Top 100 Totally Groovy 1960s Names For Your Flower Child

The 1960s saw the evolution of strikingly beautiful baby names.

The 1960s was an era of change.

Social movements like the Civil Rights Movement, second wave Feminism, and groovy music dominated the era. Popular baby names at the time ranged from Willow, Donna, and Dawn for girls, to Ringo, John, Marley, and Sonny for boys.

The decade was full of hippie culture. It was the era of the Beatles, Rock n Roll, and counter-culture. We have compiled a list of the top 100 grooviest and most popular baby names for your flower child. So, without any delay let’s dive into the baby names that are still popular among parents.

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1960s Girls' Names  

These baby names were very popular in the 1960s, they are perfect for your flower child. Did you know that the most popular girls' name in 1969 was Lisa? Choosing popular baby names might be a bit of a struggle, but we hope that these hippie and popular baby names will suit your baby girl.

1) Alaska: Origin: Native American; Meaning: "extraordinary land".

2) Ambrosia: Origin: Greek; Meaning: "everlasting".

3) Aria: Origin: Italian; Meaning: "air" or "tune".

4) Autumn: Origin: Latin; Meaning: the name for the season that gets from the Latin 'autumnus' signifying "fall".

5) Blossom: Origin: English; Meaning: "bloom" or "sprout".

6) Bluebell: Origin: English; Meaning: the name of a wonderful blue blossom flower.

7) Breeze: Origin: English; Meaning: a delicate soul and a visionary or slow wind.

8) Celeste: Origin: Latin; Meaning: derived from the Latin word 'caelestis' signifying "grand" or "heavenly".

9) Clover: Origin: English; Meaning: "knoll blossom".

10) Crystal: Origin: English; Meaning: is a gem name of precious stone glass.

11) Daisy: Origin Old English; Meaning: "day's eye" and best known as the name of a flower.

12) Dawn: Origin: Old English; Meaning: "the principal appearance of light" or "sunrise". It is a cool name for girls who are born in the morning.

13) Donna: Origin: Italian; Meaning: "lady of the home".

14) Essence: Origin: American; signifying "scent" and alludes to the components of thought, discourse, and substance that make up an individual.

15) Gypsy: Origin: English; signifying "drifter". It was one of the most popular names in the 1960s.

16) Harmony: Origin: English; a name signifying "a melodic blend of harmonies". It is one of the hippie names from the 60s.

17) Heaven: Origin: English; signifying "home of the divine beings" - varieties incorporate spelling it in reverse 'Nevaeh'.

18) Henna: Origin: Arabic; the name is derived from the female name Hannah signifying "favored".

19) Karma: Origin: Hindu; signify "destiny" or "predetermination" yet in Buddhism and Hinduism it is the conviction of having unavoidable ramifications for your activities throughout everyday life; fortunate or unfortunate.

20) Leofe: Origin: Old English; signifying "dear" or "darling" and later forms into the word 'leaf' we know today.

21) Liberty: Origin: Middle English; signifying "opportunity" or “freedom”.

22) Meadow: Origin: American; a name for a field of grass or green vegetation.

23) Nirvana: Origin: Sanskrit; signifies "happiness" or "freedom".

24) North: Origin: English; signifies "geological course".

25) Prairie: Origin: French, signifying "knoll" or "meadow".

26) Rainbow: Origin: Old French, Meaning: the name is made from Germanic components signifying "daring".

27) Rebel: Origin: English, signifying "resistant individual" it is the ideal name for somebody who conflicts with the framework.

28) Saffron: Origin: English, Meaning: a name that signifies "yellow bloom" for your ideal blossom kid or a spice found in Kashmir in India.

29) Savannah: Origin: American, signifies "open plain" meaning a tremendous space of land.

30) Sequoia: Origin: Native American, signifying "monster redwood tree".

31) Serenity: Origin: English, signifying "tranquil manner".

32) Sierra: Origin: Spanish, means "mountain extend".

33) Spirit: Origin: English, signifying "character" or "phantom substance".

34) Stella: Origin: Latin, signifies "star".

35) Willow: Origin: English, signifying the willow tree which is known for its thin and effortless branches. This 1960s girls' name was popularized by UK brand Smiffys who created iconic hippie dresses.

1960s Hippie Names For Boys

Striking, idiosyncratic, and wonderfully bohemian, here are our top popular baby names for your boy.

1960s boy names are still very popular today.

36) Aiden: Origin: Celtic; signifying "red hot" or "carrier of fire" and is the name of the Celtic sun god.

37) Asa: Origin: Japanese; signifies "morning".

38) August: Origin: Latin; one of the popular baby names was derived from the name 'Augustus' which signifies "regarded" and it is also the name of a season.  

39) Bing: Origin: Anglo-Saxon; signifies "inhabitant of the empty".

40) Birch: Origin: English; signifies "splendid; sparkling; birch tree".

41) Buzz: Origin: American; among the popular baby names then, signifies "town in the forested areas".

42) Cayenne: Origin: French; signifying "hot zest" and is a homeopathic term.

43) Cosmo: Origin: English and Italian; signifies "tolerability" and "magnificence".

44) Dash: Origin: English; signifies "from the debris".

45) Ezio: Origin: Greek; signifying "falcon".

46) Felix: Origin: Latin; signifying "upbeat" or "fortunate".

47) Forest: Origin: French; signifying "woodsman" or "woods".

48) Fox: Origin: Old English; signifying to the creatures who are savvy, innovative, and crafty.

49) Huckleberry: Origin: American; signifies "sweet berry" and is the name of British adventurer Bear Grylls’ son.

50) Jackson: Origin: American and Scottish; Meaning: The name signifies "child of Jack". The name is associated with American singer Jackson Browne, who supported the anti-nuclear movement.

51) Keanu: Origin: Hawaiian; signifying "cool wind". It is also the name of the famous Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves.

52) Koa: Origin: Hawaiian; signifies "daring one" or "bold one".

53) Leofa: Origin: Old English; signifying "dear" or "adored" and later forms into the word 'leaf' we know today.

54) Lyle: Origin: Old French; signifying "the island".

55) Moe: Origin: Latin and Hebrew; signifies "to cherish".

56) Oak: Origin: Old English; signifying "a short form of tree Quercus".

57) Orion: Origin: Greek; signifies "inhabitant of the mountain". It is also the name of a constellation.

58) Orson: Origin: English; signifies "bear whelp".

59) : Origin: English; signifying "riches".

60) Paul: Origin: Roman; signifies "humble". One of the most popular names, it became mainstream when Paul McCartney and Paul Newman dominated popular culture.

61) Pike: Origin: English; signifies "point" or "slope".

62) Pip: Origin: English; signifies "admirer of ponies".

63) Ray: Origin: English; signifies "counsel insurance" and also refers to daylight.

64) Robin: Origin: Germanic; signifying "distinction splendid" and it is also the name for birds that are commonly seen during Christmas.

65) Robert: Origin: German; Meaning: "bright fame". The name was very popular in Scotland and was the name of three kings, including Robert the Bruce,

66) Rowan: Origin: English and Scottish; signifies "red-haired one".

67) Wilder: Origin: English; signifying "untamed" or "wild creature".

68) Wolf: Origin: German; signifying "voyaging wolf" or a wild animal.

69) Zappa: Origin: Italian; Meaning: The name became mainstream after Frank Zappa, a performer known for his anarchistic style.

70) Ziggy: Origin: German; Meaning: The name is derived from a variation 'Siegfried' that means "triumph harmony".

Unisex Hippie Baby Names From The 1960s

With so many beautiful and popular baby names to look at, it's anything but easy to choose a baby name. Let us help you find the most popular gender neutral '60s names.

71) Aspen: Origin: American; signifying "trembling tree".

72) Bodhi: Origin: Indian; signifying "comprehension of real essence".

73) Cedar: Origin: American; it is the name for a kind of tree.

74) Cyan: Origin: American; signifies "light blue-green".

75) Echo: Origin: Greek; Meaning: "resonating sound" however, it originates from Greek folklore, where it means an anecdote about the experience of pathetic love.

76) Genesis: Origin: Greek; signifies "starting" or "birth".

77) Infinity: Origin: American; signifying "interminable".

78) Journey: Origin: American; signifying "an excursion or experience starting with one spot then onto the next" or otherworldly experience.

79) Love: Origin: English; signifies "adoration", “affection”.

80) Marley: Origin: Old English; signifying "lovely wood" and became a mainstream name after singer Bob Marley. This was one of the most popular baby names in the '60s.

81) Moon: Origin: Norman; Meaning: The name is derived from the word 'moun' signifying "priest" and heavenly.

82) Neo: Origin: Tswana; signifies "blessing".

83) Ocean: Origin: Greek; signifies "ocean".

84) Ode: Origin: English; Meaning: "verse sonnet".

85) Peace: Origin: American; Meaning: it is a name to portray peacefulness and solidarity. If you are looking for a popular name that will define your baby, then this could be the top choice.

86) Phoenix: Origin: Greek; among the popular baby names, it means "dark red" and is a reference to the mythological bird that rises from its ashes.

87) Rain: Origin: American;  signifies "bountiful blessings for above".

88) Raven: Origin: English; signifies “wise”, "dark-haired" or "savvy" like the bird. Another name for crow.

89) River: Origin: Old English; Meaning: in a real sense the name signifies "stream of water that joins the ocean" and is an excellent and popular nature name for your new child.

90) Sage: Origin: Latin; signifying "insightful" or "prophet". Other variations and spelling include Saige, Sange, or Sayge.

91) Sasha: Origin: Greek; signifies "to safeguard man". A highly popular baby name during the decade.

92) Skye: Origin: Old Norse; Meaning: The name presently implies sky however taken from the root Old Norse word signifying "cloud".

93) Teo: Origin: Greek; signifies "endowment of God".

94) Topaz: Origin: Latin; it is one of the very popular names, meaning "gem".

95) Tygo: Origin: Greek; signifies "karma" or "fortune".

96) Urban: Origin: Latin;  signifies "from the city".

97) Win: Origin: Old English; signifies "joyful stone".

98) Winter: Origin: Native American; signifying a "sense of renewal" also the name of a season.

99) Zen: Origin: Japanese; Meaning: to be calm, contemplation, and meditation.

100) Zephyr: Origin: Greek; signifies "west wind". This 60s name has been very popular among parents and is a top choice for baby girls and boys alike.

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