Top 100 Pretty And Poetic Names For Your Baby

Poem inspired names can be the perfect options while naming your baby.

Famous Romantic Poet William Wordsworth once said that "Poetry is a spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings, recollected in tranquillity".

The greatness of poetry is that it is a gateway to other creative art forms. It can give life to your unique thoughts and emotions and is suitable for your poetic baby.

The idea of associating romanticism with poetry dates way back to the 19th century. The style of Romantic poetry writing is associated with themes like nature, physical and emotional passion, mystical and supernatural elements, and reverence of the natural world. Poems give us a life-changing perspective and inspire us to never give up and follow our dreams.

Selecting the perfect baby name can be difficult. Fortunately, if you are looking for pretty baby names for your newborn to showcase your love for poems, we're here to help. Poems first delight us and then give us wisdom. Poetic names are names inspired from poems, poetic elements or poets. Here is a list of baby names which will surely inspire and influence you.

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Poetic Boy Names Based On Poets

Here's a list of baby names for your baby which are names of famous poets.

1. Alfred (English origin) meaning "a wise counselor". Associated with Alfred Tennyson, a British poet.

2. Anatoly (Greek origin) meaning "sunrise". Anatoly Kudryavitsky is a Russian poet.

3. Angelou (Greek origin) meaning "angel". It was the last name of the popular poet, Maya Angelou.

4. Auden (English origin) meaning "half Danish". Associated with the popular poet W.H Auden.

5. Audre (English origin)  meaning "noble strength", the name of an American poet and writer, Audre Lorde.

6. Austen/Austin (Latin origin )meaning "great, magnificent". Alfred Austin was a famous English poet.

7. Baird (Scottish origin) meaning "poet". Blythe Baird is a famous slam-poet.

8. Blake (Old English origin)  meaning "someone with dark/pale hair". It is the last name of the famous romantic poet, William Blake.

9. Byron (English origin) meaning "from the barns".  Associated with the famous poet Lord Byron.

10. Carroll (Irish origin) meaning "fierce in battle". Linked with Lewis Carroll, who started the nonsense verse format.

11. Chaucer (English origin) meaning "making of breeches". 'The Book of the Duchess' is one of the major works of Geoffrey Chaucer.

12. Crane (English origin) meaning "long-necked". Famous poet Hart Crane bears this name.

13. Cullen (Irish origin) meaning "holy tree". Countee Cullen is an American poet.

14. Dante (Latin origin) meaning "enduring". Can be linked to the Italian poet, Dante Alighieri.

15. Devin (Irish name) meaning "poet". Associated with poet, Devin Johnston.

16. Dickinson (English Origin) meaning "son of Richard". Emily Dickinson was an American poet of the 19th century.

17. Dylan (Welsh origin) meaning "son of the sea".  The name is linked to Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas.

18. Eliot (English origin) meaning "the Lord is my God". The renowned modernist poet, T.S. Eliot bore this name.

19. Emerson (English origin)  meaning "powerful". The popular poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson, carried this name.

20. Etheridge (English origin) meaning "noble ruler". Etheridge Knight was a famous African-American poet.

21. Ezra (Hebrew origin) meaning "help". Associated with American poet, Ezra Pound.

22. Frost (German Origin) meaning "ice". Poet Robert Frost won the Pulitzer Prize four times in his lifetime.

23. Giovanni (Hebrew/Italian origin) meaning "gift of God". Nikki Giovanni is an American poet.

24. Homer (Greek origin) meaning "a pledge". The famous poet and composer of epic poems, the 'Iliad' and the 'Odyssey'.

25. Hugo (Spanish/Portuguese origin) meaning "intellect". Hugo Williams is a famous English poet.

26. Jarell (English origin) meaning "brave". Randall Jarrell was a famous American poet.

27. Keats (English origin) meaning "a shed worker". Inspired by popular English poet John Keats.

28. Langston (English origin) meaning "the town of a tall man". 'Dreams', 'Weary Blues' are some of the works of Langston Huges.

29. Larkin (Gaelic origin) meaning "fierce". Philip Larkin is associated with this name.

30. Lowell (Latin origin) meaning "little wolf". Robert Lowell was a major poet in the Confessional Poetry movement.

31. Marlo (English origin) meaning "rebelliousness". Associated with poet and playwright, Christopher Marlow.

32. Millay (Norman origin) meaning "noble or soft".  Inspired by Edna St. Vincent a famous lyrical poet.

33. Moore (English origin) meaning "open land". Related to popular poet Thomas Moore.

34. Nash (English origin) meaning "one who lived by the ash tree". Associated with poet, Ogden Nash.

35. Ogden (English origin) meaning "the oak valley". First name of Ogden Nash.

36. Ovid (Latin origin ) meaning "sheepherder". A famous Roman poet.

37. Pablo (Spanish origin) meaning "small or humble". Famous poet, Pablo Neruda, carried this name.

38. Poe (English Origin) meaning "peacock". Associated with Edgar Allan Poe.

39. Tadhg (Irish origin) meaning "poet". Linked with the poet, Tadhg Dall Ó Huiginn.

40. Virgil (Roman Origin) meaning "flourishing". Virgil was a great poet of Rome.

41. Whitman (English Origin) meaning "White Man". Walt Whitman was a famous American poet.

42. Wilde (English origin) meaning "untamed". Oscar Wilde was a famous Irish poet.

43. Yeats (English origin) meaning "great". William Butler Yeats, a great poet of the 20th century.

Poetic Girl Names Based On Poets

Here's a list of poetic baby names for your baby girl:

44. Anais (French origin) meaning "gracious". Associated with the author, Anais Nin.

45. Dove (American origin) meaning "a bird associated with peace and purity".  Rita Dove is a famous American poet.

46. Edda (Polish origin) meaning "poetry".

47. Emily (Latin origin) meaning "one who is hardworking". Associated with the American poet, Emily Dickinson.

48. Erinna (Irish origin) meaning "Ireland".  It was the name of an ancient Greek poet.

49. Gertrude (German origin) meaning "strength of a spear". Associated with the famous editor and poet, Gertrude Stein.

50. Gwendolyn (Welsh origin) meaning "someone who is blessed". Gwendolyn Brooks was a renowned American poet.

51. Jia (Chinese origin) meaning "good, auspicious, beautiful". Name of an ancient Chinese poet Jia Dao.

52. Lorca (Spanish origin)  meaning "town with fine water". Inspired from poet, Federico García Lorca.

53. Meera (Indian origin) meaning "amazing, prosperous". Inspired from mystical Hindu poet, Meera Bai.

54. Olivia (Biblical origin) meaning "olive tree".  Olivia Gatwood is a popular contemporary poet.

55. Sappho (Greek origin) meaning "sapphire". Sappho is admired for her Greek poems.

56. Sylvia (Latin origin)  meaning "spirits of the woods". Associated with famous American poet Sylvia Path.

57. Tallulah (American origin) meaning "running water". Tallulah Flores is a modern poet.

Names Inspired By Famous Poems

Naming your baby after a famous poem is a unique idea.

Here is a list of names in poems for your little one which are taken from poem titles.

58. Ariel (F)(Biblical origin) meaning "lion of God". A famous poem by Sylvia Plath.

59. Dandelion (F) (English origin) meaning "Lion's tooth". Associated with Morgan Mercury's poem, 'Dandelion'.

60. Deor (M) (French origin) meaning "beloved and precious baby". Associated with the tenth century-old English poem, 'Deor'.

61. Dorie (F) (American origin) meaning "The Sea". Inspired by the poem, 'Dorie off to Atlanta' by  Mark Halliday.

62. Evangeline (F) (Greek origin) meaning "bearer of good news".  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote the famous poem 'Evangeline' in 1847.

63. Gretel (F) (German origin) meaning "a pearl". The name is taken from the poem 'Gretel' by Andrea Hollander.

64. Kyrie (F) (Greek origin) meaning "the lord". Associated with Thomas Transtomer's 'Kyrie'.

65. Lenora (F)(Spanish origin) meaning "light". The similar-sounding 'Lenore' is a famous poem by Edgar Allan Poe.

66. Mariana  (F) (Spanish origin) meaning "of the sea". Taken from the poem 'Mariana' by Alfred Tennyson.

67. Ode (F) (English origin) meaning  "a type of poem praising/glorifying an event or individual".  John Keats wrote the famous poem, 'Ode on a Grecian Urn'.

68. Remora (F) (Latin origin) meaning "delay". Thomas Lux wrote a poem named 'Remora'.

69. Tabaré (M) (Guarani origin) meaning "village man". Associated with the poem 'Tabaré' by Juan Zorrilla de San Martín.

70. Uriel (F)(Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my light". 'Uriel' is a poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Romantic Poetry Names Inspired By Poetic Elements Or Associations

Romantic poetic name can be a sweet choice for your baby.

Baby names taken from romantic poems might be the perfect baby name for your newborn.

71. Bard (M)(Scottish origin) meaning "poet". William Shakespeare is known as the Bard.

72. Bolan (M)(Irish origin) meaning "little poet".

73. Cadence(F)(English origin)  meaning "a rhythmic way of communicating".

74. Calliope (F)(Greek/Latin origin) meaning "the Muse who looks over poetic art".

75. Ceridwen (M) (Welsh origin), meaning "beautiful as a poem". The Celtic Goddess of Poetic Verse.

76. Derabhla (F)(Irish origin) meaning "poet's daughter ".

77. Dorothy (F)(Greek origin) meaning "gift of God". Sister of William Wordsworth and his poetic inspiration.

78. Felicitas (F)(Roman origin) meaning "Happy". Goddess Felicitas, the Roman Goddess of good luck, an inspiration for many poets.

79. Haiku (M)(Japanese origin) refers to "a three-lined poem".

80. Jhankar (F) (Indian origin) meaning "rhythm of a soft low voice".

81. Kavi (M)(Indian origin) meaning  "poet".

82. Kavya (F)(Indian origin) meaning "poetry".

83. Kunjal (M) (Indian origin) meaning "melodious voice of a nightingale".

84. Limerick (M)(English origin) meaning "poetry".

85. Lucasta (M) meaning "pure light".  Coined by poet, Richard Lovelace, for his poetry series 'Lucasta'.

86. Metro (M) (French origin) referring to transport vehicle. The name can be a clipped form of Metonymy, a poetic device.

87. Miranda (F) (Latin origin)  meaning "worthy of admiration". Inspired by William Shakespeare's character, Miranda.

88. Moon  (M/F) (Norman origin) referring to Earth's natural satellite. Moon is used as a poetic inspiration for many poems.

89. Muse (F)(Old French origin) referring to the "Gods and Goddesses of poetic inspiration of Greek mythology".

90. Paz (F) (Spanish origin) meaning "peace".

91. Phillida (Latin origin) meaning "loving".

92. Phryne (F)(Greek origin) meaning "toad". A poetic figure used by poets like John Donne and Charles Baudelaire.

93. Poesy (F) (English origin ) meaning " poetry".

94. Sanjh (F) (Indian Origin) meaning " beautiful evening".

95. Sashi (M/F)(Indian origin) meaning "like the moon".

96. Sestina (F)(Latin origin) meaning "the sixth one". Sestina is a French form of writing verse.

97. Sonnet (F)(English-Italian origin)  meaning "short lyrical poem".

98. Syne (F) (Scottish origin) meaning "since then". Derived from Synecdoche, a poetic device.

99. Teagan (F)(Irish origin) meaning  "fair poet".

100. Valentino (M) (Latin origin) meaning "strength". Saint Valentino is the Saint behind Valentine's day.

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