Top 40 Redguard Names With Meanings

Redguards are a race of humans who originated from Yokuda, a lost continent, in the action RPG game 'Elder Scrolls'.

In the game, the Redguards make for splendid warriors, due to their skill, and effective scouts, because of their personality. In terms of their looks and appearance, Redguards resemble and are based on the Moors.

While Redguards generally do not bear a last name, some do, post-marriage or after a similar event. The surnames of Redguards usually indicate their association with a place or person. The prefixes for these names are – at/af/al. “At” signifies “directly descending from.” The prefix “af” notes “related to” and “al” indicates the location the person is believed to be hailing from. The Redguards in 'Elder Scrolls' also have family names sometimes; these tend to be – K’elmar, Stacey, Hawker, Mirel, Stacey, Ruuz, Blackheart, Litte, Rackham, Christophe, Aldwyr, Blakeley, Sendu, Al-Skaven, or Lylvieve. Last names are only noted for individuals who have undergone a significant event or have a significant association that they want to flaunt.

We understand how important naming your game characters appropriately can be. An appropriately named game character can help you motivate yourself further in the gameplay. It can also keep reminding you of the special characteristics and features that make your game character unique. If you were on the lookout for Redguards' game character names, we hope our list of famous Redguard names will help. We have listed names of famous Redguards of all kinds here, from warrior names to imperial names, providing you with a plethora of different name options for your Redguard characters, as well as their meanings.

Character naming can be an uphill task, especially if you are finicky about assigning your gaming characters with relevant titles. In this article, we list out 40 different Redguard names and inform you about each of their meaning, we hope you find the name you need.

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Redguard Names For Girls

Put an end to wondering about what to name your female Redguard characters with our list of female Redguard names, including female Skyrim names, below.

   1. Adara (Hebrew), meaning “exalted.”

   2. Ahlam (Urdu), meaning “dreams.”

   3. Anwen (Welsh), meaning “very beautiful.”

   4. Atmah (Arabic), meaning “I aspire.”

   5. Braith (Welsh), meaning “black and white.”

   6. Blubamka (Character), Queen of Rihad, found in the Rihad Palace.

   7. Chanel (French), meaning “canal.”

   8. Dh’emka (Character). Baroness who commands political influence over Redguard.

   9. Davina (Hebrew), meaning “beloved.”

   10. Dahlia (English), meaning “brightly-colored garden flower.”

   11. Dulian (Character). Redguard priestess who resides in the Buckmoth Legion Fort.

   12. Eriana (English), meaning “most holy.”

   13. Isolde (German), meaning “she who is gazed upon.”

   14. Jayri (Character). Refugee to Dayspring Canyon.

   15. Jonna (Danish), meaning “God is gracious.”

Redguard Names For Boys

Find a list of male Redguard names, including male Skyrim names, and their meanings, in the following list to accurately name your male Redguard characters.

   16. Alusaron (Character). Redguard smith.

   17. Alonzo (Spanish), meaning “noble.”

   18. Amir (Arabic), meaning “Prince.”

   19. A’tor (Character). Redguard Prince, son of High King Thassad II.

   20. Avik (Indian), meaning “brave.”

   21. Basil (English), meaning “strong smelling herb.”

   22. Brennan (Irish), meaning “sorrow.”

   23. Cyrus (Persian), meaning “sun; one who bestows care.”

   24. Curtis (Old French), meaning “courteous.”

   25. Dudley (Old English), meaning “wood or clearing.”

   26. Demetrius (Ancient Greek), meaning “devoted to Demeter.”

   27. Delmar (Spanish), meaning “of the sea.”

   28. Dorian (Greek), meaning “of Doris.”

   29. Ernest (Old English), meaning “vigor/intent.”

   30. Hakam (Hebrew), meaning “wise.”

'Elder Scrolls' is an immensely popular game.

Unisex Redguard Names

Redguard names usually do not pertain to any gender; you can use them to name your male or female Redguard characters.

   31. Caminda (Character). Redguard dancer and acrobat who works at Desele’s House of Earthly Delights, Suran.

   32. Casimir (Slavic), meaning “proclamation of peace.”

   33. Currod (Character). Redguard sailor.

   34. Cirroc (French), meaning “top of the summit.”

   35. Kayd (English), meaning “barrel maker.”

   36. Kotaro (Japanese), meaning “grand, shining son.”

  37. Maiko K’Elmar (Character). Redguard cartographer.

   38. Therdon (Character). Redguard commoner.

   39. Lu’ah Al-Skaven (Character). Redguard conjurer.

   40. Erla (Scandinavian), meaning Wagtail Bird.

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