Top 100 Powerful Names That Mean Brave

There are many girl names from different cultures which means brave.

Parents are aware that their baby is going to be brave and will stand tall wherever necessary.

However, they find it difficult to get the right name that suits their baby's powerful personality. The right name should convey the right emotion and should be impressive enough to make your child stand strong in a group.

Babies may look innocent but soon, they mature enough to rule their own world in a spectacular manner. So why not choose names that mean strong and brave? Selecting names that reflect different cultures and strong civilizations like Greece, Egypt or India would really bring out the multicultural personality of your child.

Parents realize that positive qualities like being brave, strong, noble will always make the child feel desirable and acknowledge in the world. So, here we have created a special list of 100 baby names that mean brave and strong to help with your search.  These names showcase positive qualities like a warrior, noble, and power for both girls and boys.  We have collected powerful girl names that mean strong and boy names that mean brave while keeping being both stylish and traditional. There are also gender-neutral names for your child on this list.

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Girl Names That Mean Brave

Girls are always considered strong brave individuals. Here are few baby girl names meaning strength, brave, powerful, and noble.

1.Adira (Hebrew origin) meaning "strong"

2.Alfreda (English origin) meaning "elf power". It is associated with the 'Elf' world, popularized by fantasy movies and books like Lord of the Rings and Hobbit

3.Alcie (Greek origin) meaning "strong-willed"

4.Alcina (Greek origin) meaning "strong-willed"

5.Audra (Scottish origin) meaning "noble strength"

6.Audrey (English origin) meaning "noble strength". This name is linked with the famous Hollywood star, Audrey Hepburn

7.Bernadette (German origin) meaning "brave as a bear"

8.Bree (Irish origin) meaning "strength or exalted one". It is also known after the powerful women in the American film industry like Bree Turner and Captain Marvel star, Brie Larson

9.Bridget (Gaelic origin) meaning "strength or exalted one". This is a common name usually associated with the famous movie 'Bridget Jone's Diary', inspired by the novel by English author, Helen Fielding

10.Briana (Irish origin) meaning "strong, virtuous, honorable". It is a common name in Hollywood and actors like Briana Evigan, Briana DeJesus and Briana Venakus take after it

11.Cyrene (Greek origin) meaning "supreme power".  As per Greek myths,  Cyrene is a mythical nymph and huntress, who was beloved by Apollo

12.Etana (Hebrew origin) meaning "strength of purpose"

13.Everett (German origin) meaning "brave as a wild boar"

14.Gabriella (Italian origin) meaning "God is my strength"

15.Gertrude (German origin) meaning "strength of a spear". The name is associated with the character from the  famous Shakespearean play named Hamlet

16.Imiza (Middle English origin) meaning "universal strength"

17.Kelsa (English origin) meaning "brave"

18.Leandra (Latin origin) meaning "the brave one with the strength of a lioness"

19.Leona (Latin origin) meaning "lioness" or "the one with lioness' strength"

20.Philomena (Greek origin) meaning "lover of strength"

21.Trudy (German origin) meaning "spear of strength"

22.Valencia (Spanish origin) meaning "brave, strong" commonly known after the famous 'Valencia' city in Spain.

23.Valerie (French & Latin origin) meaning "brave, strength, health"

24.Walburga (German origin) meaning "strong protection"

25.Zenobia (Greek origin) meaning "force of Zeus"

Girls Name Meaning Female Warrior

(You can give a warrior name suitable for your strong baby girl.

Girl names that mean warrior have a positive impact on the babies. Here are a few powerful female warrior names that mean brave and would be perfect strong names for girls.

26.Ailith (Old English Origin) meaning "seasoned warrior"

27.Bali (Sanskrit origin) meaning "strength".  The name can be linked with the famous holiday destination named Bali, an Island in Indonesia

28.Eferhild (English origin) meaning "bear or warrior maiden"

29.Emlyn (English origin) meaning "brave and a noble warrior"

30.Gerry (English origin) meaning "brave, spear warrior"

31.Kayleigh (English origin) meaning "keeper of the keys, pure"

32.Matilda (German origin) meaning "battle-mighty, brave"

33.Madison (English origin) meaning "brave and a strong fighter". Madison Clark is one of the protagonists in the famous series, Fear the Walking Dead

34.Maude (German origin) meaning "battle-mighty". The name is similar to the Irish revolutionary and the beloved of famous poet W. B. Yeats, Maud Gonne

35.Valda (German origin) meaning "battle heroine, famous ruler"

36.Zelda (Teutonic origin) meaning "brave warrior". This name can be associated with the wife of  F. Scott Fitzgerald, Zelda Fitzgerald

Boy Names That Mean Brave

'He's a brave man' or 'He shows strong brave qualities' are certain characteristics you want people to notice in your brave man. You can choose the right 'brave' name for your baby boy from this list.

37.Abelardo (Latin origin) meaning "noble and strong"

38.Abir (Hebrew origin) meaning "strong, mighty, courageous, brave"

39.Amzi (Hebrew origin) meaning "strong"

40.Anders (Scandinavian origin)  meaning "brave, strong and manly"

41.Andreas (Greek origin) meaning "strong and manly". The name is associated with the county seat, San Andreas, in California. It is also linked to the famous video game, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

42.Andrew (Greek origin) meaning "manly brave". It is a common American name associated with the famous actor, Andrew Garfield

43.Archibald (Spanish origin) meaning "truly brave"

44.Archie (German origin) meaning "truly brave". It is known widely as the name of the famous American comic character, Archie

45.Armstrong (English origin) meaning "strong arms". It is known for the famous Niel Armstrong - the first person to walk on the moon

46.Brendan (Irish origin) meaning "brave"

47.Conrad (German origin) meaning "brave counsel"

48.Denzel (Cornish origin) meaning "from the high stronghold"

49.Dustin (Norse origin) meaning "brave warrior"

50.Earl (English origin) meaning "nobleman, brave warrior"

51.Egon (German origin) meaning "strong with a sword"

52.Ezekiel (Hebrew origin) meaning "God strengthens". It can be linked with the famous Indian Poet Nissim Ezekiel. It is also the name of a book in the Bible, the Book of Ezekiel

53.Hardy (German origin) meaning "bold, brave". The name can be linked with the English novelist, Thomas Hardy

54.Harvey (French origin) meaning "battle worthy". The name appears in the superhero comic series, 'Batman' as Harvey Dent

55.Imre (Hungarian origin) meaning "strength"

56.Kenzo (Japanese origin) meaning "strong and healthy"

57.Mandla (African origin) meaning "strength"

58.Narve (Dutch origin) meaning "healthy, strong, brave"

59.Nero (Latin origin) meaning "powerful"

60.Pacome (French origin) meaning "of strong nature, or, pacifier"

61.Takeo (Japanese origin) meaning "strong as bamboo"

62.Willard (German origin) meaning "resolute, brave". The famous American actor Will Smith's full name is Willard Smith

63.Zale (Greek origin) meaning "sea-strength". This Greek name is quite unique and not very popular, despite its simplicity

Powerful Boy Names

There are many powerful names in different cultures and languages. Here are a few powerful names for boys:

64.Amaury (German, French origin) meaning "work power"

65.Angus (Scottish Gaelic origin) meaning "one strength"

66.Alaric (German origin) meaning "all-powerful ruler"

67.Arnold (English origin) meaning "ruler, strong as an eagle". It is liked with the famous actor and former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger

68.Brian (Irish origin) meaning "brave, strong, virtuous, and honorable". The chief actor of the TV series, Breaking Bad, goes by a similar name, Bryan Cranston

69.Chasin (Hebrew origin) meaning "strong, mighty"

70.Conal (Irish origin) meaning "strong as a wolf"

71.Emerson (German origin) meaning "brave, powerful". This is the surname of American essayist and poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson

72.Emeric (French origin) meaning "power"

73.Evardo (Spanish origin) meaning "hardy and brave". This is the name of a character in one of the famous Oz books

74.Gerard (English origin) meaning "spear strength". Famously associated with the Hollywood actor named Gerard Butler

75.Hamzah (Arabic origin) meaning "powerful"

76.Jimmu (Japanese origin) meaning "divine warrior"

77.Osiris (Egyptian origin) meaning "with strong eyesight".  Osiris was the Egyptian Lord of the Underworld

78.Oswald (English origin) meaning "divine power". This name is associated with an American-British animation series for kids, Oswald

79.Qadir (Arabic origin) meaning "capable, powerful"

80.Ulric (English origin) meaning "wealthy, powerful ruler"

81.Usbeorn (English origin) meaning "‘a divine warrior"

82.Warrick (English origin) meaning "strong leader who defends." The name can be linked with Warrick Dunn, an American footballer

Unisex Names Meaning Brave

(You may want to give your adventurous baby a gender-neutral brave name.

Many parents search for fascinating gender-neutral names. Here's a list of names that mean strong and brave. This name list can be used for boy names and is also an inspiration for strong girl names.

83.Aimilios (Greek origin) meaning "strength"

84.Andrea (German, English, Italian origin) meaning "strong and manly". It is the name of Andrea Riseborough, an English actress

85.Autry (French origin) meaning "noble strength"

86.Aza (Arabic origin) meaning "powerful, brave"

87.Baldwin (German origin) meaning "brave friend". The popularity of this name is due to the famous American actor, Alec Baldwin and American writer, James Baldwin

88.Barrett (German origin) meaning "brave with bear strength"

89.Donnelly (Irish origin) meaning "dark, brave one"

90.Drew (Greek origin) meaning "strong and manly". This name can be connected to the famous actress, Drew Barrymore

91.Enzi (African origin) meaning "powerful"

92.Gabi (Latin origin) meaning "God is my strength"

93.Griffin (Latin origin) meaning "strong lord"

94.Howard (German origin) meaning "high guardian or braveheart". This name is popular because of American radio personality, Howard Stern

95.Isa (German, Persian origin) meaning "strong-willed, brave"

96.Kiah (Hebrew origin) meaning "God gives strength"

97.Reynold (English origin) meaning "counsel-power"

98.Riley (Irish origin) meaning "brave, courageous". Though associated with boys, this name is used as a gender-neutral one and is commonly seen in Hollywood, like the actor, Jack Riley

99.Shakti (Sanksrit origin) meaning "power". Though associated with a female name, this name can be a gender-neutral name in the Indian context

100.Valentine (Latin origin) meaning "strength, health, brave"

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