featured in Emily Bronte’s classic ‘Wuthering Heights’ meaning ‘pure’.

59.Charlotte - Meaning ‘free woman’ and featured in the popular children’s book ‘Charlotte’s Web’.

60.Coraline - A horror twist on a baby name, inspired by the popular animation ‘Coraline’.

61.Daisy - Taken from the classic novel ‘Great Gatsby’ set in the roaring '20s meaning ‘day’s eye’.

62.Dorothy - Follow the yellow brick road with this adorable pop culture inspired name.

63.Eliza - Inspired by Eliza Doolittle, this name means ‘joyful’.

64.Enid - Feeling witchy? How about this name inspired by Jill Murphy’s ‘The Worst Witch’.

65.Estella - Inspired by Charles Dickens ‘Great Expectations’, this heroic name means ‘star’.

66.Felicity - Meaning ‘luck’ and ‘good fortune’, this name comes from Enid Blyton’s ‘Malory Towers’.

67.Gwendolyn - A classic name inspired by Oscar Wilde’s play ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’.

68.Hermione - One for all you non-muggles, inspired by JK Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’.

69.Jane - Taken from Charlotte Bronte’s ‘Jane Eyre’, a great name for any budding bookworm.

70.Josephine - Inspired by Louisa May Alcott’s ‘Little Women’, meaning ‘God Will Increase’.

71.Juliet - Wherefore art thou Romeo? Inspired by Shakespeare’s very own ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

72.Liesel - Add a little music to your family with this Sound of Music inspired name.

73.Lydia - Inspired by Jane Austen’s infamous novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’.

74.Marianne - Again inspired by one of Jane Austen’s greats - ‘Sense and Sensibility’.

75.Mary - Let’s go fly a kite with this ‘Mary Poppins’ inspired name.

76.Matilda - Another one for a budding bookworm inspired by our fave Roald Dahl.

77.Nora - A name meaning ‘light’ taken from Henrik Ibsen’s ‘A Doll’s House’.

78.Ophelia - Infamous Shakespearean name, meaning 'helper'.

Baby girl wearing a hairband with a crown on it sat on the floor surrounded by balloons.

Contemporary Posh Girl Names

Let’s fast forward a little to the future now with these more contemporary posh baby girl names.

79.Anastasia - A sophisticated girl's name of Greek, Russian origin meaning ‘resurrection’.

80.Anoushka - A name meaning ‘grace’ or a ‘favour’ in Persian.

81.Annalise - A name of German origin meaning ‘Grace of God’.

82.Audrey - Derived from the Old English name Aethelthryth, which means ‘noble’ and ‘strength’.

83.Clara - The feminine form of the Late Latin name Clarus meaning ‘clear, bright, famous’.

84.Claudia - Common in Ancient Rome, a name meaning "lame; enclosure"

85.Cora - Another name for the Greek goddess Persephone, meaning ‘maiden’.

86.Esme - A beautiful girl's name of French, Persian origin meaning ‘beloved, esteemed’.

87.Freya - Derived from Old Norse, this name means ‘lady, mistress, noblewoman’.

88.Gabriella - A name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘strong man of God’ or ‘messenger of God’.

89.Grace - A virtue name derived from Latin origins meaning ‘gracious’.

90.Harper - One of the most elegant British names, originally meaning ‘harp player’.

91.Harriet - A name of English origin meaning ‘Home Ruler’.

92.Isla - Derived from the term "Islay", which is the name of an island in Scotland meaning ‘dynamic’.

93.Jemima - A name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘dove’.

94.Madeline - Meaning ‘Woman Of Magdala’, originating in France and England.

95.Miranda - A feminine name meaning ‘worthy of admiration’ of Latin roots.

96.Maud - An Old German feminine given name which means 'powerful battler'.

97.Penelope - A fancy name with Greek origins meaning ‘weaver’.

98.Stella - A name of Latin and Italian origin, meaning ‘star’.

99.Victoria - A Latin name meaning ‘victory’.

100.Veronica - A girl's name of Latin origin meaning ‘she who brings victory’.



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