Top Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Visit To KidZania

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With tickets from as low as £19.75, enrol in your dream job for the day in the ultimate indoor city run for and by kids! Whether your child is a budding pilot, dentist, doctor, dancer, policeman, vet, presenter, radio DJ, engineer or fashionista, KidZania has it all! With over 60 activities and jobs to choose from, little ones can fire up their imagination as they explore different roles and activities and get to grips with what it’s like to work in a real workplace. Whatever your child wants to be when they grow up, they can try it out at KidZania London. It's a really great way to blend learning with fun and help kids develop important life skills like money-handling, teamwork and independence. However, there’s no doubt that visiting KidZania for the first time isn’t overwhelming, so we’ve got 5 top tips to help you make the most out of the ultimate indoor city run for and by kids!

1. Planning is key

During your 4-hour time slot, your little ones are taught the value of money by learning how to work, earn and save. Kids are given 50 kidZos of money at the start and have to manage it during their session - some activities they have to pay to do using their kidZos (e.g. being a pilot), while others will pay them a "salary" (e.g. working as cabin crew). Our top tip when going to KidZania is plan, plan, plan - you can never plan enough! Check out the range of activities on the KidZania website before you go and ask your children what they like the look of - that way, you can head straight for it when you arrive and beat the queues (trust us, things can get pretty busy, pretty quickly!) From Kidadlers experience, activities such as Aviation Academy, Fire & Rescue Unit and A&E are typically the busiest, so we advise getting in there early.

2. Make sure your phone is fully charged!

Now this may sound a little silly but as soon as you step foot into KidZania, you’ll want to capture every aspect of the life-like city, along with your kids trying their hand at multiple different professions throughout the day. This indoor city run by kids truly is remarkable and there’s no doubt that kids will want to tell all their family and friends of their adventures - and what’s a story without pictures eh?

kidzania captain and cabin crew role play fun

3. Save your pennies by bringing snacks and lunch

KidZania, whilst being an unforgettable day out with the family, can be pretty costly if you don’t plan it right. Our top tip to avoid costs adding up is to bring lunch, or if you’ve bagged yourself a later slot, make sure your kids have eaten beforehand; that way you won’t have to waste time purchasing food on-site and you’ll save your pennies - win, win! Plus, sometimes queues and wait-times can get pretty long, so to ensure your little ones are fuelled up and prepared to stand in line for a while, make sure you bring lots of snacks!

4. Wear comfortable clothing

With all the excitement and the active nature of the activities, it can get pretty warm in KidZania (unlike London) so we would recommend that your kids wear clothes that they won’t get too hot in but are still protective and comfortable! Plus, it’s best to wear trainers so that your kids can be as active as possible.

firefighter role play for kids in london putting out fire

5. Take a look at the scheduled activities

Within your 4-hour time-slot at KidZania, it’s impossible to fit everything in and it’s absolutely essential to plan your day (most children tend to complete 4-6 activities within this time slot). We would recommend booking an earlier time slot, that way it’s less likely to be as busy and the queues are likely to be less intense. We would also recommend taking a look at the KidZania website and making note of what activities are happening where and when - that way, you won’t get any nasty shocks when you turn up! For example, some activities including Theatre only operate on the weekends and school holidays, whilst other activities open at later times over the course of the day e.g Banking opens at midday.

kids radio presenting london at kidzania


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