Top 70 Tibetan Names With Meanings That You'll Love

Naming your little one sounds like a huge responsibility, right? Click here to find out the top 70 Tibetan names with meanings you’re sure to love.

The Tibetan naming culture is unique and inspiring.

Tibet is known for its high altitudes and solid cultural ground at the same time. Not only is it the homeland of mount Everest, the highest peak on Earth, but it’s also where many chapters of the Buddhist history have taken place.

Tibetan people have no last names, and their first names are usually given to them by the Dalai Lama. That’s the reason why most of the population share common names of Buddhists like Gedum, Sonam, and Tanzim, who is the 14th and current Dalai Lama. So, are you ready to give your little bundle of joy a unique name? Take a look at our choice of the top 70 Tibetan names and meanings.

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Tibetan Boy Names

As expected from a country that’s considered a spiritual center of the world, the definition behind most Tibetan names is peaceful and calm. However, you’ll also find names that sound fierce or hold powerful meanings. It’s all in the following list, so take a look.

1.Aden (ah-den), meaning “good-looking.” It’s usually used as a nickname for anyone whose name ends with the syllable “den.”

2.Ananda (ah-nun-dah), meaning “the one who brings joy to his family,” and it’s from Indian origin.

3.Chodak (choe-dah), meaning “spreader of the Dharma,” and Dharma is Buddhism’s fundamental concept that denotes the right way of living.  

4.Choejar (choe-jor), meaning “religious wealth.”

5.Dampa (dam-pah), meaning “real, genuine.”

6.Dawa (zla-wa), meaning “moon” or “Monday” or “month.” This is a cute name for your baby boy if you give birth to him on Monday.

7.Gaden (gay-den), meaning “a place that brings joy.” Many people like to choose this name for their first baby boy.

8.Garab (ga-rab), meaning “cute, adorable, lovely.”

9.Raldri (ral-gri), meaning “sword.”

10.Sangye (san-gyeh), meaning “Buddha,” and its core meaning in the Tibetan language is “full purity and virtue.” Due to its religious and cultural importance, it’s one of the most used spiritual boy names in Tibet.

11.Shigara (shi-garah), meaning “strong as a rock.”

12.Tashi (tah-shee), meaning “good fortune” or “prosperity”. Tashi Lama is a title used to refer to the Panchen Lama, who is the next most important spiritual authority after the Dalai Lama.

13.Tenpa (tan-pah), meaning “Buddhist philosophy.” An ideal choice if you’re looking for a Buddhist baby name.

14.Tenzin (tan-dzin), meaning “guardian of the Dharma.” The name can also be spelled as Stanzin or Tenzing.

15.Tobden (tob-dahn), meaning “one of unmatched power.”

16.Tsering (tshe-ring), meaning “long life.” It’s one of the most common Tibetan names for boys.

17.Wangchuk (bang-phyug), meaning “mighty, powerful.” It’s also the Tibetan name for God Mahadeva.

18.Wangpo (dang-po), meaning “sense of power.”

19.Yonten (yeon-ten), meaning “knowledge and awareness”. An excellent and timeless name choice for males.

20.Zerdan (zer- idan), meaning “darkness.”

Tibetan Girl Names

Tibet is the home of Mount Everest and is a beautiful source of inspiration for baby names.

Time to discover some beautiful and spiritual names for girls, inspired by the country’s rich cultural heritage and awe-inspiring landscapes. These are among the top  50 popular girl names in Tibet, so let’s check them out.

21.Akar (ah-kar), meaning “bright crystal.”

22.Amala (ah-mal-ah), meaning “honored mother” in Tibetan. The name also has beautiful meanings in Arabic and Italian that denote hope, love, and purity.

23.Amrita (ah-mar-ta), meaning “everlasting life.” This lovely and sweet Indian name is popular among the Tibetans and is as happy and profound as it sounds.

24.Boshay (bash-ay), meaning “goddess of wealth and success.”

25.Carmarina (kar-muh-ree-nah), meaning “fate, destiny.”

26.Dichen (dee-chen), meaning “great delight and pleasure,” and it’s among the luckiest female Tibetan names for your little one. May your little girl have a share of her name.

27.Dalha (dal-ha), meaning “goddess of the moon.”

28.Diki (dee-kee), meaning “healthy and rich.”

29.Dolma (duu-ma), meaning “motherhood.” It’s also the personal name given for a female Bodhisattva.

30.Dronma (dron-mah), meaning “light” or “lantern.”

31.Jaya (jhah-yah), meaning “triumph,” and is of Indian origin.

32.Karlha (kahr-lha), meaning “star goddess.”

33.Karma (kahr-mah), meaning “act, deed”. According to Buddhism, Karma is the belief that your actions in life determine how good or bad your future will be.

34.Khadroma (kah-droma), meaning “divine and holy beings.”

35.Lhatso (le-hat-su), meaning “the heavenly lake.”

36.Lolha (lol-ha), meaning “the good-mind goddess.”

37.Maya (ma-yah), meaning “magic and illusion.” It’s also the name of Buddha’s mother, so it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a deeply religious name.

38.Mchogmdzes (ma-chong-ma-dzes), meaning “supreme beauty.”

39.Metog (mee-tog), meaning “blooming flower.” This is a soft and sweet name usually given to the first-born.

40.Pema (Pay-mah), meaning “lotus.” A gorgeous and unique Tibetan name for your little flower.

41.Rinzen (rin-zen), meaning “genius, intelligent.”

42.Samaya (sa-ma-yah), meaning “sacred promise.”

43.Sumati (soo-maty), meaning “wise mind” or “good thoughts.”

44.Yangchen (yang-cheen), meaning “the sacred girl.”

45.Zaya (zai-uh), meaning “flourishing.” There’s also an American origin of this name that means “the woman who always wins.”

46.Zaypo (zai-po), meaning “attractive woman.”

Unisex Tibetan Names For Your Baby

Tibetan names often come from Buddhism and have special spiritual meanings.

Lately, it’s been more common than before that parents refuse to know the baby’s gender before they’re delivered. We understand that you don’t want to ruin the surprise for yourself, but that doesn’t mean you should be unprepared. Thankfully, most Tibetan names are gender-neutral, so you’re most certainly going to find the chosen name here on this list. They’re neither too boyish nor too girly, but all of them are full of beautiful meanings.

47.Baljin (dpal-sbyin), meaning “fortune giver.”

48.Chegu (cher-gu), meaning “magnificent, glory.”

49.Choden (choe-den), meaning “a person who is religious or spiritual.”

50.Chophel (cho-pel), meaning “the growth of Dharma.” A popular choice among Tibetans who like to give their kids Dharma names.

51.Dargye (dar-gyeh), meaning “progress, development.”

52.Dorje (dor-jeh), meaning “indestructible.” This is a beautiful name that gives the impression of unique power like that of diamonds.

53.Gawa (dga-ba), meaning “cheerful, joyful.” A name that means happy in Tibetan for your little bundle of joy.

54.Gyaltsen (gyel-tsen), meaning “victory sign” or “winning mark.”

55.Jampa (jahm-pah), meaning “kind, generous, charitable.” It’s also a Tibetan name for  Maitreya, who will descend to Earth and set new Dharma.

56.Jigme (jigs-med), meaning “one who has no fear.” A famous bearer of this name is Jigme Khesar, the Dragon King of Bhutan.

57.Khyentse (khyen-tseh), meaning “wisdom and knowledge.”

58.Kinley (kun-leh), meaning “righteousness, delight.”

59.Lobsang (loh-sahng), meaning “lofty, high-minded.”

60.Lungtog (lung-tohg), meaning “prophecy.”

61.Migmar (mig-dmar), meaning “the planet Mars.”

62.Mikyo (mi-kyho), meaning “firm, unwavering.”

63.Ngawang (ngah-wahng), meaning “control speech.”

64.Nyima (nyih-ma), meaning “sun” or “day.”

65.Palden (pal-dan), meaning “gorgeous, magnificent.”

66.Pasang (pa-sang), meaning “the planet Venus.” It also means “Friday” in Tibetan.

67.Samten (sam-tan), meaning “meditation.”

68.Tsemo (tse-mo), meaning “peak, summit.” A suitable name for a boy or a girl from the country at the roof of the world.

69.Tsondru (tsun-gru), meaning “persistence.”

70.Wangdi (wahng-dee), meaning “to have control over something.” One of the unique Tibetan boy names that convey strength and authority.

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