Top 60 Steampunk Names

Steampunk is a fun genre to read and watch and there are a lot of inspiration names to choose from them.

In science fiction, Steampunk is a genre that incorporates retrofuturistic designs and aesthetics based on steam power.

Invented in the late 19th century, Steampunk names have a Victorian touch to them. Most of the names can be found in many steampunk name generator sites.

Yet, these Victorian names generator and steampunk names generator fail to give proper references to these names. We have compiled this comprehensive list of steampunk names with meanings for that purpose.

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Top Male Steampunk Names

Male steampunk names come from various origins. Take a look at these:

1. Allan (Scottish origin) meaning "handsome". Allan Quartermain, the protagonist of the steampunk comic series, 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen'.

2. Andan (Fictional origin). Andan Cly from the steampunk book series, 'The Clockwork Century', and is a great option for steampunk names.

3. Arthur (English origin) meaning "noble". Arthur J Raffles from the steampunk comic series A League  Of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

4. Charles (Germanic origin) meaning  "free man". Charles Babbage was a computer scientist whose fictional self was the protagonist of the steampunk novel 'The Difference Engine'.

5. Derkhan (fictional origin). In the steampunk novel 'Perdido Street Station', Derkhan Blueday plays a significant role.

6. Gaspar (Persian origin) meaning "treasurer". In the steampunk movie, 'April and the Extraordinary World', the steampunk character Gaspar Pizoni has one of the perfect names.

7. Hawley (English origin) meaning "hedged meadow". Hawley Griffin was Victorian sci-fi writer H.G. Wells' 'The Invisible Man', also appearing in 'The League of Extraordinary Gentleman'.

8. Iorek (Fictional origin) meaning "battle mighty". Iorek Byrnison is a character in the steampunk series, 'His Dark Materials'.

9. Isaac (Hebrew origin) meaning "one who laughs". Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin is a steampunk scientist in the novel 'Perdido Street Station'.

10. James (English origin) meaning "supplanter". James Ray Steam is the protagonist in the Japanese steampunk movie 'Steamboy' and acts as a perfect Victorian steampunk name.

11. Lew (English origin) meaning "someone who lived by hills". Lew Basnight is one of the innumerable characters in Thomas Pynchon's steampunk epic 'Against The Day'.

12. Lionel (English origin) meaning "lion". This great steampunk name is associated with the protagonist Lionel Verney in 'The Last Man'.

13. Asriel (Hebrew origin) meaning "blessed by God". From Lord Asriel in 'His Dark Materials' book series.

14. Luca (Latin origin) meaning "light". Luca Zombini was a traveling magician in 'Against The Day'.

15. Miles (Latin origin) meaning "soldier"; from Miles Blundell in 'Against The Day'.

16. Nautilus (Greek origin) meaning "sailor"; from the fictional submarine Jules Verne's pioneering sci-fi steampunk novel 'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea'.

17. Nemo (Latin origin) meaning "nobody'; Captain Nemo in 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen'.

18. Pazu (fictional origin). From the Japanese steampunk anime 'Castle In The Sky'.

19. Randolph (Germanic origin) meaning "shield wolf".  Randolph St. Cosmo was a ship commander in 'Against The Day'.

20. Rao (Indian origin) meaning "king".  A great steampunk name from Rao Ganeshi in 'Against The Day'.

21. Robert (Germanic origin) meaning "glory-bright". A great Victorian name from Robert Stephenson in the movie 'Steamboy'.

22. Romuska (Fictional origin); from Colonel Romuska Laputa in 'Castle In the Sky'.

23. Sloan (Irish origin) meaning "expedition". A good steampunk name from 'Against The Day'.

24. Stilton (English origin) refers to a particular cheese and is a name in 'Against The Day'.

25. Victor (Latin origin) meaning "winner". Victor Frankenstein is one of the pioneering steampunk names.

26. Zeke (Hebrew origin) meaning "God's strength"; a name from 'The Clockwork Century' book series.

Top Steampunk Girl Names

There are a lot of female Steampunk names that are absolutely alluring.

Steampunk names for females have a Victorian essence to them, see which you like:

27. Agatha (Greek origin) meaning "good"; from Steampunk fiction 'Girl Genius'.

28. April (Latin origin) meaning "opening"; from 'April and the Extraordinary World'.

29. Briar (English origin) meaning "shrub"; from 'The Clockwork Century' series and is excellent for steampunk fantasy girl names.

30. Dahlia (Scandinavian origin) meaning "dale"; from 'Against The Day'.

31. Edwarda (English origin) meaning "wealthy protector"; from 'Against The Day'. This name is a top result in every Victorian name generator.

32. Erlys (Welsh origin). From Erlys Rideout, a female character in  'Against The Day'.

33. Estrella (Spanish origin) meaning "star".  A name from 'Against The Day'.

34. Evelyn (English origin) meaning "desired"; from a character in steampunk-influenced TV series 'Penny Dreadful'.

35. Florence (Latin origin) meaning "blossoming", from 'Penny Dreadful'.

36. Josephine (Hebrew origin) meaning "God shall grow"; from 'The Clockwork century' series.

37. Lucita (Spanish origin) meaning "light"; the protagonist in  'Castle In The Sky'.

38. Lyra (Latin origin) refers to a constellation; from the central character in 'His Dark Materials'.

39. Maria (Hebrew origin) meaning "bitter"; from a protagonist in 'The Clockwork Century'.

40. Marisa (Latin origin) meaning "of the sea"; a significant name in 'His Dark Materials'.

41. Mayva (Sanskrit origin) meaning "fruit of hard work"; from 'Against The Day.'

42. Umeki (Japanese origin) meaning "plum tree," from a professor in  'Against The Day'.

43. Penny (English origin) meaning "weaver", from the TV show 'Penny Dreadful'.

44. Ruperta (Germanic origin) meaning "famed"; from 'Against The Day'.

45. Scarlet (Arabic origin) meaning "red"; from the female lead in 'Steamboy'.

46. Serafina (Latin origin) meaning "angel"; associated with 'His Dark Materials'.

47. Sybil (Greek origin) meaning "prophets". An important name in the book 'The Difference Engine'.

48. Vanessa (Greek origin) meaning "butterfly"; from 'Penny Dreadful'.

49. Wilhelmina (Dutch origin) meaning "willing protector"; from a character in both 'Bram Stoker's Dracula' and 'The League of Extraordinary Gentleman'.

50. Yashmeen (Indian origin) is a flower; from 'Against The Day'.

Unisex Steampunk Names

Unisex names are common in Steampunk and make for great names.

There are provisions in steampunk for unisex names as well. Have a look at this list of gender-neutral steampunk names:

51. Crobuzon (Fictional origin). A city in "Perdido Street Station" novel and one of the better steampunk city names.

52. Kit (Greek origin) meaning "bearing Christ"; from 'Against The Day'.

53. Lake (French origin) meaning "pond"; from "Against The Day'.

54. Liang (Chinese origin) meaning "bridge". From the steampunk episode 'Good Hunting' in the anthology show 'Love, Death+Robots'.

55. Lin (Chinese origin); from the novel 'Perdido Street Station.'

56. Madge (Greek origin) meaning "pearl"; from 'Castle In The Sky.'

57. Motro (Fictional origin); from 'Castle In The Sky'.

58. Mouffette (French origin) referring to the mammal skunk; from "Against The Day'.

59. Okami (Japanese origin) meaning "wolf"; a unisex name from 'Castle In The Sky'.

60. Yan (Chinese origin) meaning "pretty colors", from the episode 'Good Hunting' in the anthology 'Love, Death+Robots'.

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