101 Top Rich Last Names With Meanings

Rich people don't always have the same names

Certain rich names instantly give an impression of class and sophistication about the bearer.

It is important to be sure of the kind of name you want to give your character.  If you want people to perceive them as as wealthy then you need a beautiful rich name that befits the social status of their family.

Last names are every bit as important as first names. Specific names are related to wealth and in some languages mean wealth. If you want your character to bear a name of affluence then there is something on this list for you. If you have read our article with Posh boy names and Posh girl names and enjoyed it, you will surely enjoy this article. Finding the right names that means wealth is now easier.

You do not have to take the cliche route by naming your character 'Wealth' or 'Gold' or something more obvious. Go for fancy names like 'Page' or 'Brin' because they are simple yet fancy at the same time. Without delaying any further, let us get into the list with the names meaning wealth.

Popular Rich Last Names

Having a fancy or rich character can be a very fun dynamic in a story

Rich surnames are prestigious last names that are borne by the rich and affluent of society. A good option is to go for wealthy sounding last names for your character. This can be tasking as you have to research a ton of names and find out their meanings. Why go through all that stress when you can read this list that we have put together for you. Simply relax and find the best family names that resonate with what you desire. Here are popular rich sounding last names for you.

1. Actona (English origin) means “oak town”.

2. Allen (Irish origin) means “harmony” and “little rock”, a short family name.

3. Anschutz (German origin) means “one who excelled in fighting with a bow”.

4. Arison (Albanian origin) means “gold son” or “powerful”.

5. Arnold (German origin) means “eagle” and “power”.

6. Avara (Sanskrit origin) means “youngest”.

7. Bacon German origin)( means “seller of cured pork”.

8. Bass (Old French origin) means “of humble origin”.

9. Benson (English origin) meaning “blessed” or “son of Ben”.

10. Bisciotti (English origin) means “lame”.

11. Braman (German origin) means “servant of the bower”.

12. Brown (Scottish origin) refers to the color of the hair.

13. Burrell (Scottish origin) means “reddish-brown”.

14. Chambers (Old French origin) means “room”.

15. Cohen (Hebrew origin) means “priest”.

16. Cook (Anglo-Saxon origin) refers to a seller of cooked meats.

17. Dalio (Hebrew origin) means “Yahweh has drawn”

18. Dell (English origin) means “a small valley” or “glen”.

19. Dorsey (Gaelic origin) meaning “dark”.

20. Duffield (Old English origin ) meaning “dove” or “open country”. Many English nobles carried this name.

21. Einhorn (German origin) meaning “God horn is gracious”.

22. Ellison (Norweigian origin) means “son of Elias”.

23. Englander (Swedish origin) means “land of the angles”

24. Feld ( German origin) meaning “field”.

25. Filo (Slovak origin) means “loving” derived from Philip.

26. Fisher (English origin) meaning “fisherman”. Don't be fooled, there's a lot of money in fishing.

27. Frantz (Latin origin) means “a free ma”.

28. Frost (Danish origin) means “someone with an icy stare”.

29. Geffen (Jewish origin) meaning “vine”.

30. Gilbert (Germanic origin) means “bright” or “pledge”.

31. Gnight (Old English origin) means “dark beauty”.

32. Good (English origin) meaning “honor”.

33. Green (English origin) meaning “green color,” also referring to the color of money in some places.

34. Griffin (Latin origin) meaning “strong lord”.

Money Related Last Names

Having money and wealth can be reflected in a last name

Although this list is made up of surnames, you could also use some of them as personal names for a child or a character. A lot of old English last names are related to money either in their meanings or in terms of social status. Certain family names were only given to people from rich homes. The list is filled with simple and catchy names and not the long surnames that were common. For more rich posh names as a family name continue to the list below.

35. Adair (m) (Old English origin) derived from an English surname that was the given name, Edgar.

36. Aishwarya (f) (Indian origin) meaning "prosperity” or “wealth" a famous bearer is an Indian actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

37. Almas (u) (Arabic origin) means "diamond".

38. Alodia (f) (Ancient Germanic origin) means “other riches” or "foreign wealth”.

39. Auda (f) (Ancient Germanic origin) feminine form of the name Audo.

40. Audhild (f) (Norwegian origin) derived from auðr meaning "wealth, fortune" and hildr meaning "battle".

41. Áurea (f) (Spanish origin) meaning “golden,” for your golden baby.

42. Audrhil (m) (Latin origin) the meaning isn’t quite clear.

43. Cash (m) (English origin) an occupational name for a box maker.

44. Chryses (m) (Greek origin) means “golden”.

45. Dara (m) (Persian origin) meaning “wealthy”.

46. Eadberht (m) (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning “bright fortune”.

47. Eadburg (f) (Anglo-Saxon origin) means “fortress of wealth”.

48. Eurig (m) (Welsh origin) means “gold”.

49. Eurwen (f) (Welsh origin) meaning “fair gold” or “blessed”.

50. Fu (u) (Chinese origin) means “rich” or “abundant,” a classy and rich surname.

51. Hodan (f) (Somali origin) meaning “lush” or “rich”.

52. Inyene (u) (Ibibio origin) meaning “wealth”.

53. Jae (u) (Korean origin) means “ability,” “talent,” or “riches”.

54. Ji-Yeong (u) (Korean origin) means “intellect” or “wisdom”.

55. Kim (f) (Vietnamese origin) means “metal” or “gold,” can also serve as a first name for your baby.

56. Kimiko (f) (Japanese origin) means “noble child,” to show nobility and humility in spite of wealth.

57. Lucertia (f) (Roman origin) means “wealth” or “profit”.

58. Luksa (f) (Esperanto origin) meaning “luxurious,” a unique name for a child that can be used as a surname as well.

59. Nubia (f) (African origin) means “gold,” a beautiful and classy surname and can also be the first name.

60. Odelia (f) (English origin) derived from the name Odilia.

61. Ottoline (f) (English origin) derived from Ottilie.

62. Paz (u) (Hebrew origin) meaning “gold”.

63. Pearl (f) (English origin) the concentration formed in the shell of some mollusks at the bottom of the sea, also the birthstone for June.

64. Plutarch (m) (Greek origin) meaning “master of wealth”.

65. Revaz (m) (Georgian origin) means “successful” or “wealthy”.

66. Sovanna (f) (Khmer origin) meaning “dream” or “golden”.

67. Sterling (m) (English origin) means “excellent”.

Last Names Of Wealthy People

The list would not be complete without some rich people last names. These are regal last names that were made popular because of the wealth of the bearers. Some of these names are family names that have been passed down from one generation of wealth to the next, keeping the family fortune strong and the secrets safe.

Get inspired by having a look at some of these names that will never go out of style. Your characters too can forge a family bond through a name, making it a legacy that will be passed on long after they die. Here are the surnames of wealthy people all over the world and their meanings to get you inspired.

68. Adelson (Jewish origin) means “noble son”.

69. Arnault (French origin) meaning “eagle”.

70. Bettencourt (Old French origin) means “farmyard”.

71. Bezos (Spanish origin) meaning “kiss”.

72. Bloomberg (Jewish origin) means “flower hill”.

73. Busch (German origin) meaning “bush”.

74. Buffett (English origin) meaning “stronghold”.

75. Butt (Old French origin) surname means “target”.

76. Cargill-MacMillan (Scottish origin) a habitual name and a place in eastern Perthshire.

77. Cox (Welsh origin) means “from the red hills”.

78. Dorrance (Gaelic origin) meaning “hill rock”.

79. Du Pont (Old French origin) meaning “of the bridge”.

80. Duncan (Scottish origin) surname means “chief”.

81. Gallo (Italian origin) means “rooster”.

82. Goldman (German origin) the surname is a variant of gold.

83. Hearst (English origin) a topographical surname for someone lived on a wooded hill.

84. Helu (Arabic origin) meaning “pretty” or “sweet”.

85. Hunt (Anglo-Saxon origin) surname means “hunter”.

86. Johnson (English origin) meaning “son of John”.

87. Ka-Shing (Chinese origin) a famous business magnate.

88. Koch (German origin) meaning “cook”.

89. Lauder (Scottish origin) meaning “ditch” or “a trench”.

90. Mars (Greek origin) meaning “god of war;.

91. Marshall (Old French origin) meaning “horse keeper”.

92. Mellon (Irish origin) means “pleasant”.

93. Newhouse (English origin) it is a habitual name.

94. Ortega (Spanish origin) meaning “nettle”.

95. Persson (Swedish origin) means “son of Per”.

96. Pritzker (Ukrainian origin) a name for a person from Pritski in Ukraine.

97. Rockefeller (German origin) a name for someone from Rockenfeld.

98. Sackler (Anglo-Saxon origin) an occupational name for a sack maker.

99. Walton (Anglo-Saxon origin) a habitual name for someone from a place called Walton.

100. Wang (Chinese origin) meaning “king”.

101. Ziff (German origin) meaning “dweller near the corner”.

We hope this article helped you in your search for rich last names, although, the secret is - any name can be a rich name if you have lots of money! Kidadl has lots of great name articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Rich last names then why not take a look at noble last names, or for something different take a look at royal baby names.



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