Top 107 Puerto Rican Names That You'll Love

Newborn baby swaddled in a blanket sleeping.

It can be tough deciding on a name for your baby, especially because there is so much choice now.

We at Kidadl want to make this easier for you. We have compiled a list of the top 106 Puerto Rican baby names for you. There are traditional Puerto Rican names, boy names, girl names, and unisex names.  We have featured some really popular names in Puerto Rico, and some really unique ones so there's something for everyone. Whether these names have their origins in Spanish culture, Greek history, Hebrew origin, or Italian, they are significant on this small Caribbean island and we hope they inspire you.

Puerto Rico is one of the most densely populated islands and is known for its abundance in natural resources, like gold. Puerto Rican baby names are rich in history and significance, so there is lots to be inspired by.

Some of these baby names have origins in Puerto Rico, while some have biblical origins and Latin origins, so there's a variety of meanings that are significant. From spirituality, to nature associations and desired qualities. Looking for a middle name to match? Check out our baby name blogs from other parts of the world, for Greek names and Thai names.

Girls Names

Puerto Rican girl names are beautiful, with origins deriving from many places in the world, reflecting how diverse Puerto Rico is. These islander names are a great option for a unique name for your baby.  Puerto Rico has a reputation for great cuisine, culture, music and its hospitable people. Why not choose a perfect Rican baby name for your girl? Check out this list of the best Rican baby names for a girl here.

Parents holding their newborn baby in their hands.

1) Abril (Spanish origin) this, funnily enough, means 'April'.

2) Acindina (Puerto Rican origin) this means 'safe', often shortened to Dina.

3) Adelaida (Puerto Rican origin) this means 'noble'.

4) Alanis (Spanish, Greek origin) this name means 'open', 'open space', 'square', for a girl who is open-minded and compassionate.

5) Alondra (Spanish origin) this name means 'lark', a type of songbird.

6) Antonella (Spanish Caribbean origin) this is a widely popular Puerto Rican baby name that means 'firstborn'.

7) Amaia (Spanish origin) this name means 'high place or end', originating from the Spanish mountain and village Amaya.

8) Beatriz (Spanish origin) popular name for girls, this means 'brings joy'.

9) Benita (Puerto Rican origin) this name means 'blessed'.

10) Carleigha (Spanish origin) this means 'little', a popular name in Puerto Rico.

11) Clarita (Spanish origin) this means 'clear' and 'bright'.

12) Dukine (Spanish origin) meaning 'sweet', this is perfect for a sweet little baby girl.  

13) Genevalisse (French origin) this name means 'Juniper tree', and can be shortened to Gene.

14) Hailey (English origin) meaning 'meadow of hay'.

15) Idoya (Basque and Spanish origin) meaning 'pond'.

16) Ivelisse (Spanish origin) this name means 'life', often shortened to Eva, Iva.

17) Jaslene (Persian origin) variation of the name Jasmine and Yasmine, meaning 'gift from God'.

18) Karelma (German origin) this word means 'free'.

19) Lluvia (Spanish origin) this means 'rain', for a beautiful girl born during the rainy season.

20) Luisa (Latin origin) this means 'fame'.

21) Maitea (Spanish origin) meaning 'love'.

22) Melosa (Greek origin) meaning 'honey', and 'sweet'.

23) Nalda (Spanish origin) meaning 'strong'.

24) Neva (Latin origin) meaning 'snow'.

25) Ora (Latin origin) meaning 'prayer'.

Newborn baby fast asleep with its mouth open.

26) Osita (Puerto Rican origin) meaning 'divinely strong'.

27) Teofila (Greek origin) this means 'loved by God', or 'God's friend', can be shortened to Fila.

28) Tierra (Spanish origin) meaning 'earth', or 'land'.

29) Tonia (Spanish origin) meaning 'invaluable', a variation of the name Antonia.

30) Ursulina (Latin origin) meaning 'little bear'.

31) Valeria (Latin origin) this mean 'strong', 'healthy', from the ancient Roman name, Valerius.

32) Valentina (Latin origin) this means 'strong', a popular name in Puerto Rico.

33) Xantina (Puerto Rican origin), this means 'little saint'.

34) Yaelis (Hebrew origin) meaning 'strength of God'.

35) Yara (Brazilian origin) this means 'water lady'.

36) Yuliana (Slavic origin) variation of the name Juliana, meaning 'youthful'.

37) Zita (Italian, Greek origin) meaning 'young girl' in Italian, or 'seeker' in Greek.

38) Zurina (Spanish origin) meaning 'white', 'heavenly'.

Boys Names

Puerto Ricans have some of the most beautiful names, from popular and unique names, to names associated with strength, power and kindness. We think these are great options for your baby boy. It's important to choose the perfect name for your baby boy, so he can grow up to be inspired by it and also make you proud. These Puerto Rican baby names are imbued with a rich and vibrant history, of powerful, kind and loving boys. Check out these baby names for boys that Puerto Ricans love.

Newborn baby boy sleeping in his parent's hands.
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39) Alano (Latin origin) this name means 'handsome'.

40) Benigno (Latin origin) this means 'kind' and 'friendly'.

41) Bonifacio (Latin origin) meaning 'good' and 'destiny', for a boy found to be doing good deeds.

42) Braulio (Spanish origin) meaning 'shining'.

43) Dario (Greek, Persian origin) this means 'mighty', 'rich'.

44) Eufrasio (Greek origin) this means 'cheerful', 'gracious' and 'kind'.

45) Felix (Latin origin) this means 'happy' or 'lucky'.

46) Frasco (Spanish origin) this means 'free', an inquisitive child who loves to explore.

47) Garcia (Spanish origin), this means 'brave', or in Basque, 'bear.

48) Guillermo (Norman French origin) meaning 'determined guardian'.

49) Hernan (German origin) this means 'soldier', 'leader'.

50) Hilario (Spanish origin) meaning 'cheerful', for a joyous child.

51) Hugo (Germanic origin) this means an 'intelligent person', someone who is impactful, and aware of their environment.

52) Ignado (Spanish origin) this means 'fire'.

53) Jadzia (Caribbean Spanish origin) this means 'gem', 'precious'.

54) Javier (Spanish origin) meaning 'bright' in Puerto Rico, and 'new house' in Spain.

55) Jorge (Puerto Rican origin) this means 'earth worker', a variation of the name George.

56) Katia (Slavic origin), this means 'pure', and could be used as a unisex name.

57) Kevin (Irish origin) this means 'gentle', and 'kind'.

58) Leandro (Latin origin) this means 'brave', and 'lion'.

59) Lucio (Italian origin) this means 'bringer of light'.

60) Luis (Spanish origin) this means 'famous warrior'.

61) Macerio (Puerto Rican origin) meaning 'one who is blessed'.

62) Mateo (Hebrew origin) this means 'gift of God'.

63) Neron (Spanish origin) meaning 'sea', and 'strong', like formidable waves.

64) Nicholas (Greek origin) meaning 'victorious', a leader typically.

65) Osvaldo (Spanish origin) meaning 'divine power'.

66) Pablo (Spanish origin) meaning 'small', 'little'.

67) Pitin (Puerto Rican origin) this means 'happy' and 'fortunate'.

68) Ramon (Spanish origin) meaning 'wise', 'protector of humankind', often very fortunate.

69) Rio (Spanish origin) this means 'river', a short and lovely name for a boy.

70) Roberto (Italian origin) meaning 'shining fame', a glow like no other.

71) Rolan (Germanic origin) meaning 'famous in the land', a child of great expectations.

72) Sebastian (Greek origin) this means 'venerable'.

73) Servando (Spanish origin) meaning 'to serve', a loyal child.

74) Teyo (Spanish origin) meaning 'God'.

75) Venturo (Spanish origin) this means 'good luck' and 'good fortune', for a blessed child.

76) Vicente (Latin origin) meaning 'conquering'.

77) Vidan (Spanish origin) this means 'life'.

78) Ximen (Hebrew origin) meaning 'obedient son'.

Powerful Puerto Rican Baby Names

These names have their origins and meanings associated with power, as we all want our children to grow up feeling empowered, confident and ready to take on the world. These names, both for girls and for boys, have their origins in many different places, representing in this country. Check out these powerful names for some inspiration.

Baby boy lying on his back on the bed wearing a diaper.

79) Asianah (Spanish origin) this means 'smart', 'strong', and 'bright', this daughter is sure to make the family proud.

80) Edelira (Spanish origin) this means 'noble heritage', a regal and beautiful name.

81) Jadzia (Puerto Rican origin) this name is a gem, meaning 'war battle', often shortened to Zia.

82) Kemena (Spanish origin) this means 'strong'.

83) Ramona (Spanish origin) meaning 'protecting hands', or 'wise defender'.

84) Vittoria (Italian origin) meaning 'victorious' in everything they do.

85) Xiomara (Spanish origin) meaning 'battle ready', and 'famous warrior'.

86) Adolfo (Germanic origin) meaning 'noble wolf', a variation of the name Adolf.

87) Armando (Spanish, Portuguese origin) meaning  'soldier'.

88) Cleto (Italian origin) this means a person chosen to fight all the odds in our society, a 'truthteller', strong and confident.

89) Kemen (Basque origin) meaning 'courage', for a son of strength.

90) Tristan (Welsh origin) meaning 'bold knight', and 'great fighter'.

91) Xalvador (Spanish origin) this name is a variation of the name Salvador, meaning 'saviour'.

Traditional Puerto Rican Baby Names

Here are some traditional Puerto Rican baby names that are popular and traditional, they have a vibrant history on this Caribbean island, an important way to represent culture and family. Although this country is small, it has a host of names for its beautiful people. Check out these classic baby names to add to your list of potential names!

Baby girl wearing a flower headband sleeping on a pink blanket.

92) Adriana (Spanish origin) this means 'of the Adriatic', and 'dark', featured in Shakespeare's play The Comedy of Errors.

93) Annalisse (Puerto Rican origin) this name means 'devoted to God'.

94) Camila (Latin origin) inspired by Roman mythology, Camila was a huntress who ran so fast over fields she didn't even touch the grass.

95) Constanza (Latin origin) meaning 'constant', this adds a flair to the name, deriving from Constantine, Constance.

96) Floramaria (Spanish origin) meaning 'flower of Mary', this name has religious connections, and is a stunning name.

97) Isabella (Spanish origin) this means 'pledged to God'.

98) Simona (Hebrew origin) this means 'God is heard'.

99) Carlos (Spanish origin) this means 'free man' and 'warrior'.

100) Christian (Latin and Greek origin) this means 'a follower of the Almighty'.

101) Cordero (Spanish origin) this means 'lamb', and has been increasingly popular in both Puerto Rico and  North America.

102) Donatello (Italian origin) meaning 'gift' or 'given by God'.

103) Fidele (Latin origin) meaning 'faithful', someone of good values.

104) John (Hebrew origin) this means 'God is gracious'.

105) Neftali (Hebrew origin) a variation of the biblical name Naphtali, Jacob's son, this is rarely used but a beautiful name.

106) Salvador (Spanish, Portuguese origin) meaning 'saviour'.

107) Santiago (Spanish origin) meaning 'saint', from Saint James, a popular and stunning name.



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