Top 100 Super Fresh Fish Names For Your Pet

Fish names shouldn't have to sound fishy.

Fish are the most common pets of most households all over the world.

Even if they are high-maintenance and sort of expensive, they are kept for aesthetic value. An aquarium lightens up any living space and is a favorite decor item.

If you're looking for a fitting name for your fine little fish friend, this is a great list of fish names with no fishy business.

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Cute Female Fish Names

Fish are beautiful pets and their names should be as well.

If you're looking for feminine names for fish, here's a list.

1. Aqua (Latin origin) meaning "water".

2. Azure (Latin origin) meaning "bluish color".

3. Bahari (Swahiliorigin) meaning "ocean".

4. Brizo (Greek origin) meaning "goddess of sailors".

5. Brooke (Irish origin) meaning "small water stream".

6. Celeste (Latin origin) meaning "heavenly or celestial".

7. Comet (English origin) meaning "celestial being that shines brightly".

8. Crimson (English origin) meaning "rich deep red".

9. Diva (Greek/ Italian origin) meaning "a divine one" or "celebrated singer".

10. Electra (Greek origin) meaning "amber", "shining" or "incandescent"; a fitting flashy pet fish name.

11. Glimmer (English origin) meaning "sparkles" or "shining".

12. Hydra (Greek origin) meaning "water snake".

13. Kaiyo (Japanese origin) meaning "ocean"

14. Koi (Japanese origin) meaning "love".

15. Luna (Latin origin) meaning "moon".

16. Marina (Latin origin) meaning "of the sea".

17. Minnie  (English origin) meaning "of the sea" or "bitter".

18. Ocean (Greek origin) meaning "sea".

19. Ripley (English origin) meaning "riptide" or "from the strip field".

20. River (English origin) meaning "stream of water that flows to the sea".

21. Selkie (Irish origin) meaning "seal folk"; a legendary mythological marine creature from Irish mythology.

22. Silver (English origin) meaning "argentum".

23. Tetra (Greek origin) meaning "four"; a literal name for a tetra fish.

24. Xena (Greek origin) meaning "warrior princess".

Quirky Male Fish Names

(There are countless fish names to choose from.

If you're looking for masculine fish pet names, here's a list.

25. Ace (English origin) meaning "one who is superior".

26. Aegir (Old Norse origin) meaning "god of the sea".

27. Bayou (American origin) meaning "small stream".

28. Beau (French origin) meaning "beautiful" or "handsome."

29. Blue (American origin) meaning "the color" or "sad".

30. Bones (Norman origin) meaning "good".

31. Casper (Chaldean origin) meaning "treasurer".

32. Caspian (English origin) meaning "geographical name of the sea separating Asia and Europe".

33. Einstein (German origin) meaning "stoneworker".

34. Grouper (Portuguese origin) meaning "various schools of game fish species of Epinephelinae".

35. Hunter (English origin) meaning "one who hunts".

36. Jupiter (Latin origin) meaning "Father Zeus".

37. Kai (Hawaiian origin) meaning "ocean".

38. Kraken (Scandinavian origin) meaning "octopus".

39. Orca (Latin origin) meaning "tun", "cask" or "whale".

40. Plankton (Greek origin) meaning "wanderer" or "drifter". It is a type of fish food.

41. Tidal Wave (English origin) meaning "a shallow aquatic wave caused due to gravitational interactions".

42. Tsunami (Japanese origin) meaning "harbor wave".

43. Whale (English origin) meaning "large aquatic mammal".

Awesome Gender-Neutral Fish Names

Love your fish friends? Give them a lovable name as well.

If you're looking for gender-neutral funny fish names, here's a list.

44. Bigmouth (English origin) meaning "one with a big mouth".

45. BoBo (Spanish origin) meaning "stammering".

46. Bubbles (English origin) meaning "a hollow globule of gas" or "happy". Fish usually blow bubbles.

47. Cheeto (English origin) meaning "cheesy Fritos"; one of the funny nicknames for an orange pet fish or a goldfish.

48. Fishface (English origin) meaning "one with the face of a fish".

49. Goober (African origin) meaning "another name for peanut".

50. Magikarp (Fictional origin) meaning "magical carp"; a water-type fish Pokemon.

51. SelFish (Danish origin) meaning "self-seeking", "self ended" or "self-full". One of the funny names for fish.

52. Sheldon (English origin) meaning "valley with steep sides".

53. Slimeface (English origin) meaning "slippery face".

54. Slimy (English origin) meaning "viscous" or "slime-covered".

55. Slippery (English origin) meaning "prone to slip from grasp".

56. Sparky (English origin) meaning "something that glitters or sparkles".

57. Stinky (English origin) meaning "one that stinks" or "foul-smelling".

58. Taco (Spanish origin) meaning "light lunch"; consisting of tortilla stuffed with spiced filling such as meat or fish.

Famous Fish Names

(Some fish names have beautiful meanings.

If you're looking for fish names from films, books, and TV, here's a list.

59. Ariel (Hebrew origin) meaning "God's lion"; the protagonist of 'Little Mermaid'.

60. Bruce (English origin) meaning "the willowlands"; the vegetarian shark from 'Finding Nemo'.

61. Captain Sparrow (Germanic origin) meaning "a type of bird"; the protagonist of 'Pirates of the Caribbean'.

62. Davy Jones (Hebrew origin) meaning "beloved"; an antagonist from 'Pirates of the Caribbean' who resembles a fish.

63. Don Lino (Spanish origin) meaning "linen"; the main antagonist of 'Shark Tale'.

64. Dory (French origin) meaning "gilded"; tritagonist of 'Finding Nemo' and protagonist in 'Finding Dory'.

65. Flounder (English origin) meaning "to stumble"; Ariel's fish companion in 'The Little Mermaid'.

66. James Pond (Latin origin) meaning "one who follows"; a punny name for fish, derived from 'James Bond'. It is also a videogame.

67. Katie Current (English origin) meaning "pure"; from 'Finding Nemo'. An aquatic take on the name of the reporter, Katie Couric.

68. Lenny (German origin) meaning "hardy lion"; from 'Shark Tale'.

69. Misty (American origin) meaning "Covered With Mist"; a water-type Pokemon trainer.

70. Moby Dick (Fictional origin) meaning "large" or "immense"; from Herman Melville's novel 'Moby Dick'.

71. Mr Fish (English origin) meaning "aquatic animal"; a supervillain from the Marvel Comic Universe.

72. Mrs Puff (English origin) meaning "a blast of wind". Mrs Puff is a pufferfish from 'Spongebob Squarepants'.

73.  Nemo (Latin origin) meaning "nobody"; the name of the protagonist of 'Finding Nemo'.

74. Oscar (Irish origin) meaning "spear of God"; the name of the protagonist of 'Shark Tale'.

75. Poseidon (Greek origin) meaning "husband of the earth"; was the ruler of the seas in Greek mythology.

76. Squidward (Fictional origin) meaning "squid"; the name of a cynical character from 'Spongebob Squarepants'.

77. Squirtle (Fictional origin) meaning "squirting turtle"; the name of a water-type Pokemon.

78. Swimmy (English origin) meaning "someone who swims"; from a children's book.

79. Ursula (Latin origin) meaning "little bear"; the main antagonist of 'The Little Mermaid'.

80. Willy (English origin) meaning "obedient"; from the movie 'Free Willy'.

Best Betta Fish Names

A fish is a friend for life. Give them pretty names too.

A betta is a Siamese fighting fish popularly kept as pets in aquariums. If you're looking for awesome betta names, this list will suit your taste.

81. Alpha Betta (Greek origin) meaning "Number one betta". A great sounding punny name for a betta.

82. Brutus (Latin origin) meaning "heavy" or "muscular". A fitting and perfect name for a popular fighting fish named after the muscular antagonist in the famous cartoon, 'Popeye'.

83. Blueboy (English origin) meaning "a boy who's blue"; a great name for a blue fish.

84. Danaerys (Welsh origin) meaning "lady of light" or "lady of hope". The most fitting name for a female betta named after the tough mother of dragons herself. This name is hard to top and is appropriate for fans of 'Game of Thrones'.

85. Darius (Persian origin) meaning "rich and kingly". It is a very heavy and grim sounding name, hence perfect for a betta.

86. Hunger (English origin) meaning "appetite"; a perfect name for an intimidating fish.

87. Midler (English origin) meaning "one belonging to an intermediate group"; the name of a living legend, Bette Midler.

88. Muhammad Ali (Arabic origin) meaning "highly exalted noble champion". It is the name of the legendary American professional boxer named, Muhammad Ali.

89. Mulan (Chinese origin) meaning "wood orchid". Great name for a female betta fish.

90. Ninja (Japanese origin) meaning "a person who is an expert or very skilled in a particular field or activity".

91. Papa Smurf (Dutch origin) meaning "money launderer"; awesome name for a blue betta.

92. Rambo (Swedish origin) meaning "raven's nest"; from the media franchise which centers around a buff character, John Rambo.

Adorable Guppy Fish Names

Fish names should be as unique as the fish itself.

A guppy is a live-bearing small freshwater fish which is most popularly kept in aquariums. They are also known as rainbow fish or million fish. If you're looking for guppy fish names, here's a list.

93. Bonnie (Scottish origin) meaning "attractive"; appropriate for a cute little guppy fish.

94. Fry (English origin) meaning "a small person"; a relevant name for a guppy fish.

95. Gill Clinton (English origin) meaning "a fish organ used to breathe underwater"; a punny take on the name of Bill Clinton; an American lawyer and politician who became the third-youngest president in history.

96. Johnny Depth (English origin) meaning "God is gracious". Another punny version of the name of the Hollywood actor known for his versatile roles in countless films.

97. Rainbow  (English origin) meaning "a multicolored array that forms after a rain caused by the refraction of sunlight". A name derived from the most popular cartoon character 'Rainbowfish'.

98. Skipper (German origin) meaning "shipper" or "captain of a ship"; a literal and marine name perfect for a pet guppy fish.

99. Splash (English origin) meaning "to wet something by splattering water"; a perfect fish name because they live underwater.

100. Sushi (Japanese origin) meaning "rice made sour"; a popular staple Japanese dish that is made with seasoned rice, fish, vegetables or, eggs. Fish sushi is very popular and the most sought after and hence this name is fitting for a pet fish.

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