Top Ticket Deals To Get Your August Bank Holiday Buzzing

Warwick Castle

August Bank Holiday is the last hoorah of the summer, before we all turn our attention back to school. So what are you doing?

With up to 55% off standard ticket prices, we’ve got plenty of tempting options for your family.

Around London

55% off a Merlin 5-in-1 Pass: Has your family done all the South Bank attractions? We’re talking London Eye, London Dungeon, Sea Life London and Shrek’s Adventure. Throw into the mix Madame Tussauds and you have five of London’s top family experiences. You can now tick them all off for less than half price with our whopping 55% discount.

39% off Dinosaur World Live: This incredible animatronic dinosaur show takes place at The Drive In, in Enfield, North London. Watch from the safety of your car as prehistoric creatures roam the stage.

34% off Chessington World of Adventures: Not many attractions can combine a top-notch family theme park with a sizeable zoo, but Chessington can. With a stronger family focus than nearby Thorpe Park (see our comparison), this is the perfect day out for families with younger children. 

21% off London Eye standard entry: Ride Europe’s tallest observation wheel for more than a fifth off the standard ticket price. Entry to the 4D cinema is also included.

19% off Madame Tussauds standard entry: The attraction near Baker Street is as famous for its queues as its waxworks, but is far less busy right now -- just the time to make a visit.

Image Madame Tussauds. May not be based on actual events.

15% off St Paul’s Cathedral: St Paul’s is one of those iconic London buildings that many Londoners never quite get round to visiting. Now is an excellent time, with fewer tourists in town. Christopher Wren’s masterpiece is even more magnificent on the inside, whatever your age.

13% off Kensington Palace: Explore the childhood home of Queen Victoria (and the current home of the Duke of Cambridge and family). Entrance to an exhibition looking at the royal family’s personal photographs is included.

9% off the Tower of London: The thousand-year-old palace, fortress and prison is always a fascinating place to visit -- especially at the moment with the absence of crowds. It can be a pricey day out, so take advantage of our offer that sees a good chunk out of the ticket price.

9% off London Eye fast-track entry: Whizz straight onto the observation wheel (plus its 4D cinema), with this priority ticket. While you’re at the top of the Eye, get your kids to look out for these lesser-known landmarks

8% off The Orbit: Get a bird’s eye view of the Olympic Park from the top of the ArcelorMittal Orbit. Britain’s ‘largest sculpture’ has amazing views from its 80-metre viewing platform. And then you get to whizz back down to the ground courtesy of Carsten Höller’s 178m slide.

Image ArcelorMittal Orbit

Wider UK

40% off Legoland Windsor: The enormously popular attraction just west of London has something for everyone. Not just a collection of amazing Lego models, you’ll also find rides and shows to suit all ages. Check out our guide to a socially distanced Legoland.

28% off Warwick Castle: Even older (in part) than the Tower of London, Warwick Castle is a magical place where history, myth and adventure combine. It’s well noted for its family-friendly set-up… especially now that the Horrible Histories Maze has been added to the ticket.

11% off Thorpe Park: Surrey’s great theme park is home to dozens of white knuckle rides, including the fastest in the land. This is the ideal day out for families seeking thrills and spills (see our comparison with nearby Chessington World of Adventures).

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