Top 82 Soaring Names That Mean Wind, Sky, And Air

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These names meaning wind are a breath of fresh air.

We've collected names from around the world that mean air, wind and sky. From Ancient Greek to American and from English to Hawaiian, our list contains 82 names which take inspiration from the skies above.

Choosing a baby name isn't always as easy as it sounds. With so many options, it can be difficult to know where to start. Some people like to use a name that is already in the family, some go for a trendy name, perhaps trying to avoid the ones in the top 100, and some look for a name which has a meaning.

We all want a name that suits us and perhaps says a bit about who we are as a person. Maybe a name that gives us some direction and something to live up to. The dictionary definition of wind is "a current of moving air, strong enough to be felt." A name that means wind could reflect a personality that is dynamic, determined and makes its presence known, all excellent qualities to have. Air is essential to life, this could be another positive meaning, showing your child they are an indispensable part of your life. The sky is full of possibility and wonder. Sky names could encourage your baby to always aim high, striving to achieve their best and realise their hopes and dreams. What more could you ask for from your child?

Whichever name you choose, it will always be a special story between you and your child. If you're looking for more nature inspired names to add to your list, take a look at these tree related names for girls or these earthy names for boys.

So move as fast as the wind through our list of 82 names that mean wind, sky and air. We hope that a few will make their way on to your list of potentials.

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Girl Names That Mean Air, Sky and Wind

Here are some girls baby names meaning sky, air and wind. From gentle names meaning breeze to strong names meaning storm, this list of names meaning wind has something for everyone.

1.Aella (Greek Origin), meaning "storm wind or whirlwind".

2.Alizee (French Origin), meaning "trade wind".

3.Alizeh (Persian Origin), meaning "the wind".

4.Alya (Arabic Origin), meaning "sky, heavenly".

5.Amaterasu (Japanese Origin), meaning "heaven and sky".

6.Amihan (Filipino Origin), meaning "north wind, winter storm".

7.Anemone (English Origin), meaning "daughter of the wind". In Greek, this name means "a breath of wind".

8.Anila (Hindi Origin), meaning "child of the wind".

9.Araceli (Spanish Origin), meaning "altar of the sky".

10.Aria (Italian Origin), meaning "air". This name has recently entered the top 100, probably thanks to Game of Thrones and Pretty Little Liars.

11.Audra (Lithuanian Origin), meaning "storm".

12.Aura (Greek Origin), meaning "soft breeze".

13.Aureole (English Origin), meaning "little wind".

14.Auretta (Italian Origin), meaning "light wind".

15.Breeze (English Origin), meaning "a light, gentle wind".

16.Brisa (Spanish Origin), meaning "breeze".

17.Celeste (Italian Origin), meaning "of the sky, heavenly".

18.Era (Albanian Origin), meaning "wind".

19.Esen (Turkish Origin), meaning "the wind".

20.Eteri (Georgian Origin), meaning "ether, air".

21.Hurricane (American Origin), meaning "storm".

22.Ilma (Scandinavian Origin), meaning "the air".

23.Makani (Hawaiian Origin), meaning "wind".

24.Meltem (Turkish Origin), meaning "sea wind".

25.Miku (Japanese Origin), meaning "beautiful sky".

26.Mystral (French Origin), meaning "cold, dry, northerly wind". Le Mistral is the cold wind over the alps which leads to the Mediterranean sea.  

27.Nasima (Arabic Origin), meaning "breeze, fresh air".

28.Scirocco (Italian Origin), meaning "warm wind". Scirocco is one of the names of the winds around the world. It is a hot and humid wind that comes from the Sahara and crosses North Africa and Southern Europe.

29.Sefarina (Spanish Origin), meaning "west wind".

30.Tadita (Native American Origin), meaning "to the wind".

31.Tsisana (Georgian Origin), meaning "of the sky".

32.Tuuli (Finnish Origin), meaning "wind".

33.Tuulikki (Finnish Origin), meaning "little wind".

34.Wind (American Origin), meaning "moving air".

35.Zephyrine (Greek Origin), meaning "west wind".

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Boy Names That Mean Air, Sky And Wind

These are some boy baby names that mean wind, sky and air. From names meaning air and heaven to weather names like Typhoon, this list takes inspiration from different cultures around the world.

36.Aeolus (Greek Origin), meaning "wind". Aeolus was the Greek God of wind, considered King of the winds.

37.Aither (Greek Origin), meaning "spirit of the air"

38.Akash (Hindi Origin), meaning "open space, sky".

39.Anil (Indian Origin), meaning "the air and the wind". Anil is the God of the wind in Indian mythology.

40.Anvindr (Nordic Origin), meaning "against the wind".

41.Ayaz (Turkish Origin), meaning "dry and cold air".

42.Bayu (Indonesian Origin), meaning "the wind".

43.Boreas (Greek Origin), meaning "north wind".

44.Caelestis (Late Roman Origin), meaning "of the sky, heavenly".

45.Ermir (Albian Origin), meaning "good wind".

46.Eyvindr (Nordic Origin), meaning "island wind".

47.Fujin (Japanese Origin), meaning "air, wind".

48.Govad (Persian Origin), meaning "good wind".

49.Guthrie (Scottish Origin), meaning "windy spot".

50.Hayate (Japanese Origin), meaning "sudden sound of the wind".

51.Ilmari (Scandinavian Origin), meaning "the air". Ilmari is the short version of Ilmarinen, he is an immortal character in Finnish mythology and is the creator of the sky.

52.Keyne (Celtic Origin), meaning "man of the eastern sky".

53.Mahpiya (Native American Origin), meaning "cloud sky".

54.Naseem (Arabic Origin), meaning "breeze or soft air". This name can also be spelt Nasim.

55.Ouranos (Greek Origin), meaning "sky, heaven". Ouranos was the Greek God of the sky.

56.Poyraz (Turkish Origin), meaning "north wind".

57.Rabi (Arabic Origin), meaning "gentle wind".

58.Rai (Japanese Origin), meaning "storm".

59.Samir (Hindi Origin), meaning "wind, air".

60.Soma (Japanese Origin), meaning "sudden sound of the wind".

61.Sota (Japanese Origin), meaning "sudden sound of the wind".

62.Typhoon (Chinese Origin), meaning "great wind".

63.Vayu (Hindi Origin), meaning "God of the wind and the air".

64.Wayra (Native American Origin), meaning "wind".

65.Wyndham (English Origin), meaning "from the windy village".

66.Zeferino (Portuguese Origin), meaning "west wind".

67.Zephyr (Greek Origin), meaning "the wind".

68.Zeru (Basque Origin), meaning "sky".

69.Zeus (Greek Origin), meaning "sky". In Greek mythology, Zeus is the highest of the Gods.

Newborn baby fast asleep on their mum's chest, her chin resting on their head.

Non Binary Names That Mean Air, Sky and Wind

Here are some non binary baby names that mean air, wind and sky. If you don't know the gender of your baby or you are looking to move away from the stereotypes of a name, one of these suggestions will hopefully make it on to your shortlist.

70.Azure (English Origin), meaning "sky blue".

71.Ciel (French Origin), meaning "sky". This name can be pronounced as 'Seel' or 'Shell'.

72.Coro (Native American Origin), meaning "wind".

73.Fei (Chinese Origin), meaning "to dance in the air".

74.Haneul (Korean Origin), meaning "heaven, sky".

75.Gale (English Origin), meaning "pleasant, merry". Gale is one of the names of wind, meaning a very strong wind.

76.Kalani (Hawaiian Origin), meaning "sky, the heavens".

77.Lani (Hawaiian Origin), meaning "heaven, sky".

78.Sky (English Origin), quite literally meaning "sky".

79.Skye (Scottish Origin), meaning "from the Isle of Skye".

80.Sora (Japanese Origin), meaning "sky".

81.Stormy (American Origin), meaning "impetuous nature".

82.Tempest (English Origin), meaning "stormy".



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